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LOS ASS-DRAGGERS ABBEY ROADKILL! (Crypt) Maybe too wild to listen to it all the way through, but take out just single songs and they blow you away. Different 45s would have been the better format, but heck, just play a couple of songs and stop when it's too much... 21 cuts: "Big Daddy/What About The Fucking Martians/College Radio Shit/Karate Mountain Men/Limbo Dancer/Shitty Instro/F.U. Dirty Old Man/Big Black Joe/Casino/Little Miss Linda/Make Me Rock/Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia/Drivin & Stinkin/Go Ahead/Asskickin/Gay Twist/Cheapo Beer/Makin Shit Like A Bear/El Esleazo/Treat Me Like A King/What Do Ya Do". LP 11.90 / CD 5.50

ATOMIC SUPLEX Bathroom Party (Crypt Records # 100) Prepare yerselves for a loudass obnoxia-fest, folks: here’s a muy fine 12- cut 45 rpm 12” of SCREE from London’s ATOMIC SUPLEX!This wild platter grabs a few cuts issued on 45s and adds on some never-ished MONSTERS. Side One kicks off with the surfbeat propelled sax-honkin’ out&out WAILIN’ instro “ACTION TIME”, proceeds to trash yer ass senseless via the frenetic poonkrawk thrash of “ROCK & ROLL MACHINE”, down- shifts (fer just a tad, mind ye!) into the scuz-intro-then- bosharoo of “ROCK & ROLL ACTION”, brings the dance party back via the roots/diddleycated thumper/ chantalong chugger “DIAMOND SKULL”, then plonks into more ramped-up & sax-addled wail via “ATOMIC SUPLEXED BY A GIRL”, and ENDS Side One with the short- fast-and-blunt “BATHROOM PARTY”. Side Two kicks in with the moto-revvin’ screepunk “GIRL RIDE”, leading smackdab into the bigriff & big- beat-propelled “I’M ON”, then the Cochran-riffery of “ROCK & ROLL IS NEVER GONNA DIE”, followed/answered appropriately with “ROCK & ROLL MUST DIE”, the punkslammin’ pace keeps on with “I AM ROCK & ROLL”, then the lads abruptly change pace to end this wild ride with a SLOW GRINDER, “LITTLE BOY BLUES”, a blownout puke-drenched gutter crawl.Tracks: 1. Action Time 2. Rock & Roll Machine 3. Rock & Roll Action 4. Diamond Skull 5. Atomic Suplexed by a Girl 6. Bathroom Party 7. Girl Ride 8. I'm On 9. Rock & Roll is Never Going to Die 10. Rock & Roll Must Die 11. I Am Rock & Roll 12. Little Boy Blues. LP 11.90
ATOMIC SUPLEX Fourteen Inches Of Fist (Dirty Water) More total out of control r'n'r madness! 15 new cuts of screaming loud-ass punk: One Man Party/ 14 Inches Of Fist/ 3 Set It On Fire/ Wild Love/ Firing Line/ S. U. P. L. E. X/ Two Girls/ J.D. Attack/ Ass Tecnica/ No Pain No Gain/ You've Got Some/ Nerve/ Pancho/ Chicken Rich/ White Shoes. LP 14.50 / Double CD (incl. the Crypt LP) CD 15.50
ATOMIC SUPLEX / SWANKERS split (Death Pop) Split 7" - without sleeve. ATOMIC SUPLEX: By A Girl . SWANKERS: Fuck Off. 7"4.00
THEE BAT VS ATOMIC SUPLEX Batmobile / Ass Tecnica (Squoodge) Super limited pressing of 100 copies, that explains the price.... 7" 16.90

BANTAM ROOSTER "Miss Luxury / Real Live Wire" (Crypt) This swank lil' 7" consists of 2 mighty fine tunes; "Miss Luxury" cops heavily from MI forefathers' "1969" as driven thru Msr Childish's AC30. "Real Live Wire " is a slinky, sexy, struttin' plea o' lust. 7" 3.50
BANTAM ROOSTER DEAL ME IN (Crypt) Their stompin' 18-cut debut, kickin' off wit' the ace title cut and wailin' on nonstop with: "In The Manner To Which I'm Accustomed/Lawdy Lawdy/Sister Nicotine/Miss Luxury/Man Of Wealth & Taste/Battle Crick/Fuck You Muh Man/Put You Down/Ain't Gonna Touch You/Shit Town/She'll Be My Death/ Panther/Sassy Black Tress/Brokeback Fit/Down & Out/Bantam Rooster Theme/Mammon". LP 11.90 / CD 5.50
BANTAM ROOSTER THE CROSS & THE SWITCHBLADE (Crypt) Dynamic Detroit duo (guitar/drummer) cut loose with LP #2, recorded once again with Monsieur Jim Diamond at the fabulous Ghetto Studios of downtown Detroit, and even featuring the organ stylings of Mssr J.D. on a few tracks, including the Sunday morning confessional booth vibe of 'New Life'. Yasss, 16 new cuts of high-octane guit-slash an' drum-thumpin' riffarama! CD 5.50

