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NATHAN ABSHIRE featuring THE BALFA BROTHERS Pine Grove Blues/The Good Times Are Killing Me (Ace) Great goddamn Cajun aceness!!Pine Grove Blues/ La Valse De Holly Beach/ Games People Play/ Service Blues/ A Musicians Life/ Fee-Fee Pon-Cho/ Lemonade Song/ La Valse De Bayou Teche/ Sur La Courtableau/ Don't Hurt Anymore/ Phil's Waltz/ Shamrock/ Choupique Two Step/ Tracks Of My Buggy/ Nathan's Lafayette Two Step/ Dying In Misery/ Tramp Sur La Rue/ Partie A Grand Basile/ J'ai Etais Au Balle/ Valse De Kaplan/ If You Don't Love Me/ Off Shore Blues/ Let Me Hold Your Hand/ La Noce A Rosalie. CD 16.90

ALLONS CAJUN ROCK'N'ROLL (Ace)GREAT 24 -song CD: Lafayette Two-Step - Aldus Roger & The Louisiana Playboys/ Allons Rock 'N' Roll - Lawrence Walker/ Hip Et Taiau - Nathan Abshire/ Cush Cush - Blackie Forestier/ La Fille De La Ville - Vin Bruce/ Lacassine Special - Aldus Roger/ La Valse De Reno - Lawrence Walker & His Wandering Aces/ Lake Arthur Stomp - Rufus Thibodeaux/ Les Veuves De La Coulee - Happy Fats/ Married Life - Louis Cormier/ Mardi Gras Dance - Aldus Roger/ La Valse D'ennui - Aldus Roger/ Just Because - Blackie Forestier/ Boil Them Cabbages Down - Doc Guidry/ and more. CD 16.00

AND THE ANSWER IS VOLUME 1 (Bear Family) Cool, yet corny at points comp of 50s C&W hits and the ANSWER songs to them… CD 16.00

JOHNNY CASH Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Sundazed) Wanted Man/ Wreck of the Old 97/ I Walk the Line/ Darling Companion/ Starkville City Jail/ San Quentin/ San Quentin/ A Boy Named Sue/ Peace in the Valley/ Folsom Prison Blues. 180-gram LP18.50
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Sundazed) Folsom Prison Blues/ Dark as the Dungeon/ I Still Miss Someone/ Cocaine Blues/ 25 Minutes to Go/ Orange Blossom Special/ The Long Black Veil/ Send a Picture of Mother/ The Wall/ Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog/ Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart/ Jackson (With June Carter)/ Give My Love to Rose (With June Carter)/ I Got Stripes/ Green, Green Grass of Home/ Greystone Chapel 180-gram LP18.50
First steps (1955-1958) (Doxy Records) Alright! Plenty of hits (of course... it's the SUN years!) Inner Lp sleeves with lyrics: Hey Porter/ Cry, Cry, Cry/ Wide Open Road/ Port Of Lonelyde/ I Couldnt Keep From Crying/ New Mexico/ Luther Played The Hearts/ So Doggone Lonesome/ Mean Eyed Cat/ Folsom Prison Boogie/ I Walk The Line/ Get Rhythm/ Train Of Love/ There You Go Blues/ Dont Make Me Go/ Next In Line/ Give My Love To Rose/ Island Line/ Wreck Of The Old 97/ Belshazzar/ Doin My Time/ I Was There When It Happened/ Country Boy/ I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow/ Remember Me/ If The Good Lords Willing/ Big River/ Come In Stranger/ Always Alone/ Life Goes On/ The Story Of A Broken Heart/ You Tell Me/ Blue Train/ Katy Too/ Fools Hall Of Fame. LP 22.90
MAN IN BLACK-VOLUME 1: 1954-58 (Bear Family) 5-cd monster-box of ALL his SUN C&W. A bit of overkill but you can just punch out the fillers & enjoy. 5xCD 73.00

