ROCKABILLY repro 45s!

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BILLY ADAMS Rock, Pretty Mama/ You Gotta Have A Ducktail (QUINCY 932) repro 7" 6,50

BILL ALLEN Please Give Me Something / Since I Have You (IMPERIAL 5500 ) A classic! repro 7" 6.50

LITTLE JOE ALLEN Tiger/ Cause I Love You (MCM) Stompin' 1958 Nashville Double Whammy Rockers on the same label as Bubba Ford which was also related to Peaceful Valley that issued the killer 5 O'Clock Hop. Little Joe Allen was so small he used to travel to gigs in the top pocket of the Drummer of his band the Off-Beats. 7" 6.50

LONNIE ANDERKIN Tell-Em/ Teenage Baby (LADS 700) Great Ohio Rockers. repro 7" 6.50

JERRY ARNOLD Can't Do Without You / When You Said Goodbye (Security) Late 50's Texas Rockabilly double header- not exactly a repro as neither side of this were originally issued in the 50's. repro 7" 6.50

CLYDE ARNOLD I've Got A Baby/ Scrounge (BELLA 2205/6) Nor Cal Rockabilly Double Whammy by the great Clyde Arnold. Released in 1958 on the San Jose based label Bella. The flip is a stunning Raw Rockabilly Instro. repro 7" 6.50

LLOYD ARNOLD Hang out / Do You Love Me (Katche 1201) Memphis rockabilly rom 1960 - this is the unknown first version of Hang Out. repro 7" 6.50

JOHN ASHLEY LITTLE LOU / I NEED YOUR LOVIN (CAPEHART 5006) Fantastic 1961 So-Cal Rocker’s on Jerry Capehart's label. Ashley was a Teen Movie Actor and stared in “Hot Rod Gang” as well as the 1968....Ahem!...Masterpiece “The Mad Doctor Of Blood Island”! 7" 6.50

B. GOODE Ho Key Po Key Rock / Sabotage (Instr.) (GEM 100) Michigan Rocker with great instro flip. repro 7" 6.50

B., TY. AND JOHNNY Meaner Than An Alligator/ You Don't Have To Cry (RED WING 705) With picture sleeve. repro 7" 6,50

BILLY BARRIX Cool Off Baby/ Almost ( CHESS 1662) repro 7" 6,50

TOMMY JIM BEAM Bay Rum Rock (100 PROOF 102) repro 7" 6,50

DEAN BEARD Rock Around The Town/ Rakin' And Scrapin' (alt. take) (Sun SP 105) Great Memphis rockabilly twin bop special. Very limited pressing. Comes with picture sleeve and some liners on the back. 7" 11.50

BILL BELL & THE 4 UNKNOWNS Fearless / Little Bitty Girl (MIDA 112)

DWAIN BELL Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night/ I'm Gonna Ride (SUMMIT 110) repro 7" 6,50

STEVE BLEDSOE & THE BLUE JAYS Smooth Operator/ Too Many Girl Friends (BOULEVARD BOU-45) Rocker 2-sider from Steve Bledsoe from an unissued acetate. 7" 6.50

JAY BLUE The Coolest / Get Off My Back (IMPERIAL 5587) Rockabilly stroller from 1959 with killer guitar breaks. Moody talking Beatnik flip side.repro 7" 6.50

BLUE RONDOS Baby I Go For You / Little Baby (PYE) Two Joe Meek produced British 60's Fuzz Beat Rockers. repro 7" € 6.50

RONNIE BRANAM Puppy Dog Love / You Treat Me L PEP 117 repro 7" 6,50

THE BRAVES Woodpecker Rock / Won't You Come Along With Me (FOX 101) Killer Chicago Rockabilly Double Whammy Bopper. repro 7" 6.50

DARYL BRITT Lover Lover / Since You've Gone (BLUE 1198/99) Northwest 1959 vocal stomper. repro 7" 6,50

JOHNNY SCAT BROWN Mama Rock / Indeed I Do (LEEDON 518) JOHNNY POWERS in disguise! epro 7" 6,50

ART BUCHANAN Time With Tell / Lonely Highway (FLAME) Ohio Rockabilly - Finger Picking Guitar and Great Pianorepro 7" 6,50

ROY BUCHANAN Mule Train Stomp/ Pretty Please (Swan) Repro of this wild 1961 fuzzed up take on the classic Mule Train from the great Roy Buchanan. Great Instro flip too. 7" 6.50

JOHNNY BURNETTE The Train Kept A-Rollin / Honey Hush (Coral) repro 7" 6.50
JOHNNY BURNETTE Tear It Up/ Oh Baby Babe (Coral) repro 7" 6.50
Go Mule Go / You're Undecided (VON) Reissue of his first Single. 7" 6.90

BOB CALLAWAY (& The Spiro Hep Cats) Tick Tock / What's The Matter With Me (BIG RED 102) Great guitar jiver , Oklahoma from 1958. repro 7"6.50

RAY CAMPI Catapillar/ Play It Cool (TNT 145) His first Single from 1956 on the small TNT label. 7" € 6.50

KENNETH CASTLEMAN WITH THE WANDERERS Match Box / JAMES STAFFORD WITH THE WANDERERS Changing My Mind (Tri-City 3269) Primitive rockabilly version from the late 50s. 7" 6.50

THE CATALINAS The Catalina Push/ Baby Come Home (Catalina C-115-1) Monsterous Rockabilly belter that has been a Jiving smash at Clubs since the dawn of time. repro 7" 6.50

THE CATALINAS Speechless / Flying Formation With You (BACK BEAT 513) repro 7" 6,50

BRUCE CHANNEL Tipped Out / Come On Baby (Le Cam) “Tipped Out” is from the same session as the fantastic “Come On Baby” and again features the Blonde Bomber - Ronnie Dawson on Guitar and the great Delbert McClinton on Harp. Killer bluesy texas rockabilly 2-sider! repro 7" 6.90

CARL CHERRY The Itch/ Baby Doll (TENE KB 1023) Wild 1959 Nebraska Rocker. First time pressed on the original Tene label. Dance Floor Filler & a Rockabilly Classic. repro 7" 6.50

BENNY Cliff Shake Em Up Rock/ The Breaking Point (DRIFT 1441) Demented Pacific Northwest Rocker and now for the first time, reissued with the correct label colours.. repro 7" 6,50

