60s & early 70s SOUL & Funk

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ALWAYS IN THE WRONG PLACE (Heart Sore Rec.) 15 soul ballads from 1962 - 1669: 1. JOHNNY HONEYCUTT - Advice On Man's Love Life 2. ALLISON GARY AND THE BURNERS - Darling 3. THE INCONQUERABLES - Wait For Me 4. SUGAR SIMONE - I Love My Baby 5. ROY HYTOWER - Your Good Man Is Going Bad 6. MICKEY MURRAY - Lonely Room 7. THE KELLY BROTHERS - I'm So Bad Today 8. JOE MANSION - Soulful Christmas 9. MIKE & THE CENSATIONS - Don't Sell Your Soul 10. THE UPSETTERS featuring JIMMY WESS - Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time 11. BIG MAYBELLE - Keep That Man 12. SARGENT KELLY - Need To Belong (By Law) 13. MITTY COLLIER - Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometime 14. BOBBY PATTERSON AND THE MUSTANGS - Let Them Talk 15. BOB & EARL - Baby It's Over.LP 12,00

BABY RAY Where Soul Lives (Imperial) Exact repro of 1967 classic. LP 12.90

BAR-KAYS Soul Finger (Volt) Reisusue of funky instro alb of Otis Reddings backing band: Soul Finger/ Knucklead/ With A Child's Heart/ Bar-Kays Boogaloo/ Theme From Hell's Angels/ You Can't Sit Down/ House Shoes/ Pearl high/ I Want Someone/ Hole In The Wall/ Don't Do That. LP 12.30

BARNYARD SOUL! (Deep Groove Records): 28 cuts of GREASEY, GRITTY, LOWDOWN Southern soul and FUNK, 1966-1970! LOU COURTNEY "Hot Butter 'N All - Part 1" / ISAAC CLARK "Do The Dog Funk"  / PINEY BROWN "Everything But You"  / DON GARDNER "You Babe" / FRANKIE SEAY "All I Want Is Loving You" / B.B. BROWN "Low Down Dirty Tramp" / THE RHYTHM KING "Party Time" / BOBBY BOSEMAN "Astrological Soul Train" / AL GARDNER "Watch Yourself" / WILLIE WEST "Fairchild" / INTENSIONS "I Don't Get Down Like That" / JESSE ANDERSON "Swing Too High" / BENNY GORDON "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" / OTIS CLAY "Baby Jane" / ROSCOE & FRIENDS "Barnyard Soul" / RALPH JACKSON "Jambalaya" / TONY BORDERS "Lonely Weekends" / JOE HAYWOOD "I'm Walking" / LOWELL FULSOM "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" / STERLING MAGEE "Oh, She Was Pretty" / LARRY BIRDSONG "Every Night In The Week" / BILLY DAVIS "Stanky" / GENE BOWLEGS MILLER "Frankenstein Walk" / GUITAR RAY "Funky Pete Part 1" / SIR SIDNEY WALLACE & THE BELAIRS "Green Power" / CHARLES SIMMONS & THE ROYAL IMPERIALS "Sissy" / JOE VALENTINE "Hands On, Hands Off" CD 12.80

BLOWFLY OLDIES BUT GOODIES (Weird World) THIS is where the utter immature GENI of Blowfly rears its UGLIST head! Blowfly setting filthy lyrics to oldies by Elvis, James Brown, Coasters, Jerry Lee, etc etc! "Suck Around The Clock/Without Your Pussy I Can't Live/All Fucked Up/Blue Balls/Silly Bitch/My Dick First Got Hard/Get A Blow Job/Fuck In Her Behind/10 Commandments Of Sex/Smell You/In The Still/My Sex Life Was Through/You Could Fuck/Gonna Fuck Her/Suck My Dick/So Funky/Only Gets Hard For You/You're A Skinny Bitch/Whole Lotta Fuckin' Going On/Fuck Me/Big Dick Brown". LP 12.30
BLOWFLY Zodiac (Weird World) Utterly genius 1976 alb wherein Blowfly lays down the sexual zodiac! "All You Ho's Chorus/Taurus - The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick/Gemini -I Know A Place/Leo -Sophisticated Sissy/Cancer -If She Don't Want It/Virgo- Ain't No Head Like My Woman's Head/Pisces -My Bitch" plus 8 more. LP 12.30  CD 14.90
BLOWFLY DISCO (Weird World) HOT early 70s lp! 7 cuts: "Shake Your Ass/What A Difference/Bad Fuck/Suck It/Spread Your Cheeks/Freak Out/Kiss It All Around". LP 12.30
BLOWFLY AT THE MOVIES (Weird World) Blowfly takes on "Superstitious/It's A Family Affair/Backstabbers/Papa Was A Rolling Stone/Shaft/Trouble/Walk On By". LP 12.30   CD 14.90
BLOWFLY BLOWFLY ON TV (Weird World) Blowfly takes on BATMAN, spews the genius XXX -rated SESAME STREET alphabet (L=long dick, J=juicy pussy), a TOM JONES medley, a bent version of "Momma Told Me Not To Come", STEVIE WONDER's "Signed Sealed Delivered", MARLBORO, COKE/PEPSI commercials. 8 cuts. LP 12.30   CD 14.90
BLOWFLY BUTTERFLY (Weird World) FILTHY set of Blowfly & Butterfly broadcasting "live" from radio WFUCK! "Intro/Rap Dirty/More Cracker Lies/Could Have Been Worse/Suck Train/Easter Bunny/Tarzan/Cracker Kiss My Ass/Beaver Chase/W Fuck/Niggaz Ain't Shit/Juice It Up/Big Game Hunter/Neither One Of Us/Niggaz In A Bar/Integrated Education/Fart Contest/Outro". CD 14.90
BLOWFLY ON TOUR (Weird World) "Let's Do it On The Ground/The Power Of Pussy/The Court Room/Who's The Guy/There's A Whore/I'm Jackin'/Mirror Mirror/Clappy Clappy Me/Agent triple 0 69/Don't Suck me No More/You Would Suck Me/Fuck The Girls/Cream On/We Only Just Begun/Eatin' Pussy" etc. LP 12.30 CD 14.90
BLOWFLY THE WEIRD WORLD OF (Weird World) 16 cuts: "Weird World/My Baby Keeps Farting In My face/Hold On It's Running/Hole Man/The Eating Song/Shitting On The Dock Of The Bay/To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)/I Don't Want No Woman To Give Me Nothing/The Eater/Spermy Night In Georgia/Odd Balls/Baby Let Me Do It To You/It's A Faggot's World/The Sperm Is Gone". LP 12.30

BOOKER T & THE MG'S GREEN ONIONS (Sundazed) 180-gram vinyl in ultra-fi analog boldness of THE greatest soul instro ever (duh: 1962's "Green Onions", bub!!!), plus all the other cuts from the 1963 alb. LP 18.50 (180-gram)
BOOKER T & THE MG'S SOUL DRESSING (Sundazed) Killer early set of the MGs ballsy instros!! LP 18.50 (180-gram)
BOOKER T & THE MG'S HIP HUG-HER (Sundazed) LP 18.50 (180-gram)
BOOKER T. & THE MG'S AND NOW! (Sundazed) LP 18.50 (180-gram)

JAMES BROWN SAY IT LOUD I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD (Polydor) GREAT 10 song 1969 LP: 3 Killer funkers, 6 GREAT soul ballads, a GREAT instro romp. a great SLOW instro "I'll Lose My Mind" with James going wild on organ. LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES THINK (Polydor) His 3rd LP (1962): 12 cuts of souly r&b twisters. LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN STAR TIME (Polydor) Monster box with 71 cuts/5 hours o' prime JB! 4xCD 63.00
JAMES BROWN RAW SOUL (Polydor) 12-cut 1967 LP that isn't 100% great, as King was pulling its typical PADDING but there's enuf great cuts, 1 great ballad: "Nobody Knows", a cool version of "Only You", 2 lame cuts: "Till Then/Nearness Of You" CD 13.00
JAMES BROWN HELL (Polydor) 14 cuts from '73-'74. A few monster cuts but a bit too much padding with cuts like "When The Saints Go Marching In/These Foolish Things Remind Me Of you/Stormy Monday". CD 15.00
JAMES BROWN LIVE AT THE APOLLO Oct 24, 1962 (Polydor) Whup-ass live scorch, with a FRANTIC audience going apeshit, a tight and fast-as hell band rippin thru rockers like "I'll Go Crazy" and "Think" and grinding tear-jerk ballads "I Don't Mind/Try Me/Lost Someone", then a crazed medley of "Please Please Please/You've Got The Power/I Found Someone/Why Do You Do Me /I Want You So Bad/I Love You Yes I Do/Strange Things Happen/Bewildered/Please Please Please" and a wrap-up 6.5 minute romp of "Night Train". LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN SEX MACHINE (Polydor) Legendary 15-cut "live" (fake applause) album recorded in '69-'70 that smokes but hot! CD 15.00
JAMES BROWN HOT PANTS (Polydor) Hot but a bit light on de songs. "Blues & Pants/I Can't Stand It/Escape-ism (Pt.1)/Escape-ism (Pt.2)/Hot Pants/Escape-ism (complete take)" CD 13.00
JAMES BROWN Ain't It Funky (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Black Caesar (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Cold Sweat (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Excitement (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Get On The Good Foot (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN Getting' Down To It (Cold Sweat) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Grits & Soul (Smash) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Hell (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN Hot Pants (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN It's a Mother (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Live at the Polydor (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Live At The Apollo Volume 2 (1967) (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN Live At The Royal (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Out Of Sight (Smash) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Prisoner of Love (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Raw Soul (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Revolution Of The Mind (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Sex Machine (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN Sho Is Funky Down Here (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Showtime (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Slaughters Big Rip-Off (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Super Bad (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN The Payback (Polydor) 2xLP 19.00
JAMES BROWN The Popcorn (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN There It Is (Polydor) LP 12.30
JAMES BROWN Think (Polydor) LP 12.30