SANFORD CLARK Shades (Bear Family) great AZ c&w! CD € 16.00

COUNTRY HICKS VOLUME 1 (Barklog) Yeehaw! 25 rarities from the 1950' and early 1960's, including a bunch of tracks comped for the first time. All in GREAT sound & coming with a 6 page booklet packed with Label shots and pic's. Guaranteed Rural Hick Hayseed Shit Kickin’ Rockabilly and Hillbilly Bop. Excellent! CD 14.00
COUNTRY HICKS VOLUME 7 (Bark Log)16 Killer Primitive Hick Rockabilly & Country Rockers: Glenn & Vivian Watson - Just Keep On Going/ Ray Baker - Gotta Have Your Lovin'/ Tommy Castle - I've Done More Accidentally/ Bill Chambers - She's Treatin' Me Bad/ Black Jack Wayne - Shallow Water Blues/ Bro Charlie Hendrickson- The Old Gospel Ship/ Whitey Gallagher- Searchin'/ Bobby Boyle - Ricky The Record Hound/ Unknown Artist- Honky Tonk Blues/ Lucky Hill - I'm Checkin' Out/ The Carolina Drifters - Don't Monkey Round My Widder/ Dale Davis - Crazy Little Guitar Man/ Whitey Gallagher- Gotta Roam/ Dreamy Joe- Sweetheart Boogie/ Mack & Gwen - Baby I Want Another Date/ Ralph Hart - There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down. LP 11.90

"D" label SINGLES COLLECTION VOLUME 1 (Bear Family) 127-song set of Houston label D Records' C&W/rockabilly/some pop, 1958 to 1959. BIG lp-size 56-page book. Tons of great C&W by the legendary EDDIE NOACK, plus: BIP BOPPER, JIMMIE & JOHNNY, AL TRAVIS, WORTHAM WATTS, COUNTRY JOHNNY MATHIS, HARRY CHOATES, SONNY HALL, BYRON JOHNSON, etc. 4xCD 90.00

CHARLIE FEATHERS JUNGLE FEVER (Kay) Essential 20-song compilation of Charlie's genius 50s rockers plus some cool stuff from late-60s/mid-70s. LP 12.90
Liaison Field (Doxy Records) Recordings from 1955 - 1957: Peepin' Eyes/ I've Been Deceived/ Defrost Your Heart/ A Wedding Gown Of White/ Tongue-Tied Jill/ Get With It/ Everybody's Lovin' My Baby/ Can't Hardly Stand It/ One Hand Loose/ Bottle To The Baby/ When You Decide/ Nobody's Woman/ Too Much Alike/ When You Come Around/ Why Don't You/ Jungle Fever/ Runnin' Around/ We're Getting Closer To Being Apart/ Corrina Corrina/ The Man In Love/ This Lonesome Feeling/ Johnny Come Listen. LP 15.90
PLENTY more Charlie Feathers in the Rockabilly section!

TERRY FELL TRUCK DRIVING MAN (Bear Family) Cool collection of this hillbilly C&W. 24 songs. CD 16.00

FLOYD'S EARLY CAJUN SINGLES SINGLES (Ace) Great collection of the very first Cajun recordings that Floyd Soileau released between 1957 and 1960 on his Big Mamou, Vee-Pee, Jin and Swallow labels: MILTON MOLITOR WITH AUSTIN PITRE BAND Midway Two-Step/ Manuel Bar Waltz/ LAWRENCE WALKER & THE WANDERING ACES: Osson Two-Step/ Bon Ton Rouley/ Walker Special/ Midnite Waltz/ ALDUS ROGER & THE LAFAYETTE PLAYBOYS: O.S.T Special/ Midway Waltz/ ANDREW CORMIER & THE RAMBLING ACES: Seventy-Three Special/ Two-Step De Vieux Temps/ Lacassine Two-Step/ RODNEY LEJUNE & THE RAMBLING ACES: Dans Les Misere/ La Fille De La Veuve/ 99 Year Waltz/ LEO FONTENOT & THE VILLE PLATTE PLAYBOYS. Ville PlattePlayboys Special/ Jole Basete/ ADAM HEBERT & THE COUNTRY PLAYBOYS: North Side Door/ Every Nite When It's Dark/ Cette La J'aime/ Country Playboys Special/AUSTIN PITRE & THE EVANGELINE PLAYBOYS: Flumes Dans Faire/ Opelousas Waltz/ Rene's Special/ Rainbow Waltz/ LOUIS CORMIER & THE MOONLITE PLAYBOYS: One Step De Duson/ Drunkard's Blues/ JOEL SONNIER & THE DUSON PLAYBOYS: Tee Yeaux Bleu/ SIDNEY BROWN & HIS FRENCH ACCORDION: Font Kee-Lot Two-Step. CD 16.90