EDDIE COCHRAN Jam Sand Witch/ JOHNNY BURNETE Wampus Cat (LIBERTY 55259) Previously unissued instrumental by Eddie b/w cult classic. 7" 6.90

EDDIE AND HANK COCHRAN I'm Ready / Teenage Cutie (alt. take) (Crest) Two early slices of Eddie Cochran. "I'm Ready" features Eddie's Stage 'Brother' Hank on vocals and Eddie on Guitar. The flip is a very early take of "Teenage Cutie" giving all guitarists hope as Eddie flubs the lead breaks in fine style. Nice Vintage Looking Picture Sleeve and limited to 300 copies. 7" 11.50

JACKIE LEE COCHRAN Pity Me / I Wanna See You (SPRY 120) All-time classic rockabilly jiver with hot guitar breaks & a wild piano and a wild vocal rocker with hot piano & screaming guitar. Killer twin-spin. repro 7" 6.50

SONNY COLE I Dreamed I Was Elvis / Curfew C (EXCEL 123) repro 7" 6,50

COMMONWEALTH JONES Do Do Do/ Who's Been Here (COLUMBIA 4-42217) Aka Ronnie Dawson. Great Bluesy Rockabilly double sider. repro 7" 6,50

COUNTRY G-J's Go Girl Go / Before The War (VALLEY 250) Primitive Rockabilly from 1963. repro 7" 6.50

BUDDY COVELLE Lorraine/ I'll Go on Loving You (CORAL 62181) repro 7" 6,50

CREEPERS Jammin' Granny/Fried Potatoes (RENÉ 502) 1965 rockabilly with hot guitar break and cool flip.repro 7" 6,50

CUSTER BOTTOMS Stood Up Blues / Someone To Love Me (BAKERSFIELD 108) Rockabilly Bopper with hick hayseed vocals. repro 7" 6.50

GUIDO D'AMICO Jimmy Boy/ I'm In Love With You (Dee-Jay Jamb. 100) repro 7" 6,50

TED DAIGLE Mary Lou/ No One Else (RODEO 219) Great Canadian Rocker and super rare on an Original. repro 7" 6,50

FLOYD DAKIL COMBO Dance Franny Dance/ Look What You've Gone And Done (Jetsta) Reissue of 60s rocker. repro 7" 6.50

TERRY DALY Cathy/ Caution (ACETAT - Bell) unissued Acetate Rocker from the mighty Terry Daly. Nice instro on the flip too. repro 7" 6.50

DICKE DAMRON Rockin' Baby / Gonna Have A Party (LAUREL 792) 1958 Rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

DARTS Rocking/ Square Town (B n S) Rocker from 1960 with a instrumental flip. repro 7" 6,50

BILL DAVENPORT (& Circle D Ranch Hands) R & R With Mom & Dad/ Bill Inst. N.G. (MUSCLE SHOALS - Acetat) Primitive Rockabilly, originally issued on the West Virginia Wayne label. This repro is a mock up of an Acetate and has a truly inept Instro flip side, a kind of terrible version of "Steel Guitar Rag" but with some nice slappin' Bass in the back ground. repro 7" 6.50

AL DAVIS Go Baby Go/ Ricky Tic (MANCO 1067/1052) Al's two finest Texas Rockers from 1963 & 64 back to back. repro 7" 6.50

JACK DAY Little Joe / Don't Cry (VALIANT 514) Classic hick vocal Rockabilly Bopper with hot guitar breaks. repro 7" 6.50

SONNY DAY & THE TONY RAY COMBO Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt / Creature From Outer Space (Star) A-side is a popcorn dance gem, b-side a UFO rockabilly killer. repro 7" 7.90

BOBBY DE SOTO The Cheater / Don't Talk, Just Kiss (Claro) repro 7" 6.50

CHARLES DEAN Train Whistle Boogie/ Itchy (BENTON 103) repro 7" 6,50

JIMMY DEE Rock Tick Tock/ Henrietta/ You're Late Miss Kate/ Here I Come (TNT EP 5) repro 7" 6,50

RITCHIE DERAN A Girl And A Hot Rod/ Little Willie (PONTIAC 63228) Rare classic. repro 7" 6,50

DANNY DIAMOND & THE RUBIES Rhythm In My Bones / The Badman (Irvanne) Repro of super rare frantic So-Cal Rocker from Mr Diamond aka Portuguese Joe. Great Instro flip too. 7" 6.50

ELROY DIETZEL Rockin' Bones/ Shang-Hai-Rock (BO-KAY 103) 1957 pre- Ronnie Dawson rocker on Lamesa Texas based label BO-KAY. repro 7" 6,50

DIXIE Various Dixie Themes (DIXIE EP 1859) 6 Versions: Guitar Version WRAY, Link/ Clan Version WHITE RIDERS/ Twangy Version EDDY, Duane/ Vocal Version TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD/ Yell Version CROWNS/ Piano Version LEWIS, Jerry Le. e repro 7" 6,50

DICKY DIXON & THE DIXIE WRANGLERS I Love Her Still / Space Sickness (Master "W) Laid back rockabilly extolling the joys of booze and girls with a flip giving the thoughts of a reluctant astronaut to a great country rocker backing. 7" 6.90

LUTHER DIXON Feeling Of Love/ EDDIE BO Oh-Oh (CHESS 8859) 2-sider! repro 7" 6,50

LARRY DONN Honey Bun/ That's What I Call A Ball (VANDEN 113) Repro of wild rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

THE DOOR NOBS HI-FI BABY / I Need Your Lovin’ Babe (VIV V-D5) Fantastic mid 60’s Arizona Rocker comp’d on a Desperate Rock’N’Roll LP about a zillion years ago. The same Viv label that ished Jimmy Johnson’s Killer Rockabilly Double Whammy almost a decade earlier. 7 " 6.50

RONNIE DOVE & The Bell Notes I'll Be Around / Lover Boy (DOVE 1021) Reissue w/ picture sleeve. repro 7" 6,50

LEE DRESSER & THE KRAZY CATS Beat Out My Love / Thinkin' About Your Love (Damon) Great Missouri Rocker. 7" 6.50

FERRELL DUNCAN Flying Saucer Rocket / Little Susie (KIM 101/2) repro 7" 6,50

ALVIS EDWARDS Real Gone Baby / I Wake Up Crying (ENALL 5654/5655) repro 7" 6,50

REX ELLIS Bob Hop Jamboree / You'll Be The Last To Know (RIVERMONT R-1160) Memphis Rockabilly winners. Reversed Labels on all copies! repro 7" 6.50

