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3 DELICIAS WAY TO GLOOM(Big Black Hole) 525 handnumbered copies, silkscreened: Way To Gloom/ Sticky/ She Cracked. 7” 4,90
3 DELICAS Repiten (Big Black Hole)"Can't Believe It/ Spring Roll/ Cherry Red" 7" 4.90  ‚

A-BONES Shallow Grave/Rockin’ Satellite (Norton) 7" 6.00
A-BONES "I WAS A TEENAGE MUMMY" (Norton) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the most talked about flick since HORROR OF PARTY BEACH! Mum’s The Word / Homicide / Kashmiriam / Bandstand Rock-et / Firewater / Mark Of The Squealer / The Fez Man Walks / Little Egypt / Oh Wendy CD adds FREE BEER FOR LIFE album cuts (ED-206) plus Gonna Be Loved / Froggy / Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo / Lordy Hoody / The Flying Fish / Sinner’s Theme* / Wendy’s Theme* / Radio Spots #1 & #2 (*=previously unissued)  CD 13.00

ABOUT BLANKS She's A Nosebleed (Squoodge Records) 77 punk with Jasper Hood (Black Jaspers, Shakin Nasties, Moorat Fingers). 7" 5.50

THE ACCIDENT "NO ROMANCE FOR YOU" (Demolition Derby) 1979 Olympia, WA punkrockband who were featured on KilledBy Death#9 with their 7" ‘Kill the Bee Gees’.this lp has the complete 7" + their entire recorded output LP 10.90 

ACKERMANS "No One Knows Us Better Than" (Alien Snatch) LP 10.00

STEVE ADAMYK BAND Forever Won't Wait (Dirtnap) 11 cuts, comes with download code. LP 14.50
STEVE ADAMYK BAND Take It Back EP (Lady Kinky Karrot) 5 song EP: Take It Back/ Shadow/ 9 To 5/ Fever/ Don't Talk. 7" 5.00

HASIL ADKINS Night Life (Hog Maw) His last studio recordings: C'Mon Back Baby/ Hunchin The Town/ Alien Talk/ Go Go Go/ Night Life Hunch/ Walkin In The Garden With Amy/ Raw Meat/ Hills Of West Virginia/ Come To Me/ KFC/ So Blue/ Night Life. LP 11.50

THE ADMIRAL Bother Me /COOL RUNNINGS Cool Death (1.12 Records) 1 cut each by NZ combos. 7" 5.50

AFTERPARTEES First/Last (Kogar) Very catchy 70's style Power Pop from the Netherlands!! Limited edition of 300 copies, so better act fast! 7" 5.50

ALABAMA CHROME "Knoxville Girl" (Yakisakana) Noisy r'n'r - they must dig the Fireworks! "Knoxville Girl/ Dollar In My Pocket/ Love Kill Brain You Said" 7"  4.75

MARK LEE ALLEN & BLOODSHOT BILL Cold Black River / Blue Collar (Rockin' Shelby Recordings) A new 45 collaboration between Bloodshot Bill and Mark Lee Allen - 2 primitive rockabilly cuts. 7" 6.50

G.G. ALLIN Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be. Fanclub reissue of the first alb - US version in black and white cover: Bored To Death/ Beat, Beat, Beat/ One Man Army/ Assface/ Please Summit Meeting/ Cheri Love Affair/ Automatic/ I Need Adventure/ Don't Talk To Me/ Unpredictable/ 1980s Rock'n'Roll. LP 12.90
GG ALLIN & THE JABBERS 1980's Rock 'N' Roll - A comprehensive compilation of all 7´´s and 7´´ E.P.´s released between 1979 and 1982, plus "Occupation" (recorded with the MC 2, Wayne Kramer & Dennis Thompson, but unreleased back then) and "Out For Blood / Sixty Nine" (two studio rehearsals from 1983). Tracks: Bored To Death / Beat Beat Beat / One Man Army (Orange Records 1979)/ 1980´s Rock´n´Roll / Cheri Love Affair (Destiny Records 1979)/ Gimme Some Head / Dead Or Alive (Orange Records 1981)/ Occupation (studio outtake 1981, released 2000)/ You Hate Me & I Hate You / Automatic / Assface (Orange Records 1982)/ No Rules / A Fuck Up / Up Against The Wall / New York City Tonight (Orange Records 1982)/ Out For Blood / Sixty Nine (studio rehearsal 1983, released 1997). LP 12.50

ALUMINUM KNOT EYE Silo Monster/ Even Dwarfs Started Small (Big Black Hole) 7" 4.75

ALTERNATIVE ANIMALS (Shock Records) 15 track CD plus an interactive documentary cd-rom on the australian punk scene 1976 - 79. Features the Saints, Radio Birdman, the Babeez, the Leftovers, the Boys Next Door, the Rocks, Lipstick Killers, and the Chosen Few, among others. CD 19.00

AMAZING ONE MAN BAND / FABULOUS GO-GO BOY FROM ALABAMA Split 10" (Squoodge) Garage trash from Uruguay and Brazil, limited to 500 copies: Be My Humble Servant And Shake It / Man Or Demon / Bad Bitch / Big River Of South Chicks // Do Me Wrong / Let It Go / The Mess Is Mine / This Is A Bad Day. 10" 11.50

AMBULANCE It's All Up To You/ I Remember (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980's power pop release by this New Jersey outift. 7" 6.50

ANGRY BREED / HANGEE V Sounds of Fuzz (Surfin' Ki Records) 2 cuts by the HANGEE V from Sardinia: "In The Wood / Green Slippers", and two by The ANGRY BREED from Sweden: Sikle Girl / Go-Go Scene. All are fuzz driven instros, the Angry Breed with a touch of 60s exploitation movie themes, the Hangee V with a '67 garage touch. 7" 4.00

APACHE On The Outside / Bloody Knuckles (Savage) 2 tracks off the sold out l LP, better sound. 7" 4.90

The ARCHERS / The HOLLYWOODS split (Kanalola Records) Modern Surf EP with THE ARCHERS doing "Do The Maggot" & "Hybrid Moments" and THE HOLLYWOODS with"Vengeance Beach/ Camp Hollywood/ Nachos, Tacos, Pacos" (all prev. unreleased). 7" 4.50

ARMITAGE SHANKS You're Here I'm Hooked You're Gone/ Who Chucked Who (Damaged Goods) Killer A-side! Probably their best!! 7" 4.50
ARMITAGE SHANKS Are Friends Electric/ Are Friends Electric (Mashed Potato Mix) (Damaged Goods) Picture 45. 7" 4.50
Cacaphony Now (Damaged Goods) LP  12.50
ARMITAGE SHANKS Urinal Heap (Damaged Goods) 16 cuts of pure and simple UK Punk. CD-only: Drowning Not Waving/ Dirty Water/ You Owe Me/ Jack regan/ 14th Floor/ Six Minutes/ Hold On I’m Coming/ Shifting Sands/ Told You So/ Get Yourself Together/ Circles/ Dust/ Knock On Wood/ Ladyboy/ Where Did It All o right/ Urinal Heap. CD 15,00

ARSENE OBSCENE Zone Industrielle (P.Trash) Décérébrée/ Anti-Romance/ Coleoptere/ Peur De La Mort/ Je Ne Suis Plus Là/ Monnaie Monnaie Monnaie/ Ignorant/ Impasse Sur La Raison/ Je Suis Reactif/ Je Ne Tolère Rien/ Au Bout Du Tunnel/ J'observe/ La Crise Sociale/ Voyage Sidéral. LP 12.50

JAMES ARTHUR My Gawd! EP (Goodbye Boozy) James Arthur, known from bands like Fireworks, Necessary Evils, Golden Boys, A Feast of Snakes way more, with a 4 cut psychedelia garage punk EP. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 5.30
JAMES ARTHUR MANHUNT It's Working / It's Working Pt. 2 (In The Red) Limited to 500 copies. 7" 6.90
JAMES ARTHUR MannTT/Baby Blue (Perpetrator) 7" 5.50

LAS ASPIRADORAS Mil Punaladas (Soundflat) Spanish garage rock with fuzzguitars and Farfisa organ. LP 11.00

LOS ASS-DRAGGERS Fuma (Bang) Third album by Spain's brutal punkrock'n'roll band. LP € 19.50

THE ASTOUNDING FREAK PARTY: DANCE WITH THE WEREWOLF (Rigolboch Ricordz) Compilation of 16 modern garage bands, coming in a round metal box plus booklet: THE BRANDED: "All the way home"/ THE SATELLITERS: "You told me so"/ THE WILDEBEESTS: "Nothing is important"/ THE SULFITES: "Suzie"/ CHEWBACCA ALL STARS: "Flashin' groovy"/ THE LAST KILLERS: "Just one kiss"/ LUMBERJACK: "School of death"/ THE GUILTY HEARTS: "I'm alright"/ HAUNTED GEORGE: "Weeks in a casket"/ KING DIABLO: "Dead tree valley race"/ THE ATTENTION !: "Kaisers dance"/ THE LARIOTS: "Buds"/ THE HIPSHAKES: "Leave me alone"/ THE HERETICS: "Kick against the pricks"/ THE WHITE TRAINERS COMMUNITY: "Friday night"/ THE EVILTONES: "Bellyfull". CD 13.00

THE ATTENTION! Gettin All (Screaming Apple) Second album by this austrian mod combo: Blue Heat/ Have A Drink On Me/ Button-Down-Harry's Back!/ Dandy Groove/ Easy Street/ That's How Strong My Love Is/ Let's Dance / Tons Of Love/ The Harder They Come/ Mess Around/ No One Else. LP 11.50

ATOMS Format/ Pop Culture/ 2029 (P.Trash) 7" 5.20

AUDACITY Vape Victim / Indian Chief (Goodbye Boozy) Single with 3 cover art variations: MOON cover-art by Bob Scott / AUDACITY cover-art by Alessandro Di Massimo / SKULL cover-art by Alessandro Di Massimo - all limited to 90 hand numbered copies each. 7" 5.50

AUGENWASSER New Seas/ Raw Mickey Mouse Power (La Suisse Primitive Records) 2 cuts by the Roy & the Devils Motorcycle drummer. 7" 6.50

AUSMUTEANTS Family Time / Can't Explain/ Man Of Action (Red Lounge) 7" 5.50

AUTODRAMATICS Find The Gun/ My Blue Eyed Baby (Goodbye Boozy) Raw Punk Blues from Iowa - the new project by Andrew Caffrey of The Horrors 7" 4.90

AUTOMATIC PUSSYCAT Away (Kizmiaz) King Automatic & Sam of Digger And The Pussycats teaming up for three songs: Away (From The Eyes Of Nancy)/ What's Inside A Girl/ Sorry. 7" 4.90

AUTORAMAS / MR. ATOM & HIS PROTONS Split LP (Gravadora Discos) 6 cuts by brazilian instro-wave-surf-garage band AUTORAMAS and MR ATOM AND HIS PROTONS with 8 songs on the flipside!! Comes in clear plastic bag and pressed on swirly red vinyl. LP 11.50
AUTORAMAS 14 Laps (Gravadora Discos) A 'Best Of' compilation of this brazilian outfit, to introduce their rock'n'roll / surf / punk sound to the european market. 14 cuts: Catchy Chorus/ Mundo Moderno/ Paciencia/ Ex-Amigo/ Megalomania/ Gente Boa/ Nada A Ver/ Voce Sabe, 1, 2, 3, 4/ Muito Mais/ Couldn't Care At All/ Fale Mal De Mim/ Hotel Cervantes/ Samba-Rock Do Bacalhau. LP 11.50
AUTORAMAS Nada Pode Parar Os (Groovie Records) Their 2003 CD originally by Monstro Discos now released for the first time on vinyl, plus bonus tracks: Você Sabe/ Nada a ver/ Megalomania/ Música De amor/ Rei Da Implicância/ O Bom Veneno/ Resta Um/ Multiball/ Beleza/ O Inferno São Os Outros/ Ressaca Moral/ H x C x I/ Caso perdido/ Energy Joe. LP 13.50

AVONDALE AIRFORCE S/T (Beast Records) A psychedelic/improvisational/experimental rock duo based in New York and comprised of guitarist-vocalists Stanton Warren (VENTURE LIFT) and Peter Aaron (CHROME CRANKS). LP 11.50

B-SIDES Queen/ Forest (B-Other Side) 500 numbered copies, heavy vinyl of 80 grams and lamminated sleeves. 7" 6.50

BABY SHAKES The First One (Douchemaster) Lp 13.00

THE BACK CCs No More Gasoline In My Car/ Come On Baby (Puta Records) 7" 4.90

BAD NEWS S/T (Stencil Trash / Close Up Rec.) 10-track debut LP by the French garage rock‘n'roll duo The Bad News, the new band from Mr Bonz One Man Band. LP 11.90

BAD SPORTS Bras (Alien Snatch) Their third LP and first european release after a full length each on Douchemaster and Dirtnap. Tracks: Get You/ Washed Up/ Nothing In This World/ Let Me In/ Back In Time/ Free Spirit / Eddie Bender/ Terrible Place/ Hypothetical Girl/ Rockin' The Noose/ Race To The Bottom/ Rich Kid City. LP 11.90


BARRERACUDAS Nocturnal Missions (Douchemaster) Devut LP by this Atlanta outfit : Numbers/ Baby Baby Baby/ Feet/ I Wont Wait/ Dont Roll Your Eyes/ Baby Jessica/ Because/ Girl/ Monkey See Monkey Do/ The Lurker/ Ballroom Disasters/ Come On Come On. LP 14.00
BARRERACUDAS Can Do Easy (Alien Snatch) Jerk/ Promises/ Backup Plan/ Stoned On Love/ Shampoo/ Playliens/ Make My Own Rules/ Nasty Boots/ Long Explanation/ Diet Coke/ Cut Me Loose/ Dreamin' LP 12.90

BASSHOLES "Broke Chamber Music" (Secret Keeper) Damn great collection of early 45s, plus some unreleased and live stuff. All tracks are recorded between 1992 and 1994. If you don't mind lo-fi recordings, I'm sure you'll dig the unbelievable "Changes Had To Come" or gems like "John Henry/ Jelly Belly/ Haunted Hill/ Cockroach Blues/ Hokey Pokey (She Said I Got) A Problem" and more. 23 tracks, which is a overkill to listen to all the way, but if you just pick out some at a time, this is GREAT!! CD12.50
BASSHOLES The Secret Strength Of Depression (SFTRI) Liveset at KSPC, Claremont, recorded August 16, 1997. Missing Linkster/ 20-20 Vision/ I Saw Beauty/ Evil Eagle/ Lightswitch/ Bowling Ball/ Stack O Lee/ Haunted Hill/ Nakema/ (I'm Gonna) Write Me A Letter/ Microscope Feeling. Lp 14.00
BASSHOLES Deaf Mix (In The Red) Their 1997 LP: Ear Candle Boogie/ Bowling Ball/ Florida Bus/ Serena's Song/ Swimming Blues/ (Gonna) Write Me A Letter/ Basshole Luv Theme/ Luv Theme Reprise/ Daughter/ The Cornfield Again/ Wife Blues/ Hospital Blues/ In The Red Seats/ The Ovenbird. LP 14.90

BASTARDS "Schizo Terrorist" (Feathered Apple) This compilation contains the 1978 studio recordins of these swiss punk legends, including the rare as heck ZAKI EP from 1979 (Impossibilities/ Danger/ Schizo Terrorist), plus 4 prev. unreased tracks from the same session (I Can't Stand Your Guts/ I Don't Care/ Apathy/ Loser) and two prev. unreleased live tracks (Gloria/ Danger). It comes with a large BASTARDS poster with detailed linernotes by THE BASTARDS leader Sandro Sursock on the back of it. LP 14.50
BASTARDS "Schizo Terrorist" (Feathered Apple) - We have very few of the hand numbered first pressing. Please tell us on your order in case you want this bit more expensive one.  LP 16.50
THE BASTARDS / THE YODLER KILLERS Schizo Terrorist (ZAK) BASTARDS: Impossibilities/ Danger/ Schizo Terrorist/ I Can't Stand Your Guts/ I Don't Care/ Apathy/ Loser/ Danger/ Gloria/ Schizo Terrorist/ Slow Death (part). YODLER KILLERS: Jacot Masturbette/ Soussolrock/ La Ravachole. CD 14.50

LA BASURA DEL DIABLO 8mm Monster (Squoodge Rec) Limited to 100 copies in two different sleeves. Stylish B-movie art, and not only this reminds on early Misfits, their sound does too. Tracks are: 8mm Monster, Haunted Hollywood, Season Of The Dead, Curse Of The Devil. 7" 10.90

THEE BAT VS ATOMIC SUPLEX Batmobile / Ass Tecnica (Squoodge) Super limited pressing of 100 copies, that explains the price.... 7" 16.90

BATMAN I'm Not Bad, I'm A Bat / I'm Everybodies Hero, But Michael Is My Hero (Squoodge) 7" 6.50
BATMAN Cucciolone Classico (Bachelor) Oh boy - german/italian Schlager trash by Batman. There is a limit - and this is way beyond...: Ein echter Batman geht nicht unter/ Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer/ Cucciolone Classico/ Hey Boy (by Amazing Angi) 7" 5.50
BATMAN & GARAGEKID I'm A Monkey (Bachelor) 1. I'm Not A Monkey (I'm A Bat), But I Like Bananas Too!/ Oh Baby Please, Please Tell Me, That You Are A Thief!/ Nighttime Is Bed-Time / Bat-Time!/ I Was On Holiday In Ougadougou (Uh!-A-Duh!-Guh!). Limited to 500 copies, handnumbered, comes with small insert. 7" 5.50

THE BATS Popgun / Tell Me Why (Sing Sing) The Bats from New Haven, CT comprised three songwriters and this single that melded New Wave, Ventures noodling, well-meaning but misplaced prog and catchy pop. 7" 6.90

BAZOOKAS Bazooline (Fanboy) LP 11.00

BBQ Mark Sultan (Sultan Records) 4 new tracks, all recorded live in one or two takes. Limited pressing of 500. Tracks: The Other Two/ Broken Arms/ Agitated/ Rock Me". 7" 6.00

BEACH PATROL Riding Dinosaurs (Wild Honey Records) Second LP by this Power Pop band from Green Bay. LP 11.00

BEAT BEAT Without You/ Bayo/ Zombie/ Berry Medicine (Bachelor) This is the Austrian band! 7" 5.00
BEAT BEAT S/T (Bachelor Rec) Limited pressing of 500: Last Night/ Invaders/ Life Form/ Bad Feeling/ Platform #2/ You Hate Me And I Hate You/ Wok Wok/ Super To/ Long Long Way Home/ Coke Machine/ The Way You Think/ Black Hole. LP 11.50