BUCK GRIFFIN LET'S ELOPE BABY (Bear Family) 28 cuts of 1956-62 hillbilly, C&W and some rockabilly, including "Stutterin Papa" and "Jessie Lee" etc. MGM & LIN recordings. CD 16.00

MERLE HAGGARD UNTAMED HAWK-THE EARLY RECORDINGS (Bear Family) Monster box set of Merle's 1962-1968 C&W greatness! 143-songs! 5xCD 90.00

LEE HAZLEWOOD THE MANY SIDES OF LEE Starts with his great moody 60s C&W songs (his lyrics are the best!). You need this because of the following tracks: "Son Of A Gun/Run Boy Run/Long Black Train/Six Feet Of Chain/Jose/Dark In My Heart/These Boots" which are all killers and then you get 18 more tracks of good to so-so to poppy/lame stuff. CD 14.50
LEE HAZLEWOOD LOVE & OTHER CRIMES This is another cool one. Pop music, ok but ace lyrics! "After Six" is my fave. 27 mostly slow songs focussed on his great voice and lyrics (no tracks from the "Many Sides..." CD). CD 14.50
LEE HAZLEWOOD THE COWBOY & THE LADIES Starts with Lee and Nancy Sinatra Plus Lee & SUZIE JANE HORTON (8 tracks), Lee & ANN-KRISTIN HEDMARK (1), Lee & NINA LIZELL (2), Lee & ANN-MARGRET (7). 26 tracks of Pop music, mostly weak. CD 14.50

THE HILLBILLY HOP - From The Hills To The Garage (Wendi) LP 11.00

HILLBILLY ROCK VOL 1 (LENOX) SAMMY MASTERS: 2 Rock A 4/ KENNY BAKER: Goodby Little Star/ RUCKUS TYLER: Rollin' And A Rockin'/ Rock Town Rock/ ROCKIN' CHARLIE: Like Out Of This World/ CHARLES SHORTY BACON: Super Jivin' Lulu/ JOHNNY TYLER: Lie To Me Baby/ EARNEY VANDAGRIFF: You Can't Come In/ JOHNNY HENDERSON: Any Old Port In A Storm/ JESS WILLARD: Every Dog Has His Day/ JOHNNY GITTAR: San Antonio Boogie/ EDDIE DEAN: Impatient Blues/ RONNIE KEITH: Mad Cat Boogie/ JIMMY MERRITT: I've Lost the Blues/ BOBBY BOBO: Doggone, Longgone Blues/ WALLY & DON: Please Don't. CD 13.80
HILLBILLY ROCK VOL. 2 (LENOX) DON WINDLE When My Baby Gets Home/ T. TEXAS TYLER My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ CARL UTAH Sometimes/ BILLY STARR Hound Dog/ HOMER ZEKE CLEMONS Oklahoma Bound/ Dallas Limited/ EARL SONGER Whoopie Baby/ SALTY HOLMES Harmonica Boogie/ JOHNNY HICKS Hey Now Honey/ TURNER BROS Boog-Boog-Boogie/ Honky-Tonk-Mama/ EARNEY VANDAGRIFF & JOYCE LOWRANCE Hush Money/ UNCLE HENRY'S Red Headed Woman/ EDDIE HILL The Hot Guitar/ Steamboat Stomp/ PAUL HOWARD The Boogie's Fine Tonight CD 13.80
HILLBILLY ROCK VOL. 3 (LENOX) FREDDY DAWSON: Dallas Boogie/ BENNY LEADERS: Hey Miss Fannie/ LATTIE MOORE: Pull Down The Blinds/ JIM OWEN: Sie Simon Shuffle/ HENRI Mc PEAK: I Feel Like Yelling/ When You Kissed Me/ JOHNNY TYLER: Freight Train Boogie/ MERL LINDSAY: Singing Water Baby Blues/ BILLY JACK WILLIS: Ropen And Tied/ BILLY JACK WILLIS: Water Baby Boogie/ CHARLIE ADAMS: T T Boogie/ TEX GRIMSLEY: Shuffle On Down/ JIMMY BRYANT: Boogie Barn Dance/ JIMMY BRYANT: Jelly Beans Daddy/ DICK STRATTON: Pistol Boogie/ JOHNNY RECTOR: I'm Gonna Be man. CD 13.80

