60s PUNK / BEAT (A—O)

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1 2 6 Graveyard Paradise (Ugly Things) The Complete 1 2 6 & Taboo Recordings, 1966-68 CD! Hailing from the coldest, northernmost region of Norway, 1 2 6 (One-Two-Six) were inspired by the sounds of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who and Bob Dylan, but blended these influences with an approach that was distinctly European. The deluxe 16-page CD booklet is loaded with rare pix and full liner notes: Mirror for Sale/ That's Why I'm Here/ Veto/ Graveyard Paradise/ MES (Mailbox Execution System)/ Curtains Falling/ Elisabeth/ Sing and Smile/ Today/ Wake Up, Johnny/ Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?/ We're Too Young/ The Rowboat Captain/ Theme From A Green Mailbox/ Little You/ I'm Jokin'/ I Don't Want Love/ 1 2 6/ I'm Poisoned/ Graveyard Paradise (radio session)/ Taboo: Vampire Tango/ Taboo: You're My Friend/ Taboo: Queen of Spades/ Taboo: Fonebone Street/ Today (alternate version)/ The Rowboat Captain (alt)/ We're Too Young (alt)/ 1 2 6 (alt). CD 14.90

A PASSING FANCY I’m Losing Tonight / A Passing Fancy (Ugly Pop) Wild 1966 Toronto garage beat. 7" 7.90

AARDVARKS I'm Higher Than I'm Down / Thats Your Way (Vark 2058) '67 Michigan legend - a doomed monster! repro 7" 6.50

ABANDONED Come On Mary / Around & Around (ABANDONED 4867) Chicago 1966 garage punk Louie-riffed pounder b/w inept teen Chuck Berry-via-Stones cover. repro 7" 6.50

ABSTRACTS Hey, Let's Go Now (Break-A-Way) The Abstracts from Long Island, N.Y. are best known for their classic song 'Always, Always'. As one of the first US bands to create an American answer to the British Invasion, their songs were already written and a master plan already in the works when the Beatles started their meteoric rise in the US. But like many of the first wave UK beat bands, The Abstracts were together only for a little more than two years and split when rock and roll moved into a direction that wasn't theirs. Tracklist: 1. Always Always (7" Version 1965) 2. Don't Listen To What They Say (Columbia Demo) 3. Gone Away (Columbia Demo) 4. Without Her (Columbia Demo) 5. Suffer (Columbia Demo) 6. Baton Girl (7" A-Side 1965) 7. Always Always (Ultra Sonic Studios Demo 1964 ) 8. Gone Away (Ultra Sonic Studios Demo 1964) 9. Pipeline (Columbia Demo 1964) 10. Your Love (Unreleased Live 1964) 11. Always Always (Unreleased Live Recording 1965). LP 14.80


ACTION The Ultimative Action For ya mods... "I'll Keep On Holding On/ Harlem Shuffle/ Never Ever/ 24th Hour/ Since I Lost My Baby/ In My Lonely Room/ Hey Sha-Lo-Ney/ Wasn't It You/ Come On, Come With Me/ Just Once In My Life/ Shadows & Reflections/ Something Has Hit Me/ The Place/ The Cissy/ Baby You've Got It/ I Love You/ Lannd Of 1000 Dances". LP 12.90

AL’S UNTOUCHABLES COME ON BABY/ STICK AROUND (HUNT 1410) '66 monster Iowa punk blaster b/w snotty "go ahead & leave" ballad. repro 7" 6.50
COME ON BABY/STOCK AROUND (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

ALARM CLOCKS YEAH! (Norton) ESSENTIAL collection of these Ohio-60s punk gods! You know "Yeah/No Reason To Complain" from 'Back From The Grave #1': Weell, this rec has BOTH sides PLUS UNISSUED live & rehearsal cuts! 12 cuts, including the 2 mentioned plus "Louie Louie/Money/It's All Over Now/Bald Headed Woman/I'm Alright/She's About A Mover/Route 66" plus 3 cuts by the pre-Alarm Clocks PERCEPTIONS: "Wipe Out/I'm A Fool/Tree Stump Theme". LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

ALDERMEN House Of Wax/ In The Upper Room (SIR GRAHAM 102) East-LA HALLOWEEN-PUNK monster fuzz punk b/w majorly grooving bass-lined soulgarage dancefloor packer. repro 7" 6.50

ALGO SALVAJE Untamed 1960s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain (Munster) The first legal anthology devoted to a rich period when hundreds of bands appeared all over Spain and, after paying attention to what their US and British contemporaries were doing, found their own way to vent their teenage rebellion through loud guitars. Many of the 28 tracks are reissued for the first time, including very hard-to-find records. Includes extensive notes by Vicente Fabuel featuring all the original record sleeves and artist photos. Tracks: A Tu Vera - Tomcats/ Dance "The Pulga" - Los Brincos/ True Fine Mama - Tony Ronald y Sus Kroner's/ Shake Baby Shake - Los 4 Jets/ Ya No Me Importas - Los Buitres/ Eres Un Vago - Los Botines/ Ven A Mi - Els Trons/ Sin Corazon - Los Beta/ Yo Te Vi - Los Impala/ Aun - Los Huracanes/ Protestando - Los 5 Del Este/ Antimusical - Miguel Rios/ No Me Dejas Vivir En Paz - The Four Winds And Dito/ Zergaitik Ez Da Egia - Los Daikiris/ Por Favor - Los Pepes/ No Se Que Siento - Els Mallorquins/ Mientes - Lone Star/ Vete Ya - Los Pekenikes/ Corazon Lleno De Mal - Mike & The Runaways/ Sombras - Los Nivram/ Te Fuiste - Los Junior's/ No Lo Veras - Los Rockeros/ Y Olvidame - Los Cheyenes/ La Droga - Los Polares/ You Be - The Canaries/ Acto De Fuerza - Los Sirex/ Jabon De Azufre - Micky Y Los Tonys/ It Is My World - Prou Matic. Double LP 22.90 / CD 15.90

ALIENS, PSYCHOS & WILD THINGS (Norton) GREAT! Cool-ass Best-Of 18-song LP of the heppest cuts from the 2 "Aliens, Psychos" CDs of 60s garage from Virginia! LP 14.00
ALIENS, PSYCHOS & WILD THINGS VOLUME 1  (Arcania Int'l) 26 tracks of 60s garage and psych from Virginia. CD15.00 
ALIENS, PSYCHOS & WILD THINGS VOLUME 3 (Arcania Intl) 3rd vol of this Virginia 60s punk/psych series: too much psych fer my narrow mind… CD 15.00
ALIENS, PSYCHOS & WILD THINGS VOLUME FORE  (Arcania Int'l) 25 tracks of 1965-1970 garage and psych. CD15.00 

ALLENTOWN ANGLOPHILE (Distortions) 21 cuts byKings Ransom/ Limits/ Joy & Techniques/ Shillings/ Dooley Invention/ Bleu Grass/ D.B.L.I.T.Y. PA garage/pop 1965-1969 (Distortions) CD 12.00


ARTESIANS TRICK BAG b/w WOODY CARR & THE EL CAMINOS MY WOMAN (Norton) EEEEEEYYYYOOOWWW!!! 2 of the motherfucking DEADLIEST fucking hunks of WAIL from the first 2 volumes of Norton's Northwest Killers series - The ARTESIANS "Trick Bag" shall KILL ya DEAD! "My Woman"?, Fuggedaboudit: DEATH ITSELF to a Lyres-ish socking pulse-rhythm!!! 7" 6.00

Volume 1 (Crypt) Poundin’ set of primal teen 60s punk! Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume Two (CRYPT-002) exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition - REMASTERED!!!! SIDE ONE: 1. The OUTSIDERS "Summertime Blues"/ 2. The BANSHEES "They Prefer Blondes"/ 3. UNKNOWN BAND "Little By Little"/ 4. The HATFIELDS "Yes I Do"/ 5. The REASONS WHY "All I Really Need Is Love"/ 6. RALPH NIELSEN & The CHANCELLORS "Scream" / 7. The MYSTICS "Snoopy"/ 8. The HYSTERICS "Won't Get Far"/ SIDE 2: 1. The LYRICS "They Can't Hurt Me"/ 2. The CANADIAN ROGUES "Keep In Touch"/ 3. SWEET CHERRY "Funny Things Floating"/ 4. The OUTSIDERS "She's Coming On Stronger"/ 5. The MODS "Satisfaction"/ 6. The DEVERONS "On The Road Again"/ 7. The CHILDREN OF DARKNESS "She's Mine". LP 12.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 3 (Crypt) Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90

BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOLUME 4 (Crypt) Good god – THEE best Volume! REMASTERED, with updated linernotes and photos and in a swank GATEFOLD sleeve! LP € 12.90

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 5 (Crypt) Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a swank gatefold sleeve! LP 12.90

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume Six (CRYPT-007) Exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition of this BEASTLY Volume - REMASTERED!!! THE SHAMES - My World Is Upside Down/ LONG JOHN & THE SILVERMEN - Heart Filled With Love/ THE KEGGS - Girl/ THE BEAUX JENS - She Was Mine/ THE SAVOYS - Can It Be/ THE ABANDONED - Come On Mary/ THE BARRACUDAS - Baby Get Lost/ THE ASCOTS - So Good7 THE SHAMES -The Special Ones/ THE GOLDEN CATALINAS - Varsity Club Song/ BILLY & THE KIDS - Say You Love Me/ THE SHANDELS - Caroline/ THE SHANDELS - Mary Mary/ THE TREYTONES - Nonymous/ THE BRYDS - Your Lies/ THE TROJANS OF EVOL - Through The Night. Gatefold LP 12.90

BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOLUME 7 (Crypt) 32 blastin' cuts of ultimate wailing 60s punk INSANITY! REMASTERED and in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with updated linernotes and photos! Double LP 19.50

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 8 (Crypt) Boom, baby BOOM! Remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a swank gatefold sleeve! Alright! - The Groop/ Can't Tame Me - The Benders/ Lorna - Adrian Lloyd/ On Tour - The Chancellors/ A Long Way To Nowhere - The Pseudos/ Go Ahead And Go - The Bojax/ Goin' Places - The Wyld/ Now Who's Good Enough - The Elite U.F.O./ And She Said Yes - The Painted Ship/ Look In Your Mirror - The Merlynn Tree/ C'Mon Love - Dave Myers & The Disciples/ Don't Bring Me Down - The Cindells/ That Is All - James T & The Workers/ Not Right Now - The Ouspoken Blues/ I Told Those Little White Lies - Painted Ship/ She Gives Me Time - Just Too Much/ Run Around - Cavedwellers/ The Girl I Used To Love - Village Outcast/ That's Queer - New Fugitives/ I Won't Be Home - The Ascendors/ We're On The Move - Tikis/ Hey Eriq! - Amberjacks/ Just Like I Want Her - The Ravenz/ All I Want Is My Baby Back - Piece Kor/ I Don't Want To Try It Again - Dagenites/ You Lied - The Dark Horseman/ Hey Everybody - Dave Starky Five/ Don't Try To Help Me - Dogs/ Diddy Wah Diddy - The Sonics/ Talkin' About You - The Pulsating Heartbeats/ She's My Baby - New Fugitives/ How To Win Friends - Merlynn Tree. Double LP 19.50

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (CRYPT-114) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 7 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 3 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 10 (CRYPT-115) 18 years after Grave 8, and at last it is here! MONSTROUS, GATEFOLDED, THICK COLOR INNER JACKET - all crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ULTIMATE in 60s punk INSANITY!!!! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 6 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 2 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 15 cuts from: JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE AR- CELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, ETC! Deluxe Gatefold LP 16.50

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volumes 1 & 2 ( Crypt 001) All 30 cuts from LPs #1 and #2. Fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. Tracks: THE ELITE - My Confusion/ THE JUJUS - Do You Understand Me/ THE ALARM CLOCKS - Yeah/ THE ALARM CLOCKS - No Reason To Complain/ THE FABS - That’s The Bag I’m In/ THE MALIBUS - Cry/ THE BEL-AIRES - Ya Ha Be Be/ THE LEGENDS - I’ll Come Again/ THE RATS - The Rats’ Revenge Part 1/ THE RATS - The Rats’ Revenge Part 2/ THE ONE WAY STREETS - We All Love Peanut Butter/ LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES - Night Of The Phantom/ THE ONE WAY STREETS - Jack The Ripper/ THE SWAMP RATS - Psycho/ THE CORDS - Ghost Power/ The OUTSIDERS - Summertime Blues/ The BANSHEES - They Prefer Blondes/ UNKNOWN BAND - Little By Little/ The HATFIELDS - Yes I Do/ The REASONS WHY - All I Really Need Is Love/ RALPH NIELSEN & The CHANCELLORS - Scream/ The MYSTICS - Snoopy/ The HYSTERICS - Won't Get Far/ The LYRICS - They Can't Hurt Me/ The CANADIAN ROGUES - Keep In Touch/ SWEET CHERRY - Funny Things Floating/ The OUTSIDERS - She's Coming On Stronger/ The MODS - Satisfaction/ The DEVERONS - On The Road Again/ The CHILDREN OF DARKNESS - She's Mine. CD 14.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volumes 3 & 4 ( Crypt 003) All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. Tracks: LITTLE WILLIE & THE ADOLESCENTS - Get Out Of My Life/ THE CHENTELLES - Be My Queen/ KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION - See If I Care/ THE FUGITIVES - You Can't Blame That On Me/ ME & THEM GUYS - I Loved Her So/ THE INTRUDERS FIVE - Ain't Comin' Back/ THE MONACLES - I Can't Win/ THE LIL' BOYS BLUE - I'm Not There/ JERRY & THE OTHERS - Don't Cry To Me/ THE ROYAL FLAIRS – Suicide/ MURPHY & THE MOB - Born Loser/ THE MODS - You've Got Another Think Comin'/ THE INTERNS - I've Got Something To Say/ SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS - We're Gonna Love/ THE MONTELLS - You Can't Make Me/ THE TAMRONS - Wild-Man/ THE CYCLONES - She’s No Good/ THE FABS - Dinah Wants Religion/ RED BEARD & THE PIRATES - Go On Leave/ THE HALLMARKS - I Know Why/ ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS - Flash & Crash/ TONTO & THE RENIGADES - Little Boy Blue/ THE BOTUMLESS PIT - 13 Stories High/ THE AZTEX - I Said Move/ THE NOMADS - Be Nice/ BUNKER HILL - The Girl Can’t Dance/ THE SLOTHS - Makin’ Love/ THE WYLD - Fly By Nighter/ THE VECTORS - What In The World/ THE HUNS - Shakedown. CD 14.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volumes 5 & 6 ( Crypt 005) All 32 cuts from LPs #5 and #6. Fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. Tracks: THE JESTERS OF NEWPORT – Stormy/ THE WAR LORDS - Real Fine Lady/ THE HENCHMEN - Livin'/ THE JAGUARS - Its Gonna Be Alright/ THE VESTELLS - Won't You Tell Me/ THE FEW – Escape/ THE NOBLES - Something Else/ THE KEGGS - To Find Out/ THE HUMANS – Warning/ THE ILLUSIONS - City Of People/ THE TIGERMEN - Close That Door/ THE AZTEX - The Little Streets In My Town/ THE HATFIELDS - The Kid From Cinncy/ THE CENTREES - She's Good For Me/ THE TIKIS - Show You Love/ THE RISING TIDES - Take The World As It Comes/ THE SHAMES - My World Is Upside Down/ LONG JOHN & THE SILVERMEN - Heart Filled With Love/ THE KEGGS – Girl/ THE BEAUX JENS - She Was Mine/ THE SAVOYS - Can It Be/ THE ABANDONED - Come On Mary/ THE BARRACUDAS - Baby Get Lost/ THE ASCOTS - So Good/ THE SHAMES - The Special Ones/ THE GOLDEN CATALINAS - Varsity Club Song/ BILLY & THE KIDS - Say You Love Me/ THE SHANDELS – Caroline/ THE SHANDELS - Mary Mary/ THE TREYTONES – Nonymous/ THE BRYDS - Your Lies/ THE TROJANS OF EVOL - Through The Night. CD 14.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 7 ( Crypt 013) ) All 32 cuts from LP #7. Fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with swank new 28-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. Tracks: THE SYNDICATE - The Egyptian Thing/ THE TOMBSTONES - I Want You/ THE MOGULS - Another Day/ THE PUDDIN’ HEADS - Now You Say We’re Through/ JIM WHELAN & THE BEAU HAVENS – Elizabeth/ THE WORLOCKS - I Love You/ THE HUSH PUPPIES - Look For Another Love/ THE BUGS – Slide/ THE GENTRYS - Wild!/ THE SYNDICATE - My Baby’s Barefoot/ THE HUSH PUPPIES - Hey, Stop Messin’ Around/ THE CLIQUES - So Hard/ THE HEATHENS - The Other Way Around/ BEEP BEEP & THE ROADRUNNERS - True Love Knows/ THE SNAILS - Snails’ Love Theme/ MIKE’S MESSENGERS - Gone And Left Me/ THE MUSTANGS - That’s For Sure/ TYME - Land Of 1000 Dances/ THE NOBLEMEN - Short Time/ THE INVASION - Do You Like What You See?/ THE TRAVEL AGENCY – Jailbait/ THE RON-DE-VOOS - The Maid/ IT’S US - Don’t Want Your Lovin’/ HALF-PINT & THE FIFTHS - Orpan Boy/ THE SPIDERS - Don’t Blow Your Mind/ THE GRIFS - Keep Dreamin’/ THE RETREDS - Black Mona Lisa/ THE MYSTIC FIVE - Are You For Real, Girl?/ THE BENDS - If It’s All The Same To You/ THE CAVALIERS - Seven Days Of Cryin’/ THE HIDES - Don’t Be Difficult/ TY WAGNER – Slander. CD 14.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 8 (CRYPT-062) 32 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in NEW DIGIPAC luxury NEWLY RE-MASTERED and with updated liner notes, band photos, label scans. Tracks: THE GROOP Alright! THE BENDERS Can’t Tame Me ADRIAN LLOYD Lorna THE CHANCELLORS On Tour THE PSEUDOS A Long Way To Nowhere THE BOJAX Go Ahead & Go THE WYLD Goin’ Places THE ELITE U.F.O Now Who’s Good Enough? THE PAINTED SHIP And She Said Yes THE MERLYNN TREE Look In Your Mirror DAVE MYERS & THE DISCIPLES Come On Love THE CINDELLS Don’t Bring Me Down JAMES T & THE WORKERS That Is All THE OUTSPOKEN BLUES Not Right Now THE PAINTED SHIP I Told Those Little White Lies JUST TOO MUCH She Gives Me Time THE CAVEDWELLERS Run Around THE VILLAGE OUTCAST The Girl I Used To Love THE NEW FUGITIVES That’s Queer THE ASENDERS I Won’t Be Home THE TIKIS We’re On The Move THE AMBERJACKS Hey Eriq! THE RAVENZ Just Like I Want Her THE PIECE KOR All I Want Is My Baby Back THE DAGENITES I Don’t Want To Try It Again THE DARK HORSEMEN You Lied THE DAVE STARKY 5 Hey Everybody THE DOGS Don’t Try To Help Me THE SONICS Diddy Wah Diddy THE PULSATING HEARTBEATS Talkin’ About You THE NEW FUGITIVES She’s My Baby THE MERLYNN TREE How To Win Friends.booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. Digipac CD 14.90
BACK FROM THE GRAVE Volume 9 (Crypt Records) The Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one MONSTROUS 30-song, DELUXE triple FOLD-OUT digipac - with TWO 24-page fullcolor booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Deluxe digipac CD € 16.50

BAD ROADS (Sundazed) "Blue Girl / Too Bad / Till The End Of The Day / Don't Look Bad". GREAT reish of this Louisiana 60s punk combo's two 45s - If "Blue Girl" doesn't get yer blood pumpin & the neighbors screaming "TURN THAT NOISE DOWN!" - yer a square & yer neighbors are HIP! 7" 7.90

