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DIE DEUTSCHEN BEAT BANDS (THE GERMAN BEAT BANDS) by HEINZ DIETZ – MATTHIAS BUCK. (2nd extented de luxe edition at much reduced price) Brillant and detailed discography of german, swiss, & austrian 7“ single and EP releases of the sixties. More than 2400 top quality professional coloured cover shots of loads of garman only released rare 60´s records you have never seen before. Book features sections w/german Beatbands, rare Beat Compilations, Beat sung in german, Indo Bands, International Beatbands in Germany, label and number information and an alphabetical index. 216 full coloured glossy pages packed in a A4 hardcover book. Book18.90

KICKS MAGAZINE #1 - Limited reprint of the legendary Norton magazine from 1979. Featuring Everly Bros, Flamin' Groovies, Shaggs, Vince Taylor, Velvet Underground, Paul Revere & Raiders! 100 pages. Magazine 11.90

KICKSVILLE CONFIDENTIAL (TORRID TALES FROM THE WILD WORLD OF NORTON RECORDS) This full-on label mash is illustrated by top comic artist AVI SPIVAK, of HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER fame! Dig 28 action-packed pages of totally insane, entirely true, absolutely hair raising rock n' roll shenanigans in a comic book format that all you kids can enjoy, featuring stories on Norton Records legends HASIL ADKINS, ESQUERITA, LINK WRAY, ANDRE WILLIAMS, RUDY RAY MOORE, KIM FOWLEY, RON HAYDOCK and boatloads mo' stars from the famed Brooklyn wax hatchery! Comic 5.00

PANIKKNACKER NO 28 (aka Pankerknacker) - 2014er Ausgabe mit Dictators, Giuda, The Hoff, Bella Wreck, Terrorgruppe, Teaserettes, Steel Panther, Dead Elvis, Anthrax, Grey City Passengers, Movie Star Junkies, Twitchblades, jede Menge Reviews, etc. Mag 3.00

- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50
- Magazine 7.50

RECORDED: Live in Hamburgs Plattenläden - von Nicolas Christitch (Autor), Katrin Vierkant (Fotograf). Durch die Einführung des Musik-Downloads geriet der Musikmarkt Mitte der Nullerjahre in eine schwere Krise. Die digitale Umstrukturierung des Marktes und die Etablierung neuer Plattformen der Musikverbreitung zwangen viele Schallplattenläden zur Schließung und brachten eine ganze Kultur aus Labels, Vertrieben und speziellen Artworks in Bedrängnis – auch in Hamburg. Trotzdem gibt es in Deutschlands Musikhauptstadt noch immer erstaunlich viele Plattenläden. Und noch immer ist die Szene sehr aktiv, hochspezialisiert und sorgt mit ihren unabhängigen Strukturen für kreative Vielfalt jenseits des musikindustriellen Mainstreams. Dieses Buch vereint 41 Porträts aus den 26 unabhängigen Plattenläden der Stadt und zeigt die Menschen, die hinter diesen Läden stehen. In Interviews berichten sie von ihren ersten Kontakten mit Musik, mit Schallplatten und Plattenläden, davon, welche Rolle Hamburg dabei spielte, und ihren Erfahrungen in einem vollständig veränderten Tonträgermarkt. Ergänzt werden die Darstellungen durch von den Läden selbst gestaltete Plattencover und die persönlichen Bestenlisten der Ladenbesitzer: das ultimative Best of von 625 Platten aus Hamburgs Musikläden samt Coverabbildung und Kurzkommentar. Reinblättern kann man hier Gebundenes Buch 29.90

SHINDIG! Vol.2 Issue 10: May-June 2009: COUNTRY-ROCK FEVER - The Dillards, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Gene Clark, Goose Creek Symphony and more. BRITISH EXPLOITATION MOVIES - Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll... sort of/ MARGO GURYAN - Twenty Questions for the exotic pop songstress/ ZIG ZAG MAGAZINE - The story of Shindig!'s grandaddy by the people who made it/ THE SNOBS - Upper crust R&B oddballs. . Mag 5.90
SHINDIG! Vol. 2, Issue 20 (Jan/Feb 2011) Cover story on THE SOFT MACHINE, Feelin' Reelin' Squealin' Is it jazz? Is it psych? Is it pop? The groundbreaking early years. Furthermore articles on: - MERRELL FRANKHAUSER: His visonary journey from surf to folk to psych to lost continents! - THE LOVIN' & THE NERVE: From mod underdogs to Troggs-approved pop confectioners - ALLIED RECORDS: Plastic Cloud, Reign Ghost, Christmas... inside Canada's coolest label - EUPHORIA: The remarkable saga of the most expensive cult album ever made - PATRICK CAMPBELL-LYONS: His Nirvana days - CAT STEVENS: Moslim or charlatan - THE HOLY MACKEREL and much more! Magazine 6.20
SHINDIG! No.26 (May-June 2012) SMALL FACES, The Immediate Pleasure: acid, freedom and Ogdens': 12 months of magic, BEE GEES Horizontal, Idea and Odessa: part two of our exclusive timeline. JADE Strange Wings, Strange Things: folk-rock from a higher place. PUGWASH This year's REAL Olympics: pop music for now people plus THE MIND GARAGE . THE PLIMSOULS . DAVE SWARBRICK . SRI LANKAN ROCK . GEORGE JACKSON . KALEIDOSCOPE . BREWER & SHIPLEY and more. Mag 7.20