BENNY ENGLAND Elopin'/ Some How (Dee-Jay Jamb. 110) Rockabilly classic with hot piano, sax and wild guitar. Rrepro 7" 6,50

CHARLIE FEATHERS One Hand Loose / Bottle To My Baby (KING 4997) Double-sider. repro 7" 6.50

DON FEGER Date On The Corner / Don't Be Mad (EBONY 102) repro 7" 6,50

JOSE FELICIANO Everybody Do The Click / If I Really Bug You (RCA 47-8425) Soulful RnR from 1966 - reminds a bit of 'Big Fat Spider' (Joe Meek production). 7" 6.90

SONNY FISHER Rockin' Daddy (Demo version) b/w Hold Me Baby (Demo Version) (GOLD STAR 1955) Amazing finds! Genre Defining 1955 Texas Rockabilly: One side is an alternative version of Sonny’s first Starday 45 - Rockin Daddy, which has appeared on a couple of comps over recent years but the flip is the real revelation here, as it features a completely different & unissued version of Hold Me Baby. This side has never seen the light of day till now. Both Sides Taken from an original Gold Star Acetate. repro 7" 6.50

JIM FOLEY Goodbye Train/ Blues In The Morning (LUCKY 1000) repro 7" 6,50

WEBB FOLEY Little Bitty Mama / Makin' A Plan (EMERALD 750) 1950's Rockabilly (pressed by RCA RECORDS) with nice flip too. repro 7" 6,50

EDDEI FONTAINE Rockin' EP (88 KEYS 1007) 4 Tracks repro with piicture sleeve: Middle Of The Road/ One And Only/ Cool It Baby/ Fun Lovin’7" 6,50

BUBBA FORD Lindy Lou / Wiggling Blond (MCM 202) repro 7" 6,50

THE FOUR TIELMAN BROTHERS Record Hop/ Swing It Up (Imperial) Repro from the Dutch-Indo Brothers, originally comp’d on a Desperate Rock’N’Roll LP. 7" 6.90

THE FRANTICS FOUR TV Mama / Down By The Old Mill Stream (Gulfstream) repro of 1960 Miami rockabilly 45 7" 5.50

EDDIE GAINES Be-Bop Battlin' Ball/ Try This Heart For Size (SUMMIT 101) Killer rockabilly bop from 1958! Massive floor filler with two guitar breaks. repro 7" 6,50

VIC GALLON Im Gone b/w I'm Gone (Alt Take) (Gondola 45 RE) Monsterous 1957 Michigan Rockabilly Masterpiece by the mysterious Vic Gallon. This is truly one of the Rarest Rockabilly records with less than 5 known copies, not only is it rare but it's a Killer Too. Featuring the legendary Motown session man Dennis Coffey on Lead Guitar, this 45 is right up there with the best of 'em. As an added bonus the flip is an alternate version of "I'm Gone" presumably from a slightly later session. Unfortunatlely the sound isn't great on this Alt version but it's from (probably) only Acetate in extistance so wadja gonna do? 7" 6.50

RAY GENTY & THE ROVIN' GAMBLERS Willie Was A Bad Boy/ Do The Fly (Maverick) Killer 1961 Seattle Rockabilly oddball stompers. The fantastic instro flip is particularly Cramps-esque. 7" 6.50

THE GENTRY BROTHERS Swanky / Swooney (Dixie) Another band of Brothers but this time from Kentucky / Ohio. This 45 was originally issued on the famed Dixie custom pressed series in mid ‘61 and features the hot Guit fiddlin’ styling’s of Dale Gentry who’d previously lit up the Van Bros “Servant Of Love” 45. Both sides of this rare 45 are crackers, with ‘Swanky’ being a popular club favourite. 7" 6.90

J.W. GERMAN Milkcow Blues / Deep Elm Blues (Hoskins Records) 7" 6.90

JACKIE GOTROE Lobo Jones / Don't Treat Me This Way (VORTEX 102) Killer Tuff 1958 Bay Area Rocker. Crazy Rare on original and also on the old 70's Mariano repro too. repro 7" 6.50

JUNIOR GRAVLEY W/ THE ROCK-A-TONES You Lied To Me Honey / Take My Hand (VEL-A-TONE 796) repro 7" 6.50

PHIL GRAY Pepper Hot Baby/ Bluest Boy In Town (Dee-Jay Jamb. 131) Reissued w/ picture sleeve. repro 7" 6,50

JOYCE GREEN Black Cadillac / Tomorrow (VADEN 112) female rockabilly - RARE on original!repro 7" 6.50

GRRRRR WILD Baby Shake With me/ Instrumental (Iraj) Demented & Crazy Rocker that is released here un-credited with a crap looking label that says "Grrrrrrr Wild" on it". It is actually an insane "Oooooh My Soul" type Rocker by an greek (?) Shouter which is comp'd on the Twistin' Rumble Vol.9 LP. 7" 6.50

JIMMY GRUBBS Let's Rock Tonight (Dee-Jay Jamb. 122) repro 7" 6,50

STAN GUNN BABY SITTER BOOGIE b/w JACK RIVERS CALL ON ME (RON-MAR 45 RE)Two Legendary Illinois Rockabillies back to back on one great 45. The Stan Gunn 45 is especially rare on an original pressing and the Jack Rivers usually only shows up in bad condition. 7" 6.50

JIMMY HAGGET Rabbit Action/ Rock Me Baby (Sun SP 100) Two great rockabilly boppers from 1956. Very limited pressing. Comes with picture sleeve and some liners on the back. 7" 11.50

REX HALE Down At Big Mama's House/ Darn Dem Bones (RYTHM 303) Killer Hick 1956 Nashville double sider. Primitive Rockabilly & Primitive spelling. repro 7" 6.50

HANK & THE ELECTRAS Women Train / Get Lost Baby (Dauphin Records) Rockabilly train theme song backed by a moody rocker. 7" 6.90

CLEDUS HARRISON R & R In The Groove / Go On Baby (NATURAL 502) Texas rocker. repro 7" 6,50

JACK WINSTON & THE HI JACKS Shagin' & Dragin' / It's Rock And Roll (JAY WING 5806) Maryland guitar rocker. repro 7" 6.50

BOB HICKS Baby Sittin' All The Time/ Rock Baby Rock (MIRASONIC 1001) 1959 rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