BAD SEEDS I’m a King Bee/A Taste of the Same/Sick and Tired/All Night Long (Sundazed) 7" 6.90
THE BAD SEEDS I’M A KING BEE / A TASTE OF THE SAME (J-BECK 1002) texas '66 legend with Slim Harpo a & moody b-side. repro 7" 6.50

BAD VIBRATIONS Vol.3 (Fossil 003 LP) Limited repress of this 16 track collection of US mid-60´s garage. Tracks: Five By Five - Hang Up/ Better Sweet - Like The Flowers/ Other Side Of Time - This Is The End/ Sirs - Help Me/ Traits - Parchman Farm/ Adventurer's - Baby, Baby, My Heart/ Innkeepers - Wanted/ Whatever - The Valley Of Death/ Wayne Pav & The Orphuns - Oh Mona/ Wyld Vybrashons - One Track Mind/ Yorkshire Puddin' - Ain't Gonna Love Ya No More/ Just VI - Bo-Said/ Innkeepers - Never Should Have Done It/ Counts - Last Train/ Six Deep - Girl, It's Over/ Shags - Wait And See. LP 15.00

BALTIMORE'S TEEN BEAT A GO GO (Get Hip) Reish of 16 cut 1966 $800 lp but it's kinda weak, as there's only about 4 great cuts. LP 12.00

THE BANSHEES PROJECT BLUE/ FREE (DUNWICH 129) '66 chicago monster as made famous via Pebbles. repro 7" 6.50

BANZAI FREAKBEAT (Pachinko) 60`s group sounds from Japan. 21 songs including classic Japanese Beat bands as Tokyo Beatles, The Spiders, The Jaguars, The Gulivers, The Youngers and more. The sound was called "group sound" in the japanese media in the mid 60`s describe all the bands that were springing up there during the Beatles explosion and were influenced by all the sounds coming from England and the US. While many Group Sounds were highly melodic (Hollies, Bee Gees), this comp focuses on the more raw sounding bands with a bit more punk-ish like spunk......CD 15.00

THE BARDS Alibis / Thanks A Lot Baby (EMCEE-013) demented 1966 Texas screamer b/w LOSER BALLAD. repro 7" 6.50

BAROQUES Purple Day (Distortions) 22-track overview of '67 Chicago band with lots of unreleased material plus stuff of their Chess LP. 22 Tracks from period 1967 - 1968. USA 60's psychedelica. CD comes with 8 page booklet. CD 12.00

BEACHNUTS "My Iconoclastic Life / Nature's Company" (Dickwick – repro) One of the GREATEST PUNK-ASS recs EVER! "My life is NIL, I just eat PILLS!" You'll know this from the "What A Way To Die" comp! 7" 5.70

PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN I've Been Thinking/Route 66 (RIVERTON 105) 1966 northwest Sonics-style monster, with a killer guitar riff to fill the dancefloor! repro 7" 6,50

BEAT BOYS S/T (Groovie Records) Along with Os Mutantes, the Beat Boys represented the most radical element in Brazilian rock: their name, clothes, hair-and intense fuzz guitar raves-were all fierce indicators of a rebel spirit, and this in a dangerous time for such self-expression. Here is the simple truth: The Beat Boys were at the very epicenter of the cultural revolution that convulsed Brazil during the late 1960s, that movement of rupture, that bringing together of electricity and avant-garde erudition that has come to be known as Tropicalia. They backed Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil for their defining moments as artists-both live, and in the studio on tracks which became the opening Tropicalist salvo (a rare EP). So, what were this group of Argentine rock musicians doing in the forefront of all things outrageous in Brazil? More to the point, why is it that very few people, even among the Brazilian music cognoscenti, have ever heard of them? One explanation must be the fact that the band were essentially outsiders to the Brazilian music scene. As unlikely as it was for them to penetrate the inner circles of Brazilian elite musicians (it was unlikely), it was even more unlikely that they would remain there once their closest friends, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, were exiled from Brazil. This disc includes the Beat Boys entire output under their own name: their sole album-an exercise in what one might call "controlled Tropicalia", laden with torrid psychedelic moments (released by RCA Victor in 1968), as well as a rare singles track from the same year. LP 17.50

The BEATNIKS Outside Chance (Misty Lane) Complete Singles collection of Brasilan beat band. Liner notes included. 10" 12.90

BEEP BEEP & THE ROAD RUNNERS Shifting Gears /True Love Knows (Vincent 222-2) Killer 1966 East Coast Linkster style Instro flipped with a storming Garage Punker. Comp’d on Strummin’ Mental & Back From The Grave lps/cds. 7" 6.50

THE BEES Voices Green & Purple / Trip To New Orleans (Ugly Things) ABSOLUTE MONSTER MUST-HAVE reissue of this rare-ass and KILLER 2-sided 1966 BEASTIE! Ya know "Voices" from Pebbles 3 and might know the JANGLER-MONSTER flip "TripTo New Orleans" from the TeenagevShutdfown "Teen Jangler Blowout" volume - and YOW: reproduced in the IMPOSSIBLY RARE mental-house 1970s-punk-looking PIC-SLEEVE!!!!! Plus liner notes by Mike Stax on the back. 7" 9.50

BEFORE BIRDMEN FLEW VOLUME 2 (Vinyl Vengeance) Great set of Aussie 60s stuff on vinyl and with good sound, lotsa pics, liner notes. LP 12.00
BEFORE BIRDMEN FLEW VOLUME 3 (Vinyl Vengeance) More cool Aussie 60s stuff. LP 12.00
BEFORE BIRDMEN FLEW VOLUME 4 (Vinyl Vengeance) Yet another great set of Aussie 60s stuff! LP 12.00

THE BEST OF IGL - GARAGE ROCK (Get Hip) 17-song comp of pretty solid mid-60s garage from the mid-west state of Iowa. Nice 4-page foto/info booklet. Great sound quality. 3 GREAT cuts. LP 12.30
THE BEST OF IGL - FOLK ROCK (Get Hip) 17-song folk-rock partner to the Garage volume, with unissued & rare stuff from the actual MASTER TAPES, so good sound. LP 12.30

BEST OF JUSTICE RECORDS (Norton) Compilation of 1966-67 teen garage recordings from Justice Records featuring: Tempos, Fugitives, Tony Lane and the Fabulous Spades, Mod and the Rockers, Skip and the Creations, Stowaways, Barracudas, Phantom Raiders, Rockets Combo, Speckulations and the Turks. 15 tracks. LP 14.00

BIRDS "S/T" (Decca) Great collection of rare 45s and unreleased outtakes by UK R&B band THE BIRDS: You're On My Mind/ Daddy Daddy/ Leaving Here/ Next In Line/ Say Those magic Words/ Good Times/ Run Run Run/ You Don't Love Me/ How Can It Be/ No Good Without You Baby/ La Poupee Qui/ Fait Non/ Granny Rides Again/ Daddy Daddy Daddy (alt. version)/ You Don't Love Me alt. version)/ Run Run Run (alt. version). European reissue. LP 12.90
BIRDS (U.K.) "No Good Without You / How Can It Be / Leaving Here / Next In Line" Repro of the great & rare French EP! Ripping UK 1966 r&b! 7" 6.00

BLACK DIAMONDS: Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume One - 10x 7" Box (Blank Records) KILLER BOX OF 60's AUSSIE PUNK!!! Label description: Carbonado, commonly known as the "Black Diamond", is the toughest form of natural industrial diamond. Much like it's mineral counterpart, the 'Black Diamond' 45 is the toughest form of 7" vinyl. Tough in acquiring, tough in sound, tough on your bank balance. So what to do? ....Repro revive 45's! The quarter of a century in-house Festival Records mastering supremo and custodian of the tape archive during his tenure at Festival records has been responsible for all the tape transfers and mastering on the 45's in this box set. All from the original analogue master tapes in glorious mono! The very same tapes that were responsible for pressing the original 45's in the 1960's have been sourced to press the 45's in this box set. We've even reproduced the original labels in all their letterpress glory to give you the original sound, original look and the original price of admission (inflation considered) to the world of amazing mid to late 1960's 7" Australian 45 rpm sounds. This first volume travels four golden years start to finish. Begins in 1965 with the frantic harmonica laced femme sounds of Toni McCann's My Baby, travels through to the 1966 punk of Derek's Accent, Ain't Go No Feeling, The Lost Souls teen angst anthem that is This Life Of Mine, snarling finery that is The Black Diamonds, double sided top shelf freakbeat of The Playboys and ends in the hard edged psych of Inside Looking Out in 1969 and that's just over half the stops! Some sides in this box have been compiled previously, legally and illegally on various artists long players & CD, but many of the sides are seeing their first issue in any format since their original release. This is the first time all twenty tunes have reissued in their original intended form at. Black vinyl 45rpm sides! You could not buy a mint original of any of 45's in this box set for what you can swing this whole box set for. Fact. If you wanted all the original singles your bank manager is the next port of call. The ten 45rpm sevens are housed in a full colour, sturdy clam shell type box. This swank set is rounded out by booklet featuring extensive liner notes by Grammy nominated writer and veteran of many swell sets of the Ace & Rhino labels, Alec Palao. If these sounds float your boat, this is the definitive article! Made in a strictly one time pressing of 500 individually #ed copies. No repress, no bs! Black Diamonds. Your portal to as close to a time machine back to the world of primo mid 60's Australian sounds as possible. Accept no substitute! CONTENTS: 01. TONI McCANN WITH THE BLUE JAYS - My Baby / No (Sunshine QK-999) (1965) 02. THE 4 STRANGERS - You'll Be Mine / Sad & Lonely (Festival FK-1022)(1965) 03. THE BLUE BEATS - Let It Be / She's Comin' Home (Festival FK-1047)(1965) 04. DEREK'S ACCENT - Ain't Got No Feelin' / That Is Life Today (DownUnder UK-1399) (1966) 05. THE ATLANTICS - It's A Hard Life / Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (Sunshine QK-1433) (1966) 06. THE LOST SOULS - This Life Of Mine / Peace Of Mind (Sunshine QK-1469) (1966) 07. THE BLACK DIAMONDS - See The Way / I Want, Need, Love You (Festival FK-1549) (1966) 08. THE SUNSETS - Love's Face / I Want Love (Festival FK-1797) (1967) 09. THE PLAYBOYS - Black Sheep R.I.P / Sad (Sunshine QIK-1872) (1967) 10. INSIDE LOOKING OUT - Long Live Sivananda / On Whom Her Favour Falls (Sunshine QK-3115) (1969). 10 x 7" Box 127.90
BLACK DIAMONDS: Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume TWO - 10x 7" Box (Blank Records) More rare as heck Australian 60s punk 45s. Same deal as with the first Volume, all Singles with original labels: 1. THE SHOWMEN - Too Much Monkey Business / Naughty Girl (Leedon LK-1008) (1965)/ THE MORLOCH - Every Night / I'm Feelin' Sad (RG Records RGK-1119) (1965) GREG ANDERSON - I Feel Good / When It's All Over (Kommotion KK-1242) (1966)/ THE 5 - I Can't Find Her / There's Time (Sunshine QK-1244) (1966)/ BLUES RAGS 'N' HOLLERS - I Just Want To Make Love To You / Got Love If You Want It (Leedon LK-1421) (1966)/ RUSS KRUGER - Keep Me Satisfied / Tell The Truth (Sunshine QK-1495) (1966)/ THE ATLANTICS - You Tell Me Why / Come On (Sunshine QK-1691) (1967)/ BARRINGTON DAVIS - As Fast As I Can / Raining Teardrops (Spin EK-1771) (1967)/ THE SUNSETS - The Hot Generation / This Is What It's All About (Festival FK-1818) (1967)/ HUGO - Hey! Watch Out / Girl In The Garden (Festival FK-3159) (1969). 10 x 7" Box 127.90

BLIZZARDS I'M YOUR GUY Repress of this impossibly rare German 65 beat alb - and hey, 60% of it is great: Hot cuts: "I'm Your Guy/ Be Mine/ (a killer raveup of Del Shannon's) Stranger In Town/ Mr. Goofy/ Faithless Sleep/ Dr. Jekyll/ Walk By My Side/ Blizzards". Weaker cuts: "Mr. Tambourine Man/I Will Love You/Blue Star/I'm Alive". LP 12.90
BLIZZARDS SMASH! BOOM! BANG! (Bear Family) And MORE Blizzards - ALL the lp cuts plus lotsa non-lp cuts & unissued stuff. Best cuts NOT on lp: "I'm Your Guy (single vers.)/Grausame Stadt/Hab keine Lust, Heut Aufzustehn/You Really Got Me/ Stupidity/ Beat Beat Beat". As with all Bear Family: killer book, sound, deluxe-package. CD 17.00

LES BLOUSONS NOIRS "1961-1962" (Born Bad) Ultra crude and primitive r'n'r from from France! Hard to believe how this could make it's way on two EPs in 1961 and 1962 in France - get this, wonder and enjoy! "Be Bop Alula/ Ediie Sois Bon/ Depuis Que Ma Home/ Hey Pony/ Twist Again/ Cherie Oh Cherie/ Twist A St. Tropez/ Les Fous Du Twist". LP 11.50 / CD 11.50

LOS BLUE CAPS Paraguay 1969-1972 (Groovie) 14 cuts of garage, psychedelic & 60's beat-pop. Limited reissue of 600 copies, with remastered sound, extensive liner notes, photos...: No me dejes solo/ Deseo/ El principio de mi soledad/ Silbando calle abajo/ Siempre quiero fumar/ Um Um Um/ Vivo solo por tu amor/ Charly vive durmiendo/ Tu mujer, yo varon/ Pobre imaginacion/ Tantos recuerdos/ Hechicera/ No me mires mas, no pienses en mi/ Viviremos este amor. LP 17.50


BLUE RONDOS Baby I Go For You / Little Baby(PYE) Two Joe Meek produced British 60's Fuzz Beat Rockers. repro 7" 6.50

BLUE STARS S/T 9 cuts by this New Zealand punk combo famed for their awesome "Social End Product" and "I Can Take It". Plus: "Please Be A Little Kind/I Just Fell In Love/Baby Come Home/I'm Over Here/Sherlock Sweet/I'm A Little Man/Don't Wanna Be Lonely". LP 14.40

THE BOJAX Don't Look Back..it’s The BOJAX (Misty Lane) Complete Singles collections incl. the great "Go Ahead & Go" (Back From The Grave Grave 8) & "Hippie Times", the cool "Don't Look Back" & Fast Life" plus their third 45 "I'ven Enjoyed As Much.../So Glad" and as bonus cuts THE WYLD "Know A Lot About Love" and WiLLIAM GOAT "Quicksand". 10" 12.90

THE BOOTS (Bear Family) Pretty solid 60s R&B crew from Germany. deluxe digipack CD 17.00

BOSS TWEEDS "I'm Goin' Away / It's Best You Go" (Get Hip) Pretty ace Minneapolis 1966 garage punker that was previously reissued on the way outta-print "ROOT 66 - The Frozen Few" LP. 7" 5.20

BOTUMLES PIT 13 Stories High/ b/w RISING SUNS I'm Blue (Norton) 2-sided Texas garage punk monsterama! Ultra rare B.F.T. GRAVE #4 wailer by the B. Pit plus a killer unissued flip by The Rising Suns (also on FORT WORTH TEEN SCENE #1). 7" 6.00

BOURBONS HOUSE PARTY 1964-66 (ArfArf) Pretty cool comp of sloppy live fratrock from this New England combo. CD 15.00
BOURBONS A Dark Corner / Of Old Approximately (Royal family 45-267) '67 Texas fuzz snarler. repro 7" 6.50

BRAZILIAN NUGGETS Volume 1 (Groovie Records) A homage to those who fought for rock'n'roll in Brazil during the 60s and mid 70s. The tracks featured in Brazilian Nuggets are mainly from very obscure bands that were not even part of the "Jovem Guarda" movement. You'll find the wildest and most aggressive garage, psych and strange rock'n'roll released by unknown Brazilian record labels. These are the real heroes of the young modern advanced Brazilian music, because they broke the barriers of hypocrisy and showed that young people and their cheap guitars live not only on love but also on anger! Artwork by Darren Merrinuk in deluxe gatefold sleeve with a bunch of photos never seen and pics of all the sleeves included in this compilation. LP 14.90
BRAZILIAN NUGGETS Volume 2 (Groovie Records) Obscure tracks by Os Espioes, Avano 5, Diana, Giovanne, Sonny Delane, Modern Sound Six, among others. We tryed to keep the spirit of the 60's punk, full of fuzz and garage punk, rhythm and a bunch of never seen photos and record covers. FACE A 1. BLOW UP - DEIXE-ME 2. OS ESPIOES - O TREM 3. DIANA - EU GOSTO DELE 4. NICHOLAS MARIANO - NAO ADIANTA NADA 5. SONNY DELANE - NAO SEI 6. OS VIPS - ASSIM S VAI CHORAR 7. OS MEGATONS - CUIDADO 8. PARADA 5 - ANDO MEIO PERDIDO POR AI 9. OS 5 JOTAS - A FUGA FACE B 1. GIOVANNE - PEGOU FOGO NA CAIXA D'AGUA 2. THE GALXIES - I'M NOT TALKING 3. MODERN SOUND SIX - BORN TO BE WILD 4. QUARTETO NOVA ERA - VIAGEM NO TEMPO 5. DIRCEU GRAESER- PURA ASNEIRA 6. BRAZILIAN BITLES - DECISAO 7. AVANCO 5 - BOBO NAO SOU 8. THE BEGGERS - MARILY MARILY 9. MERLINS MESSAGE - PORGUE IR PARA A GUERRA. LP 14.90
BRAZILIAN NUGGETS Volume 3 (Groovie Records) Oddities, surf, beat, fuzz and weirdo stuff that only crazy cats like Edgar Raposo and Luis Futre from Groovie are able to track down. All the tracks featured on this Volume 3 were taken from very hard to find singles, EPs and LPs that were certainly forgotten back than collecting dust in record store bins. Besides the well known bands The Brazilian Bitles and The Beatniks, whose labels, Polydor and Mocambo, were also well established names in the recording industry at the time, most of volume 3 brings to the fore obscure artists and bands whose recordings come from equally obscure labels such as Tema, Leao Disc, Signoma, Orange (a parody to the Beatles own Apple label), Astor, Hollywood Discos, RCS and Disco Som. These labels were usually too small to obtain national distribution deals for their records, so many releases were regional, pressed in small quantities and became instant rarities.Tracks: Jose Natal - Manchete De Jornal/ Jetsons - O Que Ela Falou/ Enza Flori - Pata Pata e Pau/ Cheynnes - Quinta Avenida/ The Sunshines - Amor De Criana/ The Flintstones (Os Joias) - De-me Um Beijo E Esqueca Tudo/ American Shadows - Cavalinho No2/ Paulo Mamedi - Meu Santo e Forte/ Angel Santos - Cascata Do Ano/ Beatniks - Alligator Hat/ Brazilian Bitles - Volte Meu Bem/ CriBabies - Go Go Guitar/ Joao Jose (Os Jovens) - Quero Mais Que Voce Morra/ Os Curumins - Tema Dos Curumins/ The Cougars - Let's Dance/ Os Nucleares - Bobo Nao Sou/ Valdir Mazer - Nao Lhe Darei Perdao/ Os Gemeos - Poporipupo/ Manos e Manas (Os Vamps) - Nosso Amor e Cinza, Porque Ja Foi Uma Braza. LP 14.90

BRIKS FOOLISH BABY/ CAN YOU SEE ME (BISMARK 1013) Snarling monster '66 Texas punk blaster b/w cool folkpunker. repro 7" 6.50

BRITISH WALKERS Are Coming (TM Records 2109) CD-only Release w/bonus DVD. A collection of all the bands´s 45´s recorded from 1964 - 67: I Found You/ Diddley Daddy/ Packin Up/ The Girl Can't Help It / Lonely Lovers Poem/ Let Her Go/ Watch Yourself/ Bad Lightnin/ The Story Of My Life / That Was Yesterday/ Shake. CD 14.40

BROGUES (Sundazed) Great reissue of all 4 killers from their 2 singles: The monster fuzz of "Dont Shoot Me Down" and "I Aint No Miracle Worker" plus the utter godlike folkpunk of "Someday" and "But Now I Find". ESSENTIAL! 7" 7.90