SHINDIG! N0. 27 (JULY-AUGUST 2012) Issue 27 featuring cover story on THE CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND At The Love-In: California's answer to The Rolling Stones: the coolest image and the wildest psych-punk sounds - TOBY TWIRL: Revered classic psych-pop 45s... Small Faces support slots... working men's clubs! The highs and lows of a provincial pop band - THE WHEELS / DEMICK & ARMSTRONG: From 'Bad Little Woman' to Little Willie Ramble. Belfast duo who fed garage-punk to The Shadows Of Knight, counted Them's Van Morrison as a friend and fan and recorded singer-songwriter gems in the early 70s - JOY BANG: Behind the smile of the freewheeling hippie chick actress plus articles on THE FALLEN ANGELS, VAN DYKE PARKS THE AMBOY DUKES TAV FALCO THE SEE SEE. Magazine 7.20
SHINDIG! NO. 28 (SEPT-OCT 2012) This number is a USA 60s PSYCH SPECIAL! Featuring: - THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK, Smell of incense: The Summer Of Love's unlikeliest chart-toppers - THE FALLEN ANGELS, Part two of our exclusive in-depth feature on Washington's best kept 60s secret - CLEAR LIGHT, A luminaries who cut one memorable album and guested on the silver screen before imploding - CRYSTAL SYPHON, The last great "lost" California ballroom band? Newly released recordings would suggest so - MAINSTREAM RECORDS: Inside the bonkers world of New York psych's exploitation label - 50 ESSENTIAL US PSYCH ALBUMS PLUS: EDGAR JONES SHOES BILL FAY  ERNIE JOSEPH and more. Mag 7.20
SHINDIG! - NO. 29 (NOV-DEC 2012) featuring: -THE FREE DESIGN: The Family That Plays Together - An appreciation of the greatest harmony pop band of all time/ BILL FAY: British pop's first outsider troubadour breaks a 40-year silence/ THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK: Part two of our in-depth story: from Psych-Out and pop stardom to breakdown and rebirth/ GARY FARR: The forgotten golden boy of the 60s and 70s rock underground/ KEN STRINGFELLOW, LEE HAZELWOOD, SWEDISH RETRO ROCK, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND and much more! Magazine 7.20
SHINDIG! NO 30 With a cover story on THE ROLLING STONES: In The Citadel, Shaped by LSD, Morocco, jail, the esoteric instruments of Brian Jones and artistic competition with "that other band", the Stones' dalliance with psychedelia was brief but deep. -FAMILY: From R&B to 'Music In A Doll's House', the early years of Leicesters singular rock stars. -GARY FARR: The son of a boxer who ditched his role as the UKs hottest unsung blues wailer for the hippie trail and the Californian dream. -THE DAILY FLASH: They were Seattle's mid-'60s answer to The Byrds and had it all. So why did they crash and burn? Plus IAN HUNTER, SIREN, THE MYNAH BIRDS, JOE MEEK and lots more! Magazine 7.20
SHINDIG! NO. 31- Including a all explaining cover story on: - SHOCKING BLUE: Long And Lonesome Road: The Dutch Pop Machine That Ate The World - THE ROLLING STONES: Into The Dark Heart Of Their Satanic Majesties Request - IAIN MATTHEWS: From Fairport To Southern Comfort And Beyond - JELLYFISH: Short-lived Saviours Of Retro Pop With A Sting In The Tail - THE CHOIR & CYRUS ERIE: Back To The Mod Roots Of The Raspberries PLUS: RICHARD THOMPSON, THE ASSOCIATION, THE MYNAH BIRDS, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE. And much more! Magazine 7.20
SHINDIG! No.32 - features a cover story on: - BROADCAST - How 60s psychedelia, avant-garde cinema and the supernatural redefined a modern generation of pop people. And articles on: JOKERS WILD - Cambridge's hottest beat group featuring a young Dave Gilmour SWEET - Their pre-glam early years revisited Plus: more articles on GIALLO MOVIES, KIM FOWLEY, CHILDREN'S FILM FOUNDATION, EMERALD WEB, DONOVAN, DAVID WIFFEN, GHOST BOX RECORDS Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! NO. 33 - Including cover story on THE SEEDS, Children Of The Future: It's a Psych-Out with the LA flower-punks And more articles such as: - SANDIE SHAW: Queen of the Brit girls - MARSUPILAMI: Underground West Country rock - THE THIRD POWER: Heavy psych from Detroit - YOU AM I: Australia's best kept secret PLUS: stories on KIM FOWLEY, FRANCOISE HARDY, MATT BERRY, PIED PIPER RECORDS, MICHAEL CHAPMAN, LED ZEPPELIN and much more...! Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! NO. 34 - with cover story on HARRY NILSSON, The Great American pop architect who wowed The Beatles, shaped The Monkees and crashed and burned. Plus articles on GENE CLARK: Two Sides To Every Story - hippie canyon rock the year punk broke. MORGEN: The story behind 1969's heavy psych motherlode. STACKRIDGE: The Beatles on cider or The Mothers Of Invention go prog? THE STEPPES: Cult quartet who bucked the trend during the 80s garage revival. PLUS: THEE MIGHTY CAESARS, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, SWAMP DOGG, THE COMBUSTIBLES, FIFTY FOOT HOSE, ELTON JOHN, DEAD MEADOW and much more. Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No 35 - offers the cover story 'BEATLESQUE' about how the Fab Four cast a shadow over the 1970s. -PAUL McCARTNEY: Ramming it home in the early 1970s: Depression, paranoia and creative rebirth. -NILSSON: The theme to 'Midnight Cowboy', a madcap film about an LSD-fuelled prison break and an animated feature led him into a new era. -NEIL INNES: Bonzo, Rutle, Python. A genius speaks. -STACKRIDGE: West Country art-pop boffins tell their story. -KLAATU: So good that people thought they were The Beatles! -SIMONES: A psychedelic fairy revealed. Magazine 6.90
SHINDIG! No 36 - Features: COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH: Flying high with San Francisco's hippie-rock agitators. THE ARTWOODS: The London R&B kingpins who should've been huge. PRINCIPAL EDWARDS MAGIC THEATRE: -Performance art meets folk-prog! BIG JIM SULLIVAN: The life and times of Brit session guitarist extraordinaire. Plus RD LAING, THE ORGONE BOX, AFFINITY and much more... Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No.37 - Features: THE RASPBERRIES: Like The Beatles, the Stones and The Who all over again! The 70s American rock stars who brought adolescent pop thrills back into the charts And articles on: - IAN ANDERSON: Tells us how he was musically awoken by Irish R&B bad boys The Wheels, let down by The Stones and bought The Sex Pistols first album - LOS ANGELES LOVE-INS: Between 1967 and 69, a handful of ticketless love-ins were held in Southern California. These peaceful meet-and-greets combined live music, often from unsigned bands, with meditation, frolicking, food, and good vibes in public parks, where smoking was not illegal. - TEMPLES: The new psych stars enveloping our Solar System - THE DREAM: They made some of the most confrontational, outr music produced in The Netherlands, or anywhere else for that matter, during psychedelias Big Bang. - NIGEL MAZLYN JONES: Since the mid-70s he has quietly been making some of the best acoustic music in the UK. A well-known figure on the live circuit he performed with numerous acts including Argent, America, McGuinness Flint, Hatfield & The North and Barclay James Harvest. Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No.38 - Features:38 features a cover story on NIGEL WAYMOUTH and pays attention to Granny Takes A Trip, Hapshash & The Coloured Coat and the art of being avant-garde. Other articles include: ~LINDA PERHACS: The Surprise Return Of Acid-Folk's Mystery Lady. ~JOHN McLAUGHLIN: The pioneering guitarists early years, from Georgie Fame to Miles Davis, revisited. ~LEAFHOUND: Reborn '70s hard rockers who influenced a generation of psychedelic guitar bands. ~MARY LOVE: The bittersweet story of souls troubled goddess. Plus THE SEE SEE, DARKSCORCH CANTICLES, JOHN SINCLAIR and TWINK. Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No 39 - With a cover story on THE END: Bill Wyman's introspective psychedelic protegés. Plus articles like: THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY: It's A Happening Thing with LA's psychedelic folk-rock congregation/ BONNIE DOBSON: Walking out in the morning dew with Canada's first lady of folk/ THE SOUNDCARRIERS: The kings (and queen) of retro-futurist analog grooves tell all. Plus: CHRIS FARLOWE, NYMBUS, EXPLODING GALAXY and much more. Included in this issue: REVERBERATE MAGAZINE featuring the latest sights and sounds from the ever-expanding new wave psych scene. Plus a competition to win a TEAC LP-P1000 - CD/radio/record player. Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No 40 Shindig! celebrate its 40th issue with 40 things that shape their world. Including... -THE MUSIC MACHINE: Garage-fuzz, dark psych, folk and sunshine pop. Sean Bonniwell and his gang's astounding second album. -PF SLOAN: The man who invented folk-rock, then proceeded to set the charts alight with it. -THE JAYHAWKS: The valedictory return of the alt/country-rock legends. -DAPTONE RECORDS: Inside New York's most essential soul and funk label. Plus THE BEVIS FROND, NYMBUS, THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, THE KINKS and much more! Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No. 41 - Contains a cover story on THE WHO (On The Road In The Magic Bus: Post-acid, pre-Tommy, their 1968 annus horribilis). Furthermore articles on: -QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: Just For Love: the story of San Francisco's pioneering acid-rockers. -CAN: Music steps outside the realms of rock. -THE ROTARY CONNECTION: Early psychedelic soul act (featuring Minnie Ripperton) that should've been huge. Plus DAVID CROSBY, RD LAING, NYMBUS, THE MAHARAJAS and much more! Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! No. 42 - Los Angeles Special with features on Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, The Turtles, David Crosby, Jonathan Wilson, The United States Of America, Chip Douglas... Comes with a free CD featuring exclusive mixes by producer Cherrystones of eight psychedelic bands including Goat and Teeth Of The Sea. You also get a free copy of Reverberate magazine which pays attention to Goat, Suuns, Hills, Allah Las, Teeth Of The Sea and more. Mag + CD 6.90
SHINDIG! NO. 43 Issue #43 features articles on: THE PRISONERS, England's '80s shining lights who bridged garage band snarl with mod cool. DANA GILLESPIE, '60s folkie and one-time Bowie girlfriend turned blues belter returns with a new album
Neighb'rhood Childr'n: cult girl-led San Francisco act that should've followed Jefferson Airplane to succes. FOXYGEN ... And Star Power. Stark! Raving! Bonkers! 2014 style. The future? Plus Scott Fagan, Alan David Eastwood, Lola Colt and much more!
Mag 6.90
SHINDIG! NO. 44 with the cover story on THE DAMNED: Punk pioneers in dark psychedelia shocker! And articles onTHE ROCKINGBIRDS: British country-rockers back on the road, NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N: Overlooked West Coast psychedelic folk-rockers, XIAN ROCK: The strange world of underground Jesus freak music, SHINDIG! 2014 AWARDS: The best releases of 2014 in the Shindigverse. Plus: COOL CHRISTMAS RECORDS, JIM NOIR, FAIRPORT CONVENTION, WHITE HILLS and much more! 7.50
SHINDIG! No 45 features an extensive cover story on THE PRETTY THINGS, the wildest UK band of 1965. Hit singles, long hair and drug-fuelled partying. Furthermore articles on POWDER (California's out-of-time late '60s anglophile mod/pop band reborn), PURPLE GANG (London jugband turned trip-makers) and THE MOODY BLUES (their magnificent first flush of success). Plus: R.D. LAING, BRIAN AUGER, IAN McLAGAN, POND, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS and much more! Mag 7.50
SHINDIG! No 46 features a cover story on THE KINKS: 1966 And All That: Breaking Down In Swinging London. Other articles include: - BLUE CHEER: San Fran's loudest! One of the final interviews with Dickie Peterson, the original heavy metal kid - MIND GARAGE: Late 60s American act who journeyed from the psychedelic Underground to the Church - FATHER JOHN MISTY: One time Fleet Fox furthers solo career Plus articles on: SWAMP DOGG * RYLEY WALKER * MOON DUO * WOLF PEOPLE * JODOROWSKY. And the usual tons of reviews. Mag 7.50
SHINDIG! No 48 Shindig! #48 features a cover story on THE GRATEFUL DEAD. Fallout of the Summer of Love, and the birth of a national treasure. Other articles include: - JORGE BEN: The Samba-funk master's mystical early '70 work. - ART: From R&B rave-ups to psychedelic rock. - SQUIRE: Timeless Mod - MARY WILSON : The Supremes' deepest grooves, Plus articles on: AMON DUUL II, JOE BOYD, SERPENT POWER, KAMURAN AKKOR, THE MYSTRYS and you get the usual tons of reviews, news, reviews and hullabaloos.. Mag 7.50
SHINDIG! No 49 Shindig 49's cover story is FLEETWOOD MAC's overlooked post-Peter Green, pre-Buckingham-Nicks era and there are features on Aussi alt-psych heroes THE CHURCH, late 60s L.A. avant-pop brothers THE DRAGONS, all-girl Detroit garage stars THE DEBUTANTES, ex-Black Crowes leader's jam band THE CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD, Czech folk-horror movie VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS, 10 Deep Cuts by THE ISLEY BROTHERS and 20 Questions with TERRY REID. Phew! Plus we have new French act ODESSEY & ORACLE, Scottish vocalist LYDIA MacDONALD, ROLLING STONES cover art, AMON DUUL II album dissection, DUDLEY MOORE'S 68 film soundtrack, 25 years of PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE magazine and much, much, more! Mag 7.50
SHINDIG! No 50 The Faces "1970" - Cover Stars of Shindig! This 50th birthday issue pays attention to JOHN RENBOURN (the master guitarist in his own words), DAN PENN & SPOONER OLDHAM (legendary southern soul songwriters), AUDIENCE (London's art-rock favourites), ARTHUR BROWN (the God Of Hellfire reflects on 50 years of music), plus NICOLAS GODIN, DIANE COFFEE, ROBERTA FLACK, THE OPTIC NERVE, GRAVEYARD, SIMON LOVE and much, much more! Mag 7.50
SHINDIG No 51 With the cover story dedicated to Slade, issue #51 of Shindig! features articles on Mercury Rev, Carl Wilson, Taste, Silver Apples, Geranium Pond, Air... Of course you also get tons of reviews and all the other usual sections. Mag € 7.50the usual tons of reviews. Mag 7.50