HYPNOTIC CAJUN & OBSCURE ZYDECO (Moi J'Connais Records) Seven songs of Cajun music from 20’s to 50’s versus eight songs of very early and 60’s Creole Zydeco fire.... Real good stuff on here, incl. Breaux Brothers, Austin Pitre/ Ambrose Sam/ Lawrence Walker/ Clifton Chenier/ Louis Cormier and many others . 180g LP with silk-screen printed cover, limited edition of 300 copies. LP 17.50
HYPNOTIC CAJUN & OBSCURE ZYDECO Volume 2 (Moi J'Connais) A trip into the South of Louisiana, where this music -a blend of worlds and traditions- took shape at the beginning of the 20th century. It's a selection of tracks from the past, featuring local legends (Nathan Abshire) and unknown craftsmen (Jimmy Peters), who all, in their own way, have left their indelible mark. Waltz, two-step, one-step, blues, the record pays tribute to the unique blend of European dances with African rhythms. Each track has been weighed up for its historical as well as for its musical interest. A combination of melodeon and, for the Zydeco side, button accordion, triangle, rub board and fiddles. This LP comes with sleeve notes and a poster from one of the masters of Cajun fiddle, Dennis McGhee. Presented in a silk screened cover and limited to 1.000 copies. LP 18,90

I'M GONNA ROCK (Lenox) Cool country flavored rockabilly and rockin' country: BILLY ADAMS: You Heard Me Knocking/ DELBERT BARKER: Blue Suede Shoes/ No, I Don't Believe I Will/ LITTLE DICKIE CHAFFIN: Princess Whitefoot/ BOB CRIBBIE: Rockabilly Yodel/ LEROY DALLAS: I'm Going Away/ DANNY KEEBLER: Matchbox/ THE KELLEY'S: The Great Foggy Mountain/ FUZZY LOFTON: Bounce Baby, Bounce/ RICK RICKELS: I'm Gone/ You Gonna Go Away/ RABON SANDERS: You Tore Your Playhouse Down/ ORDEN SEXTON: Rock-A-Way/ STARVIN MARVIN: Gamblin' Man/ LARRY THORNTON: Honky Tonk Ties/ RALPH WILLIS: I'm Gonna Rock CD 13.80

LAFAYETTE SATURDAY NIGHT (Ace) 24-song cd of a pretty solid mix of cajun, c&w, louisiana soul (and, unfortunately a few lame early 70s crappers) One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer -Aldus Roger/ Recorded In England/ Rod Bernard/ Kidnapper - Jewel &The Rubies/ Allons A Lafayette - Jimmy 'C' Newman/ Lena Mae - Lawrence Walker/ Memphis - Shondelles/ Alligator Bayou - Eddy Raven/ and more! CD 16.00

LOUVIN BROTHERS IN CLOSE HARMONY (Bear Family) Huge box with 219 songs of their 1947-62 C&W/ folksongs of misery, suffering and RELIGIOUS SALVATION! Christ, ain't NO WAY in hell I can even ATTEMPT to list the songs.... 8xCD 130.00

MY RIFLE, MY PONY & ME (Bear Family) Cheezy! 26 cuts of Western film vocal crooning from western movies! CD 16.00