BURY MY BODY (Fossil Records) Colours Of Night/ Castaway Five/ Sir Kenneth & Yorkshire Coachmen/ Cole & The Embers/ J.T. & The Three Wise Men/ Centuries/ Dave & The Stone Hearts/ Barons/ Illusions/ Fugitive Five/ Sensational Sleepers/ Lee Vi's/ New Lime/ Disturbers/ Zero End.LP 15.00 CD 15.00
BURY MY BODY VOLUME 2 (Fossil Records) Limited and numbered Press of 300 copies: TORQUES - It's Me Not You (Kentucky, 1965) HARD TIMES - You Couldnt Love Me (Alabama, 1966) DYNASTY - I'm Crying (Wisconsin, 1966) FAIRVIEWS - Nightmares (California, 1965) XL's - Ruined World (Indiana, 1966) APOSTLES - Help Me Find A Way (Minnesota, 1967) FOGCUTTERS - It's My World (Colorado, 1966) SAPIENS - Love Aint Making It No More (New York, 1965) Side 2: SAPIENS - Ask Yourself Why Babe (New York, 1965) FOGCUTTERS - Casting My Spell (Colorado, 1965) LOST SOULS - Get Out Of My Life Woman (Indiana, 1967) DRONES - I Havent Got The Nerve (Alabama, 1967) GRAPES OF WRATH - You Aint Setting Me Down (New York, 1966) TROJANS - Leave Me Be (Florida, 1966) VALIANTS - Im Gettin Tired Of You (Texas, 1965) FABULOUS COUNTS - Money (Pennsylvania, 1965). LP 15.00

BUSH "Got Bush If You Want It" (Ugly Things) Everything by these San Berdoo 60s punk cats - 7" cuts, demos & rehearsals, and CRAMMED w/pics and stories: Feeling Sad & Lonely/ I Want Your Love/ Hard to Find/ Got Love If You Want It/ To Die Alone/ I’m Wanting Her/ I Feel Good/ Who Killed the Ice Cream Man? (demo)/ It’s Alright/ What A Shame*/ Gonna Treat You Bad/ Play With Fire/ I Know/ Heart of Stone/ Sit Down, Shut Up (Don’t Talk)/ You’re No Good/ You Can’t Do That/ etc. LP 17.00 / CD 14.00

BUSHMEN "Down Home Girl / Empty Heart" (Sundazed) Pretty cool crude unissued 60s garage punk covers from this North California teen combo. 7" 6.90


CARAVELLES "Lovin Just My Style/ Self Service" (Bacchus Archives) Cool reish of the Arizona punk classic. From the Pebbles #7 lp b/w an original flipside. 7" 6.50

DEAN CARTER CALL OF THE WILD (Big Beat) 28 cuts of early to late 60s muckity-muck by the Illinois madman that waxed the INSANE-EST vers of all time of "Jailhouse Rock". This is UNBELIEVABLY BENT! CD 16.90
DEAN CARTER CALL OF THE WILD (Big Beat) 14 cuts of early to late 60s muckity-muck by the Illinois madman that waxed the INSANE-EST vers of all time of "Jailhouse Rock". This is UNBELIEVABLY BENT! Jailhouse Rock/ I Got A Girl/ Sizzlin' Hot/ Love's A-Workin'/ Don't Try To Change Me/ Call Of The Wild/ Would You Believe/ Mary Sue/ Rebel Woman/ Run Rabbit Run/ You Tear Me Up/ Black Boots/ Dobro Pickin' Man/ Wandering Soul. LP 25.90

CATHERINE'S HORSE Garage Blues From Connecticut (Break-A-Way) Reissue of 1969 LP, comes with the originally intended coloured cover-art & detailed liner notes: Get Out Of My Life/ Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ Good Times Bad Times/ Think Twice/ Sun Going Down/ Rocket 88/ Can't Keep From Cryin'/ One More Mile/ Mind To Give Up Livin'. LP 14.80

CAVE DWELLERS Run Around plus 3 - double-7" (Numero Group) Aas heard on BFTGrave #8 - "Runaround" is a MONSTER 1967 Chicago garage PUNK bLaStEr!!! plus the original b-side - You Know Why - plus 2 unissued moody Beatles-y pop tunes. GATEFOLD sleeve with a killer band pic and liner notes. Save yourself a good $800 and a LOT of SWEAT trying to find an ORIGINAL of this and buy this instead!From the label: "Recorded in 1967 at Chicago’s Universal Studios and laboriously laden with Buckinghams-style horns and strings, the Cave Dwellers thought they’d locked their first hit down. Given just a few minutes to produce a b-side, the quintet unleashed their primitive and theretofore-unheard power. “Run Around” ended up a punk precursor that took contemporary rock to its tough, angry, and logical conclusions, scorching past anything the radio ran in its day. Intending only to tear off something fast and easy, the Dwellers had achieved one of Chicago garage rock’s most ferocious moments. That original Jim-Ko single has been reproduced alongside two previously unissued rockers and housed in a glorious gatefold sleeve with copious notes and quotes from a confused newsman about the “longhair” invasion." Double 7" € 14.90

CAZUMBI Volume 2 (No Smoke Records) 60s garage rock and jerk out of South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Madagascar and Cameroun! Stunning collection of 21 tracks with great artwork and an insert included with photos and information on some of the groups and the African 60s rock scene. Limited vinyl release of 700 copies.. The Gonks - Woman Yeah/ Tall Emma & His Skipper - Hammatan/ Os Impacto - Uma Velha Foi A Feira/ Vum Vum - Xe Xe Xe Kangrima/ Birds Of A Feather - Come On Up/ Les Kilts - Jerk Bastos/ Les Safari - Les Jeunes Tigres/ Simiao - Wasati Walomu/ The Hobos - Hasie/ Conjunto Night Stars - Yeah/Os Inflexos - I Feel Fine/ The Invaders - Painter Man/ Os Impacto - Thats What I Want/ Les Safari - Elle Avait Tout/ Mad-Munks - Lucille/ Les Jokers - Dividi Jane/ Them - One Time Too Many/ Vum Vum - Monami/ Os Rocks - I Put A Spell On You/Conjunto Oliveira Muge - Piange Con Me/ H2o - Death Of A Clown. LP 16.90

CHANCELLORS "On Tour / Route 66" (Norton) Buy or DIE! Ultra-deadly 66 garage insanity (on BACK FROM THE GRAVE #8). The guit solo on "On Tour" shall slay ye! 7" 6.00

CHANTS R&B (Norton) Fifteen cut set of KILLER New Zealand r&b wail!Side One is 7 studio recordings/ Side Two is 8 live cuts. HOT and DEADLY!Neighbour Neighbour / I'm Your Witchdoctor / Mystic Eyes / Come See Me / Early In The Morning / I Want Her / One Two Brown Eyes / Don't Bring Down / I Feel Good / I'll Go Crazy / Dimples / Gloria / Land of 1000 Dances / Slow Down Fifteen raving 1966 blasts from New Zealand's wildest combo LP in swank gatefold!! LP 14.00

CHEVELLE V COME BACK BIRD/ I’M SORRY GIRL (UMI 100) killer Texas '66 punk romp, completely different version than the one you might know via Texas Flashbacks b/w Beatlesy side. repro 7" 6.50

CHIMNEY SWEEPS Devil Girl (Vicious Sloth) 100% UNISSUED Australian 1966-1968 ultra-crude punk from aband that never saw a 7" release - AND the material is FUCKING GREAT!! 21 songs - including the killer originals "Lies Lies/Devil Girl (2 versions)/ Cold Fish/Upside Down World/Hey Myrtle/Sticks & Stones/Give Your Lovin To Me (!!!)/the moody Japanese Garden/Not Much Time” plus ultra-crude cover versions. CD 15.00
CHIMNEY SWEEPS Devil Girl (Norton) 100% UNISSUED Australian 1966-1968 ultra-crude punk from a band that never saw a 7" release - AND the material is FUCKING GREAT!! 12 songs - including the killer originals "Lies Lies/ Devil Girl (2 versions)/ Cold Fish/ Upside Down World/ Hey Myrtle/ Sticks & Stones/ Give Your Lovin To Me/ the moody Japanese Garden" plus ultra-crude cover versions of the Stones "Grown Up Wrong" & "Mama Keep Yer Big Mouth Shut" & "I Wish You Would". LP 14.00

CHOB We're Pretty Quick / Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore (LA 5016) '66 New Mexico BLASTER! Label A/B sides got mixed up... repro 7" 6.50

CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS Volume 5 (TUINAL 1), 21 tracks: Quotations - Cool It/ Transatlantics - Don't Fight It/ Longboatmen - Only In Her Hometown/ Ways & Means - Breaking Up A Dream/ Chords Five - I Am Only Dreaming/ Moving Finger - Shake & Finger Pop/ Authentics - Climbing Through/ Mickey Finn - Garden of my Mind/ Force Five - Baby Let Your Hair Down/ St.Louis Union - English Tea/ Magic Lanterns - I Stumbled/ Bad Boys - She's A Breakaway/ Sons of Fred - Baby What You Want Me To Do/ Boo & The Boo Boo's - Oriental Boo/ Mike Rabin - Head Over Heels/ Caleb - Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad/ Wayne Gibson - Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/ Petards - Tartarex/ J & B - Wow! Wow! Wow!/ King Size Tatlor - Thinkin'/ Four Squares - Don't You Know I Love You. CD 13,50

CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND NO WAY OUT Repro of their flawed (but often good) 1st alb: "Lets Talk About Girls/Come On/Hot Dusty Road/Are You Gonna Be There/ Gone & Passes By/ etc. LP 12.90
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND INNER MYSTIQUE Repro of their very psych 2nd lp. The versions of "Its All Over Now Baby Blue" and "I'm Not Like Everybody else" are great but the rest is dull... LP 12.90


THE COBA SEAS Unreformed (Norton) James Williamson's reform school band, age 16. Six tracks recorded in 1966: Just Like Me (1:44) /Empty Heart (5:52)/ Heart Of Stone (2:53) /It’s My Life (2:53)/ Louie Louie (3:00)/ Gloria (10:57). LP 14.00


COUNT FIVE PSYCHOTIC REACTION Repro of their classic alb. LP 12.90
COUNT FIVE PSYCHOTIC REACTION & 3 Classic 66 coolness in a posh French EP sleeve. "They're Gonna Get You/Can't Get Your Lovin/The Morning After". 7" 6.00

COUNTDOWNS THE BAND OF THE 60s Fucking LAME! This Swiss beat band put out a pretty cool 45 (the so-so "Sex Maniac" & the great "Vacation") but WHY OH WHY do these guys go & RE-UNITE in the 1990's???!! To TOP IT ALL, the FIRST 7 cuts are from the 1990's!!! Christ! The first song title says it all: "Website"...Woof!! Lame or what?!!! 8.90

CREATIONS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Norton) Four crude unissued 1966 garage originals cut live in a bedroom by North Carolina teen heathens! "Better Watch Out/I'm Mad/Soul And Feeling/To Whom It May Concern". A cool set of inept rockers! 7" 6.00

LINK CROMWELL "Crazy Like A Fox / I'm Crying" (Norton) 2 cuts from the full-length CD, including Lenny Kaye's 1965 folk-rocker. 7" 6.00
LINK CROMWELL & THE ZOO CRAZY LIKE A FOX (Norton) A pretty damn sharp set of Lenny Kaye, godfather of de whole dang 60s punk "awareness" thang, & his teen combo of 65-66, the Zoo. Includes the 66 folkpunk 7" "Crazy Like A Fox" and the flip, plus 13 live cuts from a 66 gig at Rutgers U in New Brunswick NJ. Now y'all "garage punk snobs" might consider this "lightweight" but this be a mighty fine depiction of jes ezzackly what probly 99% of ANY "60s punk combo" was about: Covers galore, onstage goofery, ineptitude... CD 13.00


FLOYD DAKIL COMBO Dance Franny Dance/ Look What You've Gone And Done (Jetsta) Reissue of 60s rocker. repro 7" 6.50

MOGEN DAVID AND THE GRAPES OF WRATH Little Girl Gone/Don't Need Ya No More (Norton) First time reissue of ultra rare 1966 Midwest twin blast garage masterpiece! Real gone purple vinyl! I first heard this 45 at Jim Atwood's in Williamsport, PA in October 1982 with m'pal Bruce Planty and have searched for a copy of it AND the band SINCE - spare yerself the misery of spending 3 days at the Kokomo Public Library and GET THIS NOW!!!!!! 7" 6.00

DEACONS "Empty Heart / Bring It On Home To Me" (Sundazed) Minnesota's Deacons' blistering cover of "Empty Heart" plus an unished flip-side cover. 7" 6.90

DELAWARE GARAGE (Distortion Records) 60s garage from Delaware - limited edition on 140 gram vinyl: Nobles-Something Else/ Ides-Psychedelic Ride/ Fabulous Pharoahs-Hold Me Tight/ Contemporaries-Fool for Temptation/ Diplomats-I'm Sad/ Souls of Britton-JJ/ Larry Davis-Tick Tick Tick/ Johnny Neel & the Shapes of Soul-Everybody Do the Stomp/ Tree-No Good Woman/ Tree-Man From Nowhere/ State of Mind-Move/ State of Mind-If He Comes Back/ State of Mind-Goin Away #1/ State of Mind-Goin Away #2/ State of Mind-Make You Cry/ Tree-No Good Woman. LP 14.90

DELINCUENTES (Martian) Mostly great 16 cut comp of 60s punk and surf-punk wail from SOUTH AMERICA (Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil) - and in a sweet GATEFOLD sleeve crammed w/photos plus LINER NOTE insert!! LP 13.50

DENISE Boy, What'll You Do Then/ Chaos (Big Beat) Big Beat presents three highly desirable artefacts including one that is not only one of the rarest singles of the 1960s, but the ultimate girl-garage nugget: ‘Boy, What’ll You Do Then’ by DENISE. Denise Kaufman was a founder member of SF hippie mainstays Ace Of Cups but in this ’66 stormer, hell hath no fury as the Berkeley wild-child lets loose on her then beau (reputedly future Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner). The handful of original copies that have turned up, selling for in excess of $8,000, all feature an earlier, weaker take – this reissue utilizes the hyper-rare second mix, which is far more powerful. Packaged in brown paper sleeves with individual sticker. 7" 13.50

DIE TODAY (Tombstone Records) Many tracks compiled for the first time:1 One-Eyed Jacks - Die Today 2 Countdowns - You Know I Do 3 Nova Local - Games 4 Jamie And The Jury - Fooling Around 5 Yorkshire Puddin - Keep Me In Mind 6 Live Wires - The Mask 7 Sterling Damon - Rejected 8 Glory Rhodes - Gonna Be Somebody 9 Gaylon Ladd - Her Loving Way 10 Wee & The Revelations - Somebody To Love 11 House Of Lords - Louise 12 Gears - Explanation 13 Shaprels - Rock-A-Boo 14 Sidekicks - Not Now 15 Mark V - Determination 16 Moby Dick And The Whalers - I Love Her So 17 Jack Hennig And The Breaking Point Group - Maybe Tomorrow 18 Wanderers - Treat Me Right 19 Mg And The Escorts - Please Don't Ever Change 20 Dirty Elbows - To Carry On 21 Alphabetical Order - Gonna Fight The War 22 So...But So What? - I Will Cry 23 Knights - I Know It Now 24 Passions You've Got Me Hurtin' CD 15.00

THE DIRTY SHAMES I DON’T CARE / MAKIN’ LOVE (IMPRESSION 112) California '66 troglodite pounder b/w Sloths cover! repro 7" 6.50

DIRTY WURDS Why / Takin' My Blues Away (Marina) Pebbles Volume 5 SCREAMER from Chicago's most raging combo. repro 7" 6.50

DON & THE GOODTIMES THE ORIGINAL NORTHWEST SOUND OF (Beat Rocket) 16 cut "best of" this 60s Northwest band. 60% of the cuts are SOLID Sonics/Kingsmen style. One listen to "High Heel Sneakers" will have your underwear STAINED! 3 cuts are pop crap, the rest is solid r&b based crudeness.180-gram LP 18.50

DOWNLINERS SECT BE A SECT MANIAC Yow!! A 30-song CD of this great UK R&B combo's stuff!Lots of rare 7" cuts plus a decent ammount from their 1st & 3rd lps CD 14.50
DOWNLINERS SECT Roses/I Can't Get Away From You (Penniman) A special edition, with picture sleeve, of their mega-rare Pye single from 1967 featuring “Roses”, plus a cover version of the Remains' “I Can't Get Away From You” on the flip. This 45 was originally released after the original Sect disbanded and Don Craine tried to revive the band with a new line-up (featuring Matthew Fisher, soon to be the organist of Procol Harum), imaginatively renaming the group “Don Craine's New Downliners Sect”. Limited edition of 500 copies 7" 7.90

DR SPEC’S OPTICAL ILLUSION "She's The One"/"Tryin' To Mess My Mind" 7" Reissue Single (CRYPT-095) Incredibly rare and incredibly pounding 1967 Garage Punk two-sider from New Orleans combo, existing original copies numbering in less than ten and fetching $3,000 + in the collector-scum "market". Full-color pic sleeve and photo/fact-filled 7" x 14" double-sided insert. 7" 5.50

DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE (Sundazed) Pretty cool '65-66 USA R&B howl from UNRELEASED DEMOS "Who do You Love/Pretty Thing/I Put A Spell On You/Baby Please Don't Go/Bald Headed Woman/I (Who Have Nothing)". 2x7" 12.90
DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE Creation (Sundazed) Reissue of their 1968 LP on high-definition vinyl, mastered from the original analog tapes and featuring complete original cover art. LP18.50

DUTCH BEAT EXPLOSION (Distortions) Pretty poppy set of 28 Dutch 65-67 beat & pop rare cuts CD 14.00

E-TYPES LIVE AT THE RAINBOW BALLROOM 1966 (Beat Rocket) Unessential live stuff from these Northern Cal cats: "What You're Doing/Shapes Of Things/Leave Me Be Laugh Laugh/Wait" etc. LP 14.60

ELECTRAS BEST OF THE ELECTRAS (Get Hip) Features top-notch Minnesota 60s punk by the ELECTRAS "Dirty Old Man/Soul Searchin'/This Week's Children/Action Woman/I'm Not Talkin'/Pregnant Pig/'Bout My Love/Your Love/Summertime/Won't Take No For An Answer". Plus 2 by the SCOTSMEN "Beer Bust Blues/Scotch Mist" and 5 by the VICTORS. 180gr-LP 13.90
ELECTRAS ACTION WOMAN/ SOUL SEARCHIN (Get Hip) The Electras were one of several groups that Warren Kendrick (Scotty Records and more!) took under his wing during the mid-’60s. This single features two alternate versions of material available on The Best of The Electras, Scotsmen and Victors. 7" 5.00

THE EMPEROR'S I WANT MY WOMAN / AND THEN (SABRA 5555) monster '66 caveman style menacing '66 punker. repro 7" 6.50

ENGLISH FREAKBEAT Volume 5 (AIP) 21 cuts. CD 14.80

ESCAPADES I Tell No Lies/She's The Kind (ARBEL 1010) 2-sided Memphis garage, a-side made famous via the great Pebbles Volume 5! repro 7" 6,50

ESQUIRES Come On Come On/Judgement Day (Glenvalley) Two killer sides from Texas garage kings, "Come On" is a frantic frat dance pounder, "Judgement Day" a punk descent into hell! repro 7" 6.50


EVIL "I'm Moving On" b/w MONTELLS "You Can't Make Me" (Norton) WHOA DADDY! The INCREDIBLE track from the Evil/Montells alb onna perfect-for-DJ-ing 7"!! Plus the Back From The Grave 3 beastie on da flipside! Ahhhhh.... YASSSS!! 7" 6.00
EVIL From A Curbstone / Short Life (Florida Archive Recordings 6601) A: MONSTER unissued '66 R&B brutality - jezus is this HOT! B: again, UNISSUED: it's a moody, antisocial, ANGRY monster that builds into RAVE-UP before it leaves ya hanging as it ends! ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!!!!! Limited to 500 copies. 7" 8.00
EVIL From A Curbstone / Short Life - yellow wax (Florida Archive Recordings 6601)Limited repress on yellow wax: MONSTER unissued '66 R&B brutality - jezus is this HOT! B: again, UNISSUED: it's a moody, antisocial, ANGRY monster that builds into RAVE-UP before it leaves ya hanging as it ends! ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!!!!! 7" 8.00
EVIL I'm Movin On / I Know I'll Die (Florida Archive Recordings / Limestone Records) Great garage punker backed by top moody ballad. W/ picture sleeve. 7" 8.00

EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT 60's PUNK-ADELIC INSTRUMENTALS (Arf Arf) 27 cuts of weird/fuzzy 60s instro psych/garage. CD 14.50

FABIO LSD/ O Reloginho (Groovie) Reissue of late '60s brazilian psyche 45. This '68 release also was meant as a provocation of the country's political society and dictatorship. 'LSD' was an abbreviation for "LINDO SONHO DELIRANTE", which can be translated into 'Beautiful Trippy Dream'. Limited edition of 300 copies - 150 come with poster (we have few posters to send out with the records. First come first served!). 7" 7.50

THE FABS That's The Bag I'm In / Dinah Wants Religion (COTTONBALL-1005) - 2-sided California killer! repro 7" 6.50

FALLEN ANGELS Bad Woman / RiC GARY Pimples & Braces (ECEIP 1003)Diddley-beat 1966 upstate NY punk basher b/w ultimate titty-twist ridiculousness as made famous via the "Swing For A Crime" comp. repro 7" 6.50
Who Do You Love/Hello Girl (Sundazed) 7" 6.90

THE REASONS WHY Don't Be That Way (SOUNDTRACK-2000) / THE FANATICS I Will Not Be Lonely (GINA-1118) - a-side is an Elevators-on-speed screaming rant, b-side a pounding dancefloor winner, also from Texas. repro 7" 6.50

FANTASTIC DEE JAYS FIGHT FIRE (Get Hip) Reissue of this classic & RARE 60s punk 2-sider by the pre-Swamp Rats! "Fight Fire" is a great cover of the pre-Creedence GOLLIWOGS song. "Get Away Girl" an ace moody punker. Plus a goofy song "T&C Lancers". 7" 5.10

FIGURES OF LIGHT "It's Lame/I Jes Wanna Go To Bed" (Norton) INCREDIBLE 1972 proto-punk/60s punk mayhem 7" 6.00
FIGURES OF LIGHT SMASH HITS (Norton) They came and combusted as teenagers thirty years ago, now they’re back to retake the two-chord monte in SPADES! Wheeler Winston Dixon wails while Michael Downey cranks up the proto-punk x-factor on this snarling set including their alarmingly faboo first single, newly unearthed live recordings from their first show ever in July, 1970, unheard demos and new NYC live and studio recordings. Gimme Gimme Gimme / Black Cadillac / Seething Psychosexual Conflict Blues / Nothing To Do / I’m So Sick Of Everything / Why Not Knock Yourself Off? / Angeline / I Got Spies Watching You / Gimme Gimme Gimme / Nothing To Do / It’s Lame / I’m So Sick Of Everything / It’s Lame / I Jes Wanna Go To Bed / Ritual TV Smashing Finale / Velvet Touch. LP 14.00

FIVE CANADIANS (Sundazed) Buy or DIE! The utter MONSTROSITY of "Writing On The Wall" STILL sends shivers down my spine now as it did 20 years ago! DEADLY! Plus their great "Never Alone", the moody "Don't Tell Me" - AND! The pre- 5 Canads 7" "I'm Gonna Love You" by the HANGMEN!!!! 7" 7.90

FLOWERZ FLYTE (Arf Arf) Full lengther by these PA garagers famed for their 45 "Flyte"- mostly covers. CD 14.60

FLOYD DAKIL COMBO KITTY KITTY / IT TAKES A LOT OF HURT (EARTH 403) 1965 Texas fratgarage coolity with killer guitar break b/w pop tune. repro 7"6.50

FORT WORTH TEEN SCENE VOLUMES 1, 2 & 3!!! (NORTON) DEADLY 3-volume Texas 60s punkarama BLOWOUT! ESSENTIAL! Unbelieveably GORGEOUS gatefold LPs for the REAL ACTION (The CD booklets are also crammed wit pix & notes galore but the VINYL is THE king aceness!) COLOR SCANS of recs you'll NEVER see unless ye've hit the lottery or gota trustfund! TOTALLY ESSENTIAL - EVERY VOLUME!
FORT WORTH TEEN SCENE Volume 1 (Norton) Train Kept A Rollin' (Cynics)/Little Girl (Jades)/Night Of The Sadist (Larry And The Blue Notes)*/I Don't Want To Find Another Girl (Five Of A Kind)/I'm Blue (Rising Suns)*/Humpty Dumpty (Visions)/The Girl (Gnats)/In And Out (Larry And The Blue Notes)*/Time Is All (Mistakes)/Gloria (Tracers)~*/Without Her (Barons)~/ Fly By Nighter (Wyld)/She Said Yeah (Tracers)/ One Potato (Elite)/Two Potato (Elite) /Chocolate Moose Theme (Chocolate Moose) Thanks A Lot Baby (Bards)/Empty Heart (Nomads)/Little Latin Lupe Lu (Rising Suns)~/All I Ask (Barons)~*/Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo (Creep)~/Don't Blame Me (Barons)*/Days Mind The Time (Mods) ~/Come On Up (Jinx)* (~ = CD only) (* = prev. unissued) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
FORT WORTH TEEN SCENE Volume 2 (Norton) Route 66 (Visions)/I'll Go (Cynics)/Alibis (Bards)/Night Of The Phantom (Larry And The Blue Notes)/My Confusion (Elite)/Lost One (Roots)/Jack The Ripper (Jack And The Rippers)/You Deceived Me (Boys)/I'm All Right (Jades)/Splash Day (Coachmen) ~/Come On (Barons)*/My Kinda Woman (Images)/Evil Hearted You (Mods)*/Never Again (Five Of A Kind)/Run And Hide (Jades)*/Live And Die (Barons)/Take A Ride (Chocolate Moose)/Mister, You're A Better Man Than I (Cynics)/Sad Sack (Hi-Lights)**/Garbage Man (Snowmen) ~/Everybody Needs Somebody (Larry & The Blue Notes) ~/I'll Never Be Happy (Barons)/She Said Yeah (Tracers) ~*/I Can't Go On Loving You (Jinx) ~* (~ = CD only) (* = prev. unissued) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
FORT WORTH TEEN SCENE Volume 3 (Norton) It's A Cry'n Shame (Gentlemen)/Phantom (Mark Five)/It's Gonna Change (Trycerz)*/That's Allright (Fearsome Five)/Be Nice (Nomads)/Baby (Better Get On Home) Jim Jones & the Chaunteys/Don't Burn It (Barons)/It's Been A Long Journey (Roots)/Half Peeled Banana (Chocolate Moose)/Please Tell Me Why (Boards) ~/In And Out (Larry & the Blue Notes)/Free Soul (Loose Ends)/Almost There (Trycerz)/I Hope I Please You (Barons)/I Wanna Know (Royal Knights)/She's The Girl For Me (Visions)/Little Latin Lupe Lu (Hi-Lights)*/Train Kept A Rollin' (Larry And The Blue Notes )*/Trippin' (Night Patrol)/Mercy Mercy (Jades) ~/I'll Come To You (Elite) ~/Ching Bam Bah (Velveteens) ~/Watch Me (Tracers) ~/You're On My Mind (Barons) ~*/Mister You're A Better Man Than I (Jinx) ~* (~ = CD only) (* = prev. unissued) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

KIM FOWLEY One Man’s Garbage (Norton) Weirdness and over the top novelty records from 1959-1969: BRUCE AND JERRY: ISaw Her First/PATTERNS: Late Late Show/U.S. ROCKETS – Bodacious/RITUALS: This Is Paradise/DONNIE AND THE OUTCASTS: Big Fat Alaskan/RENEGADES: Charge/PLAYERS: The Rebel/KIM AND THE SKIPPERS: Daybreaker/MO AND JO: The Yo Yo Song/JOHNNY C AND THE BLAZES: Inferno/KIM FOWLEY: Music Is The Magic/BLUE BELLS: Moccasin/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Dedication Time/KIM FOWLEY: Underground Lady/KIM FOWLEY AND MARS BONFIRE: Surf Pigs*/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Worst Record Ever Made (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
KIM FOWLEY Another Man’s Gold (Norton) Weirdness and over the top novelty records from 1959-1969: RENEGADES: Geronimo/KIM FOWLEY: Big Sur, Bear Mountain, Ciro’s, Flip Side Protest Song/GAMBLERS: Teen Machine/VAQUEROS: Vaquero Beat/PLAYERS: Memories Of A High School Bride/ASTON MARTIN AND THE MOON DISCS: Fallout/COVER GIRLS: Gone But Not Forgotten/DAYWINS: Heartbeat/RITUALS: Surfers Rule/BONNIE AND THE TREASURES: Eleventh Commandment Of Love*/RENEGADES: Ghost Train*/ HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES: Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack/DONNIE AND THE OUTCASTS: Bounty Hunter/ALTHEA AND THE MEMORIES: Daddy Said/U.S. ROCKETS: March Of The Siamese Children/RITUALS: Gone (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

FRANTIC SHINDIG (Outhouse) Mid-60s garage compilation with all too-perfect narration from a vintage anti-drug school filmstrip soundtrack, full of almost all previously un-compiled: Sez-Who - Sig-Heils/ / 'Cause Of You - Shags/ Gloria - Disciples/ Swingin' Hangout - Mark IV/ Diagnosis Neurosis - Their Singing Bodies/ Sorrow - Poverty Five/ It's Over - The Mothers Of Soul/ Pusherman - Beau Allen/ Hey Baby, Hey Sugar - Terry Lee/ She Was A High High Flyer - The Valiants/ Looking Glass Of Time - Spontaneous Corruption/ Here It Comes Again - Troy Shondell/ Lorelei 2 - Sig-Heils/ Louie Louie - Wandering Kind/ Love That Louie - Jack E. Lee/ Sleep In Public Place - Sons Of Adam & Ron Steele/ Alligator Wine - The Dynamic Kapers. LP 14.90

FRIDAY AT THE HIDEOUT (Norton) A GREAT set of the Detroit 60s garage king-label HIDEOUT's best stuff! GATEFOLD pic & liner note packed drool-package!!!! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00


BOBBY FULLER EL PASO ROCK VOL. 1 (Norton) 24 songs from his pre-hit days! Great slew of rockers /instrumentals, etc! CD 13.00
BOBBY FULLER EL PASO ROCK VOL. 2 (Norton) Cool 2nd volume of Norton's EARLY RECORDINGS series on Bobby! About 75% of the songs are live recordings and it comes with a 28 page booklet with photos, interviews etc. CD 13.00
BOBBY FULLER El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Volume 3 (Norton) Third volume chronicling Bobbys early studio, home and live recordings: I Fought The Law/ You Made Me Cry/ Nervous Breakdown/ Wolfman/ Jenny Lee (Do The Jerk With Me)/ Nancy Jean/ Summertime Blues-Somethin' Else/ Thunder/ A New Shade Of Blue/ New Orleans -Little Bitty Pretty One/ Only For You/ Wine Wine Wine/ You Kiss Me/ Skag/ Let Her Dance/ Saturday Night/ She's My Girl/ Pretty Girls Everywhere/ Faraway/ Pamela/ Carol/ The Fanatic/ Do You Wanna Dance/ Nervous Breakdown/ Nancy Jean/ California Sun. CD 13.00
BOBBY FULLER FOUR "Rock And Roll King Of The Southwest" (Norton) all recorded pre-1965 in his garage studio on Album Avenue in El Paso, TexasLP 14.00
BOBBY FULLER "LIVE!!" (Norton) Dig here a prime slab of live bait, set to tape by teen titan potentate R.G. Fuller and little brother Randy. Bobby was cutting records, running a teen club, and dragging a hi-class tape recorder to shows in Texas years before he made any kind of ruckus outside his home state. LP 14.00
BOBBY FULLER & THE FANATICS Stringer / The Chase (Norton) A pummeling '60s surf instrumental twin spin from Bobby's El Paso home studio! 7" 6.00

FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES Volume 6: Come On In To My World (Bacchus Archives) 17 psychedelic garage cuts of by THACKARAY ROCKE (Bawling), RANDY & THE REST (Confusion), SONS OF ADAM (Feathered Fish), CHAPTER VI (Fear), etc. With liner notes, label shots and band photos.LP 13.00
FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES Volume 7: You Make Me Lose My Mind (Bacchus Archives) 18 more cuts by THE SPIRITS OF BLUE LIGHTNING (Love Muscle), LAZY EGGS (Poor Boys Always Weep), CONTINETALS (Almost A Man), DRONES (You Can't Use Me No More), etc. With liner notes, label shots and band photos. LP 13.00

GALAXIES Hey! (Misty Lane) 8 cuts by brazilian beat/psyche outfit. 10" 11.90

GALLOWS Come To the Party (Misty Lane) 4 track ep of Illinois frat/folk punk from'66/67 - with liner notes from Craig Moore. "Come to the Party/ Slow Death/ Too Many Fish in The Sea/ Remember Mary" 7" 6.50

GARAGE ACETATES SERIES: Five volumes of unissued USA sixties garage band mayhem! The ultimate shock and delight for all garage fans! From the brilliant folk rock of Creation's Disciple to the pummeling fuzz assault of the Night Crawlers to the inept lo-fi crud of the Khuns, these originally unreleased recordings present a treasure trove of garage killers! All selections were recorded 1964-68 but none were released at the time
GARAGE ACETATES SERIES VOL. ONE: GET OFF MY BACK (Norton) Cirkit-Yesterday We Laughed/Coachmen-Too Many Reasons/Hayze-She Won't Come Back/Thorns-I Want You/Unknown-Blue Jean Man/Unknown-Look For Me Babe/Unknown-Look For Me Babe/Hidden Charms-The Hill/Night Crawlers-Want Me/Muphets-You Don't Worry Me/Vampires-Fire/Unknowns-She's In Another World/Henchmen-Get Off My Back/Bedlam's Offspring-The Thrill Is Gone/Khuns-Hey Baby. LP 14.00
GARAGE ACETATES SERIES VOL. TWO: SHE WAS SO BAD (Norton) Loved Ones-Life Of My Own/Briks-It's Your Choice/Apparitions-She's So Satisfyin'/Others-I Love You So/Muphets-My Money/Loved Ones-La Da Do Da Da/Other Ones-The Laugh's On You/Fabulous Courdels-And You Believe Me/ Unleashed-My Flash On You/Creations-I've Paid My Dues/Hollow Steps-They Hear About Us/Blue Embers-She Was So Bad/Half Beats-Should I/Sheep-Thinkin' About It. LP 14.00
Fanatics-Woman/Noblemen-I'm Gone/Dave And The Wanderers-My Heart Is In Pain/Six Minus One-Fun And Games/Bedlam's Offspring-I'll Be There/Wombats-Hey/Method-Free As The Wind/Muphets-One Thing/Juveniles-Let Me Tell You Girl/Fanatics-Bitter Bells/Wombats-Please Come On/4 Dimensions-I Feel So Well/Straight Jackets-I'm On My Own/Unknown-Train To Nowhere. LP 14.00
GARAGE ACETATES SERIES VOL. 4: I'VE HAD ENOUGH (Norton) SPECIAL ALL NEW YORK EDITION! Blue Embers-Don't Want To See You/Henchmen-Jack Of All Trades/Unknown-Voodoo/Creation's Disciple/Michelle's Menagerie-Stay Away/Unknown-I've Had Enough/Sideburns-You're No Good/Jagged Edge-Gonna Find My Way/Henchmen-Walk With Me Baby/Creations-Get On My Train/Henchmen-Sad Clown/Younger Set-Do You Love Me/Henchmen-Strangers/Reign-Zippered Up Heart. LP 14.00
GARAGE ACETATES SERIES VOL. 5: YOU TORE MY BRAIN! (Norton) Clobberin’ fifth volume of brutal unissued garage crunchers by the Fanatics, Pharaohs, Invictas, IVbidden, Sir Winston and the Commons, mo’! IVBIDDEN Sick And Lonely/SIR WINSTON AND THE COMMONS All Of The Time/BUNCH Do The Jump/UNKNOWN Palace Of Love/UNKNOWN Follow Her Home/JAMES STREET OVERPASS She Can’t See/UNKNOWN Poor Man Dreamer/INVICTAS Watusi/PHARAOHS The Isle Of Love/UNKNOWN I Won’t Play Your Game/JAMES STREET OVERPASS You Tore My Brain/SIR WINSTON AND THE COMMONS No Sorrow/FANATICS I Can’t Go On/UNKNOWN The Hunter. LP14.00

GARAGE GREATS: Beware of labels been cut off and bad or off-centered pressing on some of these! All exact repros in Garage Greats company sleeves. All limited to 500 copies:
HEADSTONES 24 Hours (Everyday)/Wish She Were Mine (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
LOST AGENCY Time To Dream/One Girl Man (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
THUNDERBIRDS These Days Are Gone/Hey Little Girl (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
Second batch of exact repros limited to 500 copies:
TOMBSTONES - I WANT YOU / YOU'LL REGRET IT (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
Third batch of exact repros limited to 500 copies:
NEW BREED IT'S LOVE/ WASTING MY TIME (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
4th batch of exact repros limited to 500 copies:
KING-BEEZZ FOUND & LOST/NOW (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
UNDERWORLD GO AWAY/BOUND (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
5th batch of exact repros limited to 500 copies:

GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS PART 1 29 cuts/74 minutes of cool American TEEN GARAGE PUNK! CD 12.30

GARAGEMENTAL! THE CUCA RECORDS STORY Volume 2" (Ace) Garage & psych from Wisconsin. 26 cuts CD 16.00


GERMAN MEASLES Volume 1: Flames Of Love (Cree Records/ Bear Family) 60s Beat, Garage and R'n'B from Germany, some of it by fiendishly obscure groups who failed to make even the slightest dent outside of their home towns. Compiled and annotated by Mike and Anja Stax of UGLY THINGS magazine. Many of these tracks are seeing their first appearance on vinyl since the Sixties: Sine One: 1 THE BLIZZARDS: I'm Your Guy (single version) 2 THE SUBJECTS: German Measles 3 THE PETARDS: Right Time 4 THE SAD SACK SECT: The World For Us 5 THE PRALINS: Jumpin' Run 6 THE BOOTS: But You Never Do It Babe 7 THE SKINS: LSD 8 THE KING-BEATS: Hear What I Say . Side Two: 1 THE ROCKING STARS: Flames Of Love 2 FREDERIC & THE RANGERS: I'm On The Outside 3 THE POOR THINGS: She's Mine 4 THE DETAILS: What Shall I Do 5 LES COPAINS: Give Your Love To Me 6 THE STARFIGHTERS: I Like Trouble 7 THE TORNADOS: She's Out Of My Mind 8 THE BATS: Got A Girl. Gatefold sleeve with pics plus linernotes by Mike Stax. 180-gram LP 19.50
GERMAN MEASLES VOLUME 2: Sun Came Out At Seven (Cree Records/ Bear Family) Celebrates the beat scene's evolution into the converging realms of Mod, harmony pop, freakbeat and psychedelia by bands like The Petards, The Dukes, The Ones, Tony Hendrik Five, The Rags and The Chosen Few and more. Not to mention Der Hund von Baskerville, Cindy and Bert’s revved-up take on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Side One 1 THE DUKES: The Dentist 2 THE PETARDS: Sun Came Out At Seven 3 THE ONES: Lady Greengrass 4 THE KING-BEATS: Same Way Every Day 5 TONY HENDRIK FIVE: I've Said My Say 6 THE BLIZZARDS: Hab keine Lust heut aufzusteh'n 7 THE RAGS: Mr. Cool 8 JUST MARRIED: Man Of Snow. Side Two: 1 CINDY & BERT: Der Hund von Baskerville 2 THE RIVETS: L-O-V-E 3 ADAM & EVE mit HUSH: Feelin' 4 THE NEWCOMERS: Have You Seen My Baby Comin' 5 THE CHOSEN FEW: Blackbird Face 6 IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED: It Is You 7 THE FACES: Stay Away 8 THE LORDS: The World Is Falling Down. Gatefold sleeve with pics plus linernotes by Mike Stax. 180-gram LP 19.50