BUTTSHAKERS Volume 6 (Mr Luckee Records) RIPP TIDE Dynamite/ BOBBY RUSH Camel Walk/ LONNIE BROOKS The Popeye/ JOE HAYWOOD Play A Cornbread Song/ BILL CRANE Steppin' Tall Pt 1/ SOUL BROS INC. Soul Train/ JC DAVIS Shake With Me/ CARL JOHNSON Scoopy-Doo/ LEN WADE Boss Beat/ SPENCER WIGGINS Love Machine/ BILLY DAVIS Stanky Get Funky/ STACY LANE No Brags Just Fact/ LITTLE WILLIE JONES You Are Welcome To Try/ LIL WILLIE Crazy Stomp. LP 13.90
BUTTSHAKERS!! Soul Party Volume 9 (Mr Luckee Records) 13 more Soul, Raw Funk, Rhythm n' Blues' tunes:Little Hooks & The Kings - Jerk Train/ Willie Spencer - Riding Shotgun/ Milton Howard - I Am From Missouri/ Tony Walter & His Eight Men Of Soul - Big Cadillac/ Fabulous Playboys - Nervous/ Sam & Kitty - Got Something Good/ The Young Disciplones & Co. - Bang Bang Bang/ Bobby James - Back To City/ The Autographs - Do The Duck/ R.T. & The Pot Lickers - Sticky Pig Feet/ Elmer Packer & The Night Lighters - Back To New Orleans/ Gene Waiters - Shake And Shingaling/ Biggie Raitt - We Don't Need/ Rodney Jones & Larry & The Hippies Band - Right On Right On. LP 14.50
BUTTSHAKERS!! Soul Party Volume 10 (Mr Luckee Records) 14 more Soul, Raw Funk, Rhythm n' Blues' tunes: Rudy Tee & The Reno Bops - Talk About Soul/ The Diamond Uprisers - New Kind Of Jerk/ Bobby Jones - I Got A Habit Of Lovin' You/ Little Oscar - The Message/ Mad Dog & The Pups - Hep Squeeze/ Wild Willie Wise - Soul Brother Number One/ Father & Sons - Soul In Bowl/ Doug Clark & The Nuts - Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box/ Louis Jones & Bobby Scott Orchestra - Come On/ Curtis Knight & The KC - Everybody Going Wild/ Lloyd W. Williams - Be Mine Tonight/ Jesse G. - Get In The Groove/ Davis Jones & The Fenders - Boss With Hot Sauce/ Jimmy Toliver - Who Do You Love. LP 14.50
BUTTSHAKERS!! SOUL PARTY VOLUME 11 (Mr. Luckee) Subtitled as "Soul Lover Rhythm & Blues & Northern Soul" - Tracks: Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - I Can't Cry No More/ J.A. Tyler - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/ Lattimore Brown - A Mistaken Prayer/ Willis Wooten - Your Love Is Indescribably Delicious/ John Wesley - You're Gonna Miss Me/ Bobby Holley - Baby, I Love You/ Larry Williams - Call On Me/ Kent & The Candidates - I Gotta Feelin'/ Little Hooks & The Kings - Something Money Can't Buy/ Len Johnson & The Hi-lighters - Nobody But You/ Louis Jones - That's Cuz I Love You/ Willie Dixon & The Big Wheels - Our Kind Of Love/ Tyrone Davis - All The Waiting Is Not In Vain/ Sterling Harrison - The Church Bells Ring. LP 14.50
BUTTSHAKERS!! SOUL PARTY VOLUME 12 (Mr. Luckee) Subtitled as "Soul Food Pop Corn Titty Shaker Hammond Funk - Special Barbecue Soul Party. Tracks: Georges Woods - Potato Salad Pt. 1/ The Miles Grayson Trio - Sweet Bread/ The Virginia Wolves - B.L.T./ Hank Mance & The Blues Faculty - Red Beans & Rice/ George Semper - Shortin' Bread/ Rockin' T Birds - Milkshakes/ Lee Austin - Screwdriver/ The Nite Sounds - Cheesecake/ Calvin & The Kernels - Corn Chips Pt. 1/ Maurice Simon & The Pie Men - Sweet Potato Gravy/ Eldrige Holmes - Popcorn Pop, Pop/ The Dums Dums - Tortilla/ Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - Send Me Some Cornbread/ The Best Of Both Worlds - Momma Bakes Biscuits. Lp 14.50

CAPITOLS Dance The Cool Jerk (Atco) 60s soul outta Detroit: Cool Jerk/ My Girl/ I Got My Mojo Working/ Please Please Please/ In The Midnight Hour/ Good Lovin/ Love Makes The World Go Round/ Zig Zaggin/ Dog & Cat/ Hello Stranger/ Tired Running From You/ The Kick. LP 13.00


CHESS CLUB RHYTHM & SOUL (Kent) Mighty SOLID 25-cut comp of a mixed slew of 60's R & B & Soul.from the damned great CHESS/CHECKER catalog! There's 13 ABSOLUTE MONSTERS on here.ETTA JAMES Mellow Fellow/MITTY COLLIER Git Out/BO DIDDLEY Ooh Baby/MAURICE & MAC You Left The Water Runnin/KIP ANDERSON A Knife & A Fork (great)/LITTLE WALTER My Babe/SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Help Me/DON & BOB Good Morning Little School Girl (fantastic)/KOLETTES Who's That Guy (Cool Diddley-Girl Bouncer)/PIGMEAT MARKHAM Here Comes The Judge/LITTLE MILTON Grits Ain't Groceries (gutsy)/JAMO THOMAS Must I Holler (cool)/SUGARPIE DESANTO I Dont Wanna Fuss. Plus: MUDDY WATERS, BILLY STEWART, BOBBY MOORE, FRED HUGHES, BROTHER AJCK MCDUFF, MARLENA SHAW, KOKO TAYLOR, RAMSEY LEWIS, STEVE ALAIMO etc CD 16.00

CONTOURS Do You Love Me (Gordy) Repro of 1963 alb. LP 12.30

ROY CORWIN Preachin’ Talk / Preachin’ Talk (Popcorn POPC.002) The second single on the Popcorn label, out there to focus the intriguing Belgium Popcorn sound. With both versions of obscure Detroit artist Roy Corwin and his wonderfully impious ‘Preachin’ Talk’, we’ve pulled two outstanding popcorn anthems out of the bag for our second release. Each subtly but significantly different to each other but both conveying perfectly the Popcorn sound! A laid back finger-popping rhythm, some shuffling percussion accompaniment, almost gospel styled backing vocals and a crooned jazz-accented lead from Corwin, this is every inch the classy little number. For reasons unclear, Corwin recorded the song twice and for two separate Detroit indies. Neither the Hob or Roman issue are liable to turn up for sale very often, both are very rare, which makes this a nicely convenient way to acquire both excellent recordings at once. 7" 7.50

DON COVAY See-Saw (Atlantic) CLASSIC 1966 balls-out SOUTHERN SOUL repress – Shall crush twee Northern "soul" (hey: is that crap nuthin but Dionne Warwick imitations er wha?) twats into mincemeat! LP 12.00

CRASH OF THUNDER! KING FUNK (Vampisoul) 20 funk and raw soul tracks from the KING label compiled and commented by NYC #1 Soul DJ Mr. Fine Wine. Tracks: 1. Chopper 70 - Wayne Cochran) 2. Football - Swinging Seven 3. Thunder - Lord Thunder 4. Soul Jerk It Baby - Jeb Stuart 5. Fever - Marie Queenie Lyons 6. Your Key Won't Fit Anymore - Marie Queenie Lyons 7. Old Grandma - Robert Moore 8. Jo Ann - Robert Moore 9. Which Way - Presidents 10. Peter Rabbit - Presidents 11. Let Me Be (A Steppin' Soul) - Charles Spurling 12. That's My Zone (He's Pickin' On) - Charles Spurling 13. I Can't Tell You - Mickey Murray 14. Fat Gal - Mickey Murray 15. The Book Of Love - Clarence Murray 16. How Do You Feel - Peggy & Artie 17. Do What You Wanna Do Part 1 - Frank Howard & The Continentals 18. That Woman - Charles Spurling 19. I Got It Made - In The Shade - James Duncan 20. You've Got To Be Strong - James Duncan. Double LP 22.90

DAVE HAMILTON'S DETROIT FUNK Rare And Unreleased Twisted Funk 1967-1975 (ACE/BGP) 20 cuts by Billy Garner, Oc Tolbert, James Carpenter, Dave Hamilton; Johnny Walker, Bobby Dee, Barrino Brothers, Future Kind The Webb People, etc. CD 16.00

MELVIN DAVIS I Won’t Come Crawling Back to You / I Don’t Want You (Norton)Wicked Detroit soul stomps! Top decks an unissued mover cut in 1962 at the Fortune Records studios while the flip is Melvins rare 1961 Jack Pot label debut! 7" 6.00
MELVIN DAVIS Detroit Soul Ambassador (Vampisoul) About Love/ I Don't Want You/ Playboy (Don't You Play In School)/ I Won't Be Your Fool/ It's No News/ Wedding Bells/ Find A Quiet Place (And Be Lonely)/ This Ain't The Way/ I Must Love You/ Still In My Heart/ Chains Of Love/ I'm The One Who Loves You/ I Need My Baby/ I Won't Love You And Leave You. CD 15.70

BILL DOGGETT HONKY TONK POPCORN (Polydor) A truly rippin’ and most welcome reish of this great 1967 funky soul instro classic! LP 12.00

DYKE AND THE BLAZERS WE GOT MORE SOUL (Beat Goes Public) CDBGP2 180. The complete Dyke & The Blazers recordings, 1966-70, from the tape library of Original Sound Records: Funky Broadway Part 1 & 2/ So Sharp/ Swamp Walk/ Broadway Combination/ Uhh Parts 1 & 2/ Extra Funk/ City Dump/ Don't Bug Me/ Funky Broadway Time Part 1/ Funky Broadway Time Part 2/ She Knows It/ Why Am I Treated So Funky Bad?/ Triple Funk/ The Wrong House/ Kgfj Promos/ We Got More Soul/ Booga Jivin'/ The Wobble/ Bring It On Back/ I'm So All Alone/ Runaway People/ Shotgun Slim/ Funky Bull Part 1 & 2/ Black Boy/ It's Your Thing/ Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man/ Funky Walk Part 1 & 2/ Soul Cake/ Stuff/ My Sisters' And My Brothers' Day Is Comin'/ Moon/ You Are My Sunshine/ Let's Do It Together. Double CD 22.00
SO SHARP! (Kent) Smokin' hot ballsy FUNKY soul from '66-'68 plus a few from '69-70. 24 cuts, 20 of 'em WAY HOT cuts. CD 16.00

EMPERORS KARATE (PhillyArchives) Cool Philadelphia soul combo's entire released output! Wacky, rollicking bounce beat with organ, guitar, bass, and drums. LP 14.00
EMPERORS Karate/ My Baby Likes To Bogaloo (Penniman) "Karate" is a alternative, previously unreleased take - and KILLS! "My Baby Likes To Boogaloo" is a great Don Gardner cover. Both taken from the original master tapes. Repress w/out the sleeve! 7" 5.25

ESQUERITA You Better Belive Me/ What Was Wrong/ Little Richard Interview (Norton) "You Better Beieve Me" is a killer 1965 soul stomper, What Was Wrong & Little Richard interview are from the Vintage Voola CD. 7" 6.00

FALCONS I FOUND A LOVE (Relic) If ya dig R&B, YOU MUST BUY THIS! Great R&B from DETROIT including 3 songs by GOD HIMSELF: WILSON PICKETT! CD 14.00

THE FIRST DAYS OF FUNK Volume One (Electrostatic) Double CD of rare and obscure funk - 50% 60s hotties / 50% 70s dullness. CD 17.00
THE FIRST DAYS OF FUNK Volume Two (Electrostatic) Double CD of rare and obscure funk - 50% 60s hotties / 50% 70s dullness. CD 17.00

FIVE DU-TONES S/T SOLID 21-cut comp of this early (1959-1964) greasy soul & dance-stompers. "Shake A Tail Feather/Dry Your Eyes/Nobody But My Baby/We Want More/Don't Let Go Parts 1 & 2/Come Back Baby/Let Me Love You/Monkey See Monkey Do/Divorce Court/Get It/Woodbine Twine/ The Flea/Mountain Of Love/Cool Bird/Chicken Astronaut/The Ghouster/Outside The Record Hop" etc.CD 14.00