SHINDIG! Annual no.1 Before the re-launched Shindig! as a bi-monthly magazine, were produced seven issues that have long been out of print. Due to permanent requests for this now unavailable material it was decided to collect together the best articles in a book that will be called "Shindig! Annual No.1. This Annual will be 96pp full-colour hardback book. The Shindig! Annual serves up a tasty treat, with a selection of features brimming with passion. The artists covered in this annual range from the well known: THE MOVE (the last in-depth interview with original singer Carl Wayne), THE LOVE AFFAIR (the UK pop/soul act that were the most talked about UK group for a number of months in 1968) and BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (Neil Young, Steven Stills. say no more). The now legendary: JOHNS CHILDREN (a massive interview with singer Andy Ellison and drummer Chris Townsen), JESSE HECTOR (the original space-age mod whose style and attitude influenced a number of glam and punk acts). The now highly regarded: SRC (the Detroit band who ran their own studio and were friends with the stars), KALEIDOSCOPE (Englands most loved unsuccessful 60s pop act), THE ACTION (utter stylists produced by George Martin), GRAPEFRUIT (more-than-pretty-boy Beatles protgs) and LES FLEUR DE LYS (who out-did The Who on their Immediate version of Circles). Lesser-known acts like THE THINGIES, THE DIRTY WURDS and WE THE PEOPLE are all covered with just as much respect and attention, which of course is the Shindig! way. Book 12.90
SHINDIG! ANNUAL NO. 3: Reprint with new psychedelic full-colour cover. Shindig! Annual #3 gathers the cream of Shindig! magazines collectable out-of-print back issues and adds a couple of previously unpublished works exclusive to this publication. Featuring definitive articles - many expanded and updated - on the following artists: THE PRETTY THINGS: The Brit-rock legends pioneering psychedelic adventures revisited. THE FLAMIN GROOVIES: San Francisco ballrooms, hard rock, glam, powerpop classics. they did it all. THE 14 HOUR TECHNICOLOUR DREAM: The British flower childrens coming-out ball and how it changed British pop. KEVIN AYERS: Cult hero, counter-culture darling and quintessential English renaissance man. ALICE COOPER: Notorious shock-rockers early garage years exposed. THE SCAFFOLD: The scouse avante-garde pop/comedy/poetry trio reappraised. THE STRAWBS: The early psychedelic days of the folk-pop stalwarts remembered. FIRE: Into the treacle toffee world of the UK mod/psych heroes. PROCESSION: The Aussi psych-pop gods who came to London in search of success. In addition, we are proud to publish a pair of newly-minted features exclusive to this annual: GREEN BEAT: The emergence of Irish rock and psychedelia in the mid-late 60s DAVID DALTREY: From teenage psych-pop with Tales Of Justine to jazz and beyond. Format: A4 hardbook book, Full colour throughout. Book 12.90
SHINDIG! The Annual No 4 - Gathers a bespoke selection of revamped highlights from Shindig! Magazines collectable out-of-print back issues: PROCOL HARUM - Former R&B wailers who invented prog-rock and cut the most successful single of all time. THE BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND - Enter the eccentric world of the dadaist pop terrorists. JULIE DRISCOLL, BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY - Adventures in jazz with the queen of UK psychedelia.SPIRIT - The early years of the LA psych-rock legends. THE POETS - The story of Scotland's number one group! KIPPINGTON LODGE & BRINSLEY SCHWARZ - Frome teen pop-psych hopefuls to cult adulation. GENE CLARK - The Byrd that flew too close to the sun. H.P. LOVECRAFT - Gothic psychedelic folk-rock from Chicago. THE LITTER - Minneapolis noiseniks exposed at last. THE DILLARDS - The uncrowned kings of US country-rock. JIMMY CAMPBELL - The tragic talent of the Liverpool beat bard. IRON VIRGIN - Glam-rock on the terraces. ZIG ZAG MAGAZINE - Shindig!'s grandaddy. Mag 12.90

THE SOUND WITH THE POUND A ‘60s Merseybeat Anthology by Manfred Kuhlmann: 500 page paperback book in english language. After 10 years of local research the book presents 166 Bandstories with worldwide discographies from the Addicts to The Young Ones and more. Fascianating details about the Four Just Men, Earl Preston, Newtons, Kirkbys, Eddy Cave & Fyxx, Faron´s Flamingo´s, Johnny Gus Set, Klubs, Mersey Five, Mark Peters & Silhouettes etc and of course Ian & Zodiacs, Merseybeats, Fourmost, Undertakers, Del Renas, Curiosity Shoppe, Crossbeats, Masterminds and many more. Read about a number of unknown recordings and acetates by the famous and obscure liverpool bands. 350 rare and unseen photos and memorabilia. 100 plus more band line-ups and a listing of active period bands. Softcover book: € 31.50

