Los Ass-Draggers Big Daddy (Abbey Roadkill!) Bantam Rooster Brokeback Fit (Deal Me In) Bantam Rooster Theme (Deal Me In) She Stalker (The Cross And The Switchblade) The Beguiled The Screaming Rummy (Blue Dirge) The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Mo' Chicken Let's Get Funky (Crypt Style) Cheater Slicks Dark Night (Skidmarks) The Chrome Cranks Bloodshot Eye (Dead Cool) Country Teasers Bitches Fuck Off (S/T) Cripples (Satan Is Real Again) Country Fag (Satan Is Real Again) The Devil Dogs North Shore Bitch (Bigger Beef Bonanza) Whip It Out (Bigger Beef Bonanza) They're Not Around (S/T) C'mon Little Baby (S/T) Dance With You Baby (Saturday Night Fever) Back In The City (Saturday Night Fever) Alright! (Saturday Night Fever) The Dirtys Midnite Till Noon (You Should Be Sinnin) Grind Baby Grind (You Should Be Sinnin) I'm On Fire (You Should Be Sinnin) DM Bob & The Deficits Mexico Americano (Bad With Wimen) Burnin' (Bad With Wimen) Hooker Bones (Bush Hog'n Man) The Texas Way (Bush Hog'n Man) Fireworks Whatcha Want (Set The World On Fire) The Gories Hey Hey, We're The Gories (I Know You Fine...) Stranded (I Know You Fine...) You Done Got Wrong (Houserockin') I'll Go (Houserockin') Telepathic (Outta Here) I Got Eyes For You (Outta Here) Thee Headcoats I Ain't Never Found (Beach Bums Must Die) Alone (Earls Of Suavedom) The Lazy Cowgirls Time And Money Ragged Soul) World Up For Grabs (A Litlle Sex And Death) The Lyres Busy Body (The Early Years) Long Gone (The Early Years)

Thee Mighty Ceasars Miss America (English Punkrock Explosion!!) Somebody Like You (John Lennon's Corpse Revisited) Why Don't You Try My Love (Surely They Were The Sons Of God)

The New Bomb Turks Dragstrip Riot (!Destroy-Oh-Boy!) We Give A Rat's Ass (!Destroy-Oh-Boy!) I Got Your Bitter End (Information Highway Revisited) Out Of My Mind (Pissing Out The Poison)   Nine Pound Hammer Turned Traitor For A Piece Of Tail (Smokin' Taters) Gearhead (The Mud, The Blood And The Beers) Shotgun In A Chevy (Hayseed Timebomb) Oblivians Christina (Popular Favorites) I Don't Wanna Live Alone (Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron) No Reason To Live (Soul Food) Pagans Six And Change (Shit Street) Real World (Shit Street) Eyes Of Satan (Shit Street) Cry 815 (The Pink Album Plus) I Don't Understand (The Pink Album Plus) Street Where Nobody Lives (The Pink Album Plus) The Raunch Hands Merry Widow Waltz (Payday) Hellbent (Have A Swig) Hanging From The Rafters (Fuck Me Stupid) Naked, Naked, Naked (Got Hate If You Want It) The Revelators Earthshaker, Yeah! (We Told You Not To Cross Us) Teengenerate Human Tornado (Get Action) The Fabs That's The Bag I'm In (Back From The Grave 1) The Banshees They Prefer Blondes (Back From The Grave 2) The Mods You've Got Another Thing Coming (Back From The Grave 3) The Tamrons Wildman (Back From The Grave 4) The Warlords Real Fine Lady (Back From The Grave 5) The Savoys Can It Be (Back From The Grave 6) The Syndicate Egyptian Thing (Back From The Grave 7) The Mustangs That's For Sure (Back From The Grave 7) The Benders Can't Tame Me (Back From The Grave 8) Dave Myers & The Disciples C'mon Love (Back From The Grave 8)