BOBBY FREEMAN C'MON & SWIM (Ace) Kills!!! 25 tracks: C'mon And Swim (Part 1)/ Do The Monkey/ Good Lovin'/ Ya Ya/ Speedo (The Monkey Man)/ I'll Never Fall In Love Again/ C'mon And Swim (Part 2)/ Walkin' The Dog/ Work Song/ That Little Old Heartbreaker Me/ S-W-I-M/ Come To Me/ I'll Never Fall In Love Again/ Friends/ The Duck/ Cross My Heart/ Dance All Night/ etc. CD 16.00

LOWELL FULSOM TRAMP/SOUL (Ace) 24 cuts from his 2 lp's from the mid-60s. Quite a few great cuts ("Tramp/Hobo Meeting/ etc.), but you also get some slow mid-60s blues dullery. CD € 16.00

FUNK CARGO (Famous Groove) 70s Funk comp – 14 cuts. LP 12.90
FUNK CARGO VOLUME 1 (Famous Groove) above LP plus 8 bonus tracks! CD 14.50

FUNKAPHONIX VOL 2 RAW & UNCUT FUNK 1968-1975 (Electrostatic) 20 tracks CD 15.00
VOL 3 RAW & UNCUT FUNK 1968-1975 (Electrostatic) 20 tracks CD 15.00
VOL 4 RAW & UNCUT FUNK 1968-1975 (Electrostatic) 20 tracks CD 15.00
FUNKAPHONIX VOL 5 RAW & UNCUT FUNK 1968-1975 (Electrostatic) 20 tracks CD 15.00
FUNKAPHONIX VOL 6 RAW & UNCUT FUNK 1968-1975 (Electrostatic) 20 tracks CD 15.00

MARSHA GEE Peanut Duck / COUNT YATES Chimpanzee (Penniman) "Peanut Duck" is a total killer Soul/boogalo/R&B ueberhit and should be in every well sorted record collection! So, GET THIS NOW!! Here's part of Penniman's info if this wasn't enough to convince you:"Everyone agrees: “Peanut Duck” is simply one of the best songs ever. A fascinating composition featuring raw sound, astonishing LYRICS and, last but not least, a sexy, b-i-z-a-r-r-e performance... A true experience for the senses! Little is known about this number, save for the fact that it was waxed at Philadelphia's Virtue studio at some point in the mid-sixties. There are several opinions concerning the identity of the singer hiding behind the Marsha Gee artistic name (a celebrity?, was she drunk or simply knackered?) Another mystery: how comes that such a powerful number was not originally released? Preserved through an acetate –discovered in the late 70’s- it was later included in a few compilations, some of them good, some of them quite horrendous... In any case, here you have the first legit and, hopefully, definitive release of “the duck song”. Call it soul, R&B or simply dance music... In a perfect world, such a dance would be taught in schools." 7" 5.25

GET IT! EE-GAH!! INCREDIBLY BAD-ASS late-60s raw & loud garagey FUNK!!! 22 loud & NASTY stompin' funk shouters! CD 12.80

WILLIE HENDERSON & THE SOUL EXPLOSIONS FUNKY CHICKEN (Brunswick) 1968 funk reish worth it for 2 cuts alone!! And those 2 cuts: "Soulful Football" and "Off Into A Black Thing", which slay, baby, SLAY! LP 12.50

HITSVILLE USA (Bit Records) Cool laid back Soul/ Latin Soul/R&B compilation with even some Las Vegas Grind sounding tunes. Perfect for a sunny afternoon with a nice drink in your hand... 28 tracks. CD 14.00

MARVIN HOLMES & THE UPTIGHTS Ooh Ooh The Dragon And Other Monsters (Uni) Late 60s Funk: Ooh Ooh The Dragon/ I've Never Found A Girl/ Grab This Thing/ Who's Making Love/ Grazing In The Grass/ There Was A Time/ Ride Your Mule - Part 1/ Don't Be Afraid/ It Takes A Lot Of Good Loving/ Lonely Too Long/ The Horse/ Scratch. LP 13.00


SONNY HOPSON The Mighty Burner (Philly Archives) This CD features the authentic 1969 RADIO SHOW hosting SONNY HOPSON who was a celebraty radio DJ in Philadelphia with a RADIO SHOW entirly dedicated to the hot PHILLY SOUND of those days. CD 13.00

IMPRESSED! 24 Groups Inspired By The Impressions (Kent) CD 16.00

IMPRESSIONS Impressions/Never Ending Impressions (Kent) Their 1963 and 1964 LP's on one CD. CD 16.00
IMPRESSIONS Keep On Pushing/People Get Ready (Kent) Their 1964 and 1965 albums - 24 cuts. CD 16.00
IMPRESSIONS The Fabulous Impressions/We're A Winner (Kent) Their 1967 LPs- 21 cuts.CD 16.00
IMPRESSIONS Definitive Impressions (Kent) 28 cuts: Gypsy Woman/ Grow Closer Together/ Little Young Lover/ Minstrel And Queen/ I'm The One Who Loves You/ Sad, Sad Girl And Boy/ It's All Right/ Talking About My Baby/ I'm So Proud/ Keep On Pushing/ I've Been Trying/ Girl You Don't Know Me/ I Made A Mistake/ You Must Believe Me/ Amen/ People Get Ready/ Woman's Got Soul/ Meeting Over Yonder/ I Need You/ Just One Kiss From You/ You've Been Cheatin'/ Since I Lost The One I Love/ I Can't Satisfy/ You Always Hurt Me/ I Can't Stay Away From You/ We're A Winner/ We're Rolling On/ I Loved And I Lost. CD 16.00
IMPRESSIONS Definitive Impressions Part 2 (Kent)28 more cuts: (Man Oh Man) I Want To Go Back/ I'm Getting Ready/ You Ought To Be In Heaven/ We're In Love/ No One Else/ This Must End/ Little Brown Boy/ Love's A Comin'/ Gotta Get Away/ I Love You (Yeah)/ A Woman Who Loves Me/ Aware Of Love/ Never Could You Be/ Let Me Tell The World/ I Need To Belong To Someone/ You'll Want Me Back/ Just Another Dance/ That's What Love Will Do/ You've Got Me Runnin'/ She Don't Love Me/ Devil In Your Soul/ I've Found That I've Lost/ Long, Long Winter/ Sister Love/ Puppy Love/ Don't Cry My Love/ Falling In Love With You/ It's All Over. CD 16.00
IMPRESSIONS ABC Rarities (Kent) Includes the 'Versatile Impressions' album (all cover versions except for 1 original), plus rarities. Total of 26 tracks. CD 16.00

ISLEY BROTHERS Twist & Shout (Sundazed) The Isley Brothers are one of the most enduring and influential acts in American music, building a prodigious body of innovative, infectious work that’s broadened rhythm and blues’ creative boundaries while keeping the combo at the forefront for more than half a century. For many listeners, though, there’s no beating the Isleys’ raw, raucous early work, which combined gospel fervor and roadhouse grit to create rousing, transcendent music. The Isley Brothers’ 1962 hit “Twist & Shout” marked a crucial breakthrough for the legendary trio. Recorded with producer/songwriter Bert Berns for Scepter Records’ Wand subsidiary, the song became a major pop/R&B crossover hit. It also became a cultural anthem whose influence extended across the Atlantic and caught the ear of the Beatles, whose version of the song also became a transatlantic smash. The Isley Brothers LP bearing “Twist & Shout” is a killer encapsulation of the group’s early brilliance. In addition to the title track, the album features a passel of tunes in the same wild vein, with the brothers’ wailing vocals driving such infectious numbers as “I Say Love,” “Right Now,” “Hold on Baby” and “The Snake.” Sourced from the original stereo tapes, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and decked out with complete original cover art: Twist & Shout/ I Say Love/ Right Now/ Hold On Baby/ Rubber Leg Twist/ The Snake/ You Better Come Home/ Never Leave Me Baby/ Spanish Twist/ Time After Time/ Let’s Twist Again/ Don’t You Feel. 180gram LP 18.50
This Old Heart Of Mine (Charly) CD 11.00
ISLEY BROTHERS Twist & Shout (Sundazed) CD 14..00

J.B.'s FUNKY GOOD TIME THE ANTHOLOGY (Polydor) SOLID double set of their bad-ass funky stomp! 2xCD 33.00