HUNTER S. THOMPSON GONZO (Ammo Books) From press text: GONZO presents a rare look into the life of Thompson, whose groundbreaking style of “gonzo” journalism made him one of the greatest writers of his generation. Now his photographs and archives have been collected into a visual biography worthy of his literary legacy. With a heartfelt introduction by close friend Johnny Depp, Gonzo captures a man whose life was as legendary as his writing. This impressive title features hundreds of personal photographs-many taken by Thompson himself and never before published. Accompanied by writing and memorabilia, this visual history gives insight into the literary icon’s life. GONZO chronicles Thompson’s numerous adventures, including his early days as a foreign correspondent in Puerto Rico, living in Big Sur in the sixties, time on the road with the Hell’s Angels, and many personal moments with friends and family throughout the years. Hardcover, 240 pages, 228.6 x 292.1 mm. Book: 39,90

UGLY THINGS Isue #40: The members of garage-psych band The Human Expression tell about their mind-blowing singles from 1966 and 1967 and more. The magazine also pays attention to The Dictators, the late engineer/producer Dave Hassinger (studio engineer for the Rolling Stones 1964-66, Jefferson Airplane, and the Electric Prunes), Steve Katz (Blues Project, Blood, Sweat & Tears), Johny Barbata (drummer for the Sentinals, the Turtles, and CSN&Y) and Denny Tedesco, director of The Wrecking Crew. Then there are eye-opening stories on San Francisco's demented proto-punks Psycotic Pineapple, the Flamin' Groovies, you get reviews and much much more. Hours and hours of reading pleasure for fans of the coolest '60s and '70s music. Mag 12.90
Isue #39 features cover stories on Brian Jones, the Clingers and The Mickey Finn. Brian Jones was one of '60s rock's most iconic stars-and also one of its most maligned and misunderstood. Harvey Kubernik attempts to set the record straight via interviews with many of the people that knew or met Brian. Sharing the cover with Brian is one of the first all-female rock groups, the Clinger Sisters. Their story is a gripping saga of teenage drama and determination. Then there's an in-depth feature on one of the ultimate UK freakbeat groups, The Mickey Finn, and an interview with Michael Des Barres about his rock n roll days with Silverhead. Other interviews include Chris Bailey of The Saints, super drummer Johny Barbata (Turtles, CSN&Y) and Aussie rocker Ross Wilson of The Pink Finks and Daddy Cool. Also present are stories on the San Pedro garage band The Grapes Of Wrath, Santa Barbara's Turquoise, French Yé-Yé girl Anne Philippe, UK '70s punks Red Lights, and folk-rock duo David & Anthony. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies revisits the year 1968, and of course you get the comprehensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. Mag 12.50
ISSUE #38: Headlining feature in this issue is a massive, exclusive, detail-packed interview with Dave Davies of The Kinks by Richie Unterberger, who also got access to internal memos from Warners/Reprise (the Kinks US record company) that shed new light on the band's story. Also present is a big story on US '70s art punks The Screamers, including an extensive unpublished 1978 interview by Jon Savage, rare photos and more. Then this issue pays attention to Texas garage-psych icons The Golden Dawn, cult hard rock trio Dust, Swedish beat innovator Hazze Hep, Dutch beat group The Lazy Bones, '70s punkers Elton Motello, Norway's Borres Kork, Unsettled Society (of "17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs" infamy), Blue Cheer, Vanda-Youngs Marcus Hook Roll Band, the early years of Lester Bangs, and mind-melting interviews with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), Johny Barbata (Sentinals, Turtles, CSNY, Jefferson Airplane), and Johnny Strike of Crime. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies shares his experiences of 1968, and we take a journey deep, deep into The Diamond Mine with legendary DJ Dave Diamond. And, as always, the comprehensive review sections covers all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. Mag 11.70