BEAT BEAT BEAT "Living In The Future" (Alien Snatch) LP 10.50

BEAT FROM PALOOKAVILLE It's Yoour Voodoo Working/ The Creature (From Outer Space) (Sleazy Records) 7" 6.50

BEAT SEEKING MISSILES Break My Fall / Doctor Strangelove (Dirty Water) New garage outfit around Sir Bald Diddley, Bruce Brand and Mick Quinn. 7" 5.25

BEAVERS Com' On Let's Beav' (High School Refuse Records) Live Back My Own/ Why Don't You Give Me Your Heart?/ Come Back Home To Me/ The Dark Surfer/ Will The First Time Be The Last?/ Just One Chance/ I'm Hurt/ Don't Turn Your Back On Me. 10" 9,90
THE BEAVERS Don't Go Away (High School Reject Records) 2012 EP with three cuts: Don't Go Away/ Down And Out/ Some Other Time. 7" 5.75

BECKY LEE & DRUNKFOOT Hello Black Halo (Voodoo Rhythm) 11 cut debut LP of one woman band. LP plus CD 15.50
BECKY LEE & DRUNKFOOT One Take Session (Voodoo Rhythm) Early Recordings from 2008, after only 2 month of playing the Guitar and after two local live shows in Bern Switzerland. 8 tracks. 10" 12.90

LES BELLAS Electrified/Out For A Nonsense Day (Profet Rec.) 7“ 5.50

BELLRAYS In The Light Of The Sun (Lonestar) Limited vinyl reissue of the 1993 tape only debut. LP13.50

BELTONS White Mama/ The Old Man Tells/ Tracteur (Töfflibueb Records) Debut 45 by this Swiss blues (punk) duo. 7" 5.50

PETER BERRY & THE SHAKE SET Berry-Go-Round (Soundflat) Livin' Lovin' Wreck/ Casanova (It's Over)/ A Twosome Triumph/ You Just Won't Let Me Know/ Make Up Your Mind/ Back To The Start/ Talos/ Pretty Good/ Whole Lotta Lovin'/ March of the Eagle/ Come On, Come On, Come On/ Jenka Train/ How Much More/ Jambalaya. LP 10.90

BERSERKERZ S/T(Sounds Of Subt.) LP € 10.00

THE BEST PLACE TO GO! GO! (Munster Records) A 2 record-set , presenting the best bands and artists that performed at Amsterdam BeatClub over the last decade! Included is a wicked 16 page book full of photos, rare flyers, full length stories and inside information about 10 years of Amsterdam BeatClub, "The Best Place To Go-Go"!! 01. Messer Chups - Mickey Rat (2:04) 02. Working Voodoo Club - Hey Mama (2:17) 03. The Ragtime Wranglers - The Manhunt (2:34) 04. Dee Ann And The Nightcaptains - I Shot Mister Lee (2:29) 05. The Anacondas - The Big Bang (1:47) 06. The Mighty Typhoons - Spanish Onions (2:35) 07. Sue Moreno - City By Night (2:49) 08. Arthur Brown - The Unknown (4:59) 09. Julia P. & Abc All Stars - The Best Place To Go!Go! (3:01) 10. The Reaction - Flush Me (2:04) 11. Wau Y Los Arrrrghs!!! - Delincuente (1:59) 12. Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave - Cold Heart Of Mine (2:14) 13. The Timeflies - Mony Mony (3:12) 14. Ricky & The Koters - Ford Mustang Blues (3:06) 15. The Peptones - Cant Win (2:28) 16. De Keefmen - You Remind Me (2:54) Disc #2: 01. The Spinshots - Before He Left (5:45) 02. The Herb Spectacles - Caf Rica (2:24) 03. Juicebox - Switchblade (1:33) 04. 44 Shakedown - Safronia B. (2:12) 05. Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers - Bullmoose (2:54) 06. Boss Capone - Pussy Corner (3:12) 07. The Phantom Four - The Green Room (2:18) 08. The Mieters - Feestje (2:46) 09. The Kik - Zeg Dat Je Van Me Houdt (2:04) 10. Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver - Posh And Dirty (2:43) 11. The Apemen - Cor Steijn Rides The Wild (2:37) 12. The Anomalys - Won't You Listen (3:01) 13. Sheetah Et Les Weissmueller - Elle N'aime Qu'elle-Meme (2:52) 14. Jacqueline Taieb & Abc All Stars - 7h Du Soir (3:23) 15. Das Audio Combo - Time Lock (2:33) Double LP 20.90

BIG BOBBY & THE NIGHTCAPS Big Bobby rocks & his Nightcaps roll (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50
BIG BOBBY & THE NIGHTCAPS Not the same EP  (Screaming Apple) 7"  4.00

THE BIKES S/T (Bachelor) The full lenght debut of BIKES, pressed on 300 copies...: Yellow Car/ Muscles/ Dumpster/ One Day/ My Two Cents On Crime/ Huey's News/ Dead Fish/ The Cool People of West Berlin/ Coockoo/ Schweini Latin Lover. LP 11.90
BIKES Ocean Penis / Can't Wait (Goodbye Boozy GB 78) 2 new cuts by the Bikes. The limited 45 comes in three editions: Shark cover art - 66 limited copies/ JellyFish cover art - 66 limited copies/ Moray cover art - 66 limited copies. 7" 5.50
BIKES Two Mice (Alien Snatch) Two exclusive new tracks: "Two Mice/ P.P.O.D." 7" 5.50

BIPP French Synth-Wave 1979/85 (Born Bad) Repress of 2006 comp. LP € 14.50

BIRDS ARE ALIVE Plucked & Fucked Up (Kizmiaz) French One-man band from Nantes, released as a CD-only in a thick cardboard foldout sleeve. Limited to 250 copies. CD 11.00

BIRDS OF PARADISE The Little Death (Goodbye Boozy GB 90) New project by Roy Vucino (Red Mass, PYPY, CPC Gangbangs) and Hannah Lewis, described as folk/pop/Ppsych/blues. Limited pressing of 200 in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

BIRTHDAY SUITS European Tour 2009 (P.Trash Records) Kids Fire run Fire/ Flower. 7" 4.90

BITTER SWEET KICKS Linea De Fuego (Beast Records) Bed Time Blues/ Apple/ King Of The Scum/ Linea De Fuego/ Medecine Now/ Bitter Sweet/ I Am (live). LP 13.90

BLACK JASPERS S/T (In The Red) King Khan and Jasper Hood (of Moorat Fingers) with their 12 track debut of low fidelity punk. LP 12,50

MISS LUDELLA BLACK & THE MASONICS From This Witness (Damaged Goods) From This Witness Stand/ Don't You Walk Away From Me/ Cost Of Living/ I Want Some Answers/ Come To Me/ Hey Johnny Raw/ This Heart Is Condemned/ Take A Heart/ Push Button Geoff/ I Can Lose You/ I'll Ride The Storm/ This Is Elvis Dog/ Whisper In My Brain/ Loony. LP 12.90

BLACK SUNDAY Lights (Disordered Rec. / Red Lounge) Alicja Trout with two new cuts: Lights/ You Can't Change. 7" 4.50

BLACK TIME "Midnight World" (In The Red) Great second full lenght LP, delivering everything between full noise attacks, lo-fi punk and creepy R&R hymns: "Mystery Shopper/ Middle Class/ I'm Desperate/ Office Suicide/ The Mummy/ Panic Attacks/ Psychic Tracks/ Capital of Pain/ You're Stealing My Time/ Living Sign/ Midnight World/ Out With The In Crowd/ New Fiction/ Nightime Pt 2/ Classical Mess/ Escape Velocity"   LP 13.90 / CD 15.00
BLACK TIME "Blackout" (In The Red) CD reissue of their long out of print first LP. CD 15.00
BLACK TIME Double Negative (In The Red) When The Clock Strikes Twelve/ Hostile Cosmos/ Lunar Rhythm/ The Days Are Too Long And The Nights Are Too Short/ Scary People/ Repulsion/ Skeleton Factory/ A Boring Day For The Boredom Boys/ Six Feet Below/ Problems/ Little Death/ Lunar Eclipse/ I'm Gonna Haunt You When I'm Gone/ Institution/ Blot Out The Sun/ Backwards In Black. CD 13.70
BLACK TIME More Songs About Motorcycles And Death (Wrench Records) 12" EP with 6 tracks: Fast Motorbike In The Kitchen/ Lions Vs. Hunters/ The Living Dead/ Cycles/ Mallory Park/ Harley Davidson. 12" 9.90

THE BLACKS I Gotta Go Now/ Sock It To Em J.B (SAVAGE) 7" 4.60
BLACKS "SHATTERED: The Complete Singles Collection" (Gonna Puke) 22 cuts of cool (heavy) Oblivians influenced swedes. LP 11.50 

BLANK DOGS Under And Under (In The Red) Members of Crystal Stilts & Vivian Girls. Double LP 18,50

BLANKS The Northern Ripper (Last Year's Youth - LAST-19) German reissue of 1979 UK punk, with original picture sleeve. Originally released on Void: The Northern Ripper/ Understand/ Break Down. 7" 6.50

BLITZ All Out Attack EP (Ugly Pop) Massively influential UK outfit Blitz dropped this four-song beast of a debut in 1981, the first release on definitive UK82 label No Future. Sales quickly out-paced demand and the record went on to shift over 25000 copies. Nonetheless, it's been unavailable in its intended format ever since, and with eBay prices steadily creeping higher, this seemed as good a time as any to reissue it properly. A relentlessly tough slab of raw hardcore punk that sits a lot closer to the likes of Negative Approach and early Agnostic Front than to most of its UK contemporaries. High-quality pressing in six-panel gatefold sleeve! 7" 7.90

THE BLITZ BOYS Eddy's New Shoes EP (Sing Sing) 3 track EP: "Eddy's New Shoes/ Eddies Friend/ She Told My Friends", of which the title song became a cult track - pirated on a number of punk compilations despite the band's ambivalence, but until now never legitimately re-released. 7" 6.90

THE BLITZZ So Free / Degeneration (Sing Sing) 7" 6.50

BLOODSHOT BILL Homicide (Hog Maw) Treasure Of Love/ Tellin' Ya Baby/ Afraid To Take A Chance/ You Don't Owe Me A Thing/ Homicide/ Gotta Go/ Diddley Babe/ Whisper In My Ear. 10" 11.50
All Messed Up (Hog Maw) 2nd press: Pill Bop / Naughty Girls / Ice Cream / Little Angel / Moon Won't Tell / Here I Am, Drunk Again / Treat Me Right / Kitty Kat Blues / Tired Of Livin / Settle Down / 300 More Miles / Got Another Baby / Drink Up & Go Home. LP 11.50 / CD12.50
Git High Tonite (Transistor 66) Shick Shack/ Paradise/ Leave Me Alone / Gee Whiz/ Pretty Lil Miss / Outta The Rain/ She's My Baby/ Day I Die/ Doin To Me/ Whole Hearts Desire/ Look My Way/ Oh Honey Baby Doll. CD 13.50
Pepper Hot Baby / MACK STEVENS Hog Maw Stomp (Hog Maw) 7"  4.75
HIGH AND DRY / ROCKIN' ENOCKY MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER (Norton) Two one man bands doing their Stones version. 7" 6.00
BLOODSHOT BILL Lemme Rock (Squoodge) Limited to 333 copies: Lemme Rock/ Can`t Dance Alone/ Heeby Jeeby Blues/ Lonely Saturday Night. 7" 5.90
BLOODSHOT BILL Thunder And Lightning (Norton) All The Time/ Be Mine Tonight/ Crazy Bout That Girl/ My Brand Of Blues/ Old Moon/ Girl I Dont Know/ Dark Lonely Street/ Thunder And Lightning/ Crazy Party/ Puppy Dog Love/ Hang In There/ The Hunt/ Hot Hot Mama/ Stop! LP 14.00
BLOODSHOT BILL The Out Of This World Sounds Of (Squoodge) 8 song 10" from Bloodshot Bill - edition of 400 copies in black wax and full colored inside out sleeve. 10" 13.50
BLODDSHOT BILL I`m In Love (Squoodge Records) Lovin’ Honey/ I’m In Love/ Cry Over Me/ Shame On You Miss Lindy. 7" 6.90
BLOODSHOT BILL Travelin`Guitar (Squoodge Records) Travelin Guitar/ The Message/ I Saw Her First. Limited to 500 copies and released as a NORTON RECORDS BENEFIT E.P. 7" 6.90
BLOODSHOT BILL AND HIS BIG COMBO Burnin' Coal / BLOODSHOT BILL AND HIS KEBAP BOYS Ding Dong Baby (Hog Maw) Deep green wax - 350 press. 7" 5.50
BLOODSHOT BILL The Lonesome Road (Norton) His second LP on Norton: Baby Dont Go / Its The Way You Are / Baby Dont Like It / Lonely / Dont Bug Me Baby / Come Back To Me / Sittin With You / In Love Again / Moon Is Hiding / Oh! Baby / You Know Why / Two-Timer / Tell My Mama / I Love Her Just The Same / Blue Days, Black Nights / Itll Be You. LP 14.00
MARK LEE ALLEN & BLOODSHOT BILL Cold Black River / Blue Collar (Rockin' Shelby Recordings) A new 45 collaboration between Bloodshot Bill and Mark Lee Allen - 2 primitive rockabilly cuts. 7" 6.50

BLOWCHUNKS Hey Stupid (P.Trash) Noisy garage punk from Germany: "Hey Stupid/ No Motivation/ Ain't Talking/ Bloodcamp Thatcher". 7" 4,50

BO WEAVIL BLUES BAND Big City Blues/ That's Enough/ The way You Do (Lenox) With large centre hole & no picture sleeve. 7" 4.75
BO WEAVIL BLUES BAND Fool About You Baby/ Mad About You Baby/ Ain't Got A Dime/ My Baby Makes Me Loose My Mind (Lenox) With large centre hole & no picture sleeve. 7" 4.75

BO-KEYS Congratulations ROYAL PENDLETONS Tell Me (Norton) Number 19 in the Rolling Stones 45 cover series... 7" 6.00

BOB LOG III Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! (Munster) Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow!.../ Manipulate Your Figments. 7" 6.50
BOB LOG III My Shit Is Perfect (Voodoo Rhythm) Soon to arrive: Goddamn Sounds Good/ Mr. Sis Boom Bah/ It's The Law/ Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow!/ Manipulate Your Figments/ Bucktooth Potato/ My Shit Is Perfect/ You, Or You And You, And Me/ Bumper Car/ Bang Your Thing At The Ball/ Shake A Little, Wiggle It, And Jiggle It Too/ Shinkansen Teh!!/ Goddam Sounds Good Pt.2. LP 12.90 / CD 15.00

LES BOF! Boule De Cristal (CopaseDisques) 4 track EP - no COVER! "Boule De Cristal/ J'ai Perdu Mon Mojo/ Chante/ C'est Fini" 7" 4,00
LES BOF! Nous Sommes...Les Bof! (CopsaeDisques) Rue Marcel Sembat/ Mon Heure/ Temps De Crise/ Ne Me Jette Pas/ Pochtron Club/ Tes Cheveux/ Cest Fini/ Femme Impossible/ Ils Vont Tuer Le Rnr/ Trois Accords/ Vivre Avec Toi/ Laches Moi/ Le Syndicaliste/ L'autre Cote. LP 11.90
LES BOF! Train De Vie / Elle Me Rend Fou (Orignaux) Two covers (Train Kept A Rollin' / She's So Fine) in french versions. Limited edition, no sleeve and Achtung: Labels are reversed! 7" 6.00

BONE MACHINE Sono Uscito Fuori Dalla Grazia Di Dio (Billy's Bones) 7" 4.75

MARCEL BONTEMP WITCHES, SPIDERS, FROGS & HOLES (Stag-O-Lee) A collection of 21 tunes, 14 taken from his various 7-inch releases on Witchcraft, Sleazy, Stag-O-Lee, Migraine and Squoodge and 7 are previously unreleased! The vinyl version comes as an LP plus 7-inch in a gatefold-sleeve. Gatefold LP + 7" 19.90 / CD 15.90

BOONARAAAS "5 Steps Ahead" (Sounds Of Subterrania) LP 10.50

THE BOOZE Our Favourite Booze! (Screaming Apple) 60's mod sounds from Atlanta. LP 11.00

BORN LOSERS Cycle Guitars (Mean Disposition) Debut LP by Davie Allan & The Arrows influenced combo: Tracks: Theme From Angels Never Die, Funnel Of Love, Fast Shift, Teenage Rebel, Be Seeing You, Run For Your Live, Mindwaves, Fuckushima Speedway, From Russia With Love, The Fight, Tokyo Drifter, Cycle Guitars, Angels Never Die – Dirge. LP 13.90 / CD 12.90

BOSS MARTIANS (feat. Iggy Pop) Mars Is For Martians (Lonestar Records) Boss Martians wrote the music, Iggy the lyrics and they recorded it together Limeted edition! 7" 6.90

BOYS CLUB 2-D World (Bachelor) Nothing Better To Do/ So Kinetic/ 2-D World 7" 5.00

BRAIN TILT The Deranged Side Of Doo-Wop (Purity Ball Records 001) Garage punk / rock'n'roll from Luzern, Switzerland, coming in very unique sleeves: a silkscreen print on old used fleamarket album covers. Pressing is limited to 500 copies and comes with insert. Tracks: Shadow Behind/ Aids Time/ Stuck In The Cold/ Laws That Fit/ Hey Chuck/ Moon Dog/ Two Wheels/ Something's Wrong With Women/ Let It Grow/ The Pill/ El Charro/ This Is The Shit. LP 12.90

BRAIN TRAPS S/T (Alien Snatch) Catchy lo-fi garage punk from Cologne: It's Alright/ Another Dollar/ So Sad What's Left In My Head/ Shoot My Baby/ Write A Song/ Mellow Yellow Friend/ Shout It Out/ Mind Trap/ Same Old Feelings/ T-Shirt Store/ Wait No Longer/ Hiding In The Corner/ Bills/ It's ALright 2. LP 11.90
BRAIN TRAPS Teen Trash Series Vol. III (Alien Snatch) The debut 45: Meet Me at the Bottom/ Let Me Wait No Longer/ Radical Bongo/ Another Dollar. 7" 4.90