NASHVILLE COUNTRY ROCK VOLUME 5 - Hillbilly Sweetheart (Redita) Lp 11.00

EDDIE NOACK Psycho/ Dolores (Bear Family) Limited pressing of this killer twisted country 2-sider. 500 numbered copies with picture sleeve (by Reinhard Kleist). 7" 8.90
Psycho / PORTER WAGONER The Rubber Room (Wavy Gravy) Killer TWISTED Country 2-sider. 2 cuts of murder and madness and a must have if you dig Country and 45s! 7" 6.50

BUCK OWENS OPEN UP YOUR HEART (1966) (Sundazed) CD 14.40
BUCK OWENS YOU'RE FOR ME (Sundazed) CD 14.40
BUCK OWENS ON THE BANDSTAND (1963) (Sundazed) CD 14.40
BUCK OWENS I DON'T CARE (1964) (Sundazed) CD 14.40
BUCK OWENS ROLL OUT THE CARPET (1966) (Sundazed) CD 14.40

PHOENIX PANORAMA THE VIV RECORDS LABEL STORY (Bear Family) 97-song box set of Phoenix, Arizona C&W/R&R/pop/ some garage, 1956-1966 A bit too much pop crap. 3xCD 60.00

WEBB PIERCE THE WANDERING BOY 1951-1958 (Bear Family) Complete DECCA label recordings by this C&W god. FAT Lp-size book w/session detail, info, fotos. 113-songs. 4xCD 56.00

RAY PRICE & THE CHEROKEE COWBOYS (Bear Family) And NICE hard-cover book: 265 songs spanning 1950-66 of this C&W legend's mostly sharp stuff. 10xCD 172.00

WYNN STEWART CALIFORNIA COUNTRY (AVI) 90% great 29-cut comp of Calif C&W cat's 1959-64 Challenge recordings. Yeah, you do get this rather slick veneer of pop touches here & there but the lyrical TWIST in a lotta these is genius! Great drinking songs! Ye shall DIE upon hearing "Wishful Thinking" and "Long Black Limousine"!! CD 14.50

SUN COUNTRY VOLUME 1 DEFROST YOUR HEART (AVI) 24-cut comp of C&W aceness with 5 great weepers by CHARLIE FEATHERS/ 2 by MACK SEL / 5 by THE MILLER SISTERS, etc. CD 14.50
SUN COUNTRY VOLUME 3 THE MILLER SISTERS (AVI) 24 cuts of weepy 50s C&W from this gal combo. CD 14.50

SWALLOW RECORDS LOUISANA CAJUN MUSIC SPECIAL VOLUME 2 (Ace) Not quite as hot as Volume One, but still quite a blast! 25 cuts. CD 16.00

TEXAS HILLBILLY BOOGIE (Esoldun) 14 cuts of damn fine Hillbilly! LP 12.90

HANK THOMPSON A Six Pack To Go - Gonna Shake This Shack (Bear Family) 33 song collection not to be confused with his classic "A Six Pack To Go" LP of just drinking songs! Tracks are: How Cold Hearted Can You Get/ John Henry/ No Help Wanted/ If Lovin' You Is Wrong/ This Train/ The New Green Light/ Red Skin Girl/ Don't Flirt With Me/ Whoa Sailor/ The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder/ Rockin' In The Congo/ Drivin' Nails In My Coffin/ Klishama Klingo/ If I'm Not Too Late/ Deep Elem/ Rovin' Gambler/ I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die/ Three Times Seven/ I Left My Gal In The Mountains/ Dry Bread/ Lost John/ Cryin' In The Deep Blue Sea/ A Fooler, A Faker/ A Six Pack To Go/ Too In Love/ It's Got To Be A Habit/ Nine Pound Hammer/ I Cast A Lonesome Shadow/ Shot-Gun Boogie/ You Nearly Lose Your Mind/ I Wasn't Even In The Running/ How Many Teardrops Will It Take/ Drunkard's Blues.  CD15.00

MERLE TRAVIS FOLK SONGS OF THE HILLS (Bear Family) 24 cuts of classic 40s-60s Capitol label mine-worker C&W. CD 16.00