RONNY HINES I Got A Woman/ Thats All Right (Rocket) Clumsy & Chaotic Genius Car Crash of a record as Mr Hines stumbles across two Rockabilly/Blues classics. repro 7" 6.50

JESS HOOPER All Messed Up/ Sleepy TIme Blues (METEOR 5025) Memphis Rockabilly repro 7" 6,50

JOHNNY HORTON I’m Coming Home / I Got A Hole In My Pirogue (Columbia) repro 7" 7.90

HOULE BROS Dream Night/ Sometimes I Feel Like Leaving Town (CIRCLE DOT 45-104) Great 1960 Minnesota Harmony Rocker with a killer long guitar break. repro 7" 6.50

JIM HOWARD Jimbo Twist / Down At Old Jimbo' s (Lovejoy 502) Rockin' jiver from Bakersfield, California recorded 1962. repro 7" 6.50

LEIGH HOWELL Moving Too Slow/ Listen To My Heart (Dee-Jay Jamb. 101) repro 7" 6,50

ORANGIE RAY HUBBARD Sweet Love/ J.C. SAWYER Goin' Steppin) (DIXIE 662/692) Monster Rockabilly 2 sider. The flip of the orginal Ray Hubbard 45 has a ballad by David Lundy but this repro replaces that with another rare and great Rocker by J.C.Sawyer repro 7" 6,50

WANDA JACKSON Funnel of Love / Whirlpool (Fryers FRY020) Here we have our two favourite sides from “Queen of Rockabilly” Wanda Lavonne Jackson. “Funnel of Love" her ever-popular 1961 rock n’ roll standard. Recorded back in 1961 and covered by every half-decent rockabilly-influenced band ever since. On the Flip we up the game again with “Whirlpool”. Getting spins more recently on the European R&B and soul scene and certainly one of our fave Jackson 45s – one for the connoisseur! “Whirlpool” was also spun slowed down slightly (as is usual) on the Belgian Popcorn scene in the ‘70s. 7" 7.50

LEON JAMES Thinkin' About You / LEON JAMES & RHYTHM ROCKERS Baby Let's Rock (OASIS / BUMBLE BEE 104 / 501) One artist, two different labels on on Single Great rockers on both sdes. repro 7" 6.50

ROY JAMES & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS ROCK & ROLL MAMA / I’LL ALWAYS BE HAPPY (CAPITOL TRANSCRIPTION) Fantastic 1957 Rockabilly double whammy from Washington D.C.. “Rock’N’Roll Mama” was comp’d on a long deleted 10” lp years ago but the great flip makes its reissue debut here. An original copy would set you back in the region of $2000 if you could find one! 7" 6.50

TOM JAMES Track Down Baby/ Hey Baby (KLIX 1) Hick Rockabilly Bopper Double sider from Nashville. repro 7" 6,50

LINC JEFFRIES W/ THE MISSING LINKS Pitch Black / On The Rampage (KEY 1061) Two Great Rockers from DC. repro 7" 6.50

JIVE KINGS Johnny Machine / Preacher Man (LU 918591/2) 2 sided Monster Rockers on the Ohio based LU label. Repro of the scarce & expensive original.repro. 7" 6.50

JOE, RON & GEORGE Half Ton Mama / Roachie (Instrumental Only) (AUDIODISC) Stunning originally unissued Acetate getting it's debut on 45. Killer Rockers on both sides. repro 7" 6.50

F. D. JOHNSON w/ The Missouri Valley Boys Great Big Moon / Be My Baby (JAN JP6-58) Reissue of Missouri rocker. repro 7" 6.50

JIMMY JOHNSON All Dressed Up / Woman Love (STARDAY 561) One of the Rarest & finest Starday Custom presses from 1956. Primitive Hick Rockabilly bop. 7" 6.50

JIMMY KELLER Brush Pile Burn / Matador (TRAIL 17777) 1964 Primitive Hick Rockabilly Bopper on one of the many Trail labels. Super rare & Expensive on Original. repro 7" 6.50

JOHN KERBY Get Hot Or Go Home/ Melinda (DIANE 4000) Blastin' 1964 Memphis Rocker which proves that even if Elvis had sapped out under the thumb of Colnel Tom, the Rock'N'Roll city was still knocking 'em out well in to the sixties. repro 7" 6.50

BOB KING Rockin' Juke Box/ Party Hop (RCA 3285) Fast twin spin jiver with wild sax, guitar and pounding piano. repro 7" 6,50

BAKER KNIGHT Just Relax / Hungry For Love (Coral) Popular Rockabilly club Strollers reissued on a 45. repro 7" 6.50

JACK LANE King Fool / Q-ZEEN Rain On The Mountain (Yolo 45) Two Wild Arizona Rockers. repro 7" 6.50

BOBBY LAWSON If You Want My Love / Baby Don't Be That Way (M-R-C- 600) Wild Rockabilly two sider with great guitar and super rare on original. repro 7" 6.50

HARRY LEE Rockin' On A Reindeer/ Kiss An Eskimo (IGLOO 101) 1950's Rocker from Alaska with a sassy looking Pic Sleeve. repro 7" 6,50

JIMMY LEE She's Gone / Baby, Baby,Baby (Clix) Frantic Michigan Rocker from Jimmy Lee who also cut a great 45 on Fortune too. repro 7" 6.50

MYRON LEE Aw C'mon Baby/Homicide (HEP 2146) Repro of 1958 midwest monster. repro 7" 6,50

WALLY LEE WITH THE STORMS Eeny Meeny / I Never Felt This Way (Sundown) repo 7" 6.90

GRADY LEWIS Rompin' Stompin'/ Sad Story (STAR 13334) Piano rocker with one hot guitar break. repro 7" 6,50

LITTLE MAC DANCE BABY (WITH ME) / CINDERELLA (LITTLE MAC 101) 1961 Michigan teen rocker, almost rockabilly b/w more of the same. repro 7" 6.50

LITTLE TED (& The Novas) Baby-Baby-Baby / (If I Had) All Your Lovin' (KAY-GEE 440) Rockabilly Jiver with slashing guitar breaks. repro 7" 6.50

BOBBY LOLLAR Bad Bad Boy/ If It Wasn't For You (BENTON 101) Great Tennesse Rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

LONESOME DRIFTER Eager Boy/ Tear Drop Valley (K 303) Rockabilly Classic and one of the truly rare RAB discs. repro 7" 6,50