BARRACUDAS DROP OUT (Voxx) Y’know, this’s what? 26 years old now? And it still is a great (tho silly-ass at times) slab of surf/garage/sire-era-groovies-trib coolness…..180 Gram LP 13.50 / CD 14.50

BASEBALL FURIES GREATER THAN EVER (Big Neck) BLASTIN follow-up to the amazing "All American Psycho" 10" - Could have been MIXED better but heck, WHO ELSE can pull off this kinda roar lately? 14 cuts CD 13.80
BASEBALL FURIES "Lost Ones" (Alien Snatch). 3 punk rock blasters: “Lost Ones”, “Know That Girl” and the Reatards cover “Quite All Right”. Great stuff again!! 7" 4,50

THE BASTARDS Funky Bastard / Job In Town (Sing Sing) KILLER! The Kids (Belgium) released this single 1977 in Italy under the name 'The Bastards'. 2 classic tracks with different names / mixes from the LP!! 7" 6.90

BBQ THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS VOL 1 (Sounds Of Subterrania) Now here's a one man band that's not trying to get the trashiest sound ever – this is an absolutely fantastic rock and roll record: great songs, great voice, excellent guitar and a driving beat! Highly recommended, and don't miss him when he plays around!! Threw My Girl A Party/ What It’s All About/ European Girls/ 3 Days/ I’m The One/ I Wanna Be The Only One/ Hang On/ Deborah Lee/ It’s A Shame/ I Said/ Lock Up My Heart/ How High/ LP 11.50
BBQ S/T (Alien Snatch) CD version of the great "Complete Recordings.." LP. CD 12.00
BBQ TIE YOUR NOOSE (Bomp) Great second LP by the best One Man Band around! If you like the first one, get this too. If you don't have the first one, get 'em both! C'mon And Love Me/ Outta My Mind/ Waddlin' Around/ Year Old Wine/ Don't Hold Out On Me/ Tie Your Noose/ Shake Real Low/ Out Of Time/ Hang It Up/Burn This Town/ Justify/Record Machine. LP 12.50 CD 14.00

BEGUILED BLUE DIRGE (Crypt) A fucking GREAT twisted MASTER-PIECE of rippin' garage rock... When the Beguiled fuck around with something like surf they create eerie slow-mo evilry instead of "cute" shit. They co-opt a lotta Stooges riffery BUT RATHER than going for a "heavy" "Detroit, man" attack, they pummel said "riffery" thru a ton of REVERB, surfing the Stooges thru a massive swamp of molasses. ORIGINAL. Fucking goddamn classic!! 14 cuts LP 11.90 / CD 5.50