THE BRANDED S/T (Dirty Water Records) Real good debut full length of this Anglo-Swedish R&B/Garage combo: I Do As I Please/ The Thang/ Dirty Old Me/ Shattered/ I'm A Mean Tomcat!/ Black Gold/ Voodoo Love/ I'm Branded/ You Got The Hurt/ I Need A Woman/ Mother Packed Bag. LP 12.50
You Got The Hurt/ I Can't Stand It (Dirty Water) 7" € 5.25
THE BRANDED Fiver (Beatschaffe) This Beatschaffe series stands for analogue recordings on 60s equipment only. 3 new cuts: Fiver/ Shout & Holler/ Primitive. 7" 4.75
THE BRANDED She's My Woman / Justine (Dirty Water) A great original and a cover of "Justine" 7" 5.25
THE BRANDED Shout And Holler (Dirty Water) 2nd full length: Shoult & Holler/ Get Along/ Hold Your Hand/ Girl In Black/ Treatin' Me Bad/ I Never Loved Her/ That's Too Bad/ Fiver/ Primitive/ Going Home/ She Cares/ She's My Woman. LP 12.50
BRANDED Evil Gone Wrong (Soundflat) Third LP by swedish garage outfit: All I Got/ So Good/ Drive Me Outta My Mind/ Lack Of Youth/ It Wont Be Long/ Take Me Home/ Thats My Beer/ Wrong/ Listen/ Necessities/ Cry/ Soundflat City Limits. LP 11.90

BRICKWAR Warpath EP (Savage Records) King Louie (Persuaders/tons more), Julian Fried (Black Rose Band/Missing Monuments), Jerry Macgillicuddy (Black Rose Band/Macgillicuddys), Paul Rotzz (Die Rotzz/Kajun SS) make up Brickwar, a shortlived precursor to the current MISSING MONUMENTS. With trademark King Louie hooks, swagger and soul but darker and harder. Think Persuaders, Lost Sounds. double 7" 8.50


BRIMSTONE HOWL We Came In Peace (Alive) LP 14.90
2008 Europe-Tour Double 7" (P.Trash) Comes in a deluxe allover silkscreen printed cardboard 7" mailer cover! Double 7" 10.90
BRIMSTONE HOWL 2008 Europe-Tour Double 7" - normal version! (P.Trash/Red Lounge) Double 7", red vinyl. Same tracks as on more fancy version above. Do-7" 8.00
BRIMSTONE HOWL Mammon/ Solitary Man (Robs House) 7" 5.25

BROKE DOWN ENGINE Walk of Shame EP (Goodbye Boozy) Another Montreal project with Pat Météor (Demons Claws) on vocals and slide guitar, Bitter Man on drum and harp ( Scat Rag Boosters) and JJJ on elec. guitar (B-Sides). Four country tunes. Limited press of 300 copies. 7" 5.00

BUFF MEDWAYS The XFM Sessions (Damaged Goods) A 'best of live and live in the Studio' from the XFM sessions. LP 12.90
"Merry Christmas Fritz/Stille Nacht" (Damaged Goods) 7" 4,50
BUFF MEDWAYS "Medway Wheelers/A Quick One" (Damaged Goods) 7" 4,50

BURNING ITCH Satisfied / Say It Again (Goodbye Boozy) From Knoxville, TN. K.B.D. PUNK-garage. 7" 5.50

THEE BUTCHERS’ ORCHESTRA Stop talking about music... (Vodoo Rhythm) Brazilian outfit that got produced by Tim Kerr on this (their third) record. Solid garage rock. LP 12,90 / CD 8.50

THE BUTTSHAKERS Wicked Woman (CopaseDisques) Man's World/ Nothing To Hold/ A Way To Get By/ Wicked Woman/ Tell Mama/ The Start. 10" 12.90
THE BUTTSHAKERS Night Shift (CopaseDisques) Their second full length on which they stick to their roots of Rhythm'n'Blues and Northern Soul. Tracks: Night Shift/ I Wanna Know/ Chains/ Tell The Truth/ I Wait/ Your Love Is Amazing/ Only Your Love/ Satisfied/ How Long/ Betty Day/ Get Your Blues/ The Girl Can't Dance. LP 12.90 / CD 12.90
BUTTSHAKERS Woman (CopaseDisques) Three track EP, includes a free download card. Tracks: Soul Kitchen / Get Away/ Treat Me Right. 7" € 7.00

THE BUZZ Insanity/ Him Not Me / Sick At Heart (Sing Sing) A very rare and increasingly collectable piece of plastic issued in March '79 on the Redball label in an edition of 1,000 copies, this EP features three under-produced two-chorders, recorded by a Shrewsbury-based outfit formed in early 1978 by Nic Evans (v/gtr), Cob Hillers aka Chris Hill (gtr/v), Gym Slips aka Jim Phillips (b/v) and TwoFourty Volts aka Kevin Higgs (d/v). The killer track is SICK AT HEART with its great Buzzcockian riff and TVPs-like 'ooooh'-chorus. Recommended. A different line-up of The Buzz – Kevin Higgs was replaced by Ian R. Davies, Chris Hill moved to bass and lead vocalist Chris Bellingham was recruited – would enter Foel Studios in July 1981 recording the album ASYLUM, self-released in a pressing of 1,000 copies a couple of months later. (45 Revolutions) 7" 6.50

BUZZER Disco Kiddz (Douchemaster) Disco Kidzz/ Cool Feeling/ Heavy Weather. 7" 5.00

THE CANARY SECT Shake it but don't break it (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50
THE CANARY SECT 47 On My Mind (Screaming Apple) Second album by the spanish beat and rhythm'n'blues combo - if you dig Downliners Sect, Pretty Things And Yardbirds, you shall like this too. LP 11.00

CANDY APPLE KILLINGS “LEATHER FOR LIQUOR” (Solid Sexie Lovie Doll 021) 7" 6,00

JIM CARLISLE 5x10 (Witchcraft) Title track is a pretty cool rockin blues cut, plus two covers on the flip: 5x10/ Just Wanna Make Love To You/ When It Rains It Really Pours. 7,50

THE CARPETTES Small Wonder (Last Year's Youth - LAST-18) Cool punker, originally released 1978 in the UK on Small Wonder. Reissued by LYY in 2006. 7" 6.50
THE CARPETTES No Chance (Last Year's Youth - LAST-16) Previously unreleased powerpop (and one reggae..) cuts from February 1981, released by LYY in 2003: No Chance/ Could Thoughts/ Looking For The One/ All Around Town. 7" 6.50

THE CAVALIERS S/T (Born Bad) Surf from Paris: Les Cavaliers De L'Apocalypse Sont Des Surfeurs/ La Vague De La Soif/ Bourreau Des Coeurs/ Les Planchistes De Paname/ Bateau Mouche Twist/ Menace Sur La Cote/ Le Ride Du Jugement Dernier/ Attache Moi/ Bon Baisers/ Le Veme Cavalier. LP 12.00

THE CAVEMEN Juvenile Delinquent/ Swamp Thing (1.12 Records) 2 cuts by NZ garage combo. 7" 5.50

CAVEMEN V Be My Cavegirl / They Prefer Blondes (Howlin Banana) One original and a Back From Grave classic on the flip of this limited 45 by Lyon garage punk outfit. 7" 5.50

CAVESTOMPERS / ORGANS International Split 7" Vol 2 (Chickpea Records) Garage beat from Russia (Cavestompers) and psycho blues/garage from the Organs out of New York. Cavestompers side: Feelin' Alive / Sad And Blue // Organs side: Rocket Science / Out Of My Head. Limited to 300 copies. 7" 4.90

CELLOPHANE SUCKERS Bonjour Mon Capitaine (High Noon) Disco Bird/ Seen It All/ Black Eyed Horse/ Be Myself Again/ Straight/ Broken Prey/ Loaded/ Liars/ Shoes/ Easing Confort Of A Skirt. LP 11.00

CHAINS Till you come back home (Screaming Apple) 7"  4.00

CHARLES NAPIERS Il Suono Di Violenza (OMD) LP 10.75

CHATHAM SINGERS Ju Ju Claudius (Damaged Goods) Billy Childish (vocals, guitar), Nurse Julie (vocals, bass guitar), Bludy Jim (harmonica); Wolf Howard (drums) and special guests with album no 2, featuring blues and (few) country originals and covers. LP 12.90

CHEAP THRILLS Kick Me In the Heart (Savage Records) "Kick Me In The Heart/ High School Girls/ Baby You're Strange/ Saturday Night Shuwdown". Four punkers in the vein of Aussie meets Rip Off style 7" 4,75

CHEAP TIME S/T (In The Red) Some very catchy tunes on here! Lofi punk with a high 'pop' factor by Jeffrey Novak's new outfit: Too Late/ Glitter & Gold/ Zig-Zag/ People Talk/ Push Your Luck/ Living In The Past/ Tight Fit/ Permanent Damage/ The Ballad Of Max Frost/ Falling Down/ Over Again/ Ginger Snap/ Back To School/ Trip To The Zoo. CD 13.00
CHEAP TIME Explanations (and Similar Situations) (In The Red) When Tomorrow Comes/ Everyone Knows/ I'd Rather Be Alone/ Throwing It All Away/ Down The Tube/ Showboat/ Miss Apparent/ June Child/ Woodland Drive/ Lazy Days/ Approximately Nowhere/ Waiting Too Long. LP 14.50
CHEAP TIME Wallpaper Music ( In The Red) More Cigarettes/ Straight And Narrow/ Hall Of Mirrors/ Another Time/ Take It If You Want It/ Dream It Up/ Night To Night/ Witches In Stock/ Typically Strange/ Underneath The Fruit Flies. LP15.90
CHEAP TIME Exit Smiles (In The Red) The fourth studio album from Nashville's Jeffrey Novak and his band Cheap Time: Exit Smiles/ Same Surprise/ Kill The Light/ Country And City/ Slow Variety/ 8:05/ Spark In The Chain/ Modern Tastel. LP 15.50

CHEEKS Feather Tiger In A Magic Zoo (Teensound) Blackbyrds Dreaming Of Hollywood/ Another Wreck On The Highway/ Who Made All That Noise/ Seven/ Tigerlily7 Everything's Changin'/ Higher State/ Mrs Green/ Box Full Of Candies/ It's No Secret/ A Small Big Time. LP 12.90

THE CHIEFS Speed Rock (Bachelor Archives) The unearthed recordings of a true proto punk band from 1977: Three guys living in a small town in Austria with nothing to do and nowhere to go formed a band called THE CHIEFS. This was 1977, they hardly got any resources but records from Troggs, Kinks and likewise. They practised five times total and did only one gig. The local dive who booked them thought they were loonies cause they wanted to get paid in Lire, the italian currency at that time, not in Austrian Schilling. Why? Just for fun, just to get a whole lot of cash into their pockets... After the show they tried to spend the money in discos, of course no barkeeper took this kind of money. We don‘t know if this monetary disaster is the main reason for the break-up, but the three CHIEFS parted ways and went on to start other bands. 25 years later Andreas Buchegger approached us with the idea to release a CHIEFS single on vinyl. As a collector of early Austrian Punk he got hold of a practice room tape with 12 tracks, cover versions of songs by the KINKS, TROGGS, BO DIDDLEY and YARDBIRDS, but also original ones. We asked Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studios, Italy, to clean up the tracks a bit and here you are.... THE CHIEFS, The members later went on to form bands like SPRAYS, PLASTIX, WESTBLOCK, STANDART OIL and finally the SWAMP CHIEFS. Tracks: "Speed Rock/ Frustration/ Permanent Perfidia". Be aware of very rough sound "quality". 7" 6.50

CHICKEN DIAMOND II (Beast) Disappear/ Gold Rush/ 31 Highway/ Middle Class/ Get Out Of This Town/ Spitting In Your Face/ The Thrill Is Gone/ Leaving In The Morning/ Rock'n'roll People/ Country Song/ High Low Blues. LP 13.90

CHICKEN SNAKE Lucky Hand (Beast Records) Debut LP by this band around Jerry Teel (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, etc.), Pauline Owens-Teel and Josh Lee Hooker (Headless Hookers), Jack Martin (Knoxville Girls, Pink Moneybirds, etc.), Nicholas Ray (68 Comeback, VivaL'AmericanDeathRayMusic, April March, etc. ) and Danny Hole (Nikki Sudden, Kid Congo & the Pink Monkeybirds, etc.), plus a special guest appearance by Mr Bob Bert on drums. Limited to 500 copies. LP11,50
CHICKEN SNAKE Trouble On My Doorstep (Beast Records) Newest recording 'Trouble on my Doorstep' was recorded in Brooklyn, NYC in the late Summer of 2011. Pauline and Jerry Teel (HONEYMOON KILLERS, BOSS HOG, The CHROME CRANKS, KNOXVILLE GIRL, LITTLE PORKSHOP, Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) along with Josh Lee Hooker, Nicholas Ray and Danny Hole have written a new chapter full of curses and charms, chicken feet and JuJu, devils and saints. LP 11.50

LOS CHICOS Launching Rockets (Dirty Water) LP 12.90

CHILDISH, BILLY Archive From 1959 - The Billy Childish Story (Damaged Goods) 51 tracks on triple LP or double CD - a look back at the more rock'n'roll aspects of his musical career with different cuts by all of his bands as well as tracks he recorded solo and with other artists. Triple LP18.50 / doubleCD 16.90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF Acorn Man (Damaged Goods) Tracks: 01. It's So Hard To Be Happy 02. Zero Emission 03. He Wore A Pagan Robe 04. A Flame From The Fen 05. What Is This False Life You're Leading 06. Acorn Man 07. Punk Rock Enough For Me 08. Me Or Mine 09. Curious Filters 10. The Song Of Myself 11. Acorn Man (Slight Return) 12. Instantly Delete. LP 14.50
He Wore A Pagan Robe / It's So Hard To Be Happy (Squoodge Records) Super limited pressing in many different colours (around 50 in each colour), in thick cover. 7" 13,90
Oh Mein Gott Baader Meinhof / Joseph Beuys Flys Again (Squoodge) 3 different versions, limited to 159, 113 and 113 copies. 7" 13.50
BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF Ich Lieber Dich / ME-292 (Squoodge - 17.100-1) Limited press in three times 333 copies - this one: black wax, big centerholes, full colored 300gr/m2 cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine, artwork by Billy Childish. 7" 10.90
BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF Ich Lieber Dich / ME-292 (Squoodge - 17.100-2) Limited press in three times 333 copies - this one: red wax, big centerholes, full colored 300gr/m2 cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine, artwork by Billy Childish. 7" 10.90
BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF Ich Lieber Dich / ME-292 (Squoodge - 17.100-3) Limited press in three times 333 copies - this one: light brown wax, big centerholes, full colored 300gr/m2 cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine, artwork by Billy Childish. 7" 10.90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CHATHAM FORTS All Our Forts (Damaged Goods) The Headless Flowerpot Girl/ On Moonlit Heath/ I Validate Myself/ All Our Forts Are With You/ Reville/ The Second Generation Punks/ Musical Tribalist/ The Musical Rogues/ X-Craft On Tirpitz/ I Should Have Been In Art School/ I Just Wanna Make Love To You/ All Our Forts Are With You (Reprise). LP 13.90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CHATHAM FORTS All Our Forts Are With You/ Musical Tribalist (Damaged Goods) 7" 5.50
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE MUSICIANS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE Christmas 1979 (Damaged Doods) Christmas time with Billy Childish! Santa Claus/ Christmas Lights/ Knick Knack Paddywack (Chuck It In The Bin)/ Father Christmas Is Dressed In Green/ A Poundland Christmas/ A Quick One (Pete Townsend's Christmas)/ Mistletoe/ Dear Santa Claus/ Comanche (Link Wray's Christmas)/ Merry Christmas Fritz/ Christmas Hell/ Christmas 1979 LP 12,70
Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall/ Joes Strummers Grave (Damaged Goods) 7" 4,50
WILD BILLY CHILDISH &THE MUSICIANS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE Thatchers Children (Damaged Goods) Third LP of Billy & the Musicians Of The British Empire: Thatcher's Children/ Loray Head/ Again And Again/ Little Miss Contrary/ An Image Of You/ Rosie Jones/ Coffee Date/ He's Making A Tape/ Dole Drums (The Wolf Howard Theme)/ I'm Depressed/ I Fill All Of Your Dreams/ Back Amongst The Medway Losers. LP 12.90 CD 14.50
He's Making A Tape/ You're Just Jealus Of Me (Damaged Goods) 7" € 4.50
Rosie Jones/ Little Miss Contrary (Soundflat) Nice gimmick: BILLY CHILDISH & TMOTBE are here exclusively available as DRESSDOLLS, which can be cut out and dressed like the DRESSDOLLS in the late 50's to mid 70's.... 7" 8,00
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE MUSICIAN OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE There Is Only Me / WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CHATHAM SINGERS All That's Spoken Is Unkind (Squoodge Records) Special limited edition 7"6.90

WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE BLACKHANDS Play Capt. Calypso's Hoodoo Party (Damaged Goods) Originally released in 1988 (on Hangman) and about time that this gem got re-released! Prepare yourself for some garage calypso and enjoy the party (or run off screaming...): Rum 'N Coca-Cola/ Underneath The Mango Tree/ I Love Paris/ Long Tall Shorty/ Capt'n Jack Is Boss/ Sen' Me To The 'Lectric Chair/ Anarchy In The Uk/ Three Blind Mice/ Tequilla/ Yellow-Skinned Baby/ Dread Luck. CD 10.90
Live In The Netherlands (Damaged Goods) Reissue of good 1993 live LP: Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler?/ Chatham Jack/ Fine And Mellow/ Bottle-Up And Go/ Evil Thing/ Yellow-Skinned Baby/ Black Girl/ She's Fine, She's Mine/ Louis Riel/ I Love My Woman/ John Hardy/ It's A Long Way To Tipperary/ The Lambeth Walk LP 12.90

WILD BILLY CHILDISH & SEXTON MING Here Come The Fleece Geese (Damaged Goods) LP 12.00

WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS Forensic R'n'B (Damaged Goods) New name, same members as Vernim Poets: Forensic R'n'B/ The Ocean River Runs Around the Edge/ Tower Block/ And Darkness Engulfed His Eyes/ The Physics Of Blown Sand And Desert Dunes/ The Fighting Tameraire/ Our Strange Power Of Speech/ Intertidal Marshland/ The Charcoal Burners Lament/ Pegasus Bridge/ A Dismembered Book Of Myself/ Scout-a-boo/ Are You A Wally? (Or Are You A Smooth?)/ Paeleo Punk. LP 12.90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS Coastal Command (Damaged Goods)Damaged Goods are proud to announce the release of 2 brand new LPs by BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS, and a 3rd Lp for free. By collecting tokens cut from the sleeves of "Dreggredation" and "Coastal Command" fans can claim a 3rd LP "Tablets of Linear B" for free. (If people want the free LP, they have to cut the two tokens off of the sleeve of these two albums and post them into DG to claim their free copy, really!) LP 13.90
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS Dreggredation (Damaged Goods)Damaged Goods are proud to announce the release of 2 brand new LPs by BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS, and a 3rd Lp for free. By collecting tokens cut from the sleeves of "Dreggredation" and "Coastal Command" fans can claim a 3rd LP "Tablets of Linear B" for free. (If people want the free LP, they have to cut the two tokens off of the sleeve of these two albums and post them into DG to claim their free copy, really!). Tracks: We Spartan Dreggs/ Headlong Fly The Achaens/ Medea/ Grimpen Fire/ Dreggredation Of Spartanists/ The Goose Girl/ The Rage Of Achilles/ Taliesin The Dregg. Punk Before Chips (jingle)/ A Shropshire Lad/ So Spake The Wanderer/ Eli The Baker/ Punk Before Chips/ Coastal Command/ Transcending Utter Dreggredation/ Radio Dreggs/ We've Written Our Song (and Done Our Duty). LP 13.90
BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS A Tribute to A. E Housman (Squoodge Records)Limited to 400 handnumbered copies in marbled black wax, full colored 300gr/m2 inside out cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine and colored insert, artwork by Billy Childish + Ele König. Tracks: In My Own Shire/ Hills Of Bredon/ A Shropshire Lad/ Reville/ On Moonlit Heath (Alt)/ On Wenlock Edge. 10" 13.60
BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS Archaeopteryx vs Coelacanth (Squoodge) All records are hand numbered and available in ten different colors (gold, red, grey, mint, orange, clear, white, blue, white, olive) each is limited to only 40 copies. Randomly inserted, so unknown which colour you will get. Tracks: The Fen Raft Spider/ Tiddy Mun/ Triplane Blues/ Oak/ Cure Of Love/ Archaeopteryx Vs. Coelacanth/ A Drawing Down Of Blinds/ The Abrigded Catlogue Of Achaean Ships And Their Captains/ A Romano-British Song/ The Insulted Choir. LP 24.90
BILLY CHILDISH & THE SPARTAN DREGGS Fen Raft Spider / Tiddy Mun (Squoodge) This 7" comes in 10 different colours. Each version is handnumbered and limited to less than 50 copies. Only randomly available. 7" 13.90
BILLY CHILDISH Die Hinterstoißer Traverse (Squoodge Records) Super limited double 10", specially made for the Billy Childish "Darkness was here yesterday" exhibition at the Carl Freedman Gallery in London. Tracks: Thatcher's Childern (Alt. Version)/ Joe Strummer's Grave (Alt. Version)/ Israelites/ Indefineable Distorted Clarity/ Scout-A-Boo/ Dinkum Does As Dinkum Do/ The Kids Are All Square/ Die Hinterstoißer Traverse/ The Mediocre Prize/ Oh Mein Gott - Baader Meinhof/ Joseph Beuys Flies Again/ Racist Attack. 222 handnumbered copies, 3 colored silkscreen gatefold-sleeve. 1st record in orange wax, 2nd in turqouise wax. Artwork Billy Childish. Double 10" 79,90

CHILI COLD BLOOD Why Baby Why/Slow Down (Shake Your Ass) 7” 4,90

CHIMIKS Cool In Down/ She Sleeps Tonight (Elegances Rec.) New band around Vince Posadzki (ex-Fatals). 250 copies. 7" € 4.90
CHIMIKS S/T (Slovenly) Big Shot Down/ Teenage Love/ All The Time/ Feel Really Good/ Banned Me/ My Dad Is Bad/ Weird Time/ Ahe's Gonna Die. LP 11.90

CHOCOLAT Gabrielle EP (Radio 81 Rec.) Gabrielle/ Johnny Depp/ Charlotte. 7"5.00

CHOYCE "WON'T YOU COME BACK" (Goodbye Boozy) Raw -Punk Psycho-blues new project by Roy (Cpc Gangbangs, Luxury Rides etc.). Limited to 300 copies. 7" 4,90

CHROME REVERSE Yeah Yeah We Are Chrome Reverse (Mag O Wheels) They pay tribute to Chan Romero, Lavern Baker and the Collins Kids and prefer R'n'R (and cars!) from the late fifties and early sixties. But their music is too raw and untamed to be "oldies". Founding members Lili Z. and Iwan (formerly in the No-Talents, Splash Four, les Terribles, Loud Mufflers etc.) and drummer Ludo were joined this spring by Dave. 4 original numbers: I Can't Dance/ Yeah Yeah We Are Chrome Reverse/ Cat Fight/ Cigarettes & Alcohol.7" 6.00

CITY SWEETHEARTS Sleeping Through Modern Times (P.Trash) Toronto City Sweethearts Curtis Dixon of VICIOUS CYCLE and Vassil of the MARVELOUS DARLINGS and ex-HEARTATTACKS with 9 tracks. LP 12.50

CLAP Have You Reached Yet? (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1972 US release, originally on Nova-Sol. Sing Sing review: Like most followers of rare seventies rock esoterica I first heard about HAVE YOU REACHED YET? via the pages of the now-legendary BOMP fanzine. It was the surf issue if I recall correctly, and editor Greg Shaw, in the course of a pretty positive review, mentioned Clap's ability to mix up what seemed like a healthy late-sixties punk rock attitude with the prevailing hard rock winds of the early-seventies from whence this album came. The album was a charm with the hefty Rolling Stones influences so common of the day being reshaped by a strong Shadows of Knight snarl all filtered through an early seventies heavy metal consciousness giving us...a sound and style that although part and parcel to the stoner seventies mentality had a totally unique and refreshing approach that sounded as if it could stand on its own not only in 1972 but 1966 or even 1987 for that matter. It was teenage rock & roll that continued to sound so long after the entire teen mystique of the sixties and seventies shriveled away, yet it was hard enough for even the most experienced pothead at the supermarket to roll joints to during his coffee break. LP 13.50

COASTERSRIDE Fuck You/ Kill Yourself (SAVAGE) 7" 4.60

COCOCOMA S/T" (Goner) I Swear/ Too Tired/ Ain't You Had Enough/ Go Ahead/ Read My Mind/ Premonition/ Desperate Situation/ I Don't Mind/ She Gets Heavy/ I Want More. LP € 13.50
COCOCOMA Things Are Not Alright (Goner) Second LP with 10 cuts and includiing download code. LP 14.50

COLA FREAKS Mig Mig Mig (Rob's House) KBD punk from Denmark: Mig Mig Mig./ Knirk/ Udsigt Til Ingenting. 7" 5.20

JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III / FOLLOWED BY STATIC Split LP (Way Out There) 4 cuts by each band. LP 11.50

PAUL COLLINS BEAT Live 1979 (Lady Kinky Karrott) Live show from 1979 by The Beat, feat. Paul Collins of The Nerves and The Breakaways, Mike Ruiz (drummer for Milk n Cookies), Steven Huff and Larry Whitman. Th show was played at the Palladium on December 13, 1979. One side only! 500 Handnumbered copies. LP 12.90

COLOURED BALLS Ball Power (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1972 Australian proto punk LP. Tracks: Flash/ Mama Don't You Get Me Wrong/ Won't You Make Up Your Mind/ Something New/ B.P.R./ Human Being/ Whole Lotta Shakin/ Hey What's Your Name/ That's What Mama Said. LP 19.90

COLUMBIAN NECKTIES BBRANCE! (Sounds Of Subterrania) Theier 2001 alb. CD 14.00
WHY CHANGE YOUR MOVES? (Sounds Of Subterrania) 12 cut album from 2002. CD 14.00
COLUMBIAN NECKTIES Takeaway (Sounds Of Subt.) Their third full length right in your face: LP 11,00
COLUMBIAN NECKTIES Social Women/Pocket Rock (Stereodrive) 7"4.90

COME CANI ARRABBIATI (Billy's Bones) Compilation with 4 tracks by Rebelde, The Bone Machine, Youngang and Gozzilla & Le Tre Bambine Coi Baffi. Oi! Punk & RnR. 7" 4.75

COME N GO Somethings Got To Give (Voodoo Rhythm) The Time You Spend, The Life You Have/ It's Ok/ C'est Pas Facile/ Hey Mama/ No Blues/ Fazzoletti/ Beers & Tears/ Heart's Desires/ Petrol/ Wonders.. Never Left Our Minds/ Searchin' For Love. LP 12.90

COMOMUSIC ANTHOLOGY 1990-2005 Volume 1 (Painfully Midwestern) 40 Bands from Columbia, Missouri, USA on a double CD: Sultans - causeways/ Doxies - high road/ Pows - chesty/ Untamed Youth - i'll be gone/ Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir - there's no I in werewolves/ Revelators - under the gun + earthshaker yeah/ Sofa Kit XL - king hell / Prozac Memory - mapmaker / Mahjongg - aluminum/ Ditch Witch - steal this town/ Starkweathers - burn the flag/ Secretaries - unmarked number/ East Ash - push/ Ramsay Wise & the Skirmish - wampum + flattery/ Catalina - falling barns/ The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous - wild on chemicals in south dakota/ The One Inch Punch - attack of the raelian clones/ Jon Sheffield - whimsican dial/ Incontinentals - assholes and elbows/ Billy Schuh & the Foundry - dancing lights / slow machines/ Oh*Yeah - speedown/ Bockman's Euphio - patience/ Keith is My TV - bird on the floor/ Fugitive Kind - the cause of your pain/ Missouri Sex Offenders - i could never take the place of your man/ Duckgurl & Chickenboy - the callalilies are in bloom/ Trailhead - west county/ Animal Family feat. MC Cat Genius - MC Cat Genius' BomBassTic Remix/ Breaker Morant - cry, cape canaveral, cry/ Slugtrail - rising man/ Nightmare Sisters - black is the color of my true love's heart/ Bubba Factor - i don't wanna be human today/ Stands with a Twist - arrogant you/ Amputee Set - we both get a slogan/ Eugenics Council - holocaust class/ Swamp Fuck - velcro felines/ Northerns - rope/ Paradise Vending - farm to market/ The Company Men - dark's creeping in. Double CD € 12.00

COMPLICATIONS Le Treat/ Everything/ Kick You (Sentenza Records) New band with Looch from the Magnetix and Marco from the Fatals! 7" 4.90
COMPLICATIONS Follow Me/Money In My Back(Yakisakana) 7 " 4.75

COOL JERKS Aus Dem Weg! (Soundflat) LP 10.50
COOL JERKS / PSYCHODAISY DJ-Single series Vol.1 (Soundflat Records) COOL JERKS: Sorry & Goodbye/ PSYCHODAISY: Manchmal Moecht' Ich Dir Was Sagen. Limited to 333 copies. 7" 4.50

THEE CORMANS Halloween Record (In The Red) The Southern Californian biker / surf instrumental combo has been bashing out their brand of Davie-Allan-and-the-Arrows-meets- The-Ventures-on-meth thrash for several years now. Theirs is a sound informed by scratched-up ’60s instrumental records, KBD punk singles and exploitation B-movies chock full of monsters, bikers and mayhem. LP 16.90
THEE CORMANS / PACIFICS Split (Bachelor) THEE CORMANS play "Big Twins Forever", THE PACIFICS play "Caveman", the Single is limited to 500 copies, handnumbered. 7" 5.50

CORPUS CHRISTI II (Jeetkune Records) Corpus Christi is Tina (Intellectuals, Cokerocket, TJ and the Lipstix, Felt Ups) and Cristina (Capputtini 'i lignu, TJ and the Lipstix) fooling around with their favourite traditional country and western tunes. Guitars, tambourines, toy keyboards, kazoos, whistles, bird calls, and bones are just a few key elements of their signature sound, but it's the lowpitch vocal harmonies that are the real trademark of this melancholic duo. They have recently been joined by friend and great musician Sam Crawford (The Goodwill Orchestra, Bowery Boy Blue), who merrily picks his banjo and sings along. LP 13.50

DAVE “BABY” CORTEZ WITH LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD AND HIS BLOODHOUNDS (Norton) New instrumental workouts from “Baby”, the man who topped the charts in 1959 with The Happy Organ – his first new recordings in decades! Dave is joined by sax legend Lonnie Youngblood who recorded with Jimi Hendrix just prior to the Experience! Produced by Mick Collins! Track: The Lemon Drop/ Sammy Sue/Let’s Do A Slow Dance/Central Avenue Cruise/Bumper Cars/Rollin’ Out/Hot Cakes/Flame Gettin’ Higher, Fire Getting’ Hot/Midnight Sun/Soul Rub. LP 14.00

NIKLAS COSKAN Here comes Coffin Creek: an amazing 94-page Hardcover Comic Book + Vinyl 7" (Squoodge) All 300 hand-numbered copies are signed by the artist. Four handdrawn and written stories of Niklas Coskan with the matching Instro-surf-Soundtrack from the Laser Mutants. Comic plus 7" 29,90

COUNTDOWNS Right On Sound (Scooch Pooch) CD 12.00

COURETTES Here Are The Courettes (Sounds of Subterranian) Debut the new Brazilian/Danish garage rock duo featuring Flavia (ex Autoramas) on fuzz guitar and Martin behind the drums 10" 12.90

CRACKBRAINED SERENADERS Cliche/ My Misery/ My Girlfriend/ Zombie Stomp (Red Lounge Rec) 7" 4.75
CRACKBRAINED SERENADERS Planet Of The Apes/ Monday Girl (Red Lounge) 7" 4.50
CRACKBRAINED SERENADERS / THE STILETTOS Split 7" (Red Lounge Records) 2 tracks each: "Down On Me/ Some Say High" by Stilettos, plus "Torpedo Taliban/ Chopstick Romance" by C.S. 7" 4.50

CRASH KILLS FIVE What Do You Do At Night? EP (Ugly Pop) CRASH KILLS FIVE exploded onto the Toronto punk scene with this self-released EP in the summer of 1980, blasting through three tracks of supremely catchy punk rock that perfectly balanced memorable song-writing with quick tempos and raw guitar attack, clearly inspired by early Ramones, Diodes and early Buzzcocks. A planned 12" follow-up was never released, as the band split up soon after, with members going on to early hardcore outfit Young Lions and legendary surf-punk band Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, leaving behind only this very collectible single. Faithful reconstruction of original artwork plus detailed new insert with tons of info for punk history geeks like us. 7" 7.90

CRIMSON SHADOWS Nightmares / It's Too Late (Screaming Apple) 7" 4.90
CRIMSON SHADOWS One Step Beyond Insanity (Groovie Records) What I Want/ Even I Tell Lies/ You Can't Come Down/ It's Cold/ I Want You To Leave Me/ Night Of the Maniacs/ When I'm Going Away/ Out Of My Mind/ Bonus Track/ Blues Theme/ Gotta Get Away/ I've Had Enough/ The Vampire/ Now I Know/ You Don't Love Me. LP 13.90

CRITICAL MASS Silver Screen / No One Left To Blame (Last Laugh) Formed in the early 70's in Miami, Florida, Critical Mass brandishes their version of melodic power pop from roots ranging from The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Stranglers to The Beatles and Cheap Trick. The band's first self produced demo, a two song 45 of "Silver Screen" backed with "No One Left To Blame" released in 1978, has become a sought after example of Florida's first punk band. Underground punk aficionados craving rare unheard late 70's punk rock can find copies on eBay commanding hundreds of dollars. Ryan Richardson of BreakMyFace.com calls it a "swamplands gem"... 7" 7.90

MIKAL CRONIN Tide / You Gotta Have Someone (Goner) 7" 6.25

CRUSHED BUTLER Uncrushed - Luxus edition (Crush 001)  repress on colored vinyl. UK Proto Punk 1969 - 1971(pre-Hammersmith Gorillas). Includes a 42 x 60 cm poster. Limited to 500 numbered copies. 10"13.50

ALEX CUERVO Hallo Mein Name Ist.. (Red Lounge) The Hex Dispensers frontman with 2 cuts by himself: Hate Face/ Big Cruel Ball. 7" 5.00

CURLEE WURLEE! Likes Milk (And Doesn't Make A Fuzz About It) (Moody Monkey Records) New album by frenglish hammond beat fuzz sensation CURLEE WURLEE. All original tracks from fuzz garage punk, exotic beat, moody tunes to top moody tunes: Married Men/ Todo me da igual/ Peint en noir/ Everything Everything/ Milk intrigue/ Mam'zelle Filou/ Lass das sein/ Big Bang Shot/ My brain is empty/ Tu es parti (connard)/ Je suis un monstre/ Cinecitta intrigue/ Sailor Girl/ En attendant la fin du monde. LP 11.50
CURLEE WURLEE (The World Is Full Of) Married Men (Butterfly) Limited 3-track EP featuring "Married Men" from the "Curlee Wurlee Likes Milk" LP and the unreleased tracks "Wait"and "Dans Le Noir". 7" 6.50
CURLEE WURLEE Oui Oui (Soundflat) Make You Cry/ You're A Fake/ Can't Make You Mine/ La Languedocienne/ Riot/ Lutin Au LSD/ She's So Square/ (In The Hands Of The) Black Guards/ Je Vais Derailler/ Patsas/ He Won't Come Back/ Twenty Seconds/ Raining In My Heart / Il, Tu, Je/ Sherif, Smith & Wesson/ My Boyfriend Is A Fireman/ Sorrow. LP 10.50
CURLEE WURLEE My Brain Is Empty / You Are On Your Own (Larsen) A alternate version of "My Brain Is Empty" (piano version) and a exclusive track. 7" 4.90

CUT IN THE HILL GANG Johnny Walkers Quixotic Dream/ Sugar Never Tasted So Good (Stag-O-Lee) 7" 5.00

CUTE LEPERS B-sides (Rockin' Bones) Compilation of 7" flipsides and a compilation track. limited & numbered to 1000 copies, in 3-D cover with glasses. 10" 13.90

CYANIDE PILLS Still Bored (Damaged Goods) Their second album - 17 punk pop tracks dealing with alienation, despair, politics and impotence. LP 12.90

CYRUS ERIE / THE QUICK Split (Eric Rec) Repro of 2 Epic 45s by both bands featuring Eric Carmen (Raspberries). Cyrus Erie: Get the Message / The Quick: Southern Comfort 7" 7.90