ISSUE #37 The Pretty Things and the Small Faces are subject of the two cover stories this time. In the most revealing interview he's ever given, Phil May spills his guts about his fractured childhood, life as a teenage art school outsider and the first hell-raising year of the Pretty Things. Included is an exclusive chapter from Phil's upcoming autobiography. Not only but also... Regarding The Small Faces, there are fabulous interviews with Ian McLagan and the late, great Steve Marriott. You may also expect big features on '60s pop-psych songsmiths Carter & Gilbert and the Rainy Daze, Texas garage heroes Thursday's Children, California cult pop sensations The Hitmakers, Cyril Jordan's memories of 1967, and an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. And there are also thrilling conclusions of the serials on The Haunted and The Radiators From Space, European beat group scoops on The Loosers and the JocoDev Sextett, LA punks The Gears, and even the pre-'Kung Fu Fighting' mod-soul years of Carl Douglas. Not to forget the extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Mag 11.70
Issue 36 - Two big cover stories dominate this issue. Top of the bill, a brain-searing interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, the brilliant 60s Svengali of Immediate Records and Rolling Stones infamy. The cover features an exclusive 60s era photo of Andrew by famed photographer Gered Mankowitz. Next. 13 years in the making. The strangest, deepest, darkest tale ever told in UT. Mike Stax goes on the trail of Craig Smith a.k.a. Maitreya Kali, the mysterious figure responsible for the loner psych mega-rarities Apache and Inca. An epic-length story you will never forget. And thats not all, folks. There's Part Twos of The Haunted and The Radiators From Space, plus UK freakbeat legends Sands and Sundragon, The Motions and The Dream from Holland, Manzanita Jungle, and-another one for UK freakbeat/psych fans-an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln. Cyril Jordan's outrageously popular column relives the year 1966, and, as always, theres our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Mag 11.70
UGLY THINGS ISSUE #35 - 30th Anniversary Issue! CONTENTS: A bunch of stupendously cool and intriguing stories lined up for this issue, including a revealing interview with Stewkey of The Nazz, and Ty Wagner of 'I'm A No Count' fame. There's an exclusive lowdown at the upcoming Seeds documentary, the second part of our history of The Haunted, and articles on The Sons of Fred, The Paragons ("Abba"), The Focal Point, Sands, Sundragon, hard rock power trio Thunder & Roses, Dutch '70s punks The Suzannes, and a profusely illustrated history of Ann Arbor, Michigans fabled teen club, the Fifth Dimension (The Who, the Yardbirds, the MC5, and the Stooges were among the many bands to have played there in the late '60s). Cyril Jordans '60s memoir continues with his rundown of the year 1965, while Greg Prevost takes a look at New York Dolls collectables with a running commentary from Johnny Thunders himself. We'll also take a look back over 30 years of publishing UGLY THINGS. All this and our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVD's. Magazine 11.70
ISSUE #34: As always we have an array of fantastic stories lined up about some of the greatest overlooked bands from the '60s and '70s. Headlining features this time include the story of The Haunted (Montreal garage icons of '1-2-5' fame), the wild and mysterious Milan a.k.a. The Leather Boy, The Viletones, and a garage-punk mystery unlocked at last: The Bees, who were responsible for the insane 66 acid-punk freakout 'Voices Green & Purple'! Also Cyril Jordan shares his personal memories of The Beatles and the first wave of the British Invasion, Greg Prevost digs into his deep archive of Byrds collectibles, and there are stories on The Spike Drivers, French proto-punk glam freaks the Rob Jo Star Band, Brit R&B combo The Others ('Oh Yeah'), The Blue Aces, Dandelion label folkie Beau, Dutch beat from Jenny & the Rascals, and striped trousers from The Velvet Illusions. And of course our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.90
ISSUE #33: With LOVE as the major cover story, this issue is sure to fly off the shelves. In an extensive, soul-baring interview, guitarist Johnny Echols (Arthur Lee's right-hand man throughout LOVE's classic period) tears down the mystery and the myth to reveal the true story of this seminal band. This issue also has a pile of other amazing stories: Dutch psychedelic freaks Group 1850, destructive Ohio proto-punks The Electric Eels, English freakbeat giants Wimple Winch and The Craig, plus The Leopards, The Syndicate, The Reekers, The Hangmen, Barrence Whitfield, Wildwood, Illes and more. Also, "The San Francisco Beat," a brand new column by Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies, and of course the extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.90