Wow! Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul!
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume One (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes One and Two are all Male Groups/Artists belting out dance-floor fillers and wild party winners - Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Charles Gray & Les Watson & The Panthers BABY DON'T DO IT/ Otis Williams YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I CARE/ James Crawford I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE/ Jimmy McCracklin LETS DO IT ALL/ The Rivals SHE'S MINE/ Benny Turner I DON'T KNOW/ Chico Leverett WORK WORK/ Willie C. Echols SHIMMY SHELLY SHAKE/ Willie C. Echols SATELLITE STROLL/ Alex Spearman MAMA-KA-TOKO-LAKA-POO-POO-YAY/ Young Jessie MARY LOU/ Rudi Stewart BABY YOU GOOFED/ Lorenzo Holden THE WIG/ Dave Bartholomew HEY HEY/ Madman Jones JES' ONE MO' TIME/ J. L. Smith DID YOU DO THE MOSQUITO/ The Huntsmen SEND ME SOME LOVIN'. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Two (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes One and Two are all Male Groups/Artists belting out dance-floor fillers and wild party winners - Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Billy Lamont SO-CALLED FRIENDS/ Bobby & Expressions SLOOPYTIME/ Albert Collins I DON'T KNOW/ The Rivals MAKE YER MIND UP/ Jimmy Raye HEY LETS DANCE/ Sam Baker THE BUMP/ Gene Burke MONKEY MAN/ McKinley Mitchell YOU'RE NOT GONNA BREAK MY HEART/ Danny White THE TWITCH/ The Pyramids WHAT IS LOVE/ Marv Johnson COME ON & STOP/ Tony & Tyrone TURN IT ON/ The Isley Brothers I SAY LOVE/ Allen Wayne CHILLS & FEVER/ The Ideals GO-GO GORILLA/ Wilbur Reynolds TENDERISER. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Three - Girls Round 1 (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes Three and Four are all Female Groups/Artists and cover a wide range of Cool Chick Chanters! Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: The Autographs DO THE DUCK/ Joan Proctor MATCHMAKER/ The Azaleas HANDS OFF/ Baby Jean OH JOHNNY/ The Gems THAT"S WHAT THEY PUT ERASERS ON PENCILS FOR/ Lisa Bett I'M MOVIN ON/ The Raeletts ONE ROOM PARADISE/ Little Brenda Starr MIX IT UP/ Mary Johnson THESE TEARS/ Tawny Reed NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK/ The Orlons DON'T YOU WANT MY LOVIN/ Dorothy Williams WATCHDOG/ Marie Knight COME ON BABY/ Virgie Till LOOSE ME LOVE / Lottie Joe Jones I BELIEVE TO MY SOUL/ Ruth Brown MAMA HE TREATS YOUR DAUGHTER MEAN/ Big Mama Thornton TOM CAT. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM! BAM! Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Volume Four - Girls Round 2 (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records) Volumes Three and Four are all Female Groups/Artists and cover a wide range of Cool Chick Chanters! Killer sound, killer packaging, killer HITS: Toni Wine RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH/ Ketty Lester WEST COAST/ Tawny Reed I'VE GOT A FEELING/ Irene & The Scotts WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE YOU DO/ The Geminis BIG BROTHER/ Verna Rae Clay I'VE GOT IT BAD/ Phil & Marie LOVE DOCTOR/ Judi Clay LET IT BE ME/ Lydia Marcelle EVERYBODY DANCE/ The Gypsies IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD/ The Geminis YOU PUT A HURTING ON ME/ Vicky Gomez BOYS ARE A DIME A DOZEN/ Robin Rice I'VE HAD IT/ The Dynettes NEW GUY/ Paula LaMont A BEATLE MEETS A LADYBUG/ The Vonns SO MANY DAYS. PREPARE TO SWING, BABY! LP 11.90
JERK BOOM BAM: Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Five (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records - Jerk RSAB-115) Killer comp of greasy 1960s R&B & soul dance blasters: John Fred - LENNE/ LesterYoung - DOWN TO THE RIVER/ Eddie King & Mae B, May - ARE YOU PUSHED TO LOVE?/ Louisiana Red - WHO DAT?/ The Jolly Jax - 'PRECIATE IT/ Big Jack Reynolds - MADE IT UP IN YOUR MIND/ Professor Hamilton & The School Boys - BACK TO SCHOOL/ Bobby Pierce - MY NIGHT OUT / The Thunderbirds - THUNDERBIRD TWIST/ Kenny Hambers & David Robertson's Combo - DO THE HULLY GULLY/ Johnny Copeland - WAKE UP, LITTLE SUSIE/ Joel Scott Hill & The Invaders - LOOK OUT/ Miss La-Vell - TEENAGE LOVE/ Frank Scott - SHE SAID/ The Merrill Brothers - MY BABY TWIST/ Jimmie Vaughn - COME ON HOME. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM: Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Six (Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records - Jerk RSAB-116) Killer comp of greasy 1960s R&B & soul dance blasters: Lil' Ray & The Premiers - SHAKE! SHOUT! & SOUL!/ Pete Cooke & The Baby Dolls - TAKE IT AND GIT/ Terry Westlake - BABY BE MY CHAUFFEUR/ Ervin Rucker - SHE'S ALRIGHT/ Helen Troy - I THINK I LOVE YOU/ Oscar Boyd - WHEN THINGS GET A LITTLE BETTER/ Pete & Repeat - BUT I STILL DO/ Johnny Cool & The Counts - THE LOVE BOUNCE/ Pete Hartfield - MIGHTY MAN Parts 1 & 2/ The Skip Robinson Trio - I FEEL ALRIGHT/ The Williams Sisters - HE'S GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED/ Carl Henry Hall - LET ME DOWN SLOWLY/ Teddy Mack & The Mackinteers - HEY HEY GYPSY WOMAN/ Leo Price - HEY NOW BABY/ James McCleese - TELL ME WHY. LP 11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Seven (RSAB-117) Little Betty TWISTIN SCHOOL, El Pauling PLEASE PLEASE BE MINE, The Twi-Lighters LIVE LIKE A KING, The Rollers TROUBLES, The Atlantics TRACY, Junior Lewis TEARS ON MY FACE, Preacher Stevens MARY, Marie Adams THATS THE WAY TO GET ALONG, The Grandisons ALL RIGHT, Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman - I'M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY, Inuz Moore IF IT AIN'T ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER, The Wild Ones A LITTLE BIT OF SOUL, Barbara Lynn YOU CAN'T BUY MY LOVE, Billy Emerson EVERY WOMAN I KNOW, Eddie Lang SOMETHING WITHIN ME, Bobby Williams MY BABY CRIES. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Eight (RSAB-118) Paul Perryman KEEP A-CALLIN', The Stylers HIDE AND SEEK, Henry Strogin OLD FOLKS BOOGIE, The Per- suaders ARABELLA, Little Herman I'M GONNA PUT THE HURT ON YOU, Hayes Ware YOU GOT ME MAMA, Roy Ward HORSE WITH A FREEZE, Dorothy Berry YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, Johnny Acey PLEASE DONT GO, John And Carol GET YOUR HAT, Sugar & Sweet YOU DONT HAFTA CRY, Leroy Harris I'M GONNA GET YOU, Patty Jerome NO MORE TEARS, Billy Watkins I'M TIRED, Al Henderson SHE SAYS CRAZY, Mabel King GO BACK HOME YOUNG FELLA. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Greasy Rhythm n' Blues And Nasty Soul Party Volume Nine (RSAB-119) Duane Yates PASSIN' ON BY, Willie Mae Thornton JUST LIKE A DOG, The Coanjos DO THE BOOMERANG, Pepe Fernandez HAVING FUN, Herb Zane PERSIAN TWIST, Tony Butela LONG BLACK STOCKINGS, Lucky Laws I'M NOT TEASING, Tony Allen & The Twilights THE TRAKEY-DOO, Reverend Cleosuph Robinson CAN'T NOBODY DO, Andre Franklin with The Preston Epps Trio SAY YEAH!, Billy Boy Arnold SCHOOL TIME, Tommy Ridgely I WANT SOME MONEY BABY, The Baby I NEED LOVE, Ann Fleming YOU'RE JUST ONE MAN, Little Jewel I WANT TO. LP11.90
JERK BOOM BAM Volume 10 (Jerk RSAB-210) Killer new LP of greasy late-1950s & early-1960s R&B &soul dance blasters!! Tracks: Side A: 1 Prince Phillip ANOTHER FOOL LIKE ME 2 Bobby & The Innkeepers TALKING ABOUT MY BABY 3 The Dream Girls CRYING IN THE NIGHT 4 George Allen LOOSE SCREW 5 Mel Williams I GOT EYES 6 Jimmy Vaughn & His Orchestra HOT-SI-TOT-SI 7 Donny Williams BOOGIE CHILLUNS PLAYHOUSE 8 Eddie King & Mae B. May PLEASE MR. DJ - Side B: 1 Bobby & The Innkeepers SOMETIMES I WALK 2 Little Mack I NEED LOVE 3 Duke Jenkins MAMBO BLUES 4 Adolph Jacobs MOVE AROUND EASY 5 Eddie King & The Three Queens LOVE YOU BABY 6 Al Brown & The Tunetoppers TAKE ME BACK 7 Lenis Guess THANK GOODNESS GOT A GOOD WOMAN 8 Embraceables WATERMELON MAN. LP11.90

JUMP & SHOUT! A wild comp of greasy, sloppy, post-R&B/pre-soul dance slop from obscure artists from 1961-1965. Imagine if John Waters circa "Pink Flamingos" had chosen the "Hairspray" dance tunes! Do the Grunt! Do the Zombie Stomp! Do the Wobble! 18 cuts on the LP . LP 11.90 / CD (with bonus tracks) 12.80

KELLY BROTHERS SANCTIFIED SOUTHERN SOUL (Ace) 28 cuts of 1964-67 and some 68-70 southern soul from the SIMS & EXCELLO labels. Kicks off GREAT with the GODLIKE "I'm Falling In Love Again" and "You're That Great Big Feelin" - and yer gonna just want to spin this all the way thru - "Hangin On In There", etc: CLASSIC... CD 16.00

KING COLEMAN IT'S DANCE TIME! (Norton) ABSOH-LIEU-TAHLEY ESSENTIAL complete set of this r&b/soul genius gravel-voiced hoot & holler! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You are gonna BUY THIS right now or yer gonna hafta declare yerself Robot Cristgow Junior. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

LATINO COOL (Popcorn Rec.) great comp of 60s latin/latin soul coolities -14 tracks. LP 12.00

LIGHTNIN' ROD HUSTLER'S CONVENTION (Celluloid) Repress of this classic 70s funk/spoken word album setting into "drama" a crew's adventures in pimping/ gambling/ etc - The stereo sound effects of the ACTION is a riot; Pool balls bangin' around from left to right speaker... Kool & The Gang, King Curtis are amongst the gang providing the funky backing music. LP 12.30 / CD 12.30

NATHANIEL MAYER VILLAGE OF LOVE BUY OR DIE! Total fucking GENIUS 21-song CD of the OTHER Fortune Records' 50's R&B genius! Greasy, primal, sexy r&b and latin-flavored soul and doo-wop aceness. If you play this for your girl- or boyfriend and they don't get horny and start crawlin' over you demanding SEX, DUMP the frigid bitch or son-of-a-bitch! CD 14.50
NATHANIEL MAYER Love And Affection (Vampisoul) Alright!! All the 21 tracks from the featured CD in our Soul section (plus two more from 1980 at the end of side 4 so they are easy to ignore...).CD € 15.90
NATHANIEL MAYER "I Don't Want No Bald Headed Woman Tellin Me What To Do" (Norton) Unissued 1968 Detroit soul workout w/Nathaniel doing a ballsy JB funky soul shouter, produced by Gino Washington! 7" 6.00
NATHANIEL MAYER "Ride In My 225 / Mister Santa Claus" (Norton) cool studio studio a-side (2003 recording) b/w live-at-Norton-wingding (2 great pics!)  7" 6.00

McKINLEY "Soul" MITCHELL The Town I Live In (RPM)'The One-Derful Years'. CD16.50

METERS S/T (Josie) Repress of the classic & mighty FUNKY debut album: "Cissy Strut/Here Comes The Meter Man/Cardova/Live Wire/Art/Sophisticated Cissy/Ease Back/6V6 LA/Sehorn's Farm/Ann Stormy/Simple Song". LP 12.30
METERS S/T (Sundazed) Same LP but with 2 previously unissued BONUS TRACKS: "The Look Of Love/Soul Machine". CD 12.50
METERS LOOK-KAPY PY (Josie) Repress of the solid 2nd album LP 12.30
METERS LOOK-KAPY PY (Sundazed) Repress of the solid 2nd album PLUS 2 previously unissued BONUS TRACKS: "Grass/Borro". CD 12.50
METERS STRUTTIN (Josie) Repress of the 3rd album LP 12.30
METERS STRUTTIN (Sundazed) Repress of the 3rd album PLUS 2 previously unissued BONUS TRACKS: "Funky Meters Soul/Meter Strut" CD 12.50

MIGHTY HANNIBAL HANNIBALISM! (Norton) CD has a bunch of bonus cuts, mostly his late-50s and early-60s R&B stuff, while the VINYL focuses on his 60s soul & funk stuff, and you're gonna want to BLAST his great "Jerkin The Dog" and "Get In The Groove" mucho plenty! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00


OL’ VIRGINIA SOUL PART 1 – JUMP UP & DOWN (Arcania Int’l) 27 cuts of Virginia 60s soul, ranging from sloppy lunacy to smooth 1968 groovers. CD 15.00
OL’ VIRGINIA SOUL PART 2 – FUNKY VIRGINIA (Arcania Int’l) 27 more tracks from 1966-70 CD 15.00
OL’ VIRGINIA SOUL PART 3 – ENCORE! (Arcania Int’l) 25 tracks (7 prev. unissued) from 1965 - 75 CD 15.00

OLYMPICS Doin' The Hully Gully/Dance By The Light Of The Moon/Party Time (ACE) 3 LP's covering the period of 1959 - 1961. 26 mostly great Soul and R&B cuts: (Baby) Hully Gully/ Big Boy Pete/ Stay Away From Joe/ The Slop/ What'd I Say/ Boo-Dee Green/ Private Eye/ Dodge City/ Dance By The Light Of The Moon/ Workin' Hard/ Big Chief Little Puss/ Stay Where You Are/ Little Pedro/ I'll Never Fall In Love/ Dooley/ Shimmy Like Kate/ Mash Them 'Taters/ The Stomp/ Hoochie Coochie Coo/ Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha/ Pony Time/ Party Pooper/ The Scotch/ Madison Time/ Save The Last Dance For Me/ The Twist/ Party Pooper/ Dooley. CD 16.00