DADDY LONG LEGS Evil Eye On You (Norton) Debut platter from Brooklyn's blues wailing stompers -Tracklist: Death Train Blues, I Feel So Electric, Happy Home, Shackin' Up, You'll Be Mine, Witch Hunt, Trouble (Always Come My Ways), Sittin' Shotgun, Comin' After Me, Candy Sue, Thirty Days, Evil Eye. LP 14.00
T. VALENTINE WITH DADDY LONG LEGS The Vamire (Norton) The 'Hello, Lucille Are You A Lesbian?' king is back from parts unknown with a new album featuring DADDY LONG LEGS on rumblin R&B instrumentation: Young Girls, Young Girls / Bald Headed Benny / Shake Your Funky A-S-S / Cell Phone / Why You Leave Me / You So Fine / Please Dont Freeze / I Want You To Have My Baby / The Vampire / The Death Of Betty Sue / Gravediggers. LP 14.00

DADDY ROCKING STRONG: A TRIBUTE TO NOLAN STRONG AND THE DIABLOS (The Wind 002) Dedicated to Fortune Records R&B giant Nolan Strong! MARK SULTAN The Wind/DIRTBOMBS Daddy Rockin’ Strong/CUB KODA You’re The Only Girl, Delores/OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (Yeah, Baby) It’s Because Of You/ANDRE WILLIAMS WITH THE A-BONES The Way You Dog Me Around/DANNY KROHA AND THE DEL TORROS Do You Remember What You Did/REIGNING SOUND Mind Over Matter/WRECKLESS ERIC AND AMY RIGBY I Want To Be Your Happiness/A-BONES Real True Love/HENTCHMEN The Mambo Of Love/DEMONS CLAWS Try Me One More Time/GENTLEMAN JESSE AND HIS MEN Harriette It’s You/LENNY KAYE I Wanna Know. LP 13.50

THE DAHLMANNS All Dahled Up! (Screaming Apple) Female fronted Power-Pop-Punk from Norway: Candypants/ Lonely Boys Brigade/ Shake Me Up Tonight/ Going Down/ Love The Haters/ This Time/ Bright City Lights/ Dancing With Joey Ramone/ Get Up, Get Down/ Teenage City/ I Want You Around/ Smash You. LP 11.50

DAMNATION KIDS I Wanna Do It!/ Broken Heart (High School Refuse Records) 7" 4.90

WALTER DANIELS & THE GOSPEL CLODHOPPERS Harmonica/ Take Your Foot Out Of The Mud & Put It In The Sand (Ghost Highway) Walter Daniels: harp, vocals/ John Schooley (The Revelators, Hard Feelings,...): slide guitar/ Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers, Honky,...): banjo bass/ Trey Robles (Hard Feelings, The Yuppie Pricks, Tempo Tantrums,...): drums, luggage/ Ralph White (Bad Livers, Golden Boys,...): fiddle/ Texacala Jones (Tex & The Horseheads, Los Platos,...): vocals. Limited edition of 222 copies & a oversized sleeve - a brown envelope with artwork on one side. 7" 9.50

DELANEY DAVIDSON Self Decapitation (Voodoo Rhythm) Delaney Davidson joined the Dead Brothers on tours and two albums and now hits the world with his first full length. Around The World/ Tonight/ In the Pines/ Little Heart/ Lackie's Men/ Dirty Dozen/ Back in Hell/ Homeward Bound/ Seasons of God/ I Slept Late/ Magpe Song. LP 12.90
DELANEY DAVIDSON Bad Luck Man (Voodoo Rhythm) The LP includes the CD of the album & a free poster as long as stocks last. Tracks: Bad Luck Man/ I'm So Depressed/ Time Has Gone/ Another Man's Eyes/ You're A Loser/ I Saw The Light From Heaven/ I've Got The Devil Inside/ So Long/ River Of Misery/ I Told A Secret/ It's So Good/ Windy City/ Something Of Your Own/ How Lucky You Are. LP + CD 15.50 / CD 15.50
DELANEY DAVIDSON Ghost Songs (Casbah Records) Sleeping Woman/ Ophelia/ Sinners Road/ Girl In White/ Poison Song/ Hate A Man/ Stalker/ Stone Song/ I'm A Fool/ Wayfaring Stranger/ Everything Is Lost/ Cowboy Costume. LP 14.50
DELANEY DAVIDSON Diamond Dozen (Squoodge) 300gr/qm kraft cardbord cover with 300gr/qm kraft cardbord innersleeve, limited pressing of 500 total. Tracks: Petit Fleur/ Wishin/ Demons Claws/ This Heart Is A Train/ Somethin Of Your Own/ Bozo/ Pappone/ Naughty Augustus/ Grace/ Donkey Devil/ Delia/ River Funeral Horns. LP 19.90

DAVILA 666 S/T (In the Red) El Lobo/ Basura/ Bla Bla Bla/ Dimelo Ya/ Tu/ Oh Baby/ Muy Chistoso/ Callejon/ Ciudad/ Quizas/ No Puedo Ver/ No Quiero/ 9:36 (puto)/ Nueva Localizacion. LP 14.90
12" EP (Rob's House) Limited pressing of 666: Ohhh/ Dos O Tres/ Mariel/ La Killer Bitch/Y Me Pregunto. 12" LP 11.90
DAVILA 666 Tan Banjo (In The Red) New LP including download coupon. LP 15.20

GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS Soundtrack To The Daily Grind (Damged Goods) Get Off My Track/ Soundtrack To The Daily Grind/ On The Pull/ Disown Me/ South Avenue/ Too Few Things/ Dreaming My Life Away/ Part Time Dad/ Forgotten/ Come Home Soon/ What It Is To Be Fifteen/ Living In Fear/ Too Busy To Try. LP12.50
GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS Travelled & Unravelled EP (Damaged Goods) Soundtrack To The Daily Grind / Too Few Things/ The Most Expensive Sleep / Backstage Bore 7" 4.50
GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS Triple Distilled (Damaged Goods) Glad I'm Not Young/ Better Man/ Begging You/ Pass That Whiskey/ Wanna Smoke/ Could Be Anywhere/ Something About You Girl/ Just A Song/ If There's One Thing I Can Do/ Lost Without My Dignity/ Turning You Down/ Goodbye. LP 12.90
GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS Begging you/ Sitar Spangled Banner (Damaged Goods) A-side from the new album "Triple Distilled“, B-side is a instro and exclusive on this 45. 7" 4,25

RAY DAYTONA AND THE GOOGOOBOMBOS Caballero (Soundflat) Space Time Spyra/ Hot Dog/ Count Me Out/ Exploding Plastic/ Inevitable/ Senile Chemist/ Bourbon City Blues/ Psilocybe/ Told Me Not To Run/ Uncle Wolf/ Santa Muerte/ Mojito Lounge/ Hard Bodies/ Walk Down The Line LP 10.90

DC FONTANA La Contessa (Teensound) UK Mod outfit, offering 60's sound in English, French and Italian. LP 12.90

DE CYLINDERS I Wanna Get Married/ Looking For Work (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980 dutch powerpop. 7" 6.50
DE CYLINDERS We Must Pay/ Chart Buster (Sing Sing) Reissue of 1980 dutch powerpop 45. 7" 6.50

DEAD AS A DODO Ugly Babe / What'd I Say (Yakisakana) French blues punk duo. 7" 4.90

DEAD BROTHERS The 5th Sin-Phonie (Voodoo Rhythm) Drunkards Walk/ Death Blues/ The Story It's Always the Same/ The Power A Secret Holds/ Bela Lugosi’s Dead/ Tic Tac/ Drunkards Dream/ I Am All I Got/ Langenthal/ Exotic Odyssey/ Policeman/ Teenage Kicks/ How Deep is the Water?. LP 12.90
THE DEAD BROTHERS Black Moose (Voodoo Rhythm) 2014 release in heavy jacket, with printed inner sleeve, poster and the CD included as bonus! Tracks: Black Moose/ There’s Always Someone That You Owe/ Dark Night/ Good Luck/ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Black Train/ St Dymphna/ La Mauvaise Réputation/ Heart Of Stone/ Femme Fatale/ So Wars, So Ists Und So Wirds Bleiben/ Ship Of Fools/ Appenzeller Tanz. LP + CD 14.90 / CD (double gatefold with 12-sided booklet) 15.50

DEAD GHOSTS Rarities (Bachelor) A compilation of out of print singles, outtakes, live versions unreleased stuff and covers, limited to 500 copies: Cold Stare/ Comanche/ Blak Kat/ 1.000 Joints/ Bad Vibes/ Mayday/ Messed Up/ Something/ Thunderbird ESQ/ She Likes It/ In The Hills/ God Only Knows/ Teenage Lifestyle. LP 12.50
DEAD GHOSTS / SMIH WESTERNS split 7" (Bachelor) DEAD GHOSTS: She Likes It/ THE SMIH WESTERNS; Tonight. 7" 5.00

DEAN DIRG Four Successive Blasts (P.Trash) LP 11.50

DEE RANGERS Five spanish minutes (Screaming Apple) LP  10.50
DEE RANGERS "Blue Swedes" (Screaming Apple) LP 10.50 

DEL GATORS Pound down (Voodoo Rhythm) Wild garage party with ex members of Spaceshits, Sexareenos, Scat Rag Boosters etc. Great Mummies style party platter! LP14.50 / CD (SFRTRI) 14.00

DELMONAS Delmonas 5 (Damaged Goods) Reissue of long out of print 1986 LP by this british garage pop girl trio, with a good chunck of songs written by Childish and Hampshire: Dr. Goldfoot/ Heard About Him/ Why Don't You Smile Now/ Black Elk Speaks/ Hound Dog/ Delmona (The Temptress Of Love)/ I Feel Like Giving In/ Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/ When I Want You/ Black Ludella/ Your Love/ Don't Fall In Love (Every Single Time)/ Jealousy. LP 13.90
DELMONAS The Delmonas (Damaged Goods) Reissue of long out of print 1989 LP, featuring a 'Dangerous Charms' lost title-track and a couple of earlier numbers redone in French. Jealousy/ That Boy Of Mine/ Can't Sit Down/ Kiss Me Honey/ I've Got Everything I Need/ Uncle Willy/ I Feel Like Giving In/ Farmer John/ You Did Him Wrong/ Dangerous Charms/ The Long Drop/ I Feel Alright. LP 13.90

DELTABONDS Got Fun If You Want It! (Larsen) frat garage french band a la Sam the Sham, Sexareenoos, with ex DUNTS & CRY BABIES 10“ € 9,80

DEMOLITION DOLL RODS "On" (Swami) Third LP. LP 13,50

DESTINATION LONELY Fun Is Dead (Nasty Product/Sentenza) Three piece band (Marco Fatal, Nico El Vicio, Nat) with 5 cuts about loneliness, broken hearts & no fun.10" 9.50
DESTINATION LONELY No One Can Save Me (Voodoo Rhythm) Three angry young men from Toulouse / Bordeaux, arise from a rich rock'n'roll garage noise trash culture in the south of France. They played and formed bands such as Blew Up, The Fatals, Space Beatnicks, Jerry Spider Gang, Beach Bitches, Kung Fu Escelators to name a few, touring around and outside the country and released records on countless labels, and now on the road to nowhere as: DESTINATION LONELY. Tracks: Freeze Beat/ Gonna Break/ S+E+U+L / Mud/ Now You're Dead/ Black Eyed Dog/ Protect You/ Outta My Head/ Sun's Going Down/ No One Can Save Me.LP 15.90

DICK VOODOO S/T (Born Bad) Debut LP of French Electro-Punk outfit: Under Breath/ Surfing The Ditch/ Ben's Truck/ Glossy Lips/ Collector / Low Tide/ Motorcycle Race / Marshall Law/ Sylvie/ Weekend Soup/ Black Coffee. LP 13.50

DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN Apocalypse Now & Then (Bachelor) Such A Simple Thing/ One Little Girl/ Yeah/ They Call Me Ty/ You Better Satisfy/ When You‘Re In Love/ The Other Me/ Go & See/ Found And Lost/ My Cult/ These Pills/ Disaster #3/ Night Life. LP 11.50

DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS World Cup 2006 (P.Trash) 4 tracks recorded live: "Fashion Victim/Little Honda/ Working At A Desk/Just A Little Bit"  7" 5.50
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS All Time Low/ I Want You/ Pussycat Sandwich (Squoodge) 7" 4,90
DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS Bad Reception (P.Trash) A selection of ten songs recorded live-to-air in a radio show. Tour release, limited to 500 copies and comes in a 3-color silkscreened cover. LP 14.50?
DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS Lets Go To Hospital (P.Trash)?Spanish Jacket/ Liar, Liar/ I'm So Bared With You/ Oh Yeah/ ASIO/ Cut You Loose/ I Want To Be Your Slut/ Kept Man/ What You Say, What You Do/ Let's Go To Hospital. LP 12.50
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS / MAGNETIX split 10" (Every Night Is A Saturday Night) DIGGER...: "Timebomb/ I Can't Win/ Suce Moi La Bite" . MAGNETIX: "No Feel Pain/ Invasion X/ Danger In Your Eyes". 10" 11.50
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS / STOUT BROTHERS Tribute to Johnny Cash split7" (Trashmondain Records) Digger & The Pussycats: "San Quentin", Stout Brothers: "Folsomprisonblues". Silkscreen cover, ltd. edition of 500 numbered copies. 7" 6.50
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS Night Of The Two Moons/ Gangrenous/ Sofia (Slovenly) 7" 5.25
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS DIY (P.Trash Records) LP 12.50

DIGITAL LEATHER Sorcerer (Goner) LP 12.90
DIGITAL LEATHER Closed my eyes 7" (P.Trash) 7" 5.00
DIGITAL LEATHER The Assault/ Video Phase (Red Lounge Rec) 7" 4.75
DIGITAL LEATHER Suckface (Red Lounge Rec) "Disaster Girl/ Suckface/ Platinum/ Don't Care". 7" 4.75
DIGITAL LEATHER Hurt So Bad (Squoodge Records) Double one-sided 7", limited to 333 copies: Hurts So Bad / Christina / Stainer. Double 7" 10.90
DIGITAL LEATHER S/T (Red Lounge) Re-issue of the first LP in deluxe gatefold sleeve. LP 13.50
DIGITAL LEATHER Fresh Secrets (Red Lounge) Fresh Secrets/ Happily Ever After/ On Saturday. 7" 5,00
DIGITAL LEATHER Power Surge/ Shattered Reflections (FDH Rec.) 7 4,90

DILS Class War (Bacchus Archives) 70s Punk. CD 13.80

DING DONGS S/T (Norton) Don't Ring, Come On In/ Until I Die/ Come On Lil Dolly/ She's A Tiger/ Woman Cops/ Knock Me Down/ You Better Hide/ Military Mama/ Worried Man/ What's That Sound?!/ Crazy Dreams/ Last LaughLP 14.00 / CD 13.00
DING DONGS Lucky Day/ The Dump/ Zach Weekend (Sultan Records) The Ding-Dongs are Mark Sultan and Bloodshot Bill, two heavyweights of rock’n'roll, old friends both hailing from Montreal. The EP has 4 songs, including 2 cover versions of great, lost rock’n'roll gems. 7" 5.50

DIRTBOMBS We Have You Surrounded (In The Red) LP no. 4 and not really my cup of tea - too rockish and noisy. Few good/ok tracks and too many fillers. "It's Not Fun Until They See You Cry/ Ever Lovin Man/ Indivisible/ Sherlock Holmes/ Wreck My Flow/ Leopardman at C & A/ Fire in the Western World/ Pretty Princess Day/ I Hear the Sirens/ They Have Us Surrounded/ Race to the Bottom/ La Fin du Monde". LP 13.50
DIRTBOMBS Play Sparks (In The Red) "Sherlock Holmes" from the "We Have You Surrounded" LP plus "Nothing To Do". 7"5.00
DIRTBOMBS Brand New Game/All My Friends Should Be Punished (Munster) 7” 5,50
DIRTBOMBS Race To The Bottom (Cass) 1-sided 12" with one "song". 23 minutes of synthesizer noise. Pressing of 500 copies - what a waste of vinyl..... LP 11.90
DIRTBOMBS Party store 3x12 (In The Red) Dirtbombs interpretations of 80s and early 90s Detroit Techno. 9 songs, almost 60 minutes, triple gatefold vinyl. LP 22.50 / CD 14.5
DIRTBOMBS CONSISTENCY IS THE ENEMY (Cass Records) Consistency Is The Enemy functions as the vinyl component of the Dirtbombs 2006 singles collection If You Don't Already Have a Look. While that two disc, CD-only collection focused on the plethora of out-of-print vinyl singles the band had released up until that point, it also contained new songs and previously unreleased archival recordings. THOSE songs seemed to get lost in the shuffle and consequently, have never been released on vinyl until now. Limited one-time pressing on vinyl, super high price, sorry for this, but nothing we can do here.... LP 24.90
DIRTBOMBS Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! (In The Red) The "Bubblegum Album": Ten new tracks by Mick Collins which pay homage to the sound and style originally popularized in the late ’60s / early ’70s by producers / exploiters like Kasenetz-Katz and Don Kirschner: Sugar On Top/ Crazy For You/ It's Gonna Be Alright/ Hot Sour Salty Sweet/ Jump And Shout/ The Girl On The Carousel/ Hey! Cookie/ Sunshine Girl/ No More Rainy Days / Sun Sound Interlude/ We Come In The Sunshine. LP 19.90

DISSUADERS Minutes To Go (Hate) First release by Italian punk-powerpop-glam band. LP 11.50

DIXIE BUZZARDS Ain't Goin Back +3 (Big Black Hole) Limited edition of 500 hand numbered & silkscreened 45s by Martin Savage (also in Blacks, Locomotions, Tokyo Knives) & Co. Trashy garage punk/blues/r'n'r outfit from Stockholm. The first release on the Big Black Hole label. 7“ 4,90

DIXIGAS For The Love Of Propane (Red Lounge) 10" 9.90

DM BOB/SILKYSOLO(Fanboy) split LP + bonus 7" €11.25

DOGS Fed Up! (Bacchus Archive) Reissue. The Dogs moved from Detroit to LA in '76 and became a fixture on the early LA punk scene. This LP includes their rare "Slash Your Face" and "John Rock n Roll Sinclair" 7" with other tracks and a live set recorded at The Mab in '77. Plenty of photos and text too. Tracks: John Rock and Roll Sinclair [Studio Version]/ Slither, Sleaze City, Black Tea, Younger Point Of View, Fed Up, Shakin' All Over, Tuff Enuff, Slash Your Face, Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl, John Rock and Roll Sinclair [Live], Years Gone By, Dog In The Cathouse. LP 11.90

DON CAVALLI & HIS ROCK-A-FARIS Plastic Rockers/ Mary Jane (Hog Maw) 2 filthy rockers à la White Label. 7“ 4.50