LOUISIANA LANNIS Tongue Twister Boogie / Walking Out (SNOW CAP 1125) Fantastic & super rare on original - Only a handful of copies known. Primitive Hick Country Rockabilly 2 sided bopper featuring the cream of the Starday House band on back up and recorded at Gold Star in Houston. repro 7" 6.50

BOB LUMAN Boston Rocker / Guitar Picker (Sleazy Records) 2-sider with picture sleeve with linernotes on the back. 7" 6.50

BOB LUMAN This Is The Night / Guitar Picker (Imperial) Great Rockabilly 2-sider. A Side is a studio cut from the film "Carnival Rock" and features a young James Burton on Guitar. The flip is an unissued cut featuring Eddie Cochran on Guitar. 7" 6.50

RONNIE LYNN Who Doed It / Burning Eyes (SPANGLE 2006) Classic Rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

MAJESTICS Run Daddy Run / RICK EMERSON & THE SIDEWINDERS Dance With Me (Bandera) Wild Unissued Vocal Group Rocker by The Majestics & a Killer Rocker by Rick Emerson. 7" 6.50

VINCE MALOY Hubba Hubba Ding Ding/ Crazy About You (END 1019) Rockabilly two sider repro 7" 6,50

PLEZ GARY MANN Cheer Me Up / Want To Be True (PLAYBOY 698) Hick Rockabilly from West Virginia and really rare on original !repro 7" 6.50

BURRIE MANSO AND THE BONNIVILLES My Woman/ My Story (TOWN-CRIER 200) 1960 rockabilly bopper. repro 7" 6,50

RONNIE MARTIN BABY YOU’RE MINE / STORM OF LOVE (BILLIE FRAN 4) early 60s Texas garage-sounding white R&B jerker b/w ballad. repro 7" 6.50

DALE MC BRIDE Prissy Missy/ Class Beyond Compare (FAME 507) Texas Rocker from 1960. repro 7" 6.50

LEE McBRIDE Confusin' / Honest I Do (Marlo) Reissue of super rare (and expensive) 1960 Rocker on the Illonis based Marlo label. repro 7" 6.50

LUKE McDANIEL Uh Babe/ Go Ahead Baby (Sun SP 103) Great Memphis Rockabilly bop twin spin! Very limited pressing. Comes with picture sleeve and some liners on the back. 7" 11.50

WAYNE McGINNIS Lonesome Rhythm Blues / Rock, Roll & Rhythm (Meteor) Earlier recordings taken from an acetate. 7" 6.90

SCOTTY McKAY Midnight Cryin' Time / MICKEY LEE LANE Tracks To Your Mind (Swan) Great rocker and a hot club fave with ' Midnight Cryin' Time ' and a cool instro flip side ! repro 7" 6.50

HAROLD McKINNON & the REMM SHOTS LITTLE JUMP JOINT / YOU DON'T LOVE ME Super rare 1958 Rockabilly double decker on the Missouri based Carter label. Story goes that Harold and his Remm Shots - an Arizona based swinging combo, were passing through St Louis way when they happened upon the idea of stopping by Emmitt Carter's studio and cutting a 45 so they could earn a few extra bucks flogging the disc at upcoming shows. For some reason McKinnon never returned to pay for the session, so to recoup some dough from the session, Emmitt pressed up a paltry 100 copies. That was a long winded way of saying that this new and very limited repro is probably the only chance that most of us are gonna have a copy of this beauty on a 45. 7 6.50

J. MIKEL WITH THE HEPCATS Betty Jean Rock/ Sweetest Thing (SONIC 45-SRC-1) Monstrous 1958 Illinois Rockabilly Double whammy. Crazy rare & 1st time ever repro'd. repro 7" 6.50

LONNIE MILEY Satellite Fever- Asiatic Flu/ Rockum Beat (KIX) Monstrous 1958 Texas Rocker on Kenny Rogers brothers label. Both sides come from the pen of Ray Doggett (and the flip is pretty good too) $1000+ for an original copy so hopefully this nice repro will keep you going till one shows up. repro 7" 6.50

WARREN MILLER Everybody's Got A Baby But Me / Say You'll Be True (UNITED ART. 104) repro 7" 6,50

BILLY MIZE PLANET NAMED DESIRE / B.GOODE & THE DANNY ZELLA BAND DESIRE (INST) (CAL’S CORAL) Moody Echo Laden Early Desperate Rock N Roll Classic backed up with a previously unissued Killer Rock n Roll/ titty shaker instro from the Danny Zella band - first time ever on a 45! repro 7" 6.50

HANK MIZELL Jungle Rock / I'm Ready (EKO 506) Classic 1958 rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

FLORIAN MONDAY AND HIS MONDOS Rip It Rip It Up / Lovin (REALM SK 007) Wild & unruly 60's Garage Rocker. 7" 6.50

FRANK MONDAY Stepping (MTF) One-sided reissue of this track better known by JC Sawyer, a raw piano led bop. 7" 6,90

GRAY MONTGOMERY Right Now / It's All Right (BEAGLE 101) Red Hot rockabilly classic out of Mississippi from 1962. repro 7" 6.50

RED MOORE (& his Rhythm Drifters) Crawdad Song / I'll Miss You When You're Gone (RED 840) Primitive Rockabilly Bopper. repro 7" 6.50

JACKIE MORNINGSTAR Rockin' In The Graveyard / No Date (ORANGE 1018) Fantastic Spooky 1959 Alabama Rocker on it's original label before it got re-ished on the main Sandy label. repro 7" 6.50

HAROLD MORRISON I GOTTA HAVE HER / TOMMY SMITH - BORNED UNLUCKY (CEDARWOOD / AUDIODISC) Primitive rockabilly bopper from Harold Morrison, taken from the only known acetate! Flipside 'Borned Unlucky' is another monster unissued rockabilly, taken from an acetate. 7" 6.50

RICKY MORVAN (&The Fens) Bey Bey Baby/ If You Try (LUNA 10013) Wild 1965 Belgian Rockers. .repro 7" 6.50

RICKY MORVAN (&The Fens) Little Woman/ Fenlights (LUNA 10005) More Wild 1965 Belgian Rockers. Instro flip. repro 7" 6.50

BOBBY NELSON QUARTET THERE AIN'T NOTHIN' TRUE ABOUT YOU / ZAPP (LeRON 101) Fantastic Wisconsin Rockabilly Stroller - A Desperate Rock'N'Roll Classic with a nice Instro Flip. KILLS!! 7" 6.50