PASS THE SOUL - Steppin' Hot Volume 2: Cool set of 25 mid-60s soul & soul instro sharpies: SIMON & THE PIEMEN Cut It Out/RUFF FRANCIS Give Me Mercy/BILLY LAMONT Sweet Thang/LEN JOHNSON Duck With Wolfman/TIMMY NORMAN Let It All Hang Out/CURLY DAVIS Black Cobra/CHUCK EDWARDS Bullfight/STEVE HARTMAN Bulls Eye/U.S. WARREN The Drop/FREDDIE YOUNG Monkey Business/JOHNNY OTIS Banana Peels/LEON & THE BURNERS Crack Up/RICHARD KNIGHT Showstopper/DAVE HOLDEN Hog/JIMMY LIGGINS Last Round/MARTELLS Broadway Exit/SILAS & THE COUNTS Pass The Soul/ etc! CD13.80

BOBBY PATTERSON TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS (Kent) 29 cuts of soul from 1962-69. Mostly slick & weak but there are 9 damn SOLID cuts. CD 16.00

WILSON PICKETT IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (Atlantic) The classic debut, with his Lupine recordings, "I Found A Love/Let's Kiss And Make Up/Take This Love I've Got" etc., the megahit title cut, the UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLY GREAT "That's A Man's Way" plus "Teardrops Will Fall/Take A Little Love/For Better Or Worse/I'm Gonna Cry/Come Home Baby/I'm Not Tired". LP 12.00
WILSON PICKET Live In Germany 1968 - My god! Insane vinyl with roaring fidelity of his beyond belief, scorchingly hot live show from Germany 1968. Photo-crammed lp sleeve PLUS photo-crammed 2-sided inner sleeve! 8 cuts. A must! Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ Ninety-Nine And A Half/ Mustang Sally/ In The Midnight Hour/ Stagger Lee/ I'm In Love/ Funky Broadway/ Land Of 1000 Dances. 11.90
WILSON PICKETT MIDNIGHT HOUR (Back Biter) Cheapo 18-cut Wilson comp if ya can't spring for the dbl-cd. CD 7.70

PSYCHEDELIC ALIENS Psycho African Beat (Academy) Some really WACKED OUT fuzz guit/Voxx organ funk-rockers on here! 3 cuts may be a bit too "world-beat" sounding for the persnickety cryptmailorder crowd but this stuff is so over the top! Official release of these long lost gems, licensed directly from the band. Like most stories involving aliens this one seems, well, made up. For a few years in the late 60's to early 70's worlds collided and aliens walked among us. And made music. Psycho African Beat is the complete recorded output of this amazing group and their unprecedented music that combined elements of American soul, funk, garage rock and psych with African rhythms and melodies. This magical moment lasted for 3 short years producing only 3 releases: a 4 song EP and 2 7"es (the latter two recorded as The Magic Aliens). Today, these 3 original releases are the most sought after and most elusive African funk records. LP includes an extensive 32 page booklet. LP19.50 / 7" box 52.00

R'N'B MEETS NORTHERN SOUL Volume 1 (VOR) Willie Jones - Where's My Money/ Fred Bridges - Baby Don't You Weep/ Curtis Knight - Voodoo Woman/ Len Johnson - One Day/ Bobby Marchan - Booty Green/ Gene Martin - Lonely Nights/ Sarah Vaughn - Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)/ Gene Martin - I Got The Blues/ Diane Barnes - I Need Your Love Tonight/ Little Sonny - We Got A Groove/ Billy Preston - Volcano/ Dorothy Prince - I Lost A Love/ Bill Baker - Another Sleepless Night/ John Scott - It's You/ Leroy Jones - It's All Right/ Big Boy Myles - She's So Fine/ Jimmy Outler - It's All Over/ Chuck Pender - I Sure Like Your Style/ Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin'. LP 11.50
R'N'B MEETS NORTHERN SOUL Volume 3 (V.O.R.) The Peaches Don't Take My Man/ Frances Burr with the K. J. Trio I Say No, No More/ Goerge Lee Don't Let Him In/ Ted Taylor Look Out/ Ludaway The Pig/ Marty Barris You're My Thrill/ James Velvet Bouquet Of Flowers/ David Gibson Can't Do Nothing/ Chris & Stella Towns Nearer & Dearer/ Junior Wells Cha Cha Cha In Blue/ Allen Wayne Chills & Fever/ Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit/ Piney Brown Sugar In My Tea/ Ted Taylor - Dancing Annie/ Big Mama Thornton - My Man Called Me/ Jimmy Greene - Girl Like Mine/ Barbara Randolph - Sweet Daddy Tree Top Tall/ Junior Wells - Little By Little/ Lamp Sisters - No Cure For The Blues/ Jimmie Johnson & The Lucky Hearts - Get It. LP 11.50

R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 1: Teach Me To Monkey (Vampisoul) Early 60's R&B gems on KING and FEDERAL compiled by Mr.Fine Wine - 10x 7"-Single box!!. Tracks: WILLIE WRIGHT Gibble, Gobble/ HANK BALLARD Broadway/ LULU REED What Makes You So Cold/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN My Nerves/ LLOYD NOLANI Don't Know About You/ THE '5' ROYALES Slummer The Slum/ LITTLE MUMMY Where You At Jack/ THE VALENTINES That's It Man/ EUGENE CHURCH Mind Your Own Business/ CHARLES BROWN Regardless/ EL PAULING Here It Is Right Here/ ROY MILTON & HIS ORCHESTRA One Zippy Zam/ FREDDIE KING Texas Oil/ THE DRIVERS Mr Astronaut/ CAROL FORD Your Well Ran Dry/ LITTLE BOBBY MOORE Do The Ginger Snap/ LITTLE EMMETT SUTTON Mom, Won't You Teach Me To Monkey/ SONNY THOMPSON Uncle Willie's Got A Thing Going On/ JOHNNY WATSON Posin'/ EDDIE KIRK Hog Killin' Time. CD 15.50
V.A. R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 2: Scratch That Itch (Vampisoul) Limited Record Store Day special on heavy double vinyl! Double LP € 22.90
R&B HIPSHAKERS VOLUME 2: Scratch That Itch (Vampisoul) Second Volume featuring rockin R&B and early soul from the King/Federal/DeLuxe catalogue, compiled once again by mighty Mr Fine Wine from WFMUs Downtown Soulville. The limited edition 7" box set contains ten singles with replica King/Federal bags and labels, plus a set of artist pictures. Marsanova - Hank Marr/ Buggy Ride - Rudy Ray Moore/ Jail Bird - El Pauling & Royal Abbit/ Burnt Toast And Black Coffee - Mike Pedicin/ You Have My Blessings - Mary Johnson/ The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist - Freddy King/ Whiz-a-shoo-pepi-dada - Amos Milburn/ Whats Your Name - Hank Ballard & His Midnighters/ Puddentane - Lula Reed/ I Say, I Love You - Johnny Watson/ Coralee - Titus Turner/ Run Baby - Carol Ford/ Hear Me Now - Billy Lamont/ What Is This I See - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/ Scratch That Itch - Elliott Shavers & His Blazers/ Steam Roller - Mickey Baker/ Monkey Tonight - Eddie Kirk/ Fun Fun - Lloyd Nolan/ Our Kind Of Love - Willie Dixon & The Big Wheels/ Shout Bamalama - Otis Redding. CD 15.50
Volume 3: Just A Little Bit Of The Jumpin' Bean (Vampisoul) Third volume of R&B and early soul from the King and Federal vaults, compiled by genre expert Mr Fine Wine, from WFMUs Downtown Soulville: 1. Cozy's Mambo - Cozy Cole 2. Mama Needs Your Lovin' Baby - Linda Hopkins 3. Old Faithful And True Love - Earl King 4. She's Mine - Joe Tex 5. Send Me A Picture Baby - Mel Williams 6. Sixteen Tons - Eugene Church 7. Dry Bones Twist - The Drivers 8. Hold It - Bill Doggett 9. Solid Rock - El Pauling And The Royalton 10. Nothing But Good - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters 11. Take Your Fine Frame Home - Billy Gayles 12. Much Later - Jackie Brenston With Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm 13. Thanks Mr Postman - Bobby King 14. Don't Play With Love - Little Willie John 15. In The Open - Freddy King 16. One Buffalo (You Mean A Nickel) - Jimmy Peterson 17. I Won't Have It - The King Pins 18. Just A Little Bit - Tiny Topsy 19. The Jumpin' Bean - The Mystics 20. Harem Girl - Red Prysock. CD 15.50 / 10x7" box 45.90 / Double LP 23.90
R&B HIPSHAKERS Volume 4: Bossa Nova And Grits (Vampisoul) More rockin' R&B and early soul from the King and Federal catalogues. A compilation of tracks from 1953 to 1967 by essential artists such as Little Willie John, The 5 Royales, Little Esther, Wynonie Harris, Lula Reed, Freddy King. 20 cuts selected by genre expert Mr Fine Wine, from WFMU's Downtown Soulville. Several titles reissued for the first time. Little Joe Washington: Bossa Nova And Grits/ Jimmy Nolen: The Way You Do/ Little Esther (Esther Phillips): Cherry Wine/ Various Artists: Be-Bop Wino/ Titus Turner: Hold Your Loving/ Juanita Nixon: Stop Knockin'/ The Midnighters: We'll Never Meet Again/ Jimmy Scott: Somewhere Down The Line/ Camille Howard: You're Lower Than A Mole/ Wynonie Harris: Good Mambo Tonight/ Roy Brown & His Mighty Men: She's Gone Too Long/ King Syam: Syam's Blues/ Gene Wilson & His Genies: Love Love Love D-R-E-A-M/ Amos Milburn: Same Old Thing/ Lula Reed & Freddy King: You Can't Hide/ Sam Anderson & The Telstars: Back On The Block/ Clarence Paul: Baby Don't You Leave Poor Me/ The "5" Royales: Don't Be Ashamed/ Little Willie John: Mister Glenn/ Young John Watson: Space Guitar. CD 15.90 / 10x7" box 59.90

OTIS REDDING Dictionary Of Soul (Sundazed) Otis Redding's fifth album, whose cover bears the full title Complete and Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul, more than lives up to that grandiose monicker. The last solo album that the artist would complete prior to his death at the age of 26, this 12-song set demonstrates how Redding combined raw talent and boundless charisma with a restless creative spirit that drove him to expand his horizons beyond the traditional boundaries of contemporary rhythm and blues. Tracks: Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)/ I'm Sick Y'all/ Tennessee Waltz/ Sweet Lorene/ Try A Little Tenderness/ Day Tripper/ My Lover's Prayer/ She Put The Hurt On Me/ Ton Of Joy/ You're Still My Baby/ Hawg for You/ Love Have Mercy. LP18.50
OTIS REDDING OTIS! THE DEFINITIVE OTIS REDDING (Rhino) 96 track box with buckets of PRIME Otis! 4xCD 62.00
OTIS REDDING SPOTLIGHT ON (BackBiter) Cheapo 18-cut comp of mostly hits. CD 7.70