BLACK LIPS S/T (Bomp) A fantastic set of brutal garage punk with attitude mixed with some fucked up trashy blues tunes. An absolute highlight that hardly leaves the CD player and which is highly recommended! LP 13.50 CD 14.00
BLACK LIPS We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow (BOMP) A bit of a letdown after their INCREDIBLE debut alb, but "M.I.A.", the opening cut is better than ANYTHING you will likely EVER hear post Keggs!!! So therefore y'must own this! LP 13.50 CD 14.00
BLACK LIPS “Let It Bloom” (In The Red) ESSENTIAL third Lp by the best garage punk band around! The BLACK LIPS are a bit like the Cramps in their beginning era, they take their influences (mainly 60s Punk in this case) onto a new level and end up with an amazing and original sound. Listen to “Dirty Hands” and tell me you are not blown away by a most primitive and most beautiful (really!) love song. This alone is worth to purchase this LP/CD, but you get 15 more tracks including hits like “Sea Of Blasphemie” (could have been on the Country Teasers “Satan...” LP), the straight out punker “Can’t Dance”, great 60s garage punker like “Fairy Stories, “Gentle Violence” “Boomerang”, “Not A Problem”, “Take Me Home”, “Workin’” or “Punk Slime” and not to forget the great slow “Empassant”. This is a MUST! All killers no fillers and it gets better and better the more you listen to it! LP 16.50 CD 14,00
BLACK LIPS "Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo (Die Slaughterhouse) Wailin' live LP!!"M.I.A./Boomerang/ Sea Of Blasphemy/ Stranger/ Not A Problem/ Hippie Hippie Hoorah/ Boone/ Everybody's Doing It/ Fairy Stories/ Dirty Hands/ Buried Alive/ Juvenile" LP 13.90
BLACK LIPS "Good Bad Not Evil" (In The Red / Vice) Yikes! Next masterpiece! Including hits like "Veni Vidi Vici/ Cold Hands/ Bad Kids/ Katrina" and the great Country tune "How Do You Tell a Child that Someone Has Died?" and more. The LP comes as a gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeve (incl. lyrics) and the CD as a digipack. Other tracks: Lean/ Good Bad Not Evil/ Navajo/ Lock and Key/ Step Right Up/ Off the Block/ Slime & Oxygen/ Transcendental Ligh".LP ( In The Red) 17.90 / CD (Vice) 15.50
BLACK LIPS 200 Million Thousand (Vice) Some great garage 'pop' tunes, some twisted psychedelia and punk. Another good one! Gatefold sleeve Lp (plus LP inner sleeve with lyrics) and digipack Cd with poster and lyrics. LP (In The Red) 17.90 / CD (Vice) 15.50
Veni Vidi Vici/ Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Mix) (Vice Records) Limited silver edition 7" € 5,00
BLACK LIPS / KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW "CHRISTMAS IN BAGHDAD/PLUMP" (Norton) Ay caramba! The Black Lips Christmas song is just the best! And the KK&BBQ offer a wailin instro. I'm afraid you need this... 7" 6.00
BLACK LIPS "Katrina/Boomerang" (Vice) Studio version of Katrina plus Boomerang from the Let It Bloom alb. 7" € 5.00
BLACK LIPS "Katrina/Italian Sexual Frustration" (Vice) Studio version of Katrina plus Italian Sexual Frustration which is prev. unreleased. 7" € 5,00
BLACK LIPS "Does She Want/Stoned" (Slovenly Records) Both tracks recorded in 2000 - get it!7" 5.50
BLACK LIPS "In And Out/Stuck In My Mind" (Slovenly Records) Both tracks recorded in 2000 - get it!7" 5.50
DVD: BLACK LIPS Wildmen In Action (Munster) 18 cuts live in Madrid 2006, plus "FAD" and "Wild Man" videoclips. Total playing time ca 120 minutes. DVD 14.50
BLACK LIPS / SUBSONICS LIVE AT THE CLERMONT LOUNGE, ATLANTA (Rob's House) Black Lips do "Bad Kids" and "Lean." Subsonics do "Hello Beauty" and "Pistol." LIMITED STOCK! 7" 4.80
BLACK LIPS Short Fuse/ Born To Be A Man (Vice) In Vice company sleeve 7" 3.90
BLACK LIPS THIRD MAN LIVE 06-11-2012 (Third Man Records) Live recording from the performance at Third Man Records in Nashville on June 11th, 2012. Produced by Jack White. Recorded live on analogue tape. LP 18.90
BLACK LIPS Underneath The Rainbow (Vice) Drive By Buddy/ Smiling/ Make You Mine/ Funny/ Dorner Party/ Justice After All/ Boys in the Wood/ Waiting/ Do the Vibrate/ I Don’t Wanna Go Home/ Dandelion Dust/ Dog Years. LP 22.90

BLACKTOP I GOT A BAAAD FEELING - COMPLETE RECORDINGS (ITR) Includes all 13 tracks from the original album, along with 12 bonus tracks taken from various singles, as well as the Australian version of the album. Remastered and packaged with different artwork. CD 14.00

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CALIFORNIA- 20 essential punk rock blasts! A classic collection of seminal punk songs from ultra-rare 45s. All Californian bands including Eddie & the Subtitles, Injections, VKTMS, Maggots, Gears, Cheifs, Dogs, Funeral, Jones and more! Plus liner notes with info on all bands and covers of their 45s. LP 12.50
BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS - 18 essential punk rock blasts! Featuring Lgionaires Disease, Next, Plastic Idols, Inserts, Skunks, Stains, Nervebreakers, Telefones, Vomit Pigs, Really Red, Ejectors, Bodysnatchers, AK-47, Huns, Offenders, Inanimate Objects & Bobby Sox. Plus liner notes with info on all bands and covers of their 45s. LP 12,50
BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE MIDWEST - 16 essential punk rock blasts! Featuring Dow Jones & Industrials, Haskels, Embarassment, Gizmos, Customs, NNB, Latin Dogs, Toxic ReasonsCrap Detectors and more. Plus liner notes with info on all bands and covers of their 45s. LP 12,50
BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SWEDEN Volume 1 - 13 essential punk rock blasts! Featuring Watabout, Kriminella Gitarrer, Bugs, Rude Kids, Glo, Usch, Brulbajz, Mizz Nobody, Butter Utter, Vicuous Visions, Liket Lever, Blodarna. Plus liner notes with info on all bands and covers of their 45s. LP 12,50