TOMMY NELSON Hobo Bop/ Honey Moon Blues (DIXIE 814) Fantastic Rocker on the legendary Dixie label.. repro 7" 6,50

NICK & THE JAGUARS ICHI BON #1 / COOL & CRAZY (TAMLA) Stunning & rare 1959 Wild and Rockin Link Wray style / Surf Instrumental...Not the usual Motown fare, 2 fantastic and super rare sides! repro 7" 6.50

LEFTY NICKS Model A Ford Blues / Always Alone (NICKTONE 6019/20) Classic hick bopper with great guitar.repro 7" 6,50

RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS SCREAM (Crypt-045) Plus “LITTLE DEMON” and an unissued 1959 demo, “NEVER, NOT AGAIN”. MONSTROUS 1962 SCREAM-A-BILLY franticity to the Nth Degree! LUSCIOUS GATEFOLD SLEEVE crammed with PICS & INFO galore! SHEET MUSIC so you can SCREAM/SING ALONG! All recorded in BEST POSSIBLE SOUND!! Gatefold sleeve 7" 6.50

TERRY NOLAND Ten Little Women / Hypnotized (Brunswick 55010) Great Rockabilly Bopper with killer guitar breaks on both sides. repro 7" 6,50

LARRY O’KEEFE Rolling Stone / Rockin' Mama (Pat-O-Rite) Rockin’ (probably) early 60’s Texas dance floor fave with a originally unissued Acetate Rockabilly cut on the flip that sees it’s first ever outing on a 45. 7" 6.90

JIM OERTLING Old Moss Back/ Wild Rose (Dee-Jay Jamb. 107) Rockabilly classic backed by a country/ hillbilly ballad. repro 7" 6,50

JAY HODGE ORK GOATSVILLE / MECIE JENKINS COME BACK PRETTY BABY (CORNUTO) Wild & Frantic Guitar led Instrumental featuring Lloyd Rowe with a seemingly endless cow bell finale. Flip is a great pleading Soulful Popcorn R&B Mover. repro 7" 6.50

BOB PAPOTNIK & THE RAIDERS Miss You Baby / Downbeat (KORY 11560) Primitive and sleazy Rocker with instrumental flip. repro 7" 6.50

KENNY PARCHMAN Treat Me Right/ Don't You Know (JAXON 504) repro 7" 6,50
KENNY PARCHMAN Get it Off Your Mind/ Love Crazy Baby (Sun SP-107) First timer ever on 45s for these 2 legendary unissued Sun boppers! In stylin' hardcover sleeve! 7" 11.50

WEYMAN PARHAM Hang Loose /Deserted (Staro) Great 1958 Georgia Rocker. 7" 6.50

RAY PATE & THE RHYTHM ROCKETS My Shadow/ Lucky Day (GULFSTREA 6655) Wild rocker with great guitar - first and only realease of the Rhythm Rockets. repro 7" 6,50

PICO PETE Hot Dog/ Chicken Little (JET 101) Rockabilly 2-sider. repro 7" 6,50

THE PHANTOM Love Me/ Whisper Your Love (DOT 16056) Crazed 1 min 31 secs of Rockabilly insanity from 1960. Great repro pic sleeve. KILLER! repro 7" 6,50

CARL PHILLIPS Wig Wam Willie/Walkin' Blues (BOBBIN 110) Rockabilly twin spin with wild vocals. repro 7" 6,50

BARBARA PITMAN I Need A Man / No Matter Who's To Blame (SUN 253) Fantastic Femme Rockabilly greatness. repro 7" 6.50

JOHHNY POWERS Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips/ Rock RocK (FOX G8 916/917) Killer rockabilly bopper. repro 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY My Happiness / My Baby's Gone (SUN 252) repro 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY Baby Let's Play House/ I'm Left Youre Right, She's Gone (SUN 217) repro with b&w picture sleeve. 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY Good Rockin' Tonight/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (SUN 210) repro with b&w picture sleeve. 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY Mystery Train/ I Forgot To Remember To Forgot (SUN 223) repro with b&w picture sleeve. 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky (SUN 209) repro with b&w picture sleeve. . 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY You're A Heartbreaker/ Milkcow Blues Boogie (SUN 215 ) repro with b&w picture sleeve. 7" 6.50

ELVIS PRESLEY Pocket Full Of Rainbows / Crawfish (Alternates) (Fryers 021) Rockabilly, R&B or Soul - no matter what your bag, the one and only Elvis Presley has enough power, presence and panache to offer something for everyone, and here are two alternate takes from our favourite Elvis soundtracks, GI Blues and King Creole. ‘Pocketful of Rainbows’ is a more dancefloor friendly take with stronger rhythm section which was aching for 45 release, while on the flip we have an alternate take of ‘Crawfish’ with Jean "Kitty" Bilbrew matching Elvis in the mix. 7" 6.90

THE RANGERS Justine / Reputation (Challenge) Wild 1965 re-take of the Don & Dewey classic. Great California Rocker that appeals to the Rockabilly & Garage Punk collectors alike. Limited repro 7" 6.50

BOZO RATLIFF Let Me In/ Rock Along Time (SPACE 100) Rockabilly from 1957 out on SPACE Records, St Louis Missouri. repro 7" 6,50

SLIM RHODES DO WHAT I DO / TAKE AND GIVE (SUN 256) Classic hot Sun rockabilly bopper! repro 7" 7.90

BOBBY & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS Rhythm Rock / Torpedo (El Dorado) Dirty early 60's Rocker on the Arizona based El Dorado label with instro on the flip. repro 7" 6.50

ELDON RICE Don't Let Love Break Your Heart/ Our Love (EL-RIO 413) Piano rocker with nice guitar break! Rare on original 45. .repro 7" 6,50

CLARK RICHARD HOT ROCK BEAT b/w QUEEN OF LOVE (HMV 45 RE) Wild & Frantic Guitar led 60’S Euro Rocker. Hot Rock Beat was comp’d on one of the early Desperate Rock’N’Roll LPs years ago but as far as we know, the equally great flip side has never been reissued before. Very rare on original pressing, a beat up copy sold recently on ebay for over $600!!! 7" 6.50

CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS Love (ABC) Unissued original undubbed Expresso Bongo version, plus "Do You Want To Dance" alternate take 2. Pic sleeve. repro 7" 6.50