CLARENCE REID Nobody But You Babe (Tay-ster) Late 60s Funk by Clarence Reid also known as BLOWFLY: Nobody But You Babe/ Something Special About My Baby/ Let The Soul Sounds Play/ Mark My Word/ I'm Sorry Baby/ Skunks, Hogs & Dogs/ Along Came A Woman/ Heaven Will Welcome You/ Good Lovin' My Middle Bame/ The Price I Have To Pay/ I Wish It Were Me. LP 12.50

SAM & DAVE Hold On, I'm Comin (Stax) Reissue of 1966 LP: Hold On. I'm Comin/ If You Got The Loving/ I Take What I Want/ Ease Me/ I Got Everything I Need/ Don't Make It So Hard On Me/ It's A Wonder/ Don't Help Me Out/ Just Me/ You Got It Made/ You Don't Know Like I Know/ Blame Me. LP 13.00
SAM & DAVE Soul Men (Stax) Reissue of 1967 LP: Soul Man/ May I Baby/ Broke Down Piece Of Man/ Let It Be Me/ Hold It Baby/ I'm With You/ Don't Knock It/ Just Keep Holding On/ The Good Runs The Bad Way/ Rich Kind Of Poverty/ I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do. LP 13.00


SHAFTMAN - INTRODUCING A BAD MUTHA... (Funky Finger) The most bizarre and ridiculous LP you'll ever hear! Constructed from a 1971 black-adult comedy party LP's about a private detective and his adventures in BLACKMAIL and SEX. Between each part of the "story" are 14 hard, raunchy, humorous, late-60's soul/funk stompers. The LP comes with a 7" EP, running the party to a whopping 50 minutes! HOUND DOG CLOWNS Superfox/RUTABAGA String's Gonna Get You/KICKING MUSTANGS Kicking Ass/GRUNTIN' GROOVER Groovy Gruntin'/BAD BASCOMB Funk City/GUNGA DIN Crabcakes/SOUL BROTHERS Drive!/TONY ALVON & THE BELAIRS Sexy Coffee Pot/JOHNNY JONES & THE KINGS Purple Haze/TIMMY WILSON I'm A Man/DON JULIAN & THE LARKS Shorty The Pimp/ etc.LP+7" 11.00 / CD 12.50

SHAKE WHAT YOU BROGHT (Sundazed) 20 cuts from the SSS International Label. CD 14.50

THE SOCKER! (Continental) 28 cuts of hard-driving 1966 soul: STU GARDNER " Drive Me" / JOHN BRADLEY & HIS SWINGING SOUL SEEKERS " Everybody's Gettin'Soul" / KING EARNEST " The Soul Stroke" / HOWARD PETERS " Tighten Up The Slack" / IRENE &THE SCOTTS " I'm Stuck On My Baby" / PEG-LEG MOFFETT " The Socker" / SIMTEC SIMMONS & BAND " Limber Up" / JIMMY MAYES & THE MILL STREET DEPOT" Monkey Shine" / ROYAL KINGS " Let's Do The Tighten Up" / JIMMY FRASER " Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones" / CASH McCALL " I'm In Danger" / BOHANNA" Nightime Lady" / HARVEY CLARK " Do Your Own Thing" / JIMMY DEE & THE MIGHTY DEE JAYS " I Don't Know What's Troubling Me" / 4 INSTANTS " Discotheque" / LITTLE HANK " I Got The Feeling" / STU GARDNER " How Do You Feel" / VOLCANOS " A Lady's Man" / EDDIE CURTIS " Those Foxes & Pussycats" / MARTY LEWIS " I Can't Do Without You" / OLIVER BUSH " Please Come Back My Love Parts 1 & 2" / TONY MASON " Scram!" / GEORGE JACKSON " Don't Use Me" / OTIS BUSH &THE CRUSADERS " Sock'Em With A Good Foot" / JAMES HAAN & THE SOUL ENTERTAINERS " It's A Fine Thing" / BILLY NICHOLS " Shake A Leg" / JOHNNY C & THE ROCKING CHAMPS " Groove Time" . CD 12.80

SOUL PATROL LP SERIES - solid late 60s / early 70s Funk comps - please check the end of this page for different Volumes in this series ( 12.90 each)

SWEET SOUL MUSIC 31 Scorching Classics From 1961 (Bear Family) A hit collection with monstrous 80 page booklet: THE VIBRATIONS: The Watusi - THE MIRACLES: Shop Around - MAXINE BROWN: All In My Mind - THE SHIRELLES: Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY: (I Don't Know Why) But I Do - ROY HAMILTON: You Can Have Her - SLIM HARPO: Rainin' In My Heart - CHUCK JACKSON: I Don't Want To Cry - FREDDY KING & HIS ORCHESTRA: Hide Away - CARLA THOMAS: Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) - THE DRIFTERS: Some Kind Of Wonderful - JIMMY REED: Big Boss Man - THE MARCELS: Blue Moon - SHEP & THE LIMELITES: Daddy's Home - ERNIE K-DOE: Mother-In-Law - LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER: Driving Wheel - BOBBY LEWIS WITH JOE RENÉ ORCHESTRA: Tossin' And Turnin' - THE PIPS (with Gladys Knight, lead): Every Beat Of My Heart - BEN E. KING: Stand By Me - DEE CLARK: Raindrops - THE JIVE FIVE WITH JOE RENE & ORCHESTRA: My True Story - IKE & TINA TURNER: It's Gonna Work Out Fine - THE MAR-KEYS: Last Night - CHRIS KENNER: I Like It Like That, Part 1 - THE JARMELS: A Little Bit Of Soap - FATS DOMINO: Let The Four Winds Blow - SOLOMON BURKE: Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) - LEE DORSEY: Ya Ya - THE MARVELETTES: Please Mr. Postman - THE IMPRESSIONS: Gypsy Woman - BOBBY BLAND: Turn On Your Love Light. Digipack CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC 28 Scorching Classics From 1962 (Bear Family) A hit collection with monstrous 72 page booklet: BARBARA GEORGE WITH THE A.F.O. STUDIO COMBO: I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS: Letter Full Of Tears - THE SENSATIONS: Let Me In - GENE CHANDLER: Duke Of Earl - SOLOMON BURKE: Cry To Me - ETTA JAMES WITH THE RILEY HAMPTON ORCHESTRA: Something's Got A Hold On Me - THE FALCONS & BAND (OHIO UNTOUCHABLES): I Found A Love - ARTHUR ALEXANDER: You Better Move On - KING CURTIS & THE NOBLE KNIGHTS: Soul Twist - CLYDE MCPHATTER: Lover Please - THE SHIRELLES: Soldier Boy - CHUCK JACKSON: Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) - JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES: Night Train - JOE HENDERSON: Snap Your Fingers - THE MARVELETTES: Playboy - DON GARDNER & DEE DEE FORD: I Need Your Loving - THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Twist And Shout - JOHN LEE HOOKER: Boom Boom - LITTLE EVA: The Loco-Motion - BOOKER T. & THE M.G.'S: Green Onions - MARY WELLS: You Beat Me To The Punch - THE CONTOURS: Do You Love Me - BOBBY BLAND: Stormy Monday Blues - THE DRIFTERS: Up On The Roof - MARVIN GAYE: Stubborn Kind Of Fellow - ESTHER PHILLIPS: Release Me - THE COOKIES: Chains - JIMMY McGRIFF: I've Got A Woman; Part 1. CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC 30 Scorching Classics From 1963 (Bear Family) A hit collection with monstrous 80 page booklet: BOBBY BLAND: That's The Way Love Is - MARY WELLS: Two Lovers - RUBY & THE ROMANTICS: Our Day Will Come - OTIS REDDING: These Arms Of Mine - THE MIRACLES: You've Really Got A Hold On Me - JAN BRADLEY: Mama Didn't Lie - CHUCK JACKSON: Tell Him I'm Not Home - COOKIE & HIS CUPCAKES: Got You On My Mind - THEOLA KILGORE: The Love Of My Man - THE CHIFFONS: He's So Fine - JACKIE WILSON: Baby Workout - JIMMY HOLIDAY: How Can I Forget - BABY WASHINGTON: That's How Heartaches Are Made - MONGO SANTAMARIA BAND: Watermelon Man - THE DRIFTERS: On Broadway - BARBARA LEWIS: Hello Stranger - MARVIN GAYE: Pride And Joy - SOLOMON BURKE: If You Need Me - ETTA JAMES: Pushover - THE FIVE DU-TONES: Shake A Tail Feather - DORIS TROY: Just One Look - THE ESSEX: Easier Said Than Done - GARNET MIMMS & THE ENCHANTERS: Cry Baby - INEZ FOXX: Mockingbird - MAJOR LANCE: The Monkey Time - MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS: Heat Wave - LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: Part Time Love - BOB & EARL: Harlem Shuffle - THE IMPRESSIONS: It's All Right - RUFUS THOMAS: Walking The Dog. Digipack CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC 31 Scorching Classics From 1964 (Bear Family) A hit collection with monstrous 88 page booklet: THE TAMS: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am) - TIMMY SHAW: Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick) - MAJOR LANCE: Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um - THE SAPPHIRES: Who Do You Love - TOMMY TUCKER: Hi-Heel Sneakers - THE TEMPTATIONS: The Way You Do The Things You Do - BETTY EVERETT: The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) - BOBBY BLAND: Ain’t Nothing You Can Do - IRMA THOMAS: Wish Someone Would Care - B. B. KING: Rock Me Baby - THE DIXIE CUPS: Chapel Of Love - MARY WELLS: My Guy - CHUCK BERRY: No Particular Place To Go - JIMMY HUGHES: Steal Away - OTIS REDDING: Security - SHORTY LONG: Devil With The Blue Dress - THE DRIFTERS: Under The Boardwalk - THE SUPREMES: Where Did Our Love Go - WILLIE MITCHELL: 20-75 - JOE HINTON: Funny (How Time Slips Away) - JAMES BROWN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Out Of Sight - MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS: Dancing In The Street - O. V. WRIGHT WITH THE KEYS: That’s How Strong My Love Is - DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS: Mercy, Mercy - THE FOUR TOPS: Baby I Need Your Loving - MITTY COLLIER: I Had A Talk With My Man - IKE & TINA TURNER: I Can’t Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do) - SOLOMON BURKE: The Price - MAXINE BROWN: Oh No; Not My Baby - THE LARKS: The Jerk - THE VELVELETTES: Needle In A Haystack. Digipack CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC 30 Scorching Classics From 1965 (Bear Family) A hit collection with monstrous 95 page booklet: THE RADIANTS: Voice Your Choice - THE AD LIBS: The Boy From New York City - JOE TEX: Hold What You've Got - ALVIN CASH & THE CRAWLERS: Twine Time - FONTELLA BASS & BOBBY MCCLURE WITH OLIVER SAIN AND ORCHESTRA: Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - THE TEMPTATIONS: My Girl - JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS: Shotgun - THE IMPRESSIONS: People Get Ready - SOLOMON BURKE: Got To Get You Off My Mind - THE DIXIE CUPS: Iko Iko - MARVIN GAYE: I'll Be Doggone - TONY CLARKE: The Entertainer - BARBARA LEWIS: Baby, I'm Yours - BOOKER T. & THE MG'S: Boot-Leg - OTIS REDDING: I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) - LITTLE MILTON: We're Gonna Make It - THE SUPREMES: Back In My Arms Again - FRED HUGHES: Oo Wee Baby, I Love You - FOUR TOPS: I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) - LEE DORSEY: Ride Your Pony - WILSON PICKETT: In The Midnight Hour - BILLY STEWART: Sitting In The Park - RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO: The 'In' Crowd - JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 1 - THE MIRACLES: The Tracks Of My Tears - JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Think - ROY HEAD & THE TRAITS: Treat Her Right - FONTELLA BASS: Rescue Me - DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS: See Saw - KIM WESTON: Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While). Digipack CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 29 Scorching Classics 1966 (Bear Family) Ain't That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye/ A Sweet Woman Like You - Joe Tex/ Baby Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo/ Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.) - Edwin Starr/ Darling Baby - Elgins/ Get Out Of My Life, Woman - Lee Dorsey/ Uptight (Everything's Alright) - Stevie Wonder/ Searching For My Love - Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces/ 634-5789 (Soulsville U.S.A.) - Wilson Pickett/ This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - Isley Brothers/ You've Got My Mind Messed Up - James Carr/ She Blew A Good Thing - Poets/ Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam & Dave/ Cool Jerk - Capitols/ When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge/ Barefootin' - Robert Parker/ Neighbor, Neighbor - Jimmy Hughes/ Open The Door To Your Heart - Darrell Banks/ Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Temptations/ Stay With Me - Lorraine Ellison/ Ain't Nobody Home - Howard Tate/ I'm Your Puppet - James & Bobby Purify/ B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas/ Reach Out, I'll Be There - Four Tops/ Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd/ I'm Gonna Miss You - Artistics/ But It's Alright - J. J. Jackson/ Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville/ You Keep Me Hangin' On - Supremes. CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 30 Scorching Classics 1967 (Bear Family) Are You Lonely For Me Baby - Freddie Scott/ Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - 'Cannonball' Adderley/ Funky Broadway Part 1 - Dyke & The Blazers/ Girls Are Out To Get You - Fascinations/ Sweet Soul Music - Arthur Conley/ Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Toussaint Mccall/ Jimmy Mack - Martha & The Vandellas/ She's Looking Good - Rodger Collins/ Eight Men, Four Women - V. O. Wright/ Tramp - Otis Redding & Carla Thomas/ Ain't No Mountain High Enough -Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell/ Respect - Aretha Franklin/ Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann/ Baby Please Come Back Home - J., J. Barnes/ Soul Finger - Bar-Kays/ I Was Made To Love Her - Stevie Wonder/ Some Kind Of Wonderful - Soul Brothers Six/ Hypnotized - Linda Jones/ Come On Sock It To Me - Syl Johnson/ (I Wanna) Testify - Parliaments/ Cold Sweat Part 1 - James Brown/ Get On Up - Esquires/ (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Highe - Jackie Wilson/ Dirty Man - Laura Lee/ Expressway To Your Heart -Soul Survivors/ Soul Man - Sam & Dave/ I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Gladys Knight & The Pips/ Piece Of My Heart - Erma Franklin/ Skinny Legs And All - Joe Tex/ Tell Mama - Etta James. CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 29 Scorching Classics 1968 (Bear Family) I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson & The Miracle/ I'm In Love - Wilson Pickett/ (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days - Inez & Charlie Foxx/ (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding/ We're A Winner - Impressions/ Dance To The Music - Sly & The Family Stone/ The End Of Our Road - Gladys Knight & The Pips/ Cowboys To Girls - Intruders/ I Thank You -Sam & Dave/ Tighten Up Part 1 - Archie Bell & The Drells/ Take Time To Know Her - Percy Sledge/ Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/ Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell/ Lover's Holiday - Scott, Peggy & Jo Jo Benson/ Since You've Been Gone - Aretha Franklin/ Funky Street - Arthur Conley/ Stay In My Corner (Single Edit) - Dells/ I've Never Found A Girl - Eddie Floyd/ Grazing In The Grass - Hugh Masekela/ Slip Away - Clarence Carter/ Love Makes A Woman - Barbara Acklin/ Say It Loud I'm Black & I'm Proud (Part 1) - James Brown/ Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do - Betty Wright/ Girl Watcher - O'kaysions/ The Snake - Al Wilson/ Hey, Western Union Man - Jerry Butler/ Soulful Strut -Young-Holt Unlimited/ Who's Making Love - Johnnie Taylor/ Cloud Nine - Temptations/ I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye CD 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 28 Scorching Classics 1969 (Bear Family) Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone/ I Forgot To Be Your Lover - William Bell/ Build Me Up Buttercup - Foundations/ Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis/ There'll Come A Time - Betty Everett/ Take Care Of Your Homework - Johnnie Taylor/ Twenty-Five Miles - Edwin Starr/ Foolish Fool - Dee Dee Warwick/ Soul Shake - Scott, Peggy & Jo Jo Benson/ Only The Strong Survive - Jerry Butler/ Snatching It Back - Clarence, Carter/ It's Your Thing - Isley Brothers/ Give It Away - Chi-Lites/ The Chokin' Kind - Joe Simon/ T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. - Bobby Patterson/ Color Him Father - Winstons/ Cissy Strut - Meters/ What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - Jr Walker & The All Stars/ I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart - Staton Candi/ Mother Popcorn - James Brown/ Choice Of Colors - Impressions/ Reconsider Me - Johnny Adams/ Nobody But You Babe - Clarence Reid/ In A Moment - Intrigues/ Baby, I'm For Real - Originals/ Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross & The Supremes/ Backfield In Motion - Tim & Mel/ I Want You Back - Jackson 5. CD € 19.90
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 24 Scorching Classics 1970 (Bear Family) Love Bones - Johnnie Taylor/ Rainy Night In Georgia - Benton Brook/ Gotta Hold On To This Feeling - Jr Walker & All Stars/ Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone/ Give Me Just A Little More Time - Chairmen Of The Board/ Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) - Delfonics/ Cryin' In The Streets Part 1 - George Perkins & Silver../ Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Tyrone Davis/ You're The One Part 1 - Little Sister/ Love On A Two-Way Street - Moments/ Band Of Gold - Freda Payne/ Ball Of Confusion - Temptations/ Stealin' In The Name Of The Lord - Paul Kelly/ Get Up - James Brown/ War - Edwin Starr/ Ain't That Lovin' You - Luther Ingram/ Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder/ Express Yourself - Charles Wright & The Watts/ Part Time Love - Ann Peebles/ It's A Shame - Spinners/ Love Uprising - Otis Leavill/ Somebody's Been Sleeping - 100 Proof Aged In Soul/ Groove Me - Floyd King / The Tears Of A Clown -Smokey Robinson & The Miracle. CD 19.90