PORTER WAGONER THE THIN MAN FROM THE WEST PLAINS: 1952-1962 (Bear Family) 112 songs spanning 1952-1962 of solid Williams-style C&W. Nice LP-size book. 4xCD 70.00
PORTER WAGONER The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (Bear Family) Six Lps on this triple CD: Confessions Of A Broken Man (1966); Soul Of A Convict (1967); The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (1967); The Bottom Of A Bottle (1968); The Carroll County Accident (1969); Down In The Alley Skid Row Joe (1970). Features a rogue's gallery of murderers, philanderers, depressives, death-row inmates, unrepentant barflies, panhandling winos and other losers. Includes extensive notes covering these albums and Wagoner's life and career. 70 cuts & 60-page booklet. 3-CD digipac. CD 47,40
EDDIE NOACK Psycho / PORTER WAGONER The Rubber Room (Wavy Gravy) Killer TWISTED Country 2-sider. 2 cuts of murder and madness and a must have if you dig Country and 45s! 7" 6.50


JON WAYNE Texas Funeral (Third Man) Reissue of all time favorite country alb. Sloppy and fucked up 'garage country' (oh my..). Originally released in 1985 on Hybrid Records. Actually it's a reissue of the CD version (released on Fist Puppet in '92) that had a different track order and two bonus cuts. GET THIS if you dig country but hate all so called country you hear the the radio! Tracks: But I've Got Texas/ Texas Funeral/ Mr. Egyptian/ Texas Cyclone/ Texas Jailcell/ Workin Man Blues/ Shades/ Texas Wine/ Is That Justice? Texas Polka/ You And The Kitten/ Apple Schnapps/ Truckin'/ One Hundred And Fifty One Owl Caricatures/ Texas Studio. LP 16.90