GONN LOUDEST BAND IN TOWN (Beat Rocket) 14 cuts of ok to KILLER 65-67 garage from these Iowa legends! LP 15.00 180-gram
GONN Don't Need Your Lovin'/ Death Of An Angel (Dirty Water) "Don't Need your Lovin" is over the top teen garage punk! Both tracks are on their Sundazed LP. 7" 5.25


GRAINS OF TIME (Makin Waves) 27-cut set of pretty damn GREAT mid-60s teen garage punk – typos galore but what the fug… : Fabulous Bachelors, Renegades, Sounds Unlimited, Wyld, Grains Of Time, 8th Wonders Of The World, Dick Curtis, Catsanovas, Delirium, Abstrack Sound, Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness, Wild-Ones, Pulsating Heartbeats, Citations, Oxford Five, Huns, Grotesque Mommies, Reasons Why, etc. CD 15.00

GRAVEL VOLUME 1 (Kumquat May) European release limited to 500 copies. 30 Track collection of rare 60s US garage 45s incl. five profusely mastered unheard acetates. 75% Of the titles are either uncomped or on CD for the first time: CIRKIT, THURSDAY_ CHILDREN, BLUE BOYS, ONE WAY STREET, UNWRITTEN LAW, SPACEMEN, THORNS, TROLLS, NEXT STOP, BEAU GENTS, COUNTS, SONS OF SOUND, SECRETS, MOON DAWGS, JADS, SOOTHSAYERS, CHANTS, PACK, FABULOUS CORDELLS, CHECKMATES, CIRCUS, RUNAWAYS and more. CD 15,00
GRAVEL VOLUME 3 (Kumquat May) 30 tracks by Dick St. John/City Zu/ Infinitives/Shaprels/Gestures/Group Limited/Chaz & The Classics/ Chosen Few Of St. Michaels/Yo Yo´s/Outer Limits/TimeTakers/Pentagons/Sands Of Time and lots more. CD 15,00

GREAT SCOTS ARRIVE! (Beat Rocket) Dull, way too Beatle-ish comp of these Canadian garagers. 1 great song, "That's My Girl". LP 14.60

GRIM REEPERS TWO SOULS/ JOANNE (CHALON 1003) Killer '67 California PUNKER in a serious Choc Watchband mode b/w decent pop garage. repro 7" 6.50

GROUP $OALL BY MY SIDE (Misty Lane) Complete discography of the obscure Dutch 60s beat/garage band from Hillegom, 1966-'67. The band featuring singer Ton Maas, aka Tommy Clifford, in their days recorded 8 Stones, Pretty Things & Yardbirds influenced songs which you get here on a limited 'handnumbered' 10". Limited edition of 700 copies. 10" 12.90

GROUPIES Primitive/Hog (TACO 6393) 2-sided NYC cruncher as made legendary via Pebbles Volume 10 & The Cramps cover-version! 7" 6,5
THE GROUPIES "Down in the Bottom/You Changed Again" (Sundazed) Unissued mid '67 live wail by the band that brough you "Primitive".  7" 6.90

GUILLOTEENS "Action, Action, Action" (Break-A-Way) Their complete output, along with rare related 45s and side ventures by the band or various members. Disc one has their complete set of 45 A´s & B´s incl. 'Hey You', 'For My Own', 'I Sit And Cry' or 'Wild Child'. Disc two presents the bands 'Odds and Sods' incl. among others the complete 45 A & B side releases by pre-Guilloteens instro band The LeSabres. 16-page booklet includes bio and pics. Double CD 17.75

HANG IT OUT TO DRY! (Ace Records) Four 60s hard-to-find garage classics from the Downey labe: HANG IT OUT TO DRY - Bud & Kathy/ SLEEPY HOLLOW - The Last Word / DRIFTY - Craig & Michael/ ONE GROSS DREAM - The New Breed. 7" 13.50

THE HAUNTED 1-2-5 / 8 O'Clock This Morning (AMY-959) - Pebbles One infamy! BUT (even better) this is the RAW and RARE usa mix version, and it is much more treble-blasting and explosive than the Canadian Quality version. repro 7" 6.50

THE HEADSTONES 24 Hours (Every Day)/ Bad Day Blues (Sundazed) Killer '66 Texas punk! 7" 6.90
HEADSTONES 24 Hours (Everyday)/Wish She Were Mine (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

HEARD Stop It Baby Laugh With The Wind (Audition) "Stop It Baby" is a killer 60s punk tune, known from Teenage Shutdown - I'm A No-Count or Pebbles Seven . 7" 6,00

HEP STARS WE AND OUR CADILLAC 20 cuts of pre-ABBA Swede beat. CD 12.00
HEP STARS THE HEP STARS ON STAGE Pre-Abba 60's beat, pop, r&r. 20 live cuts. CD 12.00

HERBAL MIXTURE Please Leave My Mind (Distortions) Collection of material by UK Psychedelic freakbeat band HERBAL MIXTURE. CD 13.00


HET IK HEB GEEN ZIN OM OP TE STAAN (Pseudonym) Limited edition of 300 copies with their complete works, including their Dutch hitsingles 'Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan' ('Don't Feel Like Getting Up Today) and 'Kejje Nagaan' ('Cayou Imagine')! The LP comes as black 180 grams vinyl in 350 grams carton gatefold sleeve. Includes all their singles & singles sleeves. With on the inside of the gatefold a unique collage with unreleased photos. All this is housed in Japanese plastic bag. Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes. Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/ Alleen op het kerkhof/ Kejje nagaan/ Spat niet met pap/ I got you (I feel good)/ She'll stay/ S.O.S/ I call you bluff/ Heikrekel/ Peterselie/ Die Pil/ Ik heb geen zin om op te staan/ Alleen op het kerkhof/ S.O.S. - stereo/ I call you bluff - stereo/ Heikrekel - stereo. LP 17.50

HESITATIONS "Surfin' School" b/w SLOUGH BOYS "Surfin' On Cedar Lake" (Norton) Retarded twin-spin of these two early 60s trashers. 7" 6.00

HIDDEN CHARMS/THE VAMPIRES (Norton) Cool split 7" with the Link Wray related HIDDEN CHARMS doing a super primitive plonker, "The Hill" plus the VAMPIRES' super inept garage-ified version of Hendrix' "Fire"... 7" 6.00

HIPSVILLE 29 B.C Volume 1 Back in print ! The first & best volume! A goddamned all-time CLASSIC primer in mid-60s garage grunt! 16 ace cuts: SPARKLES Hipsville 29bc/WHAT-NOTS Morning/GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS Growth/VAGRANTS I Can't Make A Friend, Oh Those Eyes/MOTIONS Land Beyond The Moon"/DANNYS REASONS Little Diane/NICH D'ANGELO FARMERS Mr Zeppelin Man/JOHNNY & THE NITE RIDERS I Had A Girl/PRODIGAL You Got Me/(the godlike) HANGMEN OF FAIR-FIELD COUNTY Stacy/BEAVER & THE TRAPPERS Happiness/ etc. LP 14.00
HIPSVILLE Volume 2 Side 1's all trashy frat-punk: TEEMATES Movin Out/CARAVANS 3 Musketeers/OUTSIDERS Gogo Ferrari/SHY ONES 12 Months Later/CHILDREN OF DARKNESS Sugar Shack A-Gogo/ etc. Side 2 is all cool & moody teen misery coolities: FEARSOME 5 Its Allright/KNIGHTS Yer Not Mine/REVELLES You Don't Love Me No More/LIBERTY LADS Too Much Lovin/ESQUIRES Sadies Ways/FUGITIVES On The Run/FACES IN THE CROWD Clouds Of Doubt/ etc!!! LP € 14.00
HIPSVILLE Volume 3 All-Minnesota teen garage & frat spec-ial! (& some neighboring states): 16 cuts: TIDES Psychedelic Pill/PEERS Once Upon A Time/UNBELIEVABLY UGLIES Get Straight/ECHOMEN Long Green/KING KRUSHER & TURKEY-NECKS King Krusher/4 WHEELS Central High Playmate/YETTI-MEN My Baby Left Me/Break Time/DEACONS Empty Heart/ etc! LP 14.00

HO-DAD HOOTENANNY Volume 2 (CRYPT-108) MID-60s FRAT-ROCKIN’ GARAGE BLOWOUT! GATEFOLD SLEEVED with liner notes, band photos, label scans. 32 cuts in supreme fidelity! The Loving Machines ... The Loving Machine - The Stratacasters ... Reelin' And Rockin' - The Pastels ... Why Dont You Love Me - The Bonnevilles ... You Just Can't Tell Her - The Asenders ... I Really Love You - The Breakers ... Long Green - The Ovations ... Pop Me Too - The Pendletons ... Gloria - Don And The Agitators ... Going Back Home - The Royal Playboys ... Bring It Back - The Paragons ... All I Can Do - B. C. And The Cavemen ... As Long As I'm Around - The Shanels ... Why Did I? - The Tortians ... Red Cadillac - The Rondells ... Everybody To And Fro - The Personals ... Dance All Night - The Color ... Down The Road Apiece - Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen ... Money - The Royalties ... Dance Time - The Playmates ... She Drives Me Ape - The Hotbeats ... Injun - The Checkmates ... Do It - The Hi Fives ... Fujikami The Warrior - The Nightcaps ... Wine, Wine, Wine - The Pharoahs ... Looking For Girls - The De Rons ... Its Okey - Jerry Ashley ... Come On - The Intruders ... Subterranean Homesick Blues - The Lidos ... Since I Last Saw You - The Rocks ... Love City - The Sabers ... Skinny Minny - The Beethovens Four ... Oh Pretty Baby. Double LP 19.50 / CD 12.30

HORDE Press Buttons Firmly - LP plus 7" (Break-A-Way) Reissue of the rarest 60s garage album by North Carolina students from early 1967. First 500 come with free unreleased 4-track 7". Includes LP sized full glossy inlay w/pic and liners. The existence of this self produced album came to collectors ears and eyes only about a year ago. It was recorded more or less accidently in early 1967, released in a micro quantity of only 25 copies. Tracks are: Troubles/ Cuttin' Out Time/ Press Buttons Firmly/ My Flash On You/ Steve's Song/ I Can't Keep From Crying/ Tell Me/ 7 And 7 Is/ Smokestack Lightnin'/ Gloria. EP Tracks: No Need To Wonder Why, Press Buttons Firmly (different version), Frog Street, VD's Thing. LP plus 7" 18.90

HOT GENERATION! 1960S PUNK FROM DOWN UNDER (Big Beat) Oh YAY-USS! Australian 60s punk godhead - and DONE THE ACE Records way: Rippin' sound, great pics & liners. SUNSETS Hot Generation/SOUL AGENTS I'm Still Mad At You/TONY WORSLEY & THE FABULOUS BLUE JAYS How Can It Be/All Over You/JOHNNY YOUNG Good Evening Girl/MARTY RHONE & THE SOUL AGENTS Every Minute Of You/STEVE & THE BOARD I Call My Woman Hinges/I Want/RUSS KRUGER Keep Me Satisfied/ROBBIE PETERS She Does Everything For Me /TONI MCCANN No/Saturday Date/PURPLE HEARTS I'm Gonna Try/SHOWMEN Naughty Girl/ID Watch Out/BLACK DIAMONDS See The Way/Not This Tim/RAY BROWN & THE WHISPERS Go To Him/(Ain't It) Strange/POGS Pogs Theme/MORLOCH I'm Feeling Sad/LOST SOULS Peace Of Mind/FABULOUS BLUE JAYS I'll Make You Cry Too/SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Leave Myself To Me/NORMIE ROWE & THE PLAYBOYS With Me/TONY COLE Beat It!/GREG ANDERSON I Feel Good/TONY BARBER No More Moanin'/PETER DOYLE High Time Baby/DAVE MILLER SET Why Why Why. CD 17.90

HOUNDDOGS RESPECT Repress of rare German 1965 beat lp - mostly covers. LP 12.90

HUMAN EXPRESSION Love At A Psychedelic Velocity LP+7" (Moi J'Connais / Mississippi ) Great psychedelic garage rock from 1966-1968. Human Expression was a tough as nails deep heavy group who, in spite of releasing three cool singles, never got the exposure they deserved back in the day. A few songs leaked out on vinyl on psych comps ('Optical Sound', 'Love At Psychedelic Velocity' and 'Reading Your Will') but the rest has not been on vinyl until now. Comes with liner notes and a bonus 7-inch. Old school "tip on" cover with gold ink imprint on it. Limited one time pressing of 2000 copies" LP + 7" 18,50

RAY HUMMEL III Fine Day / Gentle Rain (Ray Hummel III Records RH367) Comes in original Fenton "Fine Day / Gentle Rain" picture sleeve, but includes the unreleased versions recorded in 1967 at Chess Records. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 8.90

HUSH PUPPIES Hey Stop Messin' Around/Look For Another Love (PLAYBOY 910) - Two sided Los Angeles G45 Top 50 screamer backed with frat-rocking lunacy! repro 7" 6,50

IGL ROCK STORY PART 1: 1965-1967 (Arf Arf) 31 cuts of rare/unissued 60s garage (& some pop) from the midwest. Some great garage mixed in with the pop. CD 14.60
IGL ROCK STORY PART 2 31-cuts of mostly psych, some punk from the mid-west 1967-68. CD 14.60

IDEALS The Gorilla / Mo Gorilla (Norton) Five star 1963 Chi-Town Simeon Stomper b/w the original followup fracas! Be zorch, daddy-o Go ape! Coloured vinyl and paper picture sleeve. 7" 6.00

THE IKONS RECORD STORY: America's #1 Unsung Garage Label: 1964-1966 Double 180-gram LP CRYPT-09629 tracks (22 originals and 7 cover versions) (plus 2 radio adverts) of never reissued 1964-1966 garage punk, surf instros, frat stomp and folk-punk from 20 teenage bands recorded at Sacramento's IKON STUDIO. These 28 cuts, culled from the to-be-simultaneously-released 60-song double CD on the FRANTIC RECORDS label, are the result of FRANTIC RECORDS' Joey D and ACE RECORDS' Alec Palao having spent the last 6 years tracking down every band, every master tape, and (often without luck) the impossible-to-find 7" singles released on Ikon. This vinyl version is housed in a deluxe full-color inside-and-out gatefold jacket crammed with color and b&w photos, label shots, and extensive liner notes. After 27 years of extensive reissues of 60s garage punk rarities, only ONE Ikon track has ever made it to a reissue - WHY? Because almost NOBODY even owns any of the original Ikon 45s... The sole KNIGHTSMEN copy is in a collection in Seattle, 2 fiends in Petaluma and Australia have 12 or so Ikons, 2 in Connecticut, 4 in NJ... TUFF stuff to find, baby! Well... prepare yourselves for an ass-whomping BOOM when you drop the needle on any of these 4 sides, baby! MARAUDERS "Surf Jam", SHONDELLS "Something's Got A Hold Of Me", DENNY & KENNY DUO "Meet My Little Sweetie In The Night Time", AVANTIS "Too Much", JOHN ROSASCO QUARTET "The Shift", PROPHETS "It's All Over Now", BRISTOLS "She's Gone Away", KNIGHTSMEN "Daddy Was A Rolling Stone", MADD INC "I'll Be The One", PARISH HALL BLUES QUINTET "I Can Never Say", UNKNOWN GROUP "Searching", SHONDELLS "It's True", PROPHETS "You Wonder Why", MYMES "You Lose Girl", BOBBIES "Orangutang", TOWNSMEN "High Heel Sneakers", MADD INC "Sooperspy", AVANTIS "Countdown", BOBBIES "Truck". RC & THE TAMBOURINES "The Quirk", KNIGHTSMEN "Fever", MYMES "I've Got Better Things To Do", MERGERS "Love, You Funny Thing", TOWNSMEN "Leaving Me", SONS OF SOUND "I'm Coming Home", CAUTIONS "Groovin", SHONDELLS "I Cried Last Night", MADD INC "Batman", KEE-NOTES "St James Infirmary" DOUBLE LP 21.00 | double CD (Frantic)  24.00

IL SONT FOUS CES GAULOIS! Volume 4 (Disques Ronnie) French 60s sound from all over the world: Belgium, Canada, Turkey, Guadelupe/ France/ Congo:LES DIAMANTS NOIRS: La legende de Tarzan/DOUGLAS: Si je buvais moins/JACQUES ALBIN & THE KLAN: C'est du velours/LE PERE TREMBLAY & LES NOUVEAUX ALLELUIAS: Psaume 150/GALATASARAY LISESI: Zazie/MAURICE ALCINDOR: Sekirite/FRANCOIS GUY: Aouaie ! Viens t'en/LES BEL AIRS: Les degonfles/FREDDY HOURAGANE: Hecatombes/JOSE SALCY: J'en parlerai a mon cheval/ ???: L'gros jambon/LE RY-CO JAZZ: Docteur.LP 13,00

INCREDIBLE KINGS "The Limp" b/w THE ELEGANTS "Oop Poo Pa Doo" (Norton) BALLS-OUT instro A-side of GUTSY northwest ‘63 roar ala a more r&b Don & Goodtimes b/w raucous "Oop Poo Pa Doo" cover vocal! CRAZAY pic sleeve of pre-Moby Grape cat Jerry Miller, snazzy punk leader of the 2 bands herein. 7" 6.00

INDIVIDUALS I WANT LOVE / I REALLY DO (RAVEN 201) 1966 Virginia frat-garage raver b/w monstrous, plodding brooder chockfulla fuzz! repro 7" 6.50

THE IN-SECT I Can See My Love / Over Under Sideways Down (Ugly Pop) Prefering to release records in sets, it made perfect sense to couple the Masters reissue with this similarly brilliant classic Australian 45. Hailing from the same city of Adelaide, The In-Sect almost unbelievably released this sophomore single just a few months earlier, in August of '66. I Can See My Love is a stunning rush of '60s punk aggression, all streamlined attack powered by excellent high-speed drumming, piercing guitar and tough, commanding vocals. We've replaced the original's more commercially-minded flip with a wild take on the timeless Yardbirds hit. High-quality pressing from proper master and new picture sleeve. 7" 7.90

IT'S A KAVE-IN! - KINGZISE COLLECTION (KUSTOM 65) Updated liner notes and newly discovered info. 28 Tracks of OZ 60's punk from the caverns of time! All tracks are from private pressings, acetates or demo-tapes. Peter & The Silhouttes, Leather Souls, Marksmen, Frantics, Livin End, Tol-Puddle Martyrs, Sunday, Town Criers, M.I.5., Rockin Rogues, Creatures, Crest, Down And Out, and much more. CD15.00

IT'S BOSS! MAN (Now Sound Records) 60's USA garage with a soulin' attitude, limited ed. of 500 copies. Including: J.T. And The Three Wisemen / East Coast Journeymen / The Pigeons / Royal and The Shades / The Sweet Soul Six / The New Sensations / Dean Carter Sound / Jefferson Lee / Anthony and The Aqua Lads / S.O.S. Unlimited / The Overtones / Sound 70 / Soul Inc. / Ground Floor People / The Endless Knights / Kenny Wayne and The Kamotions / Dick "WildChilde" Kemp / Tony and The Vizitors. LP € 15.90

JACKIE FOUNTAINS S/T (Feathered Apple) 12 cuts of ultra-rare Swedish 60s beat and r&b: "You Better Look Around/ Club A Go-Go/ Love Time/ Listen Girl/ Your Love/ Sentimental Blues/ Buckle Shoe Stomp/ Brand New Cadillac/ Why Did You Leave Me?/ Bye Bye Johnny/ I'm Talking About You/ Bad Girl" LP 13.00

JADE OF STONE LITTLE GIRL / MERCY, MERCY (EMCEE 012) '66 Texas dual-cover: a: Them / b: Don Covay/Stones. repro 7" 6.50