BOBBY ROBERTS & THE JENNINGS BROS BIG SANDY b/w SHE’S MY WOMAN (SKY 45 RE) One of the greatest Rockabilly 2 siders of all time. This is the first time it has been reissued with what is thought to it’s first pressed label with band credited as the Jennings Brothers. Great re-mastered sound, much improved from the 80’s reissue and on top of that, it comes with a period faux distressed sleeve sporting the only known picture of our hero. repro 7" 7.90

MARK ROBINSON Pretty Jane/ want Me (TEE GEE 104) Classic rockabilly with Duane Eddy on guitar. repro 7" 6,50

ROCK N' ROLLERS For You / Boy I Think It's Really (VEN 100) Early Pre String-A-Longs. repro 7" 6,50

CHAN ROMERO Hippy Hippy Shake/ My Little Ruby (DEL-FI 4125) with picture sleeve. repro 7" 6,50

THE ROXSTERS She's Mine / I Was Doing It, Too (ART 190) Florida rockers for the first time on 45. repro 7" 6.50

AL RUNYON The Day Before The Night / Baby Please Come Home (Starday Records) Guitar rockabilly bopper with nice flip. epro 7" 6.50

CURLY SANDERS Brand New Rock And Roll / Why Did You Leave Me (JAMBOREE 590) 1956 Primitive Hick Starday Custom Pressed Rockabilly. repro 7" 6.50

HENDER SAUL I Ain't Gonna Rock-Tonite / One Step Away (Liberty) Primitive back-in-the-hills rockabilly from 1956 out of Virginia featuring great hick vocal, guitar and saw fiddle. repro 7" 6.50

J. C. SAWYER Goin' Steppin'/ ORANGIE RAY HUBBARD Sweet Love (DIXIE 692/662) Double artist Rockabilly twin spin. repro 7" 6,50

TOM SCOTT Record Hop / Meaning Of The Blues (HEP 2140) Rare Minnesota Rockabilly released in 1958. repro 7" 6.50

RONNIE SELF Bop-A-Lena / Date Bait (Columbia) Great rockabilly screamer. repro 7" 6.50

GENE SIMMONS DRINKIN’ WINE / I DONE TOLD YOU (SUN 299) Classic hot Sun rockabilly bopper! repro 7" 7.90

GENE SKI Six Foot Down/ Feelin' Bad (SARA 6632) Fantastic 1966 time warp Rockabilly Bopper from Wisconsin. 7" 6.50

JOHNNY SKILES Rockin' And Rollin' / Hard Luck Blues (RUMAC OP-301) repro 7" 6.50

MACK ALLEN SMITH The Skeleton Fight / Don't Let Me Treat You That Way (Statue) Stompin' 1964 Tennessee Rocker from Mack Allen Smith. Comes with picture insert. 7" 6.50

SHELBY SMITH Rocking Mama / What's On Your Mind (SMITTY 55783) Repro of Memphis rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

WARREN SMITH I’VE GOT LOVE IF YOU WANT IT/ I FELL IN LOVE (SUN 286) Classic hot Sun rockabilly bopper! repro 7" 7.90

SONICS Minus One / Blast Off (GAITY 113) 2 guitar rockers by the band that's NOT the well known 60s legends. repro 7" 6,50

SPADES Hey, Hey/ Jim Dandy (REBEL 500) Female Rockabilly rarity by Sara Lee from 1961, "Hey Hey" with male vocals .repro 7" 6,50

SPADES When I Get To Goin/ Jody (Spade) Tough 60's Rocker from the Spades from North Carolina. Great instro flip too.7" 6.50

CLYDE STACY COTTON PICKIN’ CHICKEN / TOO SHY (METRO 101) Killer Wild Unreleased Acetate from Clyde Stacy.1st Time On Vinyl!!!. This Rockabilly/Rocker was cut at the same session as "Hoy Hoy" and it's got the lot! 3 Guitar Breaks, Screams,Slappin' Bass.The flip is a nice unissued Eddie Cochran style teener. repro 7" 6.50

ANDY STARR I Love You Baby/ I Know Its True (Arcade) 1959 Rocker from the "other" Andy Starr from Pennsylviana, on the New York based Arcade label. repro 7" 6.50
ANDY STARR Just A Walkin'/ Cruel World (VALIANT 101) Tuff 1960 Rocker from the East Coast Andy Starr. repro 7" 6.50

WINNIE STARR & THE OMAHA KID Baby By Rock / Rugged But Right (WINNIE HUNT 1206) Super Primitive Hick Rockabilly Bopper. 7"6.50

JESSE STEVENS Mama Mama/ No Bluebirds In The Sea (BLUEGRASS 712) Primitive Hick Rockabilly Bopper with a good flip too. epro 7" 6,50

FRANKIE STEWART That Long Black Train/ I Forgot To Tell My Baby/ Your Cheatin' Heart (Dee-Jay Jamb. 102) repro 7" 6,50

STOLTZ BROTHERS (Little Billy / Eddie) Rock-N' Roll Riot / Eddy's Rock (RODEO 188) One of the rarest Rockabilly 45's .Great steel guitar led Rockabilly bopper with vocals by Brother Little Billy. Plus great steel guitar instrumental on the flip. Original was released in Canada in 1958.repro 7" 6.50

STRING KINGS The Bloodshot / The Bash (GAITY 143) Great rockabilly with instro stroller on the flip! repro 7" 6,50

JERRY SULLIVAN Curley Headed Baby / Ella Mae (VEE 100) repro 7" 6,50

BILL SWING Messed Up/Intoxicating Blues (BURTON 816) Primitive Rockabilly twin spin & Rare on original 45! repro 7" 6,50

DICK TACKER Rock All Night With Me / Do I Love You, Do I Need You, Do I Want You (Kingston) Fantastic Tough Philly Killer Rocker from 1964! repro 7" 6.50

TEEN KINGS Ooby Dooby/ Trying To Get You (JE-WEL 101) Roy Orbison recorded this version of "Ooby Dooby" together with the Teen Kings at Norman Petty's Studio, Clovis, New Mexico. Compare to the Sun Recording this version is a bit slower! repro 7" 6,50

TENNESSEE JIM Hold Me Tight/ My Baby She's Rockin' (CHOICE 852) "Happy" Rockabilly Bopper from Jim McDonald who also recorded the fantastic "Let's Have A Ball" on KCM. repro 7" 6,50