UGLY THINGS # 32 - Fall/ Winter 2011: 176 pages: In our killer new issue, our intrepid writers take a look at Paul Revere & the Raiders in the Psychedelic era. Mark Lindsay opens up to Doug Sheppard about the making of their underrated late '60s albums, while Bill Kopp examines the post-Raiders adventures of Drake, Fang & Smitty and their experimental psych-pop project The Brotherhood. Moving across the pond, we celebrate the world of Freakbeat with exclusive interviews with Dee Christopholus of Wimple Winch and Don Fardon of The Sorrows. And there's more: Part 2 of our interview with Billy Harrison of THEM, big stories on'60s garage punks The Sloths, The Contrasts and Limey & the Yanks, psychedelic magic with The Creation of Sunlight and The Finchley Boys, and a lengthy story on the early years of '70s UK punks,The Vibrators. Add in pieces on the likes of $27 Snap On Face, The Rolling Stones, Valiant Little Tailor, '60s Virginia's Raven Records, Bob Desper and Sir Royal Da Count and you may be looking at our best and most eclectic issue yet. Not forgetting our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.50
UGLY THINGS # 31- Spring 2011: 200 pages / perfect bound / full-color glossy cover. Three big cover stories dominate Issue #31. - First, we have the first ever major interview with Billy Harrison, guitarist and founder member of Van Morrisons seminal R&B group THEM, and the man behind one of the greatest riffs of all time: "Gloria." - Second: The Norton Records and Kicks magazine story; a celebration of a quarter-century of Norton with exclusive interviews and photos. - And third: The Pleasure Seekers starring Detroits girl garage queens the Quatro sisters. All the scoop on this great group (and their hard rockin successors Cradle) illustrated by loads of gorgeous pix. Also in this issue: - The final installments of our stories on the Masters Apprentices and Ollie Halsall; - James Williamson and the Stooges; - a revelatory no-holds-barred interview with Prince Stash de Rola (swingin 60s confidante of the Stones, Beatles and others) - a listeners guide to Wreckless Eric, - Jimi Hendrix: The Dead Hendrix albums; - Cleveland 60s punks the Missing Lynx, the 40 Fingers, surfin with the Sentinals, and lots more. PLUS our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock n roll books and DVDs. Magazine 9.50
#29 - Winter 2009: 226 pages - the top cover stories include a huge feature on Australias mighty Masters Apprentices as well as a tribute to the late, great Sky Saxon of the Seeds. Plus in-depth stories on 60s beat group the Fenmen (featuring pre-Pretty Things members), UK pop-psych faves the West Coast Consortium, LA proto-punks the Imperial Dogs, and seminal California garage folk-rockers Wildflower. Also, Doug Sheppard unravels the twisted tale of 70s hard rockers Stepson, Ron Ryan reveals the juicy details of his role as the ghost writer of some of the Dave Clark Fives biggest early hits, and Phil Milstein relates his experiences with doomed junkie chanteuse Nico. All this plus Midwest garage combo the Nomadds, Ollie Halsall and Timebox, French Riviera punks Dentist, the Remains, the Shadows of Knight, and an exclusive chat with Tony Cahill of the Easybeats. Not forgetting our famously extensive review section covering all the latest reissues, and R&R-related books and DVDs. Mag 8.90
#28 - Spring 2009: 208 pages, filled with an exclusive interview with Trevor Burton of The Move, incl. lots of rare photos, a feature on Roky Ericksons pre-psychedelic adventures in Austin with The Spades, along with a big feature review on the upcoming 13th Floor Elevators 10-CD box set. Plus Dave Clark Five, including interviews with Dave Clark and Lenny Davidson. Sixties garage rock predominates as always with stories on The Good Feelins, The Daughters of Eve, The Boy Blues, The Living Children and TVs Shindogs. 70s Parisian proto-punks Angel Face, the Northwests once mysterious New Dawn, hard rockers Troyka, and New York cult underground heroes Hackamore Brick. The bizarre saga of Philippe Debarge, the millionaire French playboy who made an 1969 psych album backed by his favorite band, The Pretty Things. Jon Savage takes a look at the History of Rock Fanzines, Aaron Milenski gives us 50 Reasons Not to Hate the Synthesizer, and of course the extensive review section, covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs. Mag 8.90

ANDRE WILLIAMS: Sweets (Kicks Books /Norton) A posh debut fiction paperback by 'Mr Rhythm' with a foreword by Nick Tosches. "Sweets (is) a tawdry slab of old-school, Iceberg Slim-style pulp fiction with characters from the sexed-up, drug-dealing spark plug of the title story to a preacher-loving nymphomaniac with a terrible family secret straight out of Williams' own colorful life." - James Sullivan (AOL Spinner). Book 11,50