HANK WILLIAMS "COLLECTED" (Deluxe) Triple CD box (digipack) with 76 Hank tunes - great deal! triple CD € 19.00
HANK WILLIAMS Rockin' Chair Money - Gonna Shake This Shack (Bear Family) 33 track compilation devoted to Hank Williams' uptempo juke-joint classics, including 17 Top 10 country chart hits, all digitally remastered from the best-available source material. Tracks are:Tennessee Border/ Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love/ Move It On Over/ Rootie Tootie/ I'm A Long Gone Daddy/ I Saw The Light/ I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time/ You Better Keep It On Your Mind/ Honky Tonkin'/ Pan American/ The Blues Come Around/ Lovesick Blues/ Mind Your Own Business/ You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)/ Rockin' Chair Money/ Roly Poly/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ Why Don't You Love Me/ I'm Satisfied With You/ I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die/ I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind/ Nobody's Lonesome For Me/ Fly Trouble/ Moanin' The Blues/ Hey, Good Lookin'/ Half As Much/ Honky Tonk Blues/ Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/ Settin' The Woods On Fire/ Kaw-Liga/ Ten Little Numbers/ Fool About You. digipac CD 15.00
HANK WILLIAMS Dixie Cannonball Boxset (Doxy) This special limited edition box set contains 4 albums originally released in the years immediately following Hank Williams' tragically premature death in 1953. These albums, which include his most famous singles from the period represent a complete chronological retrospective of his recordings from December 1946 to August 1951. 01. Calling You 02. Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door) 03. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 04. When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels 05. I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) 06. My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate) 07. Pan American 08. Move It On Over 09. I Saw The Light 10. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep 11. Six More Miles (To The Graveyard) 12. Fly Trouble 13. I'm Satisfied With You 14. On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain 15. Rootie Tootle 16. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind 17. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 18. Honky Tonkin' Disc #2: 01. My Sweet Love Ain't Around 02. The Blues Come Around 03. A Mansion On The Hill 04. I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die 05. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 06. Lovesick Blues 07. Lost On The River 08. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me 09. Lost Highway 10. May You Never Be Alone 11. Dear Brother 12. Jesus Remembered Me 13. Honky Tonk Blues 14. Mind Your Own Business 15. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 16. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy 17. Wedding Bells 18. I've Just Told Mama Goodbye Disc #3: 01. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 02. A House Without Love 03. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living 04. My Bucket's Cot A Hole In It 05. Long Cone Lonesome Blues 06. Why Don't You Love Me 07. Why Should We Try Anymore 08. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy 09. Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals 10. Beyond The Sunset 11. The Funeral 12. Everything's Okay 13. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 14. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 15. Moanin' The Blues 16. Help Me Understand 17. No, No Joe 18. Cold, Cold Heart Disc #4: 01. Dear John 02. Just Waitin' 03. Men With Broken Hearts 04. I Can't Help It 05. Howlin' At The Moon 06. Hey, Good Lookin' 07. My Heart Would Know 08. The Pale Horse And His Rider 09. A Home In Heaven 10. Ramblin' Man 11. Pictures From Life's Other Side 12. I've Been Down That Road Before 13. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night 14. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 15. Crazy Heart 16. Half As Much 17. I'd Still Want You 18. Baby, We're Really In Love.4-LP Box 63,00
HANK WILLIAMS Honky Tonkin' (Doxy) My Sweet Love Ain't Around/ The Blues Come Around/ A Mansion On The Hill/ I'll Be A Bachelor Til I Die/ There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight/ Lovesick Blues/ Lost On The River/ I Heard My Mother Praying For Me/ Lost Highway/ May You Never Be Alone/ Dear Brother/ Jesus Remembered Me/ Honky Tonk Blues/ Mind Your Own Business/ You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)/ My Son Calls Another Man Daddy/ Wedding Bells/ I've Just Told Mama Goodbye. LP 16.50
WILLIAMS HANK I Saw The Light (Doxy) Calling You/ Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)/ Wealth Won't Save Your Soul/ When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels/ I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)/ My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate)/ Pan American/ Move It On Over/ I Saw The Light/ (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep/ Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)/ Fly Trouble/ I'm Satisfied With You / On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain/ Rootie Tootle/ I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind/ I'm A Long Gone Daddy/ Honky Tonkin' LP 16.50