THE JAGGED EDGE aka THE OFF-SET Change Is Gonna Come (Break-A-Way) The complete recordings of The Jagged Edge from Brooklyn (not the one you might now from the Teenage Shutdown comps) with both 45s released in 1966 & unreleased stuff. The LP comes in a full colour cover and with an LP sized insert featuring rare pics and the bands complete and detailed history as told by former members Art Steinman and Harley Wishner. 10 cuts: You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down/ How She’s Hurtin Me/ A Change Is Gonna Come (3 versions)/ Xanthia/ Lies I Spoke/ Look In Her Eyes/ Reflections/ Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself. LP 14.90 / CD12.00

JAGUARS "Railroad Drag / The Dog Catcher" (Norton) DEBUT reishing of this crazed rockabillypunksurftrash ultra-rarity from Illinois. "Drag" is a revved-up vocal blaster with guit breaks screeching away. "Dog" is a frantic instro blaster. 1 copy in the world, so get this and spare yer pocketbook and frazzled nerves. 7" 6.00


JAY JAYS S/T (Pseudonym) At the end of 1965, four members of The Hagues popular Jumping Jewels dumped their manager and struck out on their own as the Jay-Jays. With the name change came a new musical direction, a pent-up beat music sound inspired by the Beatles, the Who and, especially, the Kinks. Their first single, Bald Headed Woman, was a Top 10 smash. The Jay-Jays most impressive recordings were all released within the span of one tumultuous, action-packed year: 1966. Their self-titled album included such Dutch beat gems as Come Back If You Dare, I Keep Tryin, Today Im Gay and the fuzz-packed instrumental Cruncher. Every one of those jumping 66 jewels can be heard on this twelve-inch platter, remastered in dynamic mono sound, each sounding louder, more vibrant, and more crunch-filled than ever before. The album is supplemented by three non-LP single sides, and a previously unreleased instrumental demo version of Are You A Woman. The package includes full liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine. Music Style: Beat, Mod. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing on WHITE vinyl with original restored artwork, housed in deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Rare archival photos included. Tracks: CHAPTER A: 1. Come Back If You Dare 2:24/ 2. Dont Sell The Sun 2:28/ 3. So Mystifying 2:52/ 4. Cruncher 3:18/ 5. A Distance Place 1:56/ 6. Bald Headed Woman 2:35/ 7. Are You A Woman 2:33/ 8. Cause Youre Mine, Babe 3:14/ CHAPTER B: 1. I Got Love If You Want It 3:00/ 2. Today Im Gay 2:36/ 3. All Around The World 2:31/ 4. Shake It Some More 3:02/ 5. The Name Of You 2:26/ 6. I Keep Tryin 2:02/ 7. Waauw! 2:30/ 8. Are You A Woman 2:38 - demo.  (Bonus Tracks A7-8, B7-8). LP 19.50

THE JESTERS Cadillac Men: The Sun Masters (Big Beat)CDWIKD 282. The Big Hurt/ Stompity Stomp/ Get Gone Baby/ Cadillac Man/ Mad Mad Mad/ What You Know About Love/ What's The Matter Baby/ Strange As It Seems/ Jim Dandy And Sweet Sixteen/ Heartbreak Hotel/ My Babe/ Boppin' The Blues/ Night Train From Chicago/ Cadillac Man/ Strange As It Seems/ What's So Good About Goodbye/ I Tell No Lies/ She's The Kind. CD € 16.00

JOLLY GREEN GIANTS "Busy Body / Caught You Red Handed" (Norton) Godlike 2-sided northwest utter-frantic 60s punk stomper!!! 7" 6.00

THE JU JUS Ray Hummel III Presents: You Treated Me Bad (Ray Hummel III Records RH365) Total legit reissue including booklet and song info sheet. Compiled from the mastertape collection of The JuJus lead singer, guitarist, and main songwritter Ray Hummel III. 14 cuts from 1964-1966, including previously unreleased cuts in top sound: You Treat Me Bad/ As Tears Go By/ It's Gonna Be Alright/ Fine Day/ Come On Children/ Cryin/ Hey Little Girl/ Flake Out/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/ She's My Girl*/ Donna/ Hey Little Girl/ Summertime/ Runaround. Cool package with lottsa never before seen photos, extensive liner notes plus comments about each track by Ray Hummel. LP 14.90
Fine Day (Ray Hummel III Records) Second Volume of recordings from The JuJus of 'Back From The Grave Vol. 1' and 'Pebbles Vol. 1' fame! You get 15 more cuts from 1964 to1967 by this legendary '60s folk-punk and garage outfit from Grand Rapids, Michigan! Featuring 8 more single sides, unreleased demo only versions of 'You Treated Me Bad', 'Hey Little Girl', 'Do You Understand Me' and 'Assault' (the latter is a real sharp surf garage instrumental!), along with 7 more (mostly unreleased) gems from singer Ray Hummel's stunning JuJus mastertape collection! Awesome sound and the LP comes complete with a 2-sided poster and cover artwork by Darren Merinuk! LP 14.90

JUST FOR KICKS Vol. 1 (Misty Lane) With PURPLE GANG (8 cuts) , MONUMENTS (5), WET PAINT (5), MOUSE & THE BOYS (5). CD 13,50

JYNX GREATEST HITS (Norton) A very young Chris Bell (before Big Star) & his teen punk combo's UNRELEASED 1965 studio cuts! 4 covers done up very sharp: Them's "Little Girl", Paul Revere & The Raiders "Just Like Me", James Brown's "I Go Crazy" and the early Moody Blues' "And My Baby's Gone" - Cool organ & great guitars! 10" 11.00

KAMA-DEL-SUTRA She Taught Me Love/Come On Up (ZIG-ZAG) Ultra-rare Minnesota teen punk 2-sider. "She Taught" is a Kinks' "Revenge"-riffed harmonica dance stomper. "Come On Up" is a killer garagesoul raver Young Rascals cover. repro 7" 6.50

KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS Love For A Price (ROMUNDA P-1) / Love For A Price (LUCKY SOUNDS 13 1003) A-side is the fuzz-blasting 100 mph monster Texas punk uber-rarity b/w the 1965 slower, more subdued version. repro 7" 6.50

KEN & THE 4TH DIMENSION SEE IF I CARE / ROVIN HEART (STARBURST 128) '66 cali punker as made famous on BFTG #3. repro 7" 6.50

KENNY & THE KASUALS 1966-1968 The Singles Plus (Missing Vinyl) Original 20 tracks compilation for the first time on vinyl fully authorized by Kenny B. Daniel, containing the best tracks, Kenny & the Kasuals have recorded between 1966 and 1968, i.e. all their singles and several unreleased ones. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl. Tracks: Nothing Better To Do/ Floating/ Don't Let Your Baby Go/ The Best Thing Around/ Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes/ You Make Me Feel So Good (Argent)/ Strings Of Time/ I 'M Gonna Make It/ Journey To Tyme/ See-Saw Ride/ Raindrops To Teardrops/ As I Knew/ Chimes On 42nd Street/ When Was Then/ Things Gettin' Better/ Come Tomorrow/ Come On Kid/ Revelations/ Everything Seems Fine/ And There You Are. LP 19.50

KEYSTONE STATE ROCK Volume 1: 18 Cool 60’s Teenbeat Garage-Psych Nuggets from Pennsylvania (Now Sounds) Full color sleeve with all labels and a sleeve insert with detailed liner notes and more info, pictures. Limited edition of 500 copies on brown vinyl. Tracks: The Snaps - You Don't Want Me/ The One Way Street Band - Time Of Temptation/ The Legends - Baby Got Your Head Screwed On/ The Intrepids - Run From The Sun/ The Universal Ignorant - I'm All Here/ The Beaus Of Beethoven - It's Too Late/ The Badd Lads - I Feel Alright/ The Upper Hand - You Mean So Much To Me/ Skip Drinkwater - Silly Sally/ The Shillings - Goodbye My Lady/ The Bats - Evelyn/ The Lords Of T.O.N.K. - Minor Cheevy/ The Advantes - Done It Again/ The Nobles - Leaving Me Alone (First Day Gone)/ The TR5 - Can't Wait Much Longer/ The Wicks - No Title/ The Novas - I'd Wait A Million Tears/ Phillip And Lee - Boxtops . LP 15.90

KING CLAM & MARINE BAND Inertia / Skin Deep In The Morning / High Strung Woman (Now Sound Rec.) 3 unreleased tracks from 1969 by this band from Columbus, Ohio. Picture sleeve with liner details by the singer/ writer of the group. 300 copies on clear blue vinyl. 7" 9.50

KING-BEEZZ FOUND & LOST/NOW (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

KINGS VERSES S/T (Beat Rocket) Unissued Northern Calif pop-garage. Not so hot. LP 14.60

KINKS S/T (Castle) 14 cut reissue CD 14.00

The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 1 (CRYPT-109) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNSVolume 2 (CRYPT-110) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Alan Burn And The Ushers ... Whirlpool - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. Gatefold LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volumes 1 & 2 (CRYPT-109 CD) 29 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness from LPs 1 & 2 with liner notes, band photos, label scans. Buttons ... I’ve Been Lookin’ - Colonials ... Crawdad - Sonic-Lyne ... Last Time - Pastels ... Mirage - Electric Sensation ... Mary - Juveniles ... I Wish I Could - Krels ... Psychedelic Feelin’ - Infinitives ... Thousand Tears - Es-Shades ... Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Expressions ... One More Night - Dirt Merchants ... I Found Another Girl - Other Side ... What In The World - Vanguards ... What’s Wrong With You - The Jolly Beggars ... The Last Step Of Doom - Continentals ... Gloria - Our Gang ... Careless Love - Infinitives ... Heidi - Unknown Group ... Got Love If You Want It - Catsanovas ... I Want To Be Loved - Prophets Of Old ... Just Can’t Wait - Ronnie D With The Casuals ... I Need Your Lovin’ - Casuals Incorporated ... I Realize - Freedom Five ... To Save My Soul - Half Pint And The Fifths ... Loving On Borrowed Time - End Result ... Llove - Vandals ... Your Love Will Die - Royal Coachmen ... I Don’t Need You - Dirt Merchants ... Do What You Wanta Do - Empty Streets ... You Can Make It. CD 12.30
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 3 (CRYPT-111) 17 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) SIDE ONE: 1. The Shade "ALL IS GONE" 2. The Young Strangers "SHE'S GONE" 3. The Rogues "OPPORTUNITY" 4. The Tempos "ALL THAT I REALLY WANT" 5. The In-Set "THEY SAY" 6. Skip Ellis "ICE CUBE GIRL" 7. The Fathoms "DOWN TO THE SEA" 8. The Torques "IT'S ME NOT YOU" 9. The Kinetics "LITTLE GIRL" Side TWO: 1. Apollo's Apaches "BOSS (Be Good To Me)" 2. The Vespers "WILL SHE LOVE ME" 3. The Impalas "MASS CONFUSION" 4. The Poverty Five "JUST LIKE ME" 5. Eddie Day And The Night Timers "HOW TO BE A MUSICIAN" 6. The Edges Of Wisdom "THAT LONELY ROAD" 7. The Herd "THINGS WON'T CHANGE" 8. ThisIsIt "NEEDLES AND NIGHTMARES"LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 4 (CRYPT-112) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) Side ONE 1. The Zounds "ME AND MY GIRL" 2. The Vespers "GIRL GIRL GIRL" 3. The Ryells Combo "ONLY AS LONG AS YOU WANT IT" 4. The Jazzmasters "WALKIN' " 5. The Tortians "VIBRATIONS" 6. The Fugitive Five "(I AIN'T GONNA GIVE UP) MY WAY OF LIFE" 7. The Five Counts "GOING AWAY FROM YOU" 8. The Couriers "MY BABY DOESN'T LOVE ME ANY MORE" Side TWO 1. Skip Ellis "YOU'RE BAD" 2. The Last Image "LEAVING YOU" 3. The Henchmen "SAY" 4. The Cavaliers "CHECKMATE" 5. The Mystics "I DON'T WANT TO" 6. Sound Carnival "DREAMS" 7. The Blue Vistas "FOUR INCHES ABOVE THE KNEES" LP 14.90
The LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volumes 3 & 4 (CRYPT-111) 32 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness from LPs 3 & 4 with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) CD 12.30
THE LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 5 (CRYPT-116) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury PLUS INNER SLEEVE with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) 1. THE THUNDERBIRDS "Hey Little Girl" 2. THE KINETICS "You're Gonna Miss Me" 3. THE EDGES OF WISDOM "The Past" 4. THE FRENCH CHURCH "Slapneck 1943" 5. THE SYMBOLS "Give Me Time" 6. THE SCURVY KNAVES "It's Not Like That" 7. PURPLE VIRUS "The Law Of The Jungle" 8. THE SONSETS "Oh! Look What You've Done" 9. THE LIV'IN END "She's A Teaser" 10. CAESAR & HIS ROMANS "Black Lantern" 11. THE EBB TIDES "Little Women" 12. THE DAGENITES "I'm Gone Slide" 13. THE NEW CORVETS "Goin' Away" 714 THE FOUR KEYS "One Way Street" 15. THE FATIGUES "Rooftops". LP 14.90 (in stock: FEB. 15!)
THE LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Volume 6 (CRYPT-117) 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness FOCUSING ON THE SUPER-CRUDE side of things in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) 1. The Plague "POINT BLANK" 2. Caedman And The Nobles "MORE THAN A KISS" 3. The Starfyres "CAPTAIN DUESELDORPH" 4. The Uniteds "LUCKY END" 5. The Grey Stokes "THE BALLAD OF TARZAN" 6. The Fuzztones "WE'RE IN LOVE" 7. The Torments "I LOVE YOU MORE EACH DAY" 8. Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen "SET YOU FREE" 9. The Druids "TOO SHY" 10. The Night Crawlers "LET'S MOVE" 11. The Riots "YOU'RE MY BABY" 12. The Sires "COME TO ME BABY" 13. The Esquires "YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN' " 14. Wet Paint "IF I DON'T SEE HER TONIGHT" 15. Jonathan with Orchestra "THE MUMMY". Gatefold LP 14.90 (in stock: FEB. 15!)
Volumes 5 & 6 (CRYPT-116) 28 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness from LPs 5 & 6 with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”.) Tracks: 1. THE THUNDERBIRDS "Hey Little Girl" 2. THE KINETICS "You're Gonna Miss Me" 3. THE EDGES OF WISDOM "The Past" 4. THE FRENCH CHURCH "Slapneck 1943" 5. THE SYMBOLS "Give Me Time" 6. THE SCURVY KNAVES "It's Not Like That" 7. THE SONSETS "Oh! Look What You've Done" 8. THE LIV'IN END "She's A Teaser" 9. CAESAR & HIS ROMANS "Black Lantern" 10. THE EBB TIDES "Little Women" 11. THE DAGENITES "I'm Gone Slide" 12. THE NEW CORVETS "Goin' Away" 13. THE FOUR KEYS "One Way Street" 14. The Plague "POINT BLANK" 15. Caedman And The Nobles "MORE THAN A KISS" 16. The Starfyres "CAPTAIN DUESELDORPH" 17. The Uniteds "LUCKY END" 18. The Grey Stokes "THE BALLAD OF TARZAN" 19. The Fuzztones "WE'RE IN LOVE" 20. The Torments "I LOVE YOU MORE EACH DAY" 21. Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen "SET YOU FREE" 22. The Druids "TOO SHY" 23. The Night Crawlers "LET'S MOVE" 24. The Riots "YOU'RE MY BABY" 25. The Sires "COME TO ME BABY" 26. The Esquires "YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN' " 27. Wet Paint "IF I DON'T SEE HER TONIGHT" 28. Jonathan with Orchestra "THE MUMMY". CD 12.50

LAWSON AND 4 MORE Smart Bird/ If You Want Me, You Can Find Me (Big Beat) Memphis is well known for its small but perfectly formed coterie of mid-60s punkers, prominent amongst whom were LAWSON & 4 MORE, featuring future engineer / producer Terry Manning. The combo’s taut and atmospheric ‘If You Want Me, You Can Find Me’ is an acknowledged gem; here it is joined by an outstanding 1966 outtake ‘Smart Bird’, with lead singer Bobby Lawson in full snarl mode. Both sides were written and produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson. Packaged in brown paper sleeves with individual sticker. 7" 13.50

TIMOTHY LEARY L.S.D. (Dreaming Sadhu) The classic LSD spoken word document LP as released in 1966. DR. TIMOTHY LEARY, PH.D., former Harvard psychologist, and Messiah of the LSD cult, was chosen for this recording. Born in Springfield, Mass., Dr. Leary briefly attended West Point then turned to psychology. In 1950, he became director of the Kaiser Foundation, and thereafter lectured extensicely in Europe. Shortly after and upon his return to the faculty of Harvard University, he began his experiments at the Center of Research. These experiments lasted over two years, but due to an avalanche of publicity, he was given the opportunity to either discountinue his experiments or leave Harvard. He promptly chose the latter. Dr. Leary now purses his studies and experiments under the auspices of the Castalia Foundation, a center for research of scientific and religiouse implications of consciousness-expanding drugs. A mobile recording unit was brought to the Castalia Foundation for this recording. CD 13.50

THE LIGHT Turn on… THE LIGHT (Ugly Things) Garage & Psychedelic Sounds From Southern California, 1967. The full-color CD packaging includes a 16-page booklet with rare band photos plus track-by-track liner notes by the band’s own Greg Eckler. CD 14.00

LITTER DISTORTIONS (Get Hip) Their debut alb from 1967 - heck it's easier just to list this as a garage punk classic than fer me to get all anal-retentive about what I think are the crap cuts. 180grtam LP € 13.90
LITTER DISTORTIONS (Arf Arf) Their pretty damned smoking debut alb (with about 3 stinkers including an unnecessary Crapton cover of "I'm So Glad"). plus 1 bonus crapper: "Harpsichord Sonata #1" plus 7 wanky 1968 live tracks. CD 14.50
LITTER Action Woman/ Somebody Help Me (Get Hip Archive) 7" 5.00
LITTER Action Woman / Legal Matter (Sundazed) The 1966 debut by the Minneapolis-based Litter, in a Scotty Records-styled sleeve with a rare vintage group photo and notes by TeenBeat Mayhem! author Mike Markesich. Taken from the original masters! Limited edition. 7“ 9.90

LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHTSHADOWS "PATRIARCHS OF GARAGE ROCK" (Penniman) Luscious packaging with full colour gatefold sleeve, loads of pics and liners by leader Alex Janoulis and comments by „Chesterfield King“ Greg Prevost. Contains all the bands official single releases including “So Much“, “In The Air“ or “60 Second Swinger“, as well as impossible to find 45´s, independently self released by the group, plus heaps of rarities & two unreleased tracks. 180gram LP 14.00
LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHT SHADOWS “Patriarchs Of Garage Rock” (Penniman) CD with hard cardboard cover, a full color 12 page booklet, with lots of never seen pics -loads of pics and liners by leader Alex Janoulis and comments by „Chesterfield King“ Greg Prevost: So Much - 60 Second Swinger - In The Air - Plenty of Trouble - I Did My Part - The Way It Used To Be - The Hot Dog Man - Perils of Pauline - The Hot Rod Song - I Wish I Could Sing Soul Music – Knock On Wood - Summertime. CD 14.00
LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHTSHADOWS SO MUCH/TOXIC SHOCK (Penniman): "So Much" from their 1965 debut single and "Toxic Shock" is previously unreleased. 7" 5.90

ADRIAN LLOYD Lorna / Got A little Woman (Charger) Repro of this great garage screamer, known from Back From The Grave 8 LP/CD. no picture sleeve, repro 7" 6.90

ADRIAN LLOYD Lorna / Got a Little Woman (Sundazed) Limited Record Store Day release of this insanely Rare Garage Madness known from Back From The Grave 8 LP/CD, with picture sleeve! 7" 10.90