JOE TEX Skinny Legs And All (Kent) 24 cuts of Tex's oft-solid soul stomp & ballads from 1962-1969: S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)/ The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)/ Show Me/ Hold What You've Got / Heep See Few Know/ Someone To Take Your Place/ One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/ If Sugar Was As Sweet As You/ Meet Me In Church/ You Got What It Takes/ I Had A Good Home But I Left/ Don't Let Your Left Hand Know/ A Woman (Can Change A Man)/ Skinny Legs And All/ I Want To (Do Everything For You)/ A Sweet Woman Like You/ I Believe I'm Gonna Make It/ Men Are Gettin' Scarce/ I'm A Man/ I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better/ Papa Was, Too/ Watch The One/ The Truest Woman In The World/ Chicken Crazy. CD 16.00
JOE TEX You're Right, Joe Tex (Kent) 18 hits and B-sides plus four bonus tracks. Mostly stuff from 1968/69, but also one or two from 1967, '70, 73 and even two from 1989): You're Right, Ray Charles/ You Need Me, Baby/ The Dark End Of The Street/ Woman Like That, Yeah/ Keep The One You Got/ The Same Things/ I'll Never Do You Wrong/ Take The Fifth Amendment/ Sweet, Sweet Woman/ We Can't Sit Down Now/ Buying A Book/ Sure Is Good/ That's The Way/ Anything You Wanna Know/ The Only Way/ Grandma Mary/ Take My Baby A Little Love/ I Can See Everybody's Mother But I Can't See Mine/ She Said Yeah/ When A Woman Stops Loving A Man/ Woman Stealer/ Funny How Time Slips. CD 16.00

IRMA THOMAS TIME IS ON MY SIDE ... PLUS (Kent) 24 clasics from the 1962-66: Take A Look/ Time Is On My Side/ Don't Look Down/ Times Have Changed/ I Done Got Over It/ It's Raining/ Somebody Told You/ Wait, Wait, Wait/ Break-A-Way/ I Haven't Got Time To Cry/ Some Things You Never Get Used To/ Look Up/ Ruler Of My Heart/ Need Your Love So Bad/ Wish Someone Would Care/ Iwant A True, True Love/ I Did My Part/ You Don't Miss A Good Thing/ Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)/ Straight From The Heart/ Gone/ Two Winters Long/ Without Love (There Is Nothing)/ It's A Man's-Woman's World. CD 16.00

IKE & TINA TURNER The Soul Of Ike & Tina (Rumble Records) Their 1960 debut album: 01. I'm Jealous 02. I Idolize You 03. If 04. Letter From Tina 05. You Can't Love Two 06. I Had A Notion 07. A Fool In Love 08. Sleepless 09. Chances Are 10. You Can't Blame Me 11. You're My Baby 12. The Way You Love Me. LP 13.50
Dynamite! (Rumble Records) Reissue of the second Ike & Tina Turner LP fulla mostly solid Ike & Tina soul. 12 cuts: You Should'a Treated Me Right/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ A Fool In Love/ Poor Fool/ I Idolize You/ Tra La La La La/ Sleepless/ I'm Jealous/ Won't You Forgive Me/ The Way You Love Me/ I Dig You/ Letter From Tina. LP 13.50
LIVE! (Kent) Great mid-60s live soul Lp that rips like a mutha! Tina wails up a storm on "Please Please Please (2 times!)/If I Can't Be The First/I Know Its Gonna Work Out Fine/You Should Have Treated Me Right/He's Mine/I Know You Don't Love Me No More/Am I A Fool In Love/The Way You Love Me/My Man He's A Lovin Man" etc. PLUS some guest singers, including a whip-ass cover of Jr Parker's "Feelin Good". CD 16.00

IKE TURNER & KINGS OF RHYTHM A Black Man's Soul (Pompeii) Exact repro, first released in 1969. Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm at their funkiest. LP 12.30

TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume ONE: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! ESSENTIAL!! 1. The Upsetters - UPSETTER 2. Bruce Chanel - COME ON BABY 3. Johnny & The Debonairs - THE BONECRACKER 4. Terry & The Topics - WHERE'S MY PUSSYCAT 5. Aztecs - DAMELO BABY 6. Jocko - A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING 7. Julian Covey - SWEET BACON 8. Quarter Notes - THE INTERVIEW 9. Buddy Vincent - WOODEN BIRD TWIST 10. Travis Wammack - NIGHT TRAIN 11. Eddie Kirk - THE HAWG 12. Ronnie Kae - SWINGIN DRUMS 13. Wildtones - KING COBRA 14. Mac Sims - DRIVING WHEEL 15. Matthew Childs - FUNKY ONIONS 16. Nick Ashford - I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume TWO: 18 cuts of SOUL-STOMP, TWIST- PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! ESSENTIAL!! 1. Alex Harvey - SHAKIN ALL OVER 2. The Ambertones - CRUISE 3. Carl Lattimore - CARL'S DANCE PARTY 4. Bobby Jackson - CHA CHA CHA 5. The Knight Brothers - LOVE (Can't You Hear Me) 6. Big Bo & The Arrows - BIG BO's IRON HORSE 7. The Furys - ZING WENT THE STRINGS 8. Clarence & Calvin - ROOSTER KNEES & RICE 9. Higgs & Wilson SHA-BA-DAH 10. Ervin Rucker - DONE DONE THE SLOP 11.Classie Ballou - CLASSIE's WHIP 12. Marvulus Mickey - DO THE ROBOT 13. Bowlegs - HUNKY TWIST 14. The El-Cobras - OH YEAH 15. Ken Jones - CHICKEN POT PIE 16. Merle Spears - I WANT TO KNOW 17. Famous George - LAST NIGHT 18. Curtis Knight - HORNET'S NESTLP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume THREE: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-1968! ESSENTIAL!! 1. El Pauling & The Royalton - SOLID ROCK 2. Nick & The Jaguars - ICH-I-BON #1 3. Lonnie Brooks - THE FROG 4. Hector & THE Eastmen - SWITCH ME 5. Billy Emerson - AUNT MOLLY 6. Johnny Rebb - ROCK ON 7. Joe Williams - THE MOTHER HUBBARD 8. The Upsetters - WAKE UP 9. Big Al Downing - GEORGIA SLOP 10. Howie Casey - TWIST AT THE TOP 11. Smokey Johnson - I CAN'T HELP IT 12. Ambrose Donald - WHO'S NUMBER ONE 13. Mickey Baker - STEAM ROLLER 14. Sonny Day - BEYOND THE SHADOW OFA DOUBT 15. Big Moose & The Jams - BRIGHT SOUNDS 16. Poor Boys I'M GONNA SPEND MY MONEY LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume FOUR: 16 cuts of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-1968! ESSENTIAL!! 1. Round Robin - SLAUSION SHUFFLETIME 2. Preston Epps - SING DONNA GO 3. The Royal Premiers - MAKE LOVE TO ME 4. Dreams Band - CHARGE 5. Los Dinamitas Del Twist - OYE LO QUE TE DIGO 6. The Birds Of Paradise - BOSSA BLUE 7. Skip Cole - DO THE WHIP 8. J.C. DAVIS - The Splib 9. Sonny Forrest - MADAME BOOTIE GREEN 10. The Debelaires - WA-WABBLE 11. The Ardels - STRONGER THAN DIRT 12. The Golden Catalinas - CANYOUR MONKEY DOTHE DOG 13. The Shardells - BLACK CRACK 14. The Primitives - THE OSTRIC LP 11.90
TWISTTN RUMBLE VOLUME EIGHT (TR-62018) Next Volume of mighty swingin slab of dance honk from all over the musical spectrum! SONNY & THE PREMIERS Pony Twist/ JIMMY McCRACKLIN The Drag/ LATIN DIMENSION Mister Mod/ CAPRIS Limbo/ GESTICS Invasion/ RONNIE FULLER Do The Dive/ EDDIE & THE DeRAVELONS Baby Dumplins/ SUB DOMINANTS Bang Bang/ B. GOODE & BAND Ho Key Po Key Rock/ PHILLIP WALKER BAND I Want You For Myself/ TINY FULLER Catwalk/ PUDDLE JUMPERS Quiet Dad/ ACE HOLDERS Wabba Suzy Q/ MENARD ROGERS Good Food/ ARTHUR GRISWOLD Pretty Mama Blues/ BARONS Money Don't Grow On Trees/ GABRIEL & HIS ANGELS The Rooster. LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 9 (TR-62019) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: The Demons - EL LOBO, Note & Toe & The Grenadiers - I GOT A COLD, Felix & His Fabulous Cats - HEY TIGER, Lenny Welch -CHANGA ROCK, Damal & Rasheed - ARRIBA, Gary U.S. Bonds - I WANNA HOLLER, Alan & The Flames - WHATCHA GONNA DO, Linda Gayle - MAGGIE’S FARM, Los Rebeldes De Rock - SWIM, Iraj - BABY SHAKE WITH ME, H-Bomb Ferguson - MARY LITTLE MARY, Little Jerry - CHAPEL ON THE HILL, Syd Hale - THE HELL RAISERS, Fred Harris’ Red Tops - THE BULL, The Moonglows - CHICKIE UM BAH. LP 11.90
TWISTIN’ RUMBLE Volume 10 (TR-62020) Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC! Tracks: Len Wade - BOSS BEAT, L. B. Wilson - DON’T, Felix Garcia & His Guitar - TWO TACOS, Vernon Harrel - SLICK CHICK, The Admirals - SAWMILL, The Nobletones - CALYPSO BABY, Cecil DAVIS - LETS HAVE A BALL, Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy Orchestra - KNOCKED OUT, The Imperialites - LET’S GET ONE, The Medallions - LOLO BABY, The Peridots - HULLY GULLY ALL NIGHT LONG, Earl Forest - THE DUCK, Ludaway - THE PIG, The Valiants - WALKIN’ GIRL, David Del Conte - I LIE, Willard Burton - TWISTIN' TWIST. LP 11.90
TWISTIN RUMBLE Volume One (TR-62011) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 1 & 2 LP's: 29 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! GET IT!!! CD  12.80
Volume Two (TR-62012) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 3 & 4 LP's: 29 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! GET IT!!! CD  12.80
TWISTIN RUMBLE VOLUME Three (TR-62013) The best of the Twistin Rumble Volume 5 & 6 LP's: 25 tracks of SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS, 1960-68! '. CD 12.80
TWISTTN RUMBLE VOLUME 4 (TR-62014 CD) The party just won't stop with more SOULSTOMP, TWIST-PARTY LUNACY, GARAGE, R&B and CRAZINESS!!! 28 cuts of the Twistin Rumble LP Volumes 7and 8: Sonny & The Premiers PONY TWIST/ Jimmy McCracklin THE DRAG/ The Latin Dimension MISTER MOD/ The Capris LIMBO/ The Gestics INVASION/ Ronnie Fuller DO THE DIVE/ Eddie & The DeRavelons BABY DUMPLINS/ The Sub Dominants BANG BANG/ B. Goode and Band HO KEY PO KEY ROCK/ The Phillip Walker Band I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF/ Tiny Fuller CATWALK/ Ace Holder WABBA SUZY-Q/ Menard Rogers GOOD FOOD (I Am For You)/ Arthur Griswold PRETTY MAMA BLUES/ The Barons MONEY DON’T GROW ON TREES/ Gabriel & His Angels THE ROOSTER/ The Ambertones CLAP YOUR HANDS/ Danny Luciano GET IN TO IT/ Ray Scott & The Scottsmen RIGHT NOW/ The Legends ALRIGHT/ The Fugitives JUMP BACK/ The Shan-Tones SHEEBA/ Willie Spencer RIDIN’ SHOTGUN/ Don Schraier PIGTAIL/ The Lonely Knights DO IT TO IT/ Luther Thomas UPSET THE TOWN/ The Velveteens DOG PATCH CREEPER/ Arthur Noiel IT’LL MAKE YOU HOLLER. CD 12.80

GINO WASHINGTON OUT OF THIS WORLD (Norton) GREAT set of this Detroit soul cat's cool, Nathaniel-Mayer-esque r&b-soul stompers and BALLADS! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
GINO WASHINGTON (Norton) Two monster cuts from the LP: "Out Of This World" and "Come Monkey With Me" plus two instros by his backing band ATLANTICS: "Heartburn" and "onkey Tree". 7" 6.00
GINO WASHINGTON LOVE BANDIT (Norton) SOLID follow-up to the "Out Of This World" set. Fifteen 1962-71 Gino cuts PLUS a few records he produced. Cool different version of "Puppet On A String" with backup by the Primettes (early Supremes). LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

WHIP! WOBBLE! and GRIND! ANOTHER wild comp of greasy, sloppy, post-R&B/pre-soul dance slop from obscure artists from 1961-1965. 18 cuts on the LP. CD has 9 BONUS CUTS. LP 11.90 / CD 12.80

ANDRE WILLIAMS DETROIT SOUL VOLUME 3 (Detroit) 18 cuts of Andre 60s soul punch PLUS 4 Andre written or produced cuts. LP 11.90
ANDRE WILLIAMS DETROIT SOUL VOLUME 4 (Detroit) 2 MORE of Andre's bold 60s soul: "Cadillac Jack" and "Chicken Thighs" AND a pile of 16 more Andre songwriting and/or productions. LP 11.90
ANDRE WILLIAMS MR. RHYTHM IS BACK (Revolvo) Repeats a LOT of cuts from the "Rib Tips" collection - AND the mastering is very crappy. 80% hot set of Andre's 60s soul stuff plus 2 50s Fortune cuts (but unfortunately 2 crappy 1986 songs were stupidly included). CD 14.00
ANDRE WILLAMS "Movin' On With - Greasy & Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970" (VampiSoul) Yep, another Andre compilation and if you got lots of his stuff out of this perod already, you don't really need this. Features a lot of essential R'n'B and Soul wildness - here's the complete track list: Bacon Fat/ I Just Want A Little Lovin/ Greasy Chicken/ Jail Bait/ M-M-Movin/ I'm Moving On/ Bassology/ Jivin Around/ Black Bull/ Loose Juice/ Sweet Little Pussycat/ Rib tips (Part 1&2)/ Soul Party A Go-Go/ Soul Groove/ African Twist/ Chicken Thighs/ Hard Hustling/ Humpin' Bumpin & Thumpin/ The Stroke/ You Got It, I Want It/ Cadillac Jack/ I Hard It Through the Grapevine/ Do It/ Gridle Up/ It's Gonna Be Fine In 69/ Do The Popcorn/ I Wanna Be Your Show/ Andre's Thang.  CD € 15.00

WILLIE & THE MIGHTY MAGNIFICENTS Play That Funky Beat (Sequel) Jersey late-60s/early 70s funk & soul -some cool-ass stuff on here. You get the "On Scene '70" LP, the "Very Soulful" LP plus bonus cuts. CD 14.00

SOUL PATROL LP SERIES - solid late 60s / early 70s Funk comps:
FANTABULOUS FUNKY GRANNY the best in finest natural funkiest 45s. LP 12.90
FUNKY VARIATION 10 Super rare Original Funk Monsters From The Late 60s. LP 12.90
THE RHYTHM MASTERS (Soul Patrol/Master Groove) FABULOUS THREE: Fly By End/ Sweet Back/ LES ANGELES DE LA NUIT Old Groove Music Maker/ Keep Your Funky Soul Struttin Sassy/ Fat Moe, The Funky Rooster/ Gangsters Of Rhythm/ Make The Funk Jump/ Kid Stuff/ INNE CITY PEOPLE The Groove Robbers/ The Funky Git Down.  LP 12.90
SASSY WALK (Soul Patrol/Master Groove) The Mighty Groovers "Let's Dance Sassy(She's Dancing For Me)", The Mighty Groovers "Sassy Strut", The Soultors "Stone Cold", All Souls Magnificent People "Sassy Walk Take One", All Souls Magnificent People"Sassy Walk Take Two".  LP 12.90