HANK WILLIAMS Ramblin' MAN (Doxy) Dear John/ Just Waitin'/ Men With Broken Hearts/ I Can't Help It/ Howlin' At The Moon/ Hey, Good Lookin'/ My Heart Would Know/ The Pale Horse And His Rider/ A Home In Heaven/ Ramblin' Man/ Pictures From Life's Other Side/ I've Been Down That Road Before/ I Dreamed About Mama Last Night/ (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle/ Crazy Heart/ Half As Much/ I'd Still Want You/ Baby, We're Really In Love. LP 16.50
HANK WILLIAMS Sing Me A Blue Song (Doxy) I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/ A House Without Love/ I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ Why Don't You Love Me/ Why Should We Try Anymore/ My Son Calls Another Man Daddy/ Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals/ Beyond The Sunset/ The Funeral/ Everything's Okay/ They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/ Nobody's Lonesome For Me/ Moanin' The Blues/ Help Me Understand/ No, No Joe/ Cold, Cold Heart. LP 16.50
HANK WILLIAMS Sings (Doxy) I'm Sorry For You My Friend/ Honky Tonk Blues/ Let's Turn Back The Years/ Window Shopping/ Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/ Settin' The Woods On Fire/ I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive/ You Win Again/ I Won't Be Home No More/ Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw/ Please Make Up Your Mind/ ICould Never Be Ashamed Of You/ Your Cheatin' Heart/ Kaw-Liga/ Take These Chains From My Heart. LP 16.50
HANK WILLIAMS Montgomery (Doxy) A collection of rare early private recordings, radio airchecks and demos: Tracks - Side A: 1. Happy Rovin Cowboy (1939-1940) 2. Freight Train Blues (late 1940) 3. San Antonio Rose (late 1940) 4. Im Not Coming Home Any More (4/07/1942) 5. I Aint Gonna Love You Any More (circa 1942) 6. Wont You Sometimes Think Of Me (1947-1948) 7. Why Should I Cry (1947-1948) 8. I Watched My Dream World Crumble Like Clay (1947-1948) 9. I Told A Lie To My Heart (1947-1948) 10. Mother Is Gone (1947-1948) Side B: 1. In My Dreams You Still Belong To Me (1947-1948) 2. Were Getting Closer To The Grave Each Day (1949) 3. (Im) Going Home (1949) 4. Calling You (1947-1948) 5. Pan American (Dec. 1946) 6. Wealth Wont Save Your Soul (Dec 1946) 7. Honky Tonk Blues (1947-1948) 8. A Home in Heaven (1947-1948) 9. You Broke Your Own Heart (with band - 1947) 10. Im So Tired Of It All (1947). LP 15.90
HANK WILLIAMS Nashville (Doxy) This double LP is a collection of Hanks work from 1949-1952, with disc one being a collection of demos recorded during Hanks brief time in Nashville. Disc two features a collection of songs Hank sold to other artists during this period and rare radio performances from 1950. Tracks - Side A: 1. California Zephyr 2. Your Cheatin Heart 3. You Better Keep It On Your Mind 4. How Can You Refuse Him Now 5. Low Down Blues 6. Ten Little Numbers 7. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine 8. Last Night I Dreamed Of Heaven 9. I Aint Got Nothin But Time 10. Message To My Mother Side B: 1. Fool About You 2. Im Going Home 3. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 4. Ready To Go Home 5. Kaw-Liga 6. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You 7. Angel Of Death 8. All The Love I Ever Had 9. Were Getting Closer To The Grave Each Day 10. The Log Train 11. How To Write Folk And Western Music To Sell With Grant Turner Side C: 1. Theres A Tear In My Beer 2. The Alabama Waltz 3. Jesus Died For Me With Audrey Williams 4. A Teardrop On A Rose 5. Jesus Is Calling 6. Wearin Out Your Walking Shoes 7. When The Book Of Life Is Read 8. Theres Nothing As Sweet As My Baby 9. (Im Gonna) Sing, Sing, Sing 10. I Cant Escape From You 11. Weary Blues From Waitin 12. Are You Walkin And A Talkin For The Lord Side D: 1. If Youll Be A Baby To Me 2. Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone 3. Lost Highway 4. Im A Long Gone Daddy 5. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 6. Help Me Understand 7. When God Dips His Love In My Heart. Double LP 21,90
HANK WILLIAMS Shreveport Sessions (August 1948- May 1949) (Doxy) Recordings from August 1948 - May 1949, a lot of Hank singing other artists' songs. Tracks - Side A: 1. You Caused It All By Telling Lies 2. Faded Love And Winter Roses 3. Please Dont Let Me Love You 4. Theres No Room In My Heart For The Blues 5. I Wish I Had A Nickel 6. The Waltz Of The Wind 7. At The First Fall Of Snow 8. Leave Me Alone With The Blues 9. Im Free At Last 10. Blue Love (In My Heart) 11. It Just Dont Matter Now Side B: 1. Little Paper Boy 2. Someday Youll Call My Name 3. The Battle Of Armageddon 4. No One Will Ever Know 5. With Tears In My Eyes 6. Thank God 7. Rock My Cradle Once Again 8. Dont Do It Darling 9. RockinChair Money 10. Cool Water Side C: 1. Tennessee Border 2. First Year Blues 3. My Main Trial Is Yet To Come 4. Wait For The Light To Shine 5. We Live In Two Different Worlds 6. Roly Poly 7. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 8. Dixie Cannonball 9. Sundown And Sorrow 10. The Devils Train 11. The Old Home Side D: 1. Alone And Forsaken 2. Heaven Holds All My Treasures 3. Lost On The River 4. A House Of Gold 5. Singing Waterfall 6. Dear Brother With Kitty Wells And Johnnie Wright 7. Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone 8. Time Has Proven I Was Wrong With Curley Williams 9. No, Not Now With Curley Williams 10. When Youre Tired Of Breaking Others Hearts 11. Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh. Double 180gram LP 21,90