LOLLIPOP SHOPPE Just Colour (Uni) 180 gram reissue of this 60s garage psychedelia classic: You Must Be A Witch/ Underground Railroad/ Baby, Don't Go/ Who'll Read The Will/ It's Only A Reflection/ Don't Look Back/ Don't Close The Door On Me/ It Ain't How Long/ It's Makin' It/ I'm Gonna Be There/ You Don't Give Me No More/ Sin. 180gram LP 16.90

LOST AGENCY Time To Dream/One Girl Man (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75

LOST ILLUSIONS Volume 1 Ultimate German Garage Punk 1965 - 1967 Pretty cool German 60s punk comp - some great stuff (and some turds) on here. The Beethovens, The Chatles, The Uniteds, The Shaggys, The  Slaves, The Cool Stove, The Cavedwellers, Jonah & Whales, The Subjects,  The Vanguards. LP 12.90
LOST ILLUSIONS VOL. 2 : Ultimate German Garage Punk 1965 - 1967 (B-SHARP) The Strangers - Hurt It/ The Slaves - Panic/ The Ghools - It Will be Fine/ The Vanguards - Gloria/ The Desperates - Stupidity/ The Strings - Hootchie Cookie Man/ Lord Crazy - Crazy Crazy/ The Desperates - LSD/ The Slaves - Get out of my Way/ The Black Shadows - Motherless Child/ The Strings - Dont Go/ The Jets - Im Gonna Change my Life/ The High Spirits - Shes Gone/ The Strangers - Time For Me. LP 12.90

LOST SOULS Volume 1 (Psych Of The South) 60s garage and psyche from Arkansas: The Blue and the Gray - Don't Send Me No Flowers The Yardleys - The Light Won't Shine The Problems of Tyme - Back of My Mind Barefacts - Tell Me Xciters - Upsetter The Marion Deaton Group - Apple of My Eye Gene Barnett - Hey Come On Now Barefacts - Leaf on a Tree The Shades featuring Bob Fly - Hit It The Roustabouts - Just You and Me Michael-Troy and the Pharoahs - Even Though it's Wrong The Vycounts - Can't You Tell The Blue and the Gray - Wine Wine Wine The Coachmen - You're My Girl The Lost Souls - My Girl Lost Souls - Lost Love Blues Foundation - It's Called Love Dead on Arrival - Mr. Crying Trouble Bros. - Your Love is Gone The Marc IV - Hi Ho Silver The Marc IV - Now I'm Free Sunset Society - Land of Make Believe Purple Canteen - Brains in My Feet Suspension of Belief - LSD LD Mitchell & the Amalgamated Taxi Cab Service - Planet of Union Dead on Arrival - Run Hide Get Away The Sole Society - Psychedelic Cycle Mystic Illusion - Colour of My Daye Blackfoot - Bummed Out. CD 15.50
LOST SOULS Volume 2 (Psych Of The South) 24 tracks of 60s garage and psychedelic rock from Arkansas and SE Missouri. 20 page full color booklet including liner notes with details on all bands: 1. The Modds - Leave My House 2. Electric Sunshine - Stop!! 3. The Esquires - Sadie's Ways 4. The Tuesday Blues - Have You Ever Loved Somebody 5. Dust - Through a Silk Keyhole 6. Dust - Sky Flight 7. The Right Track - You Destroyed My Soul 8. Saturday's Children - Your Loving Ways 9. The Coachmen - Two New Girls 10. The Coachmen - Lovelight 11. The Modds - All the Time in the World 12. Scorpio - Ninety Ning and a Half 13. Stonehenge - Try to Help Each Other 14. The Saint James Group - Riverland Blues 15. The Purple Canteen - If You Like it That Way (band track) 16. Electric Sunshine - Thunder Forest 17. Woo Too Country Band - Green Was Green 18. Woo Too Country Band - What a Friend We Have In Jesus 19. Woo Too Country Band - Only Going Up the Road 20. The Tuesday Blues - Together We Stand 21. LD Mitchell & the Amalgamated Taxi Cab Service-Roses, Roses 22. Scorpio - It's Your Thing 23. The Tuesday Blues - Livin' Ain't Easy 24. Jimmy Roberts - It Could Make You Know the Truth . CD 15.50
LOST SOULS Volume 3 (Psych Of The South) More obscure Arkansas rock 'n' roll from the 1960s and early 70s - includes uncomped and unknown cuts from small regional studios in the form of acetates, 45s, and recently discovered reel to reel tapes. The sounds heard here include garage and psychedelic rock combined with a little rockabilly and soul thrown into the mix that is distinctly Arkansas. 1. Richard Vanover & Bob Ralph - I Can See Your Ways 2. Les Soules - Village of Love 3. Robin & the Hoods - Slow Down 4. The Villigers - Empty Heart 5. The Culls - Susie Q 6. Jamie Holmes - Gloria 7. The Bar Boys - Thats the Sound of My Heart 8. JFC Blues - Raise Your Hand 9. The Red Light Funnies - My Little Red Book 10. The Barons - Come With Me 11. The Paragons - Black and Blue 12. Jimmy Ford & the Luzers - Mr. Flying Saucer Man 13. Harold Morgan - White Lightning 14. Little Herbie Mayes - Bony Moronie 15. Danny Johnson & the Rhythm Makers - Tired of Working for the Other Man 16. Jimmy Payne & the Jokers - I Wouldnt Be Seen Alive With Her 17. The Ramrods - Take My Word 18. The Five Rogues - Wait and See 19. The Spyders - Hush Puppy 20. The Sabers - Ill Fly High 21. Don Norviel & the Visions - Little Latin Lupe Lu 22. The Music Shoppe - Are You Really My Girl 23. Newcastle Blues - Cottons Mama 24. The Tuesday Blues - Till the End of the Day 25. The Wet Dream - Fire 26. Lemon Meat - Signed D.C. 27. Billy Cole & the Fouke Monsters - Fouke Monster 28. Seventh House - Tell Me Man 29. Scorpio - Hey Joe CD 15.50
LOST SOULS Volume 4 (Psych Of The South) The vinyl version 14 unreleased tracks from the heyday of garage and psychedelic rock in Arkansas from 1965-1968. Detailed liners, band info and rare pictures on a double sided insert. Tracks: The Federal Union - Can't Stop, Can't Go/ The Stepin' Stones - I Pity People/ The Vipers - She Just Goes Her Way/ The Vipers - My Love is Gone/ The Federal Union - I Really Need You/ The Coachmen - Tears of Blue/ The Barons - That's What I Need Your Love For/ The Federal Union - Can't Stop, Can't Go (version 2)/ Steppendog - I'm Feeling Down/ The Vipers - So Excited/ The Vipers - Time/ The Federal Union - A Day Without Time/ The Villigers - I'll Call You/ The Loved Ones - Please Send Her. LP 19.50
LOST SOULS Volume 4 (Psych Of The South) The CD version comes with a 16 page booklet and 22 undiscovered songs. CD 15.00

LYRICS So What!! / They Can't Hurt Me (ERA 3153) 1966 San Diego 2-sided snot as made legendary via Pebbles Volume 1 with stellar b-side comped on Back From The Grave Volume 2. repro 7" 6,50

MASTERS APPRENTICES Undecided / Wars Or Hands Of Time (Ugly Pop) Australia's legendary Masters Apprentices debuted with this superb 45 in November 1966, hitting hard with Undecided's raucous, early-Kinks-inspired punk R&B but truly achieving godhead with the flipside. Wars Or Hands Of Time is about as good as it gets, a sublime, driving garage-psych gem later to be immortalized on the Nuggets 2 boxset. High-quality pressing taken from the recent Aztec remaster, in full-colour jacket with all-new insert. 7" 7.90
Apprenticeship In The Garage 1966 (Nickoff Records) On the evening of Thursday, April 21 1966, the combo powered through 50-odd garage-band staples and a few frenzied originals (of which Bye Bye Baby is included here). With manager Graham Longleys reel-to-reel recorder perched on top of a car, the night was captured for posteriety; the bounty would not begin to emerge from the garage (literally, thats where Graham stored the tapes) until 2004, with the release of the CD From Mustangs To Masters-First Year Apprentices. Further rampaging material from that long-ago evening is presented in this new release: the band plays apprentice to such masters as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Howlin Wolf, as well as tackling then-new material by fellow acolytes like the Rolling Stones (whom theyd recently seen in live in concert), the Pretty Things, Animals and Them. All in all, a wild nights work. The CD features an 8-page foldout leaflet with boss pix of the early Master Apprentices, some never seen before Tracklisting:1. Intro 2. Blast Off 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. Jo Jo Gunne 5. Louie Louie 6. Road Runner 7. Hey Bo Diddley 8. Baby Please Dont Go [Vocal] 9. Just A Little Bit 10. The Last Time 11. Money (Thats What I Want) 12. What A Shame 13. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 14. Mona 15. Off The Hook 16. Inside-Looking Out [Alt.] 17. Dont Bring Me Down 18. Grown Up Wrong 19. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man 20. Big City 21. Dear Dad [Alt.] 22. Smokestack Lightning 23. Dimples 24. Nadine 25. Baby Please Dont Go [Inst]. CD 19.50


THE EXCEPTIONAL JOE MEEK: The Missing Recordings & Rarities (Oxford) Recordings from 1962-1965: Wes Sands: There's Lots More Where This Came From/ Andy Cavell: Shut Up/ Geoff Goddard: Saturday Dance/ Gerry Temple: Since You Went Away/ Geoff Goddard: Try Once More/ Kim Roberts: For Loving Me This Way/ Tom Jones: I Was A Fool/ Ray Dexter: Lonely Weekend/ Kim Roberts: I'll Prove It/ Geoff Goddard: My Little Girl's Come Home/ Tom Jones: Lonely Joe/ Andy Cavell: Lonely Soldier Boy/ Moontrekkers: The Bogey Man/ Roger Lavern & Microns: Reindeer Ride/ Johnny Garfield: Anyone Can Lose A Heart/ Andy Cavell: Hey There, Senorita/ Don Charles: Moonlight Rendezvous/ Tony Victor: There Was A Time/ Don Charles: Lucky Star/ Geoff Goddard: Walk With Me My Angel/ Davy Morgan: Tomorrow I'll Be Gone/Geoff Goddard: Girl Bride/ Gary Delamere: A Girl Called Bonnie/ Roger Lavern & Microns: Christmas Stocking/ Don Charles: Guess That's The Way It Goes/ Geoff Goddard: For Eternity/ Tom Jones: That's What We'll All Do/ Davy Morgan: Ain't Got Much More To See/ Geoff Goddard: Come Back To Me/ Percy Evanston: Don't You Make My Baby Cry/ Joe Meek: Paper Boat/ Mark Douglas: My Love Was Meant For You/ Geoff Goddard: My Friend Bobby CD 14.00

MENSTER PHIP & THE PHIPSTERS PHIP CITY (Telstar) Super-retarded unissued 1963 garbage rock & roll recorded in a suburban basement. 20 cuts of a wide variety of covers ("New Orleans/Jungle Hop/Matchbox/Baby Workout/I Saw Her Standing There/Land Of 1000 Dances/Roll Over Beethoven/Mashed Potatoes/What'd I Say" etc). Crazy-assed dirty guitar sound all over the place, dopey song titles & lyrics, etc = 1 helluva STOOPID party. CD 14.00.

MIDNITE SOUND OF THE MILKY WAY (Big Beat) 24 cut comp of 90% UNISSUED 60s garage NUTTINESS from Danville, Illinois' Milky Way Records, featuring utter LUNACY by Kookie Cook, demented madman ala DEAN CARTER! If you dug the Dean cd this is in the same wacked vein. Mebbe 8 dull cuts total, so GRAB THIS - Kookie's "REVENGE" is beyond genius! CD 16.00

MIDNITERS, THEE "IN THEE MIDNITE HOUR!!!" (Norton) Pounding 1964-67 East LA rock n ‘roll! First time ever collection of the original Whittier stompers n’ slammers- killer after killer of loud, tense, massively attitudinal teenage howlers! Dig the unstoppable assault of this legendary West Coast combo -- guaranteed to sprain yo’ brain! Instant party never had it so good! Whittier Blvd. / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Jump, Jive And Harmonize / Gloria / Love Special Delivery / Thee Midnite Feeling / I Found A Peanut / Never Knew I Had It So Bad / Down Whittier Blvd.* / Empty Heart / Looking Out A Window / Hey Little Girl (previously unissued) / Money / Welcome Home Darling / CD extras: Do You Love Me* / Dragon-Fly/ Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly / Land Of A Thousand Dances (extended live version) / Down Whittier Blvd. (Godfrey vocal) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MIKE & THE DIMENSIONS LITTLE LATIN LUPE LU/ WHY ultracrude 1965 frat garage cover b/w decent crude mooder. repro 7" 6.50

MISUNDERSTOOD THE LOST ACETATES 1965-1966 (Ugly Things) Side One of this will KILL you! Introspective, rather intellectual yet RAW-edged 1965-66 folk-punk and R&B-edged rockers from UNISSUED acetates in BLAZING fidelity! STUNNING discovery! CD 14.00

MOD MEETING Volume 1 (Dr No Records) Richard Kent Style vs. St. Louis Union. LP15.00
Volume 2 (Dr No Records) Featuring KIRKBYS (It's A Crime), CHRIS KERRY (Seven Deadly Sins), TEN FEET (Factory Worker), ZEPHYRS (She Laughed), CHECKMATES (It Ain't Right), BEATSTALKERS (A Love Like Yours), etc.LP15.00
Volume 3 (Dr No Records) LP15.00
Volume 4 (Dr No Records) LP15.00
Volume 5 (Dr No Records) LP15.00
Volume 6 (Dr No Records) British 60s mod & soul beaters. Limited to 500 copies:EE CURTIS - Come on Down To My Boat LIVERPOOL FIVE - Hey Little Girl WASHINGTON DCs - 32nd Floor CIRCUS - Sink Or Swim TAKERS - Think OHARA PLAYBOYS - Goodnight Mr. Nightfall TEN FEET - Losing Game ROBERT HIRST & BIG TASTE - Show Me BLUE CHIPS - Tell Him NEW FORMULA - Cant You See That She Loves You GAMBLERS - Now I am All Alone LOYD BANKS - Look Out Girl WINSTON G - Judge & Jury HAMMERS - Baby And Me DAVE ANTHONY MOOD - Give It A Chance FOUNDATIONS - New Directions. LP15.00
MOD MEETING Volume 7 (Style Records) 16 rare global 60s mod & soul beaters.: A BEATNIKS I Feel Good (Norway) WEST FIVE She's Mine (UK) PHIL JONES & UNKNOWN BLUES If I Had A Ticket (AUS) DICK JORDAN Progress (UK) OLA & JANGLERS How Come (SWE) CHASERS She's Gone Away (UK) MR. LEE GRANT Love (NZ) GROOVE Cool Jerk (AUS) Side B GNOMES OF ZURICH Second Fiddle (UK) BEATINGS We'd Be Happy (CZ) JOHNNY RICHARD & HIS SPIKES It Was So Fine (Belgium) PROFILE I Got To Find A Way (UK) JOHN & ROBIN Love Me Baby (US) SHADES OF MORLEY BROWN Pretty Blue Bird (UK) SHEIKS Since She's Gone (Belgium) ROSS D. WYLLIE Uptight (AUS). LP 15.00

MODDS LEAVE MY HOUSE/ ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (ANR 3041) - brutally INEPT fuzzed-out monster! repro 7" 6.50
MODDS LEAVE MY HOUSE/ ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (Groovie records) Both tracks are taken from the original master tapes of the band. The Modds, a Poplar Bluff, Missouri based band, cut a record in 1966 that has become a thing of legend, the ultra raw garage punk track, LEAVE MY HOUSE. The original 45 on ANR (American National Records) is a sought after rarity with some copies fetching as much as $1500. One peculiar thing about the original record is how up-front the guitar and vocals are in the mix. But the tapes reveals a layer hidden in the 45 version, where a second fuzz guitar, bass, and drums are now a part of the maelstrom! You get it on this beauty here with a real cool and original picture of the band on the front cover. Small story of the band in the back with another rare pic of the band on stage. Limited to 500 copies! 7" 7.90

MOGEN DAVID AND THE GRAPES OF WRATH Little Girl Gone/Don't Need Ya No More (Norton) First time reissue of ultra rare 1966 Midwest twin blast garage masterpiece! Real gone purple vinyl! I first heard this 45 at Jim Atwood's in Williamsport, PA in October 1982 with m'pal Bruce Planty and have searched for a copy of it AND the band SINCE - spare yerself the misery of spending 3 days at the Kokomo Public Library and GET THIS NOW!!!!!! 7" 6.00

THE MONACLES "I Can't Win / Heartaches For Me" (Norton) Deadly ultra-crude Back From The Grave #3 classic. PLUS faster UNISSUED take of the equally great flipside - All wrapped in a cool repro of orig pic sleeve! Gold wax, just like original pressing! 7" 6.00

MONDO FRAT DANCE BASH A GOGO (Arf Arf) Solid 60s frat-garage by 31 bands. CD 14.50

MONKS BLACK MONK TIME VINYL reissue of this WACKO 60s beat/punk classic with the 12 LP cuts plus 4 cuts from non-lp singles. LP 12.90
MONKS "Demo Tapes 1965" (Munster/ Play Loud) Studio recording with earlier versions of the "Black Monk Time" tracks and two cuts by pre-Monks band the Five Torquays! "Monk Time/ Love Came Tumbling Down/ Boys Are Boys/ Space Age/ We Do Wie Du/ I Hate You/ Pretty Suzanne/ Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy/ Hushie Pushie/ Oh, How To Do Now/ There She Walks/ Boys Are Boys/ Monk Hop. LP 15.00
MONKS Love Can Tame The Wild/ He Went Down To The Sea (Polydor) Repro of 1967 Single. With picture sleeve. 7" 6.50
MONKS Cuckoo / I Can't Get Over You (Polydor) Reissue of their 1966 2-track 45 in original coverart. . 7" 6,50
MONKS Pretty Suzanne (Red Lounge) 1967 unreleased heavy fuzz version from mega rare one-sided acetate. First ever legit re-issue in full cooperation with the Monks. Mastered from the original (only known!!) acetate. Flipside: Monk Time. 7" 5.7 0

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST Volume 2 (Cavern) 16 cuts featuring THINGIES, MORNING DEW, NOBLEMEN, ESQUIRES, PLATO & PHILOSOPHERS, ROGUES, UNDERBEATS, SKEPTICS, COACHMEN, KYKS and a couple more. With liner notes for each band on back cover! LP 14.90
MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST Volume 3 (Cavern) 16 cuts featuring MONUMENTS, LIVING END, BLUE THINGS, WILD THINGS, BARRY EBLING & INVADERS, INTRUDERS, JERMS, SENDERS, TROLLS and a couple more. With liner notes for each band on back cover! LP 14.90
MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST Volume 4 (Cavern) 16 cuts featuring COACHMEN, INTRUDERS, REACTIONS, JERMS, COUNTDOWNS, GRAPES, BERRIES, DINKS, SKEPTICS, etc. and a couple more. With liner notes for each band on back cover! LP 14.90

MONTELLS "You Can't Make Me" b/w EVIL "I'm Moving On"(Norton) WHOA DADDY! The INCREDIBLE track from the Evil/Montells alb onna perfect-for-DJ-ing 7"!! Plus the Back From The Grave 3 beastie on da flipside! Ahhhhh.... YASSSS!! 7" 6.00

MOPS PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS IN JAPAN Reissue of famous debut LP of Japanese 60s psychrock recorded in '68. LP 15.00

MOR-LOKS ELAINE / THERE GOES LIFE (LOKS) Fratty 1965 Florida garager b/w decent folkrocker. repro 7" 6.50

MORNING DEW Early Years: Topeka, Kansas 1966-69 (Breakaway) 14 early recordings. A little bit garage and lots of psyche: No More/ I'M Not Your Steppin' Stone/ Look At Me Now/ Go Away/ Touch Of Magic/ Be A Friend/ Winter Dreams/ No More/ Sycamore Dreamer/ Cherry Street/ Rainbow Woman/ Lady soul/ Sing Out/ Young Man. LP 15.00

MOURNING REIGN (Sundazed) Their ultra-rare 1966 punk legend 7". "Satisfaction Guaranteed/Our Fate/Light Switch/Cut Back" 7" 7.90