DON KINGS The Claw + 3 EP (Kato Records) NZ surf trash 7" 5.50

LOS DOS HERMANOS Bourbon, Blood & Seafoods (Howlin Banana) Los Dos Hermanos are a garage duo, formed by Billy Dorados on white Stratocaster guitar and Carole Tweedlady on drums who creates summery atmospheres through echoey vocals, surf music stylings, catchy guitar lines and pop melodies, with punk attitude and raw energy on top.Though influenced by both 60?s legends and new acts such as Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall, the duo designed their very own vision of the genre, an exotic brand of garage rock filled with unexpected historical references, due to their shared passion for History, hence song titles such as « Robespierre » or « Louis XVI » and the revolution-inspired artwork by Victor Marco. LP 12.90

DRAGS Sense / Sticks & Stones (Goodbye Boozy GB 83) New band from Oakland recorded by Matthew Melton ( Warm Soda, Bare Wire). The limited 45 comes in three editions: Cover art 1 - 66 limited copies/ Cover art 2 - 66 limited copies/ Cover art 3 - 66 limited copies. 7" 5.50

LES DRAGUEURS "Les Dragueurs/Lunettes De Soleil“ (Wild Wild) Their first.7" 4,50
LES DRAGUEURS "Bob/ Le Blues Du Dragueur/ Le Menestrel Twist/ Treize Gonzesses" (Bacle)7" 4,50

DUST BUGS Noble Rot (Mastermind Records) Danish garage-trash-punk. Limited 300 to copies. LP 13

DWARF Gotta Get Louder / I Won't Be Back (Sing Sing) "...How to put a tag on 'Gotta Get Loude'r? It sits somewhere between Proto-Punk, Bubblegum/Hard Rock and Powerpop. It's insanely catchy and an instant exuberant classic. What makes this even more amazing is that most of the band were 15 at the time! 'I Won't Be Back' is stupendous in its snotty Teenage Punk attitude. I was thinking of The Runaways as I believed a girl singer was involved, but this is not the case as explained by Nick Piunti "that would be me, make that pre-pubescent me..." The guitars clang and crash, the drums are full power with added momentum of a glorious cowbell nailing everything down to the beat. So put both tracks together and you end up with the best coupling since Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton!" - Robin Wills (PurePop) 7" 6.50

DWARVES BLOOD GUTS & PUSSY (SUB POP) Reissue of their 1990 release. 11 tracks that blow away everything they released after this LP: "Back Seat Of My Car/Detention Girl/Let's Fuck/Drug Store/Skin Poppin Slut/Fuck You Up & Get High/Insect Whore" etc. LP 14.50

THE EATER Chronicles (Get Back) Got some of this in - a 2006 collection with their 1978 LP plus Singles and new recordings: You/ Public Toys/ Room For One/ Lock It Up/ Sweet Jane/ Fifteen/ I Don't Need It/ Anne/ Get Raped/ Space Dreaming/ Queen Bitch/ My Business/ Waiting For The Man/ No More/ No Brains/ Love And Peace/ Outside View/ Thinking Of The USA/ Michaels Monetary System/ She's Wearing Green/ Notebook/ Jeepster/ Debutantes Ball/ Holland/ What She Wants She Needs/ Reach For The Sky/ Point Of View/ Typewriter Babe/ You/ Anne/ Lock It Up/ Space Dreaming/ Bedroom Fits (No More)/ Point Of View/ Get Raped/ Outside View/ I Don't Need It/ Waiting For The Man/ No Brains/ Thinking Of The USA. Double LP 18.90

EL VICIO Born To Be Wild (Squoodge Rec) Trashy garage from France, limited to 367 copies. Born To Be Wild/ Jack At Night/ Morning In The Bunker/ Cherie Cherie. 7" 5.00
EL VICIO "TIME TO EAT BRAINS" (Nasty Product) Time to eat Brains/ Satisfy My Soul/ The Wildwood & You/ Lonesome Zombie 7" 4,90
EL VICIO / LES HULKS split (Sentenza Records) Les Hulks: Highway Pussy. El Vicio: Death Trip 2024/ Drunken Zombie. 7" 5.00

ELECTRIC PRUNES All The King’s Horses / SHADOWS OF KNIGHT I Never Knew (Stag-O-Lee stag-o-o35) Both bands do a Fuzztones cover each: The Electric Prunes track features guest appearances by The Pretty Things, Sean Bonniwell (Music Machine) and Arthur Lee (Love).The Shadows Of Knight track features Elan Portnoy on guitar. 7" 6.50

THE ELEKTRAS Nous Sommes Les Elektras/ Say You Love me( Theme From.../ It Ain't Me(Bachelor) Fun neo 60s garage punk party with two girls and a drummer. 7" 5.00

ELVIS PUMMEL FEAT. TEX NAPALM Cat Jumps On The Table (Squoodge Rec) Limited to 500 copies in black wax, smale centerholes, 2 colored gloss paint 300gr/m2 cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine, plus Postcard. Songs: A1 - You don`t know about me, A2 - Chicken George, A3 - Ring Ring Says The Bells (Ding Dong Say My Balls), A4 - Bop Bop Bop, A5 - Honky Tonk Life, B1 - School Boys Blues, B2 - Find The Blues, B3 - I Don`t Know When Or How, B4 - I Can Understand you (I Am Your Pillow). 7" 7.50

THE EMBARRASSMENT Sex Drive/ Patio Set (Last Laugh) Although some people considered the band punk rock, the band itself liked to describe themselves as "Blister Pop." The Village Voice's long-time chief music critic, Robert Christgau, called them a "great lost American band." Along with bands like Get Smart! and the Mortal Micronotz, the Embarrassment were prominent in the Lawrence punk scene of the early '80s and they would regularly play at venues like the Lawrence Opera House (now called "Libery Hall") and the Off The Wall Hall (later called "Cogburn's", now called "The Bottleneck"). 7" 7.90

ROKY ERICKSON & THE ALIENS S/T Fanclub reissue of the 1980 Europe-only CBS release, with all the originalartwork. This came out a year before its release in the US as "The Evil One," and includes his best-known songs of that period, "Creature with the Atom Brain" and "Two Headed Dog." There are also two unlisted bonus tracks taken from 7" B-sides: "Bloody Hammer" and "The Wind and M ore." Includes lyric sheet. LP 12.50
HALLOWEEN: RECORDED LIVE 1979-81 (Norton) Two Headed Dog / Don’t Shake Me Lucifer / Bermuda / The Wind And More / Starry Eyes / I Walked With A Zombie / Stand For The Fire Demon / Bloody Hammer / Wait For You / Wake Up To Rock And Roll / You’re Gonna Miss Me / Creature With The Atom Brain / I Think Up Demons / The Beast / I’ve Just Seen A Face / The Interpreter / White Faces / KLBJ Radio Ad. Double LP18.90
ROKY ERICKSON AND THE EXPLOSIVES Wait For You/I’ve Just Seen A Face (Norton) Both from Roky’s live Norton double LP Halloween. 7" 6.00

MONSIEUR JEFFREY EVANS AND HIS C.C. RIDERS C.C. Riders (Spacecase) C.C. RIDERS were: MONSIEUR JEFFREY EVANS (vocals, guitar), JAMES ARTHUR (guitar), JAY REATARD (guitar) and ALICJA TROUT (drums). The band was something of a Memphis super group. Jeffrey Evans had formerly fronted the GIBSON BROS. and was winding down '68 COMEBACK when C.C. Riders formed in 2000. James Arthur, who had recently moved to Memphis from Los Angeles, was an ex-member of FIREWORKS and THE NECESSARY EVILS, Jay Reatard (REATARDS) and Alicja Trout (ex-CLEARS, MOUSEROCKET) were just getting LOST SOUNDS off the ground when Jeffrey asked them to round out the C.C. Riders lineup. In 2001, Alicja and Jay recorded C.C. Riders' self-titled CD. The CDR was released on Trout's Contaminated label; it was hand numbered and limited to only 100 copies. Limited edition of 500. LP 19.90
ROSS JOHNSON & JEFFREY EVANS Vanity Sessions (Spacecase) Ross Johnson is best known for his ranting on ALEX CHILTON's seminal solo record, 'Like Flies On Sherbert' and being the original drummer for THE PANTHER BURNS. Jeffrey Evans influenced many with his band THE GIBSON BROS. This collaborative album was recorded in 2008, by the Iegendary JIM DICKINSON with the help of former Reigning Sound drummer, GREG ROBERSON. Tracks: Three Beer Queer/ Dateless Night/ Girl Watcher/ I've Had It/ He'll Have To Go/ Hey Little Child/ Teenage Head/ To Know Him Is To Love Him. LP 19.90

EVOLUTIONS "Go Too Far" (No Fuckin Chance) slightly damaged sleeve LP 9.80

EX LEGIONNAIRES Don't Care/ Labors Of My Love/ If I Can't Find Love/ Vigorous Head Shaking (Secret Identity Records) 7" 5.00

THE EXCITEMENTS You’d Better Stop/ From Now On (Penniman) Modern Rhythm and Soul with a Nathaniel Mayer cover on the flipside. 7" 5.25
THE EXCITEMENTS Wait A Minute/Right Now (Penniman) 7" 5.25
EXCITEMENTS S/T (Penniman) Debut full length of of modern R&B/Soul band: Take The Bitter With The Sweet/ I Don't Love You No More/ I Do The Jerk/ Never Gonna Let You Go/ Wait A MInute/ Let's Kiss And Make Up/ Fat Back/ Won't You Let Me Know/ From Now On/ I Want To Be Loved/ If It wasn't For Pride/ Love Is Here To Stay. LP 13.90 / CD 13.90
THE EXCITEMENTS Keep to Yourself / Give It Back (Penniman - Penn45019) An incendiary cover of the Raelets (off their upcoming album) plus a Redding/Covay influenced ballad on the flip. Produced by Mike Mariconda. 7" 5.25
THE EXCITEMENTS Ha Ha Ha / I Need You Baby (Penniman - Penn45020) New 45, an advance of their upcoming 2nd album. One of the best songs off "Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough" with a Phil Flowers cover on the flip. 7" 5.25
THE EXCITEMENTS Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough (Penniman) Second LP with twelve cuts, originals and covers, of r&b, soul, gospel and latin, Stax-style instrumentals and tear jerkin ballads, all produced by Mike Mariconda. Tracklist: Keep It To Yourself/ Ha, Ha, Ha / That's What You Got/ Keep Your Hands Off/ I've Bet And I've Lost Again/ Don't You Dare Tell Her/ The Hammer/ Fishing Pole/Tell Me Where I Stand/ I Believe You/ I Found Myself A Man/ Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough. LP 13.90 / CD 13.90
EXCITEMENTS Don't You Dare Tell Her/ I'm Gonna Make You Eat Those Words (Penniman) Fifth single and third off their album " Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough" on Penniman Records. Includes an exclusive B-Side, a cover of Eddie Laing's " I'm Gonna Make You Eat Those Words". Produced by Mike Mariconda. 7" 5.25

THEE EXCITERS Perpetual Happening (Dirty Water) Thee Exciters combine the style of US garage heroes s.a. Shadows Of Knight, Standells and Count Five with proto punk à la MC5 and Stooges, plus the vibes of sun drenched Texan psychedelia à la 13th Floor Elevators, Golden Dawn and Cold Sun. LP12.50

LOS EXPLOSIVOS Garage Mexicano Muito Fudido (Groovie Records) 10 tracks by this mexican garage and psyche band, recorded 3 days in Lisbon during their 2010 tour: Cansado/ Espero/ Aguarras/ Gris/ Me Quede Aqui/ No Hay Vuelta Atras/ Perro Negro/ Tu Amor/ Quiero Mas/ Smog. LP 13.90

FABULOUS PENETRATORS The Hump/ Oh My Soul (Stag-O-Lee) 7" 5.00

TAV FALCO & PANTHER BURNS Séance For Deranged Lovers (Bang!) Ballad of the Rue de la Lune / Sympathy for Mata Hari/ Chamber Of Desire/ Administrator Blues/ Tango Fatale/ Budapest / Secret Rende-vous / Garden of the Medicis / Lady From Shanghai/ Gentleman in Black / Phantôme Demoiselle/ Conjuration of Masques. LP 14.50
TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS Live In London (Stag-O-Lee) Tav Falco Panther Burns at the legendary London venue 100 Club in September 2011! They played two sets, the first consisting of the tunes from their groundbreaking Behind The Magnolia Curtain debut and the second set was a mixture of old favourites and new tunes. 16 of those made it onto the final record. 10"/1: 1 Panther man 2 She's the one that's got it 3 Hey, high school baby 4 Ooeee, baby 5 Snake drive 6 St. louis blues 7 Love is my business 8 Brazil 9 Mala femmina 10"/2: 1 Funnel of love 2 Tobacco road 3 Lady from shanghai 4 Make me know you're mine 5 Lotus blossom 6 Entleman in black 7 My mind was messed around at the time. Double 10" 17.50

FANTASTIC 3 "14 Favorites!!!" (Patate Records) 14 surf instros from Paris, France, all covers (from 1999) LP 11,50

BRAT FARRAR Debut (P.Trash) Sam Agostino (Digger And The Pussycats, Russian Roulettes, Kamikaze Trio) with his 12 song debut LP. LP 12.90
BRAT FARRAR From Paris To Kabul / I Don't Care(Timmeheiehumme) 7" 5.60
BRAT FARRAR Should Have Walked Away/ It's All Heartbreak (Stencil Trash) One-sided 7", comes in a closeable cut-out cover with a space-pain-ting art-work and is num-be-red by hand; prin-ted on 300g/m2 paper and UV lac-que-red; groo-ved and fol-ded 4 times by hand; co-lo-red vinyl in a stam-ped 90g de-lu-xe paper in-ners-lee-ve and a „spi-der spray-ed“ b-?si-de; fixed photo taken by Chris-ti-an Kock in-si-de. Super limited edition. 7" € 10.90
BRAT FARRAR Should Have Walked Away/ It's All Heartbreak (Stencil Trash) One-sided 7", comes in a closeable cut-out cover with a spacepainting artwork and is numbered by hand, printed on 300g/m2 paper and UV lacquered, grooved and folded 4 times by hand. Colored vinyl in a stamped 90g deluxe paper innersleeve and a „spider sprayed“ b-side. Fixed photo taken by Christian Kock inside. Super limited edition. 7" € 10.90

FATALS Live at WFMU (Profet Rec.) 5 tracks taken from the Cherry Blossom Clinic Radio show- limited to 500 copies. 7" 5.50

THE FEELERS Nothing Always/ Creeps/ Zombies (Bachelor) 7" 5.00

FEELING OF LOVE Young Jesus / You Rock, You're Seventeen, You Should Kill A Ten Years Old Kid (Nasty Products) 7" 5.50
FEELING OF LOVE Dissolve Me (Born Bad) Second LP of this trashy bluespunk outfit from France: Cellophane Face/ Dissolve Me/ Funk Police/ I Am The Road/ We Are Out Of Tune/ La Bas C'est Naturel/ 666 Blank Girls/ Empty Trash Bag/ I Am Right, You Are Wrong/ Numboy/ White Smoke Rising. LP 12.50

FELT UPS "Felt Ups" (Hate Records) One sided mini LP of poppy punk by an all girl band from Rome. Ltd. edition/yellow vinyl. LP 11.00 

FEVERS LOVE ALWAYS WINS (Alien Snatch) 12 power pop tracks. LP 10,00

FIGURES OF LIGHT Drop Dead (Norton) Fifteen Stooges/Velvets inspired new songs recorded live in one night in a Brooklyn basement studio. Original members Wheeler Dixon and Michael Downey are joined by Mick Collins (who produced the LP), Miriam Linna and Marcus "The Carcass" Natale. Tracks: My Box Rocks/Fifteen Minutes Of Fame/Alice/Black Plague Blues/With A Girl Like That/You're So Innocent/ Is It A Dream?/Colleen/World Of Pain/Mellow The Fuck Out/Family Fun Night/Screwed/A+/Youre Just Another Macaroon/Don't Call Us, We'll Call You. lp 14.00

THE FINE LINES Set you straight (Screaming Apple) LP € 10.50

FISTFUL OF TRASH - 5 Years Of Squoodge Records (Squoodge) Limited to 475 copies: Thee Garagekid - I Love Squoodge/ Batman & Robin And The Prisoners Combo - Get Nervous When I Meet Catwomen!/ Urban Junior - Krach! Night Of One Sadist - I`M On LSD/ The Amazing One Man Band - Ask Her For Water/ Reverend Beat-Man & Delaney Davidson - Back In Hell/ Mondo Ray - I Hate Your Face/ Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave - Graveyard Blues/ The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama - I Can't Be Your Man, I'm A Monster!/ Juliette Elektra & The Black Mask Gang - 5 Années De Squoodge. 10" 11.50

FLASCHEN Treat Me Bad/ Rape You Honey (High School Refuse Records) 7"4.90

FLESHTONES Brooklyn Sound Solution (Yep Roc) New album featuring the legendary Lenny Kaye. In addition to his role as long-time guitarist for Patti Smith, Kaye also curated the seminal garage and psychedelic music compliations Nuggets. Includes Download Code for full album plus bonus material. LP 15.40

FLYING SAUCER ATTACK Heartbeat / Complete (Weltraum) Compilation of rare songs of this experimental, shoegazing, DIY, space rock band from Bristol. So far these songs have been available on 7"s, compilations, etc. only. Compiled by Odd Nosdam (Anticon) this selection also includes coverversions of "The Kursaal Flyers" and "The Prisoners". Limited edition of 500 copies in silkscreened cover. LP 17.90

FONDAS "Make You Mine/In Your Room" (SFTRI) "Make You mine" is a decent Detroit Cobras sounding tune, and (to quote the Mummies...) flipside sucks!7" 5,00

FONXIONAIRES Gin & Tonic (CopaseDisques) Gin & Tonic/ Till You Love Me. 7" 4.75
FONXIONAIRES Don't Want Nothin' (CopaseDisques) Brandy Butler & The Fonxionaires with their 14 cut debut LP: Bugaloo Baby/ Benny/ Till You Love Me/ The Cat/ Don't Want Nothin'/ Ain't No Good/ Gin and Tonic/ Love Is Here To Stay/ How Do You Feel/ Pay The Bills/ Come Around/ Caught Up On You/ Come Back To Me/ Keep On Movin'. LP 11.90

THE FORBIDDEN TIGERS Colonial Freakout (Savage Records) "Colonial Freakout/ Night & Day/ Son Of A Carnivore" This is basically Brimstone Howl but super raw & primitive. 7" 4,75