GENE TERRY & THE KOOL KATS The Woman I Love / Tip, Tap ... (ROCK – IT 598) 1956 Texas Rockabilly Double Sider. repro 7" 6,50

LARRY TERRY Hep Cat/ Why Did She Go (TESTA 6) Great Rockabilly & super rare on original. repro 7" 6,50

JUNIOR THOMPSON Who's That Knockin'/ How Come You Do Me (TUNE 174) repro 7" 6,50

THUMPER JONES Rock It / How Come It (Starday 240) Country legend in-the-making George Jones was so ashamed of this fantastic rockabilly twin spin featuring Hal Harris on guitar that he hid under a pseudonym Both sides are now deservedly rockabilly anthems. 7" 6.90

THE TIGERS Jelly Bean / Don't Bye Bye Baby Me (Era) Californian Rocker from 1958. Super scarce on Original. Featuring Mr Eddie Cochran on Guitar. repro 7" 6.50

KIP TYLER She’s My Witch / Rumble Rock (Ebb 154) Sought after by rockabilly nuts, goths, S&M afficianados, porno film-makers and witchypoos alike, this absolute killer from 1958 by master-of-the-mean-and-moody cult rocker Kip Tyler screams menace. Tyler used to make his stage entrance on a motorcycle in black leathers and, allegedly, used to sing this one as ’She’s my bitch’ though Ebb weren’t about to release it as such. The gang warfare themed flip is no slouch either. 7" 6.90

KIP TYLER JUNGLE HOP / OOH YEAH BABY (CHALLENGE 59008) The great diddleyish "Jungle Hop" with a driving rockabilly flip. repro 7" 6.50

VARIATONES Roulette Rock / I'll Keep Lovin You (FIRE 1010) Good guitar Rockabilly from the early 1960s, exact repro of rare Fire Records-release. repro 7" 6,50

Variou Artists: BRAVO EP (Bravo 84300) FREDDIE CANNON Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/ AMES BROTHERS Rockin' Shoes/ AUBREY CAGLE Come Along Little Girl/MCGUIRE SISTERS Ding Dong. repro 7" 6.50

Variou Artists: TOP HITS EP (Top Hits EP 1850) PERRY COMO Love Makes The World Go Round/ SAMMY SALVO Say Yeah/ LOUIS PRIMA 5 Month, 2 Weeks, 2 Days. repro 7" 6.50

DALE VAUGHN How Can You Be Mean To Me/ High Steppin' (VON 480) Classic Memphis Rockabilly with a cool Flip too. repro 7" 6,50

THE VIBES Pretty Baby/ Crying For You (PERSPECTIVE 5858) Rockabilly with storming vocals, pounding piano and wild guitar. repro 7" 6,50

VICE-ROYS DON’T LET GO/ DOWN BEAT BLUES (E’DEN 9001) – Illinois 1962 rockabillyr&b cover of the Roy Hamilton hit - really driving mover b/w twist instro. repro 7" 6.50

BOB VIDONE (& The Rhythm Rockers) Untrue / Frankie & Johnnie (SENTRY 1066) Killer Sax & Guitar Rocker. Super tough to find on original. .repro 7" 6.50

GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS Everybody Got A Date But Me/ WANDA JACKSON Fallin' (Capitol 18959) rare Gene Vincent Rocker from 1959 b/w rare Wanda Jackson gem. Groovy, soulful with handclaps. 7" 6.90

DAN VIRVA Duck Tail Cat / LARRY NOLEN King Of The Ducktail Cats (MARATHON / STARDAY 5002 / 6689) Texas Hick Rockabilly. One Side from Red River Dave's Marathon label, the Flip a rare 1957 Starday Custom Pressing.. repro split 7" 6.50

DON WADE Oh Love / Gone Gone Gone (SAN 207) Tennesse Rockabilly Double sider! repro 7" 6,50!

MIKE WAGGONER Baby Baby/ Basher #5 (VEE 2311) Great guitarr Rockabilly! repro 7" 6,50

LANIE WALKER No Use Knocking On My Door/ Ennie Meenie Miney Mo (BLUE HEN 230) Fantastic Primitive 1958 Rockabilly double shot from Delaware. Along with the two Jimmy Stayton's, this is the best & rarest on the label. repro 7" 6,50

JR WARREN R'n'R Fever / I Gotta Keep Moving (Sherba) Guitar-led belter which undoubtedly deserved to be a hit in 1959 and also a great rocker on the flip. repro 7" 6.50

ROY WAYNE Honey Won’t You Listen / Any Way You Do (Clif) Reissue of 1957 primitive hick rockabilly 2 sider from Louisiana. Super rare on original. repro 7" 6.50

WILDWOOD TRIO The Wildwood Rock / Dear What About You (DIXIE ) Hick Rockabilly Bopper. repro 7" 6,50

BILL WILIS Boogie Woogie All Night/ Where Is My Baby (DIXIE 825) Rockabilly repro - really hard to find on original 45. repro 7" 6,50

DON WILLIS Boppin' High School Baby/ Warrior Sam (SATELLITE 101) Red Hot Rockabilly Double from Don Willis. repro 7" 6,50

RONNIE WILSON You Love That Guitar Better Than Me/ JIM WILSON Have A Tear On Me (REED 1027/1032) 1959 Alabama Rockabilly Boppers. Originally two seperate singles but now slapped back to back. repro 7" 6.50

NORMAN WITCHER Somebodys Been Rocking My Boat / Wake Me Up (POOR BOY 102) Classic guitar rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

DON WOODY Not ! / Red Blooded American Boy (ARCO 4623) Bass slappin' 2 sided rocker! repro 7" 6,50

DON WOODY You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree / Bird-Dog (DECCA 30277) Classic Rockabilly. repro 7" 6,50

LINK WRAY & THE WRAY MEN AIN’T THAT LOVIN’ YOU BABE / MARY ANN (EPIC 5-9419) Think Link! Killer 1960 Double Whammy Vocal Rocker. The Linkster does a pretty good job considering he's only got one lung! repro 7" 6.50

LAFAYETTE YARBOROUGH Cool Cool Baby/ Livin' Doll (BART 7) repro 7" 6,50

BEN JOE ZEPPA Shame On You, Miss Lindy / Terry Lou (METROL 900)1 w/Differentials & 4 Gentlemen. repro 7" 6,50