MURPHY & THE MOB Born Loser/Because You Love Me (Talisman repro) Repro of 'Back From The Grave #3' teen PUNK anthem plus b-side! 7" 6.00

MUSIC MACHINE TURN ON repro of boring, overrated lp. LP 12.90
MUSIC MACHINE Point of No Return / King Mixer (Sundazed) Two unissued cuts on translucent green vinyl, both recorded 1966. 7" 7.90

THE MUSTANGS Riverside Garage Legends: … And That's For Sure! (Ugly Things) 17 cuts! By the BFTG #7 MONSTER-PUNK legends behind snarlfest supreme “That's For Sure” – Fairly damned solid set of studio demos and a foto/info-packed booklet. “That’s For Sure/ Did You Ever Get the Feelin'/ Gloria/ Never Fall In Love (version 1)/ Since I Met You/ I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/ Get Off Of My Cloud/ Liar Liar/ I'm Down/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ Hang on Sloopy/ All Day and All of the Night/ Never Fall In Love (version 2)/ Cherie/ All I Really Want to Do/ Nova Blues/ Summertime” CD 14.00

MYRCHENTS INDEFINITE INHIBITION / ALL AROUND YOU (MUSICOL 1094) '67 Columbus Ohio kool kink riffer. repro 7" 6.50

MYSTIC TIDE Solid Sound/ Solid Ground (Distortions) Legendary L.Island garage psych - 18 cuts. CD 13.00

NAZZ From Philadelphia / Woody's truck Stop (Air Mail Recordings) Double CD release featuring on disc 1 the album worth of unreleased demos recorded between 1967 and 1969 by this this band from Philadelphia featuring young TODD RUNDGREN (11 tracks). And on disc 2 'the 'WOODY'S TRUCK STOP' 1966 demos with Todd Rundren (5 tracks). Double CD 14.00

NEVRALGIES PARTICULIERES (Mauvaise Graine) A compilation dedicated to French '60s punk / anti-YéYé with 18 Fuzzed Up Lost 60s French Punk movers: Eric Charden - Amour Limite Zero/ Peter Flam - Il Ne Faut Pas Pleurer/ Robert Pico - Le Chien Fidele/ Philippe Petronce - La Fille A Papa/ Les Jets - On Est Quatre Copains/ Jean-Pierre Allane - Jamais Plus/ Les Dauphins - Serrons Nous La Main/ Ralph - Frappe/ Chris - Névralgie Particulère/ Roger Joiry - A La Porte d'a Côté/ Jean-Yves Breton - Voilà/ Les Bowlers - Il Est Trop Tard/ Les Crifmen - Que De Betises/ Herbert Léonard - Provocation/ Sydney - J'Aime Bien La Nature/ Nicolas Nils - Il Faut Trimer Dur/ Dany Play Avec Pop Corn - Pourquoi Pas/ Michel - Les Moutons. LP 14.50

NEW BREED IT'S LOVE/ WASTING MY TIME (Garage Greats) 7" 9,75
NEW BREED Wants You (Frantic) Full anthology on Sacramentos legendary New Breed - contains 24 tracks from 1965-68, including all their 45 sides, unreleased material from aborted single and album projects, and several cuts by the combos latterday incarnation Glad. As an added bonus, there are three video segments including footage of the band miming on an LA pop show in 1967! The packages deluxe 28-page booklet is crammed with mostly unseen pix, many in color, plus a definitive New Breed history by NorCal 60s expert Alec Palao. CD 15.00

NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE (Arf Arf) GREAT 30-cut comp of tracks from the long outta-print LPs chronicling 60s garage/ folkrock from New England. CD 14.50
NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE UNRELEASED (Arf Arf) 30 unissued 1964-1969 cuts from Mass/NH area. CD 14.50

THE NEW NADIR / ME AND THE OTHERS Uncovered (Feathered Apple) 11 previously unreleased 1966-1967 freakbeat tracks. The five tracks by The New Nadir were recorded in a Studio near Zurich on August 28, 1967. Me And The Others deliver 5 never before released live tracks from a gig in Germany, recorded in January 1967 and one studio cut. All with extensive liner notes written by Peter Dawkins and Dave Chapman. THE NEW NADIR: People Are Changing/ I Need Her Now/ Walking/ Tomorrow/ Black Snow. ME AND THE OTHERS; Love Is Not A Game (studio recording from 66)/ Even Green Ones/ Coming Home Baby/ You Better Run/ Hold On I’m Coming/ Can’t Turn You Loose (all live in Germany, 1967). LP 17.90

NIGHT CRAWLERS "WANT ME/FEEL SO FINE" (Feathered Apple) "Want Me" is a killer Minnesota 66 fuzz garage tune and was comped on 'Back From The Grave - Vol. 8'. "Feel So Fine" is a Johnny Preston cover and reissued for the first time! Limited to 500 copies only. 7" 6.50

NIGHTBIRDS 60s Swiss Freakbeat & Garage Legends (Groovie Records) All the Single tracks they recorded in the 60's: Night Birds/ Quelli/ Lo Corro/ Richard Cory/ Ha Vinto Lamor (Red Rubber Ball)/ Tre Le Mie Cose/ Alla Resa Dei Conti (When Love Is Gone)/ Someone's Call/ Sad Reviewing/ La Strada Bianca/ Lo No Guardo Non Gli Occhi Della Gente. LP 14.90

NO NO NO (ARF ARF) Pretty solid slew of 27 minor-key, toned-down, MOODY and brooding teen misery tunes - A few crappy cuts but ya get at least 18 gems. CD 14.00

NOBLEMEN Short Time/ THE OTHER HALF The Girl With The Long Black Hair" (ORLYN) Chicago 1966 two-sider! The Noblemen is a raging fuzz'n'scream-filled Back From The Grave monster, and The Other Half is a terse, moody "Stepping Stone"-riffed slab of pure teen lust. repro 7" 6.50

NOMADS NOT FOR ME/ HOW MANY TIMES (STARK 009) great frat-punk a-side b/w moody folkpunk gem by the N.C. combo that next unleashed the brutal "Thoughts Of A Madman". repro 7" 6.50

NORTHWEST BATTLE OF THE BANDS VOLUME 1 FLASH AND CRASH (Beat Rocket) A few turds here but whooee ya finally gets to hear gems like The Trolley's "Breakdown", the awesome "Bo Diddley" roar of the Juveniles, etc! 16 cuts. LP 15.00 (180-gram)

NORTHWEST COMPANY Hard To Cry / Get Away From It All (Ugly Pop) Killer 1967 Vancouver garage punk. If you like the early Who or Kinks, you’ll love this. 7" 7.90

NORTHWEST KILLERS VOLUME 1 - STOMP!: 1960-1964 (Norton) Ok - a good chunk o' this FIRST Vol is INSTROS but there's 7 VOCAL cuts. The deal is: UNISSUED Nort'western HOWL, from the studio vaults o' Mr Kearney Barton's studio in Seattle. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
- SHOUT!: 1964-1965 (Norton) Great, greasy 2nd volume of the 3-volume NORTHWEST 60s series by Norton! Umm... once again... YOU SHALL PISSYER PANTS UPON HEARING THE INCREDIBLY BALLS-OUT VOCAL MONSTER "My Woman" by WOODY CARR AND THE EL CAMINOS!!!! (You CAN NOT possibly even GUESS how fucking GREAT this is!). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
NORTHWEST KILLERS VOLUME 3 - WORK IT ON OUT!: 1965-1966 (Norton) UMMM - BUY or go choke yo'self!!! GREAT set o' a GREAT set of punk styles!!! The Northwesty Pounders, The "60s Punk personified" pound, The pre-punk teen-rocker sound , The whiner minor-key moodsville sound. THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST COMPS EVER!! LP 14.00C / D 13.00

NOVAS EP (Norton) Classic MPLS 60s punk - "The Crusher/Take 7/On The Road Again/My Sin Is My Pride". Both sides of their debut 7" plus a-side of their 2nd and a killer UNISSUED version of an Astronauts' tune! Great pic-sleeve! 7" 6.00

OBSESSION (Bully Records) Obscure psych from Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Argentina, and Peru from1968-1972, compiled by Academy Record’s Mike Davis. Including:ATOMIC FOREST, QUARTETO NOVA ERA, ARIF SAG, SONARA CASINO, FLAVIO KURT, ERKIN KORAY, LOS CHIKACHAKA, OVNI 87, ERSIN, ARNAUD RODRIGUEZ and more. CD 14.00

OF HOPES & DREAMS & TOMBSTONES (BIG BEAT) DEADLY set, TOP-NOTCH sound, killer AUSSIE mid-60s punk/beat!!!! Get it! PURPLE HEARTS/Oh!/RAJAHS/Ready Steady Let's Go/If You See My Baby/TONY WORSLEY & THE BLUE JAYS Blue Day/BILLY THORPE & THE AZTECS/Don't Ask Me Why/CHRIS HALL & THE TORQUAYS/She Used To Be Mine/NORMIE ROWE & THE PLAYBOYS/That Lovin' Touch/JIMMY CROCKETT & THE SHANES/That's When Happiness Began/MIKE FURBER & THE BOWERY BOYS/So Far Away/SHOWMEN/When I Found You/SUNSETS/My Baby/TONI MCCANN/So Why Pretend/STEVE & THE BOARD/I've Got To Let You Go/COURTMEN/Well, That Ain't Nice/RUSS KRUGER/Too Late To Come Home/RAY BROWN & THE WHISPERS/It's Awright/PLAYBOYS/Every Night/MORLOCH/Slowly But Surely/Lost My Baby/PACIFICS/Complicated Riddle/BARRINGTON DAVIS/There's Time/FIVE/I Want Her To/TONY BARBER/No Cheatin'/DONNIE SUTHERLAND & THE TITANS/Dancing Girl/ OTHERS/Baby Let Your Hair Down/GRAEME CHAPMAN/Witch Girl /MYSTRYS/I'll Never Love Again/POGS/She's A Go Go/LIBRETTOS/House On Soul Hill/ESCORTS/You're Back Again. CD 17.90

OLIVERS I Saw What You Did / Beeker Street (BREAK-A-WAY) Break-A-Way has re-issued the single with its original front sleeve and a newly designed backcover feat a short band history and unseen pictures. 7" 8.90
OLIVERS Lost Dove Sessions (BREAK-A-WAY) The "lost" LP, a never released psych album recorded after several line-up changes in early 1969 at Dove Studios in Minneapolis. Comes with a four-page LP sized insert documenting the band's career as told by its original members and a cache of unseen photos. Tracks: Ball Of Fire/ Mushroom/ Jessica Ryder/ Someday Somewhere/ The End/ Free/ Social Slavery. LP 19.50
OLIVERS COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1964-1971 (BREAK-A-WAY) 15-track CD presenting the bands 1969 psych album "Lost Dove Sessions" plus eight bonus cuts, incl. two 1965 single releases by pre-Olivers garage band "The Serfmen" and a 45 recorded by former Olivers members under the name "Triad". Comes with a 16- page booklet with band story and unseen photos. Tracks: Serfmen: Chills And Fever / (I Want You) Back Again/ Cry/ A Man Cant Live Without Love. The Olivers: I Saw What You Did/ Beeker Street/ Ball Of Fire/ Mushroom/ Jessica Ryder/ Someday Somewhere/ The End/ Free/ Social Slavery. Triad: The Only Way To Fly/ Borderline. CD 15.00


ONE HAND IN THE DARKNESS - 14 Slabs Of Moody US 60s Garage (Stroke) VY Countz: Goodbye/ Starblazers: You Better Change/ Nomads: How Many Times/ Huns: Winning Ticket/ Spider & Mustangs: You Ask Me Why/ J. Walker& Pedestrains: Life Is Too Short/ Früt Of The Looms: One Hand In the Darkness/ Midknights: Why/ Tommy & Nigtbeats: Come On Darling/ Jades: Change My Way/ Meen: Say You Love Me/ Rotations: One Way Road/ Mid-Knights: I Don't Have To Wait/ Big Inners: Do You Wonder. LP 15.00


OS 5 JOTAS / RONALDO SOARES (Groovie Records) Groovie Records one more time have made a incridble digging in the south american garage caverns, on of the most osbcure Brazilian labels, Selo Real, that released 5 ultra rare rock and garage 7"s. Two of them, part of this first batch of Brazilian 7"s reissues, are Os 5 Jotas and Ronaldo Soares that represent the most excentric rock made in Brazil during the 60's. Os 5 Jotas are a garage combo from rio de Janeiro that have done this 2 amazing garage tunes. And Ronaldo Soares a crazy guy that made something that could have been taken from Kim Fowley archives. Great split, and now only 150 copy left. The first 150 have been sold in Brazil in the release party, February 2013. The single is folded in a double cover with Ronaldo Soares and Os 5 Jotas original sleeves. 7" 7.50

OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS No Chance Baby! (Sundazed) First-ever collection of complete '60s output, plus unissued cuts! Tracks: Got to Have Your Lovin’/ Soulfinger/ My Girl is Waiting/ Baby Under My Skin*/ I Can’t Explain/ Jackie Jackie/ Why-O or Jungle Beat/ No Chance Baby/ I Feel Good*/ Come On Willie/ Top Eliminator/ Fanny Brown/ Dawn/ House of the Rising Sun 1969. LP 18.50
OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS Baby Under My Skin / I Can't Explain (Sundazed) "Baby Under My Skin" is previously unissued, as well as "I Can't Explain", which is the previously unissued early version. 7" 6.90

THE OTHERS Revenge / I"m In Need (Sundazed) Reissue of a pretty hot USA garage punk stomper from 1966 with pics & notes. 7" 6.90

OUTCASTS I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining/ Route 66 (ASKEL 102) Utterly classic Pebbles Volume One fuzzpunk Texas monster b/w cool teen take on an inspired-by-the-Stones version. repro 7" 6.50
OUTCASTS 1523 Blair/Smokestack Lightning (GALLANT) Texas 1966 monster, "1523 Blair" is an ultra-highspeed BLUR! "Smokestack" is, yes, the Howlin' Wolf tune. repro 7" 6.50

OUTSIDERS Outsiders (Pseudonym) Released at the peak of their popularity in early 1967, The Outsiders' debut-album featured one side of live recordings and one side of studio-tracks. The album finds them playing with a rawness and urgency few groups could ever match on primal but brilliantly conceived tracks like 'Story 16', 'Afraid Of The Dark', 'Filthy Rich' and 'Won't You Listen'. This expanded double-album reissue adds a second disc of rare material, including a previously unreleased studio-session from January 1966, a live concert taped at Paradiso in December 1968, and a remarkable instrumental demo of Strange Things Are Happening. Dynamically re-mastered in the 24-bit domain from the original tapes, and pressed in 180-gram vinyl, 'The Outsiders' comes in a spectacular gatefold sleeve and includes liner-notes by Ugly Things magazine's Mike Stax. Tracks: Story 16/ Tears Are Falling from My Eyes/ Ain't Gonna Miss You/ I Wish I Could/ Afraid Of The Dark/ Wallys Answering Machine/ Teach Me To Forget You/ Filthy Rich/ I Would Love You/ Don't You Cry/ Won't You Listen/ If You Don't Treat Me Right/ Strange Things Are Happening/ Lying All The Time/ Lying All The Time - take 2/ If You Don't Treat Me Right/ If You Don't Treat Me Right - take 2/ Talk To Me - take 1/ Talk To Me - take 2/ I Want To Know - take 1/ Do You Feel Alright/ Daddy Died On Saturday/ I Love You No. 2/ Misfit/ Happyville/ Prison Song. LP 23.90
You Mistreat Me (Pseudonym) The first two Outsiders singles for the Muziek Expres label and a unreleased 1965 live version of "Thinking About Today". Limited to 500 copies. : You Mistreat Me/ Suns Going Down/ Thinking About Today (Previously unreleased live version 1965)/ Felt Like I Wanted To Cry/ I Love Her Still, I Always Will (Mono / Extended Play 45 R.P.M.). 10" 13.90
Afraid Of The Dark (Pseudonym) Limited edition of 500 copies, 180 grams vinyl housed in beautiful 350gms quality sleeve. Previously unreleased live recordings remastered from original master tapes: Bird In A Cage/ Aint Gonna Miss You/ Afraid Of The Dark/ Ballad Of John B/ I Love Her Still, I Always Will/ Story 16/ I Wish I Could/ Tears Are Falling From My Eyes/ Set Me Free (unreleased song)/ Wont You Listen Stereo. LP 18.90
OUTSIDERS Monkey On Your Back: The 45's DoLP (Pseudonym) The Netherlands boasted a fertile beat scene in the 1960s, but few bands could match the greatness of the Outsiders from Amsterdam. Led by the uniquely gifted songwriting team of singer Wally Tax and guitarist Ronnie Splinter, The Outsiders left behind a prolific catalog of original music that easily matches up to the best the UK or the USA had to offer during the same period. The evidence is all here on Monkey On Your Back: Their 45s, a two-disc 180gm vinyl collection featuring the original mono A- and B-sides of all of their singles. The eye-popping gatefold cover lays out all of the original picture sleeve artwork along with other rare shots. Original single versions! 2LP black 180 gram vinyl, 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Inside the gatefold sleeve, all single covers artwork and rare pressings! Japanse plastic bag REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES! You Mistreat Me/ Suns Going Down/ Felt Like I Wanted To Cry/ I Love Her Still, I Always Will/ Lying All The Time/ Thinking About Today/ Keep On Trying/ That's Your Problem/ Touch/ Ballad Of John B./ Monkey On Your Back/ What's Wrong With You/ Summer Is Here/ Teach Me To Forget You/ I've Been Loving You So Long/ I'm Only Trying To Prove To Myself That I'm Not Like Everybody Else/ Don't You Worry About Me/ Bird In A Cage (live)/ Cup Of Hot Coffee/ Strange Things Are Happening/ I Don't Care / You Remind Me/ Do You Feel Allright/ Daddy Died On Saturday/ Touch/ Talk To Me (demo) Monkey On Your Back (demo)/ Bird In A Cage (live). Double LP 22.90
OUTSIDERS Beat Legends - Photo Sound Book (Pseudonym) For eighteen months five teenagers from Amsterdam held the pop world spellbound. The Outsiders were stars from the moment they outshone The Rolling Stones, when they appeared as their supporting act in the Brabanthallen in March 1966. With all that stardom entailed: hits, delirious fans and exaggerated newspaper headlines about their long hair and wild performances. But the bubble burst before singer Wally Tax's 21st birthday and The Outsiders split up. What remained is the memory of one of the best beat bands that The Netherlands has ever known. Beat Legends tells the story of The Outsiders in words and pictures, with wonderful photographic material, legendary record sleeves and tantalising newspaper cuttings. Plus a free CD of unique live recordings of The Outsiders at the pinnacle of their fame, the first two singles for the illustrious Muziek Expres label and a radio session for the progressive broadcasting company the VPRO, recorded in the then newly opened rock club Fantasio. Book + CD 22.90

OUTSPOKEN BLUES Not Right Now / Mister You're A Better Man Than I (Orlyn Records) "Not Right Now" is a moody, dark, organ heavy punker, maybe known to you from Back From The Grave 8. Official reissue! 7" 8.00
THE OUTSPOKEN BLUES S/T (Feathered Apple)The whole output and story behind the band that released that great punker with heavy organ sound "Not Right Now" in 1966 (you also find or already found it on Back From The Grave 8). As well as this 45 you get the whole unissued Mercury album which they recorded in 67 and where they became more of a white soul band, plus the great Bryds "Your Lies" 45 (from Grave 6). CD with 12 page booklet: Mister You're A Better Man Than I/ Not Right Now/ Mister You're A Better Man Than I/ I Know/ Hold On I'm Comin/ I Can't Make You Love Me/ I'll Stay/ Turn On Your Lovelight/ Sitting On A Sunday/ A Wonderful Summer/ Since I Don't Have You/ All Your Love/ N.Y.P.D./ Poor Rich Man/ Jr. Saw It Happen. Plus The Bryds: Your Lies/ Why Did You Have To Break My Heart. CD 14.50