FOUR SLICKS In Bonneville (Slick Records) Show Me What You Got/ Boomerang Baby/ I'm So In Love With My Baby/ She's With It/ I Wanna Kiss Your Lips/ That's My Way/ Let The Kids Dance/ Parking In The Dark/ Little Red Pills/ Wastin My Time/ Showdown/ Puppet/ Moonlight Stroll. LP 11.50
FOUR SLICKS "S/T" (Slick Rec.) 17 Hot rod punkrock songs from their various 7" + more CD 11,00
FOUR SLICKS "Bye Bye bye" (Savage) Bye Bye bye/ That Crazy Little House On The Hill/ Bad Girl/ Lulabelle. 7” 4,90
FOUR SLICKS "56 Jewel/ Shake it Up & Move/ Rock & Cruise/ Loose Lucy" (Rapis Pulse) 7" 4,50
FOUR SLICKS "Betty Lou" (Slick Rec) Their first EP 7" 4,50
FOUR SLICKS 4 On The Floor (Slick Records) Ain't That A Dilly/ Hey Little Girl/ Rollin' Pin Mim/ Brand New Chevy/ Can't Stop Now/ The Lover's Curse/ Minus One Blast Off/ Let's Live It Up/ Long Ponytail/ Linda/ Come Along Baby/ Baby Come On/ I Don't Need You No More. LP 12.50

FOURTUNE-TELLERS Voodoo Girl (CopaseDisques) Neo 60s R&B from Sweden: "Ain't Gonna Cheat On Me Again/ Make You Feel Alright/ I'm Brokenhearted/ Voodoo Girl" 7" 4.75
FOURTUNE-TELLERS Don't Tell Me The Words (CopaseDisques) Don't Tell Me The Words/ Meant To Be/ Take Me Back/ Girl I'm Lost. 7" 4.75
THE FOURTUNE-TELLERS Storm / THE X-RAY HARPOONS Snake Woman (CopaseDisques) split 7" € 4.90

FREAKS OF NATURE Songs For Savages (Screaming Apple) Fuzz-punk from Phoenix, Arizona: Wonder Why/ Don't Blow Your mind/ C'mon N' Dance/ What's The Use/ Can't Be true/ Can't Tame Me/ Sick And Tired/ Paula/ Tell Me Lies/ Hurtin'/ Make Me Cry/ Don't Tease Me. LP 11.90

FRESH & ONLYS Play It Strange (In The Red) LP 14.90

FRUSTRATION "S/T" 4 trax like warsaw or crisis LP 9,00
FRUSTRATION On The Rise, Early Years (Born Bad) Early recordings of this french post punk synth band: Artists Suck/ Vice/ On The Rise/ Adrenaline/ Teens/ Wait/ Little Story/ Premises/ Faster/ On The Rise (acc. version). LP 14.50

FUAD & THE FEZTONES Beeramid (Soundflat) Djiboubti Call/ Beeramid/ The Boogaloser/ Mo' Rockin'/ Brother-In-Law/ That's Bad, That's Worse/ Soul Camel/ The Cool Bird/ San Jose/ The Gooch/ Cairo Twist/ Shiver Me Timbers/ Camel Walk/ Fuad's Mood Lp 10.50

FUNNYDUNNY Things Have Changed (Radiation Records) Italian garage - limited to 300 copies. LP 11.50

FUTURE PRIMITIVES Into The Primitive (Voodoo Rhythm) Primitive Garagetrio from Capetown, South Africa: Girl Like You/ In And Out/ Always Come Back Home/ Evil/ Every Night/ You Lied/ Tried To Let Go/ The Drone/ Never Wanted You/ For She/ Not At All/ Without A Feeling. LP + CD 16.50

FUZZ S/T (In The Red) Fuzz is comprised of Ty Segall (drums/vocals) LP 18.90
FUZZ II (In The Red) Second studio album from the trio of Cosio, Moothart and Segall. Double LP 29.90

G.B.H. THE PUNK SINGLES 1981-1984" (EARMARK)180gram LP 16,50

GARAGEVILLE Volume 1 Featuring The Defectors, The Trashmonkeys, Curlee Wurlee, DM Bob & The Deficits, Thee Pounders, Painted Air, Sick Rose and includes some seldom, live or unreleased tracks. Two tracks per band. Limited editions from 2012 - 16 tracks. LP 11.50
Volume 2 - Sampler number two of the yearly Hamburg Garageville festival. A 8-track 10" compliation featuring The Frowning Clouds (AUS), Thee Outlets (D/F), Galileo 7 (GB), X-Ray Harpoons (D), The Mentalettes (E/D), The Felines (DK), Rock'n'Roll Hotel (D), The Satelliters (D). 10" 9.90

GAUNT WHITEY THE MAN (Thrill Jockey) Rare as heck 7-song 10" from 1993 with 5 great cuts & 2 so-so cuts. Crude, Pagans-ish punk rock. "Salvation Army/Silly Watches/Ignored/USA/Jim Motherfucker" plus 2 more. 10" 19.50 

GAYE BLADES S/T (Norton) Debut full length by members of the Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse & His Men and The Carbonas!. 10 cuts: Pretty Boy/ You Were With Him/ His Girll/ We Are Only Gonna Die/ Jesus Didn't Try Hard Enough To Save My Soul/ Cry Of The Castrat/ O So Far Away/ I Wanna Join The James Gang/ Still As The Night/ Don't Get Married. LP 14.00

GAZ GAZ Faster/ Iodine Summer Dream/ Head On A Plate (Born Bad) 7" 5.60

GEARS Rockin' At Ground Zero (Bacchus Archives) Reissue od their classic LP plus the "Let's Go To The Beach" EP. CD 14.30

GENITAL HOSPITAL Eyes Full Of Terror (P.Trash) 12 cut debut by this new band from Quebec / Canada around Brian (bassist), also involved in PRIMITIVE HANDS and plays drum at DEMON'S CLAWS, Martin Dupras, ex-SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ex-ROYAL ROUTES and ex-B-SIDES & Stephane Pes who was in SMASH UP DERBY and THE CONFUSERS. LP 12.90

GEORGIANA STARLINGTON / WILD CHOIR Split (Rob's House) Brave Wolf/ Cryin' Over You. 7" 5.20

THE GET LOST .. Never Come Back (Voodoo Rhythm) LP 12.90 / CD 8.50

GG KING Drug Zoo/ Witching Hour/ The Letter (Rob's House) 7" 5.20
GG KING Esoteric Lore (Rob's House) Bavarian Life Code/ Parameciums/ Walls Closing In/ Want/ Don't Breathe On Me/ Acid/ Metaphysical Problems/ Name In Lights/ Reading Magazines/ Bored Of Breathing/ Heavy Chainzz/ Gaping Hole/ Alive With Pleasure/ Walking Chainsaw Massacre/ Incendiary Device/ Planet Of Sociopaths/ Doom And Gloom Pt. 1. LP 12.50
GG KING Two Track Party Pack (Red Lounge) Day Turns Into Night/ Drug Induced State. 7" 5.00

GHETTO WAYS "Party Down" (Wicked Singles) Swank EP kicks off with the the catchy "Party Down", followed by "Too Tight/ Loan man/ Tearin' A Hole". Limited edition in hand-stenciled spraypaint/brown bag sleeve. 7"  5.20
GHETTO WAYS "Winks & Blue Eyeshadow/ Got A Feeling" (Savage) 7" 4,90 


GIBSON BROS. MEMPHIS SOL TODAY (SFTRI) Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, Jon Spencer, Don Howland & Rich Lillash recorded this jewel at SUN STUDIO in 1993! CD 13.80

GILJOTEENS Out Of Our Hands (CopaseDisques) I'll Be Good To You/ Things I've Done/ Fooled/ Far Above/ Before My Eyes/ There's No Turning Back/ I've Gotta Go/ Let Me In/ I'm Gone/ Out Of Our Hands/ I See Through You. LP11.00

THE GIRLS AT DAWN Call The Doctor (Norton) Come Here To Die/When She Goes Away/Miss Me/I’m Alone/On And On/Evil One/They’re Waiting/Reach Me (Don’t Forget)/Most Terrible Thing/A Secret/It’s Getting Cold/Your Girl. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

GLAM-O-RAMA Volume 3 (Kiss Kiss) 14 more junkshop finds for all you pub rock/power-pop/glam fiends. Features tracks from Blue Ash, Nick Lowe, Pink Fairies, The Troggs, and a whole bunch more. Heart Of The City - Nick Lowe/ Start Here - Jet/ Cheque Book - Legend/ Jekyll And Hyde - Might 'Em/ Coast To Coast - Ducks Deluxe/ So What If I Am - Paper Lace/ Photo-Finish - Lee Lewis Reformer/ Crusin' (In The Lincoln) - Eddie & The Hot Rods/ Strange Movies - The Troggs/ River Of Love - Los Child/ Between The Lines - Pink Fairies/ Abracadabra - Blue Ash/ Gimme Gimme Gimme Your Love - The Teens/ Turn Me On - Matchmakers. LP 13.50

JEREMY GLUCK I Knew Buffalo Bill (Munster) Featuring Jeremy Gluck (The Barracudas), Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club), Roland S Howard (Birthday Party) and brothers Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks (The Swell Maps). A mix of dark folk, swamp blues country music. Expanded edition with many tracks not on the original album (demos, live material and B sides). Vinyl only & limited to 500 copies. Double LP 22.90

JONAH GOLD & HIS SILVER APPLES Synthetic Sunshine / Thrillkillhillbillyrhythm (Gold & Apfel) "Synthetic Sunshine" is cool primitive (modern) R'n'B stomper! Ltd. edition of 250 numbered copies, with blue-gold labels and stamped white sleeves. 7" 6.90

GOLDEN BOYS Dirty Fingernails (Alien Snatch) German pressing of their 3rd LP, limited to 489 copies, with hardcover inner sleeve and alternate tooth mix: California/ Steal My Mind/ Sidewalk/ Curtains/ We are Young/ Daddys Horsewife/ Didn´t I Tell You Babe/ Outta The Dark/ Run Away/ Dirty Fingernails/ Older than you. 180-gram LP 11.90
Electric Wolfman (Alien Snatch) Their new LP on 180-gram vinyl, with deluxe inner sleeve a free download.Electric Wolfman/ Rock With Me Forever/ Plainsman's Lament/ She Said It/ Kontroll Girls/ I'm Black and White/ Old Man's Coat/ Goddamn I Love The Ocean/ Dish Towel/ Mr. Dickles/ A Message From Ross Johnson. LP 11.90
"Whisky Before Sleep/ Fool 4 You" (Nasty Product) Killer 45 by this band of James Arthur (Fireworks, Necessary Evils) - great blues punk the Bassholes way! 7"5.00
GOLDEN BOYS Whiskey Flower (Alien Snatch) Limited european vinyl of their second LP: Yankee Dollar/ Bongo's Bomgo's Bongo's/ Remember Georgia/ Never Wanna See you Again/ Oooh Girl/ La La Birdie/ Babushka/ Pretty Good Looking To Me/ Billy Wore a Dress/ Dolly's Waltz/ Yeah I Wanna Know/ Lime Disease/ If I Can't Hold You/ In My Arms. LP 11.00
GOLDEN BOYS Scorpion Stomp#2 (Perpetrator) Got some of this back in! Their first full length! LP 14.90

GOLDEN TRIANGLE Prize Fighter, Red Coats/ Night Brigade (Rob's House) 7" 5.00

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY "Laugh It Up" (Damaged Goods)Reissue of her second LP.LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY “Slowly But Surely” (Damaged Goods): 2004 album:LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY “Truly She’s None Other” (Damaged Goods) 10 year anniversary re-issue 2 unreleased bonus tracks on 180gm RED VINYL. Originially released in 2003: ” LP 13.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY “Singles Round-Up” (Damaged Goods): Double LP 17,90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY “The Main Attraction” (Damaged Goods): From 2001: LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY “Serial Girlfriend” (Damaged Goods): From 1998: “LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Painted On (Damaged Goods) Reissue of her 3rd LP from 1997 (originally on Sympahy For The record Industry): Run Cold/ Indeed You Do/ I Let My Daddy Do That/ For All This/ Painted On/ A Length Of Pipe/ One More Fact/ Snake Eyed/ One Kiss/ Anyway You Like It. LP 12.90
Down At Gina's At Three (Damaged Goods) Reissue of Sympathy For The Record Industry CD: Wherever You Were/ Directly From My Heart/ Length Of Pipe/ Walk A Mile/ Slowly But Surely/ This Wonderous Day/ Further Up On The Road/ Won't Go Out/ Black Night/ Can't Stand To See Your Face/ Sally Go Round The Roses/ Your Love Is Mine/ Nothing You Can Say/ No Big Thing/ Empty Heart/ Strange Effect/ Run Cold/ I Had A Dream/ Crow Jane/ Shot Down. Double LP 15.70
Up The Empire (Damaged Goods) Reissue of her first live LP, originally released in 98 on Sympathy: Won't Go Out/ I Can't Stand It/ Come The Day/ You Aint No Big Thing/ If I Should Ever Leave/ The Ride/ Troubles On My Mind/ An Eye For An Empty Heart/ Big Boss Man/ Believe Me/ Look For Me Baby/ It's All Over Now/ Mellow Down Easy. LP12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS "You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying" (Damaged Goods) LP 12.90
Dirt Don't Hurt (Damaged Goods) Bottom Below/ Up On The Floor/ Burn Your Fun/ Slow Road/ My 45/ Cluck Old Hen/ Indeed You Do/ Getting High For Jesus/ Three Times Under/ Accuse Me/ Boats Up The River/ For All This/ Cora/ I Wanna Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You. LP12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS My 45/ Getting High for Jesus (Damaged Goods) 7" 5,10
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS / THE STRATFORD SPARROWS split EP (Damaged Goods) "I Want To Hug..." is a damn great trashy country tune! "I Want To Hug You, Kiss you, Squeeze You/ No Big Thing" by Holly G. and "Why Me Lord/The Christian Life" by The Stratford Sparrows. 7" 5.20
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS Medicine County (Damaged Goods) Forget It/ Two Left Feet/ Medicine County/ I Can't Loose/ Murder In My Mind/ Blood On The Saddle/ When He Comes/ Escalator/ Eyes In The Back Of My Head/ Dearly Departed/ Don't Fail Me Now/ Jack O'DIamonds. LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS Nobody Will Be There (Damaged Goods) Limited edition live album, originally available on CD as a 'tour only' release. Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You/ One More Fact/ Dark In My Heart/ Devil Do/ Indeed You Do/ Escalator/ Jesus Don't Love Me/ Easy On Me/ Medicine Water/ Whoopie Ti Yi Yo. Lp 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & DAN MELCHIOR Desperate Little Town (Damaged Goods) Originally released on Sympathy For The Record Industry, recorded in London and California in 1999, with long time friend Bruce Brand on percussion. LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS Long Distance (Damaged Goods)You Ain't No Big Thing/ Mother Earth/ Eye For An Empty Heart/ Dear John/ Come The Day/ Black Night/ I Don't Know/ My Love Is/ Your Love Is Mine/ Big Boss Man. LP 12.90
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Slowtown Now (Damaged Goods) LP 15.50
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY Nothing Lost/ Seven Wonders (Damaged Goods) 7" 6.80

GOODNIGHT LOVING S/T (Wild Honey Records) Safe At Home/ Mad Is The Man/ We're In A Place/ Colin Attends A Party/ Cause A Scene/ Ol' Geraldine/ Junkfire/ Drag/ Nerve Mountain/ Blank Day Parade/ Over You/ Take You Home/ Lie & Wait. Lp 11.00
GOODNIGHT LOVING Arcobaleno (Wild Honey) Limited silk-screened one-sided 12” vinyl - 5 tracks: 4&3/ You'll Own My Heart/ Sweet Clover/ Pinalope/ Orphans. 12" EP 9.50

GORA GORA KIDS Horror Songs (Blue Car Records) Garage punk with a surf touch in basque and spanish: Mamuaren/ Jauregian/ Zonbidantza/ Yuri Gagarin/ Marabunta. 7" 5.00

GORGONS Stuffed Delice (Demolition Derby) The Return of the Gorgons - all new originals: Ape Man/ Give Me/ Gorgon's Mind/ Frog Jerk/ Something Special/ You could Not Stand/ Keep Me Hanging On/ Desperate/ Waves/ Behind/ Girls Like You/ You Don't Know Me/ Uuuuhhh! LP 11.00

GOSPEL PIMPS Morning Train/ When The Pimps (Voodoo Rhythm) 7" 6.00

THE GOTHIEFS Hongkong Rocks/ Limited Applied (High School Refuse Records) 7" 4.90

GRAVEMEN Haunted/ All Black & And Hairy (Dirty Water). 7" 5.25
THEE GRAVEMEN S/T (Dirty Water) Debut LP by this two man horror-trash band: Hey There Pretty Baby/ Come On/ Diggin' Graves/ Get Off My Back/ Friday At The Hideout/ Let There Be Drums/ My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf/ My Witch/ Graveman/ Green Fuz/ Six Feet Down/ Shake It/ Outro.../ Oh, Baby. LP 12.50

THE GREAT REUNION Here I Come/ With my Ten Fingers (Yakisakana) The Feeling Of Love plus King Automatic. 7" € 4.75

GREEN HORNETS Soul Scum (Hellworm Records) Groovy Soul / Blues Punk by Blues Explosions influenced dutch combo! LP 10,50

GRITS'N GRAVY Second Shot (Stag-O-Lee) Second album of Mighty Mike OMB of Voodoo Rhythm recording artists The Juke Joint Pimps and Cat Lee King, with seven originals and five coves:: Juke Joint (Michael Wagener)/ Whiskey (Cat Lee King)/ I'm Gonna Leave You (Michael Wagener)/ Act Right (Wynona Carr)/ Lovely Laurie Dana (Cat Lee King)/ Mud Knife Man (Cat Lee King)/ Busy Girl (Cat Lee King)/ Tell A Whale Of A Tale (Wiilliam Henry Miller; Billy Dawn Smith/ Sweet Sandy Lee (Cat Lee King)/ I Put A Spell On You (Jay Hawkins). LP 14.50

GRUDGE When Christine Comes Around (Mighty Mouth Music) Hard to know where to start with this one, but a special commendation is due to the B side. Sounding like a 1910 Fruitgum Company or Ohio Express backing track with a camp lead vocal, a very catchy sing-along chorus, assorted screams and an Elvis impersonation coming on more like Mae West in the middle eight... 7" 7.90

GRUESOMES Tyrants Of Teen Trash (Groovie Records) Original released in 1986, this limited reissue (800 hand numbered copies) comes witha bonus cut (Jack The Ripper) and a full size poster. LP 13.90

GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH Chest Crawl (Dirtnap) Barbacoa/ Boomerenga/ Sad Over You/ Chest Crawl/ Piña Colada/ Frizzella/ We Came With Dottie/ Diana/ Baby Please/ Massage My Taj Mahal/ Walking In The Dark. LP 15.50

GUINEA WORMS Lost and Found /Jeans and Heels (Savage) 7" 4.75

GUT REACTIONS Bored/ Leave Me Alone/ Ballad of Logan Potter (Bachelor) 7" 5.00

GYOGUN REND'S RED SOCKS!! Let's Rock!! (Sounds Of Subt.) 10" €10.00

HANK HAINT Blackout LP+CD (Voodoo Rhythm) Debut LP of UK one man band, comes in heavy paper jacket, with printed innersleeve and the free CD as a bonus. LP + CD 15.50

HANGEE V S/T (For Monsters Records). Cool authentic 60s garage punk and instros: “Cherry Lee/ Mirror Lies/ It’s Not Time/ Space Rats/ Go Away/ Black Cat/ Batman/ Stolen Mind/ Praise Yourself/ Show Your Love”. CD 14,50
HANGEE V / ANGRY BREED Sounds of Fuzz (Surfin' Ki Records) 2 cuts by the HANGEE V from Sardinia: "In The Wood / Green Slippers", and two by The ANGRY BREED from Sweden: Sikle Girl / Go-Go Scene. All are fuzz driven instros, the Angry Breed with a touch of 60s exploitation movie themes, the Hangee V with a '67 garage touch. 7" 4.00

HANS EHLERT HAMBURG (Hafenschlamm) Cool 4 song debut of Hamburg garage duo: How We Do/ Wasn't At Home/ Another Day/ Going Wrong. 7" 4.50
HANS EHLERT I Really Hope So/ Meine Augen (Hafenschlamm Records) Second 45 by Hamburg garage duo. 7" € 4.90

HAPPY BURGER Pizza All Around (Douchemaster) Pizza All Around/ Zagreb City/ Ballad Of Ray Kroc/ Cyber Mendiant 7" 5.20

HARD-ONS with NEIL HAMBURGER American Exports (Red Lounge) American Exports/ Committed To Sucide/ Young Punks/ Six PAck. 7" 4,50

HARD FEELINGS Fought Back & Lost (SFTRI) LP 11.50

HARA-KEE-REES The Magic Pill (Soundflat) "Satisfied/ The Unknown/ Some Trouble/ Every Night". Special deluxe gatefold-cover and a HARA-KEE-REE PILL included. 7" 8,00
HARA-KEE-REES II (Sounds Of Subterrania) Keeping Me Down/ Can't Get You Out Of My Bed/ Hick Down/ Misery/ Du Bist Nicht Mehr Da/ You Get Me Wrong/ Two Minds/ The Hara-Kee-Ree-Show/ Come Along With Me/ Lollipop Girl/ Love's Labour's Lost/ Out Of My Head/ Right Back. 180gr CD 13,50

HATEPINKS Sick Cake (P.Trash) Sick Cake/ The City Of The Pig/ Logo Hearted/ Free The Food/ Hiddle Class Chantilly/ Suck Suck. mini-LP 10.90

HEAD ON Blind Kiss (Beast) Ice Cube Man/ Gonna Be Your Heroin/ Allright/ The Beast/ Springtime/ Ready To Punch Your Face/ Bad Silence/ She Cracked/ Not Enough/ On The Eve Of The Destruction Of Piss-christLP 13.90

HEADACHE CITY We Can't Have Anything Nice (P.Trash Records) With members of COCOCOMA: You Can Never Win/ Channel 9/ Jypsy/ Just So You Know/ Stay By My Side/ Butterfly My Heart/ Down The Drain /Shivvers/ Hurt You So/ 1986/ Windmills. LP 12.00

HEADCOATEES Ballad Of The Insolent Pup (Damaged Goods) What Once Was/ This Heart/ Pretend/ Ballad Of The Insolent Pup/ You'll Be Sorry Now/ All My Feelings Denied/ It's Bad/ When You Stop Loving Me/ Two Hearts Beating/ No Respect/ Again And Again/ Now Is The Best Time/ I Was Led To Believe/ You'll Never Do It Baby. LP 13.90 / CD11.00
HEADCOATEES Bostik Haze (Damaged Goods) We Are Thee Headcoatees/ Name Your Own Poison/ I Need Loving/ Speak To Me/ Just Like A Dog/ Never To Go Back/ . Bostik Haze/ Baby Teeth Marge/ He's In Disguise/ You Ruined My Night's Rest/ I Want Candy/ We Are Thee Headcoatees (Reprise). LP 13.90 / CD11.00
HEADCOATEES Have Love Will Travel (Damaged Goods) Have Love, Will TraveL/ Baby Please/ Don't Try and Get Me/ Gotta Get Inside That Boy's Mind/ Mess of Pottage/ You Know You Can't Resist/ Louis Riel/ Baby Come Closer/ Come Into My Life/ Tear It To Pieces/ Something Went Wrong/ Big Boss Man/ My Boyfriend's Learning Karate/ I'm Gonna Make You Mine. LP 13.90 / CD11.00
HEADCOATEES Here Comes Cessation (Damaged Goods) You Say That You Love Me/ All Night Long/ Hurt Me/ An Image Of You/ Help Out/ Road Runner/ Here Comes Cessation/ Is There Any Chance Of You Coming Into My Life?/ You're Gonna Get What's Coming/ True To You/ Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/ I Want It. LP 13.90 / CD11.00
HEADCOATEES / THEE HEADCOATS Johnny Jack/ Sufferance Wharf (Damaged Goods) Warehouse find of 1995 Single - limited... 7" 5.90

HEART ATTACK ALLEY Living In Hell (Voodoo Rhythm) Too Hot Blues/ Cryin/ My Beating Heart/ Touble/ New Instrumental/ Living In Hell/ Slave To Your Mojo/ Spit It Out/ I Am Touble/ Aint It Funny/ Don't Waste My Time/ Where You Been/ Dream Walk. LP plus CD 15.50
HEART ATTACK ALLEY I Put A Spell On You / Cryin' (Voodoo Rhythm) 7" 5.80

HEARTATTACKS Hangin' On (The Heartattacks)/ Waste My Time/ Rejected At The High School Dance (High School Reject Records) 7" 4.9

HELLSHOVEL Auto-Pilot / Ode To Eyes-Ears (Goodbye Boozy) Form Montreal/ Berlin with Jeff Clarke (Demon's Claws, Red Mass) and Dox Grillo (BIKES, Demon's Claws). 7" 5.50

THE HEMINGERS (Do The) Diggy / Let's Get Together (Goodbye Boozy) Lo-Fi garage from Mid-Michigan, super limited in three different sleeves. 7" 5.50

HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE Mondo Blotto (ALIEN SNATCH) I Rock/ The Knuckledraggin Neanderthal In Me/ Quality Time With Dad/ Keep Your Unit Trim/ Ask Me/ Faster Phil Spector Kill Kill/ Fake ID/ 3rd Finger/ No Empathy/ Death to False Mongos/ From Now On I´m Gonna Think About Me/ Cocaine/ Me Tarzan, You Korak/ I Demand a Refund/ Intelligent Design/ I Love My Voice/ Manual Labour - Minimal Wage/ Bag In Box/ PS. Send More Ammo/ Mondo Blotto. 180gram LP 11.00
HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE Patmos Or Bust (Wrench Records) Black Sheep/ I Beg To Differ/ 1972/ Love Makes You Fat. 7" 4.90

HENTCHMEN S/T (Dirty Water)New Lp by this Detroit garage trio: Messed Up My Brain/ Iron Pimp/ Claude's Remains/ Wild Wild Lover/ Aladdin's Cave/ Worry Converter/ Bottled Up/ On My Way Home/ Accusatory/ Old Enough To Drive/ Knockin' At My Door/ No Juke Box Hits. LP 12.50
HENTCHMEN Broad Appeal (Norton ED 257) LP 14.00
HENTCHMEN Motorvatin' (Norton ED 264) LP 14.00
HENTCHMEN Campus Party (Norton ED 245) LP 14.00

HEX DISPENSERS "S/T" (Alien Snatch) Alex Cuervo's new band. LP 11.00 / CD 12.00
HEX DISPENSERS Winchester Mystery House (Alien Snatch) Their second full length: Doomsday Romantic/ O-B-I-T/ It's Your Funeral, Minion/ I've Got My Doppelgaenger On/ The Mutiny/ Lose My Cool/ My Love is a Bat/ A Brain Inside A Jar/ Buy You A Ring/ Cloak & Dagger Complication/ My Phantom Limb/ Gates of Steel. LP 11.00 / CD 12.00
HEX DISPENSERS III (Alien Snatch) Their third LP with 10 new cuts: Parallel/ Trapped in the Amber/ Agatha's Antlers/ Personality X-Ray/ HateFace/ I Hope the Sun Explodes Today/ One Less Ghost/ Young Blood in the River/ House of Secrets/ Hypersleep/. LP 11.90

HI-RISERS Lost Weekend (Soundflat) LP 11.00
HI-RISERS Rock & Roll Beat (Soundflat) LP11.00

HIDDEN CHARMS Cheap Cheap Cheap!! (Squoodge Records)The Die In Cast/ Hip Teens Are Square/ Hot My Mind/ Blackout Attitude. Limited ed. of 300. 7" 6.25

HIGHSPEED V Demented R&B (Groovie Records) Although they existed for only a year, the Highspeed V made enough of a mark on Stockholm's pioneering neo-garage scene for their name and music to live on several decades later. Along with the Livingstones and the Wylde Mammoths the Highspeed V were a local 'second wave' outfit, forming in the Spring 1986 as a combination of experienced players and newcomers to the garage punk circuit, featuring bass-player/vocalist Jens Lindberg and harmonica cat Henrik Orrje, both from the Crimson Shadows. Tracks: Baby/ Sally/ A Party At The Beach (Live)/ French Blues/ Is It True/ I Will Make It/ Bye Bye Baby/ I Dont Mind/ She Should Be Like Me (Demo Version From 1986 W/Keyboard)/ You Treat Me Bad/ Star Will Start To Shine/ She Should Be Like Me/ You Treat Me Bad (Live). LP14.90

HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEE TREMBLERS "Have Knees Will Tremble" (Voodoo Rhythm) Good modern rockabilly with a slight dose of 60s Beat and Swamp Blues by Sir Bald Diddley, Bruce Band (Headcoats, Milkshakes and many more) and John Gibbs (Kaisers, Waistcoasts). Co-starring Holly Golightly on the great diddley-ish “What Do You Look Like” and Mickey Hampshire also on that one and the cool Link Wray-ish instro “Jostlin”. LP 12.90
HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEE TREMBLERS Sheik Said Shake (Voodoo Rhythm) LP no. 3: We All Got Somebody That We Want To Kill/ I Hear An Echo/ Bury The Hatchet/ The Sheik Said Shake/ Dead Man's Shoes/ Brand New Head/ Evil Clutches/ Diddley Squat/ Put A Rocket Up It/ You Get All The Fun/ Buried Next To You/ Pempelem/ My Knees Are Tremblin/ One Legged Rock. LP 12.90
HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEETREMBLERS The Kneeanderthal Sounds Of (Voodoo Rhythm) Eye Of The Storm/ Hung, Drawn And Quartered/ No Great Shakes/ Camel Neck (Instr)/ No End In Sight/ Gonna Give You Everything/ Fire’s Still Burnin’/ Whatever Happened To My Love?/ Dig That Grave!/ Primitive Rock/ Standoff (Instr)/ I’m The Leg/ Untamed Love/ Dog Leg/ Pie-Ella. LP 12,90
HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEE TREMBLERS Eye Of The Storm EP (Kizmiaz) Eye Of The Storm/ Nothing Means Nothing No More/ Hold On, Here I Come/ Monkey On My Back. 7" 4,90
SIR BALD’S HAIRY GUITAR aka HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBLERS (Beast Records) 7 unreleased tracks by HIPBONE SLIM on the first side, 5 cuts by LOUIE & THE LOUIES and two by THE LEGS, all bands lead by Sir Bald Diddley aka Hipbone Slim. LP 13.90
HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBELERS Square Guitar (Beast Records) After four albums on Voodoo Rhythm, no 5 now on the french Beast Records label. tracks: Square Guitar/ Hidin' To Nothin'/ Warpath/ Bullmoose/ Birdman/ Bald Tyre/ Brand New Hat/ Snake Dancer/ Lightnin' Strikes/ Bottom Of My Heart/ Half Crazed Daddy/ One Eyed Monkey/ Why Ain't Bo On My TV/ King Of The rocket Men. LP 13.90
HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBLERS Ugly Mobile (Beast Records)LP no 6, their second on Beast Records: Bald Head, Hairy Guitar/ Ugly Mobile/ Orangutan/ One Armed Bandit/ Sally Mae/ Voodoo Love/ Hieroglyphic/ Hey Ramona!/ Indestructible Love/ Why Can't I Find What I'm Looking For?/ Don't Know Where To Start/ Meanwhile, Back In The Jungle/ Number One Son/ There's Only One Louie. LP 13.90
SIR BALD DIDDLEY Battle Of The Bands (Beast Records) Featuring Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers, The Kneejerk Reactions, Louie and The Louies, The Legs, The Beat Seeking Missiles, Sir Bald and The Crownstompers, and more: Nothin' Means/ Set You On Fire/ Ain't No End In Sight/ Louieville/ You Don't Know Right From Wrong/ Things Are Turnin' Ugly/ Barrel Of Fun/ Drive Like An Italian/ See You More/ Red Alert/ Backburner/ Up The Ante/ Bite Your Lip/ Hey Diana. LP 13.90

HIPSHAKES Summertime Wonderland/ Sympathize With Me/ Don't Leave Me Now (Rob's House) 7" 5.00
HIPSHAKES I'm Gone/Do It (Die Slaughterhaus) 7" 5.00
HIPSHAKES Shake Their Hips (Slovenly) LP 11.90
HIPSHAKES I Don't Know/ Want You Around (Slovenly) 7" 5.25

HOLLYWOOD SINNERS Disastro Garantito (Dirty Water) No soy Bueno/ Modernix/ You have to Ask/ That's Alright/ I'm Alone/ Huracan Paquito/ Quiero una novia extrangera/ Have You Ever Been In Jail/ Huesos/ Roller Coaster/ That's All She Wrote/ I Wanna Be Your Man. LP 12.50
URGES / HOLLYWOOD SINNERS split (Dirty Water) The Urges 'The Urges Theme' versus Hollywood Sinners 'Todo El Mundo Haciendo El Dawn' 7" 5.00

HOLMES We're Getting Older/ Born (Wild Honey Rec.) 7" 5.00

HOMOSTUPIDS The edge (P.Trash) 7" 5.00"

HONEYMOON KILLERS Blam (Unsound) Limited de-luxe edition of 80 Lps! Formerly known as “Til Death Do Us Part” and originally released on King Size Records back in the early 90ties. 80 handnumbered copies in silkscreened heavy cardboard sleeves in silver, with black/red ink with a new backcover design.The edition features a screenprinted fold out poster showing the original art of a Honeymoon Killers gigposter, promoting a show at NYCs legendary CBGBs and a sheet with linernotes, written with true heartblood by Robert Kennedy aka Rob K. Honeymoon Killers were for this recordings Jerry Teel, Lisa Wells & Sally Edroso. Tracks: "Baby Blew/ Jump/ Evil Green/ I Can't Wait For Nothin/ Head Twister/ 970-Lick". LP 22.90

STEVE HOOKER Sugar Devil (Witchcraft Int.) Sugar Devil / 40 Dollar Picture In A Priceless Golden Frame / Stagger Lee Is Back. 7" 4.90

HORMONAS Why Did You Leave Me, Baby (Billys Bones) Blind Boy Fantuzzi/ Pub Rock Is Not Dead/ '80 Cemetery Town/ Dead Rotten Loves/ I Don't Care About You/ Beat Pulcinella In Detroit/ Why Did You Leave Me. LP 10.50

HORNY WACKERS They Are Savage! (Dead Beat Rec.) Debut LP by french r'n'r / garage trio: I Can See/ Mother's Neighbour/ Fuckin' Bassman/ I Got Cramps/ Peggy, Fun And Savage/ Bang Bang Yeah/ Crevard/ Furious Women/ I Want To Be Very Nice/ No Blood, No Virgin/ Chicken Zombie Sauce/ Lost In The Desert. LP 12.50

HOT NASTIES Invasion of the Tribbles EP (Ugly Pop) At long last, a legitimate reissue of this Calgary band’s superb “Invasion of the Tribbles” EP, originally released on the band’s own Social Blemish label in 1980. Three tracks of smart, rough and original punk rock bursting with angst, enthusiasm and youthful naivete. Tracks: I Am A Confused Teenager/ Invasion Of The Terribles/ The Secret Of Immortality. 7" 7.90

LES HULKS Pussy Cola / I Love You (Killed By An Axe) 2008 release limited to 500 copies. 7" 4.90
LES HULKS Baby Pussy (Unrecording Records) 2006 release: Baby Pussy/ Don't Take A Star/ Pussinvader/ Pussy Man. 7" 4.90
LES HULKS / EL VICIO split (Sentenza Records) Les Hulks: Highway Pussy. El Vicio: Death Trip 2024/ Drunken Zombie. 7" 5.00

HUMAN EYE Human Eye (In The Red) Tim Vulgar of the CLONE DEFECTS new band. Art punk or avant garde punk, but not my kind of punk..LP 12.90

HUMAN TRASH It`s not Human, it`s Human Trash (Squoodge / Luna Sounds/) Brazilian garage trash: Trash Ville/ Trash Hit/ She Devil/ Trash Bomb/ Trash Talkin/ It`s Not Human/ Poison Idea/ Trash Stomp/ Uncle Trash/ Say My Name/ Move Your Trash. LP 13.50

HUNX AND HIS PUNX Gay Singles (Born Bad) Compilation of their early Singles and unreleased tracks: You Don't Like R'n'R/ Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love/ Hey Rocky/ Movin' On/ Cruising/ Good Kisser/ Don't Cha Want Me Back?/ The Last Time/ Teardeops On My Telephone/ I Won't Get Under You/ You BetterTell That Girl/ Do The Make Up. LP 12.90

THE HUSBANDS "WHAT THE FUG IS THE FRUG" (Goodbye Boozy) Girls-Band from San Francisco Limited edition of 300. 7" 4.90

HYGIENE TV Girl/ Organic Shopper/ When? (Dire Records) Second pressing of UK punk outfit, descibed as somewhere between Crisis and Television Personalities. 7" 4.90