BLUES EXPLOSION CRYPT-STYLE! (Crypt) This is their fine "debut" of sorts, featuring 17 early and amphetamine-frenzied whip-crackin' tunes, including THAT incredible cover of Jerry Lee's "Lovin' Up A Storm", several cuts from their post-"Willie" Albini sessions, and a few ONLY AVAILABLE HERE cuts, such as "Kill-A-Man", the blues-groan o' "Like A Hawk", and a CRA-ZAY cover o' Hound Dog Taylor's "Let's Get Funky"… LP 11.90
BLUES EXPLOSION MO' WIDTH (AuGoGo) Here's 11 cuts of UNISSUED coolities from 1993-1994. CD 15.00
BLUES EXPLOSION "Get With It / Down Low" (ITR) Asswhippin juke 7" : "Get With It" is a raw update/ remodel of the old Charlie Feathers tune, "Down Low" is yer typical fonky In The Red-style Blues Exp honk! 7" 5.20
BLUES EXPLOSION PLASTIC FANG (Matador) New down'n'dirty heavily stones-y r&r alb - CD has 12 songs CD 15.00
THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION "Jukebox Explosion" (In The Red) Collection of the great In The Red 45s plus some unheard rarities: Shirt Jac/ Son Of Sam/ Train #3/ Caroline/ Naked/ Push Some Air/ Get With It/ Showgirl/ Ghetto Mom/ Latch On/ Bent/ Curfew Blues/ Train #1/Jailhouse Blues/ Fat/ Down Low/ Do Ya Wanna Get It/ Dig My Shit. LP 14.90 / CD 14.00
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Controversial Negro (Matador) Warehouse find! Got a few copies of this rare promotional only release from 1997 in stock! 14 tracks recorded live November 25th, 1996 at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona. LP 36.00
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Gadzooks! / Tell Me That You Love Me (In The Red) The 6th installment in the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion jukebox series features two recordings done exclusively for this 7-inch. 'Gadzooks' is an original & the flip is a cover of a James Brown B-side that the band has been playing live since the '90s. The single, as with all the others in this series, comes in a plain white sleeve and includes a jukebox title strip. 7" 7.50

RL BURNSIDE A ASS POCKET FULL OF WHISKEY (Matador) With backup by them BLUES EXPLOSION punks - revs RL's blues into a ballsy swingin GROOVE. 16 cuts CD 14.80

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART CLEAR SPOT (Reprise) Heck - I'm not ezzackly a Beefheart diehard ('Trout Mask' etc. just too weird and un-rocking fer m'bones) but THIS HERE album be the shit - N'orleans-shuffle drums, swamp blues-grunt, nasty slide guit - Yasss... A few bum cuts but with GREAT stuff like "Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man/Clear Spot/Crazy Little Thing/Long Neck Bottles/ Circumstances" LP 12.30 (180-gram)

CHEATER SLICKS SKIDMARKS (Crypt) This here's a cool set of unnisued studio and live radio studio recordings plus a batch of cuts from their rare-as-heck debut lp, "ON YOUR KNEES", ranging from 1977-era-style Crampsian thud to noisey freakouts to moody 60s teen garage ballads. LP 11.90 / CD 6.00
CHEATER SLICKS DON’T LIKE YOU (ITR) 11-song lp that captures their crude, raw live sound with reverb aplenty! CD 14.00
CHEATER SLICKS Refried Dreams (ITR) CD 14.00
CHEATER SLICKS Yer Last Record (ITR) CD 14.00

CHROME CRANKS DEAD COOL (Crypt) The Cranks kindly styled us with a mighty bold 30-minute, 8-song album following their debut PCP alb of Nov 94, this go-round featuring the drumming skills of Mr Bob Bert. CD 5.50
CHROME CRANKS "Way Out Lover" (SFTRI) Yass, back in print! "Way Out Lover/ Some Kinda Crime" 7" 5.00
CHROME CRANKS "DIABOLICAL BOOGIE" (Singles, Demos & Rarities: 1992 - 1998"(Atavistic) Alright!! Tracks of their (mostly) great 45s on Disc 2 plus lottsa unreleased stuff and compilation tracks on disc 1. It is missing a fave of mine, the "Darkroom" singles version, but as this is not a singles compilation you don't get all the stuff from the 45s. This here is pretty much a great new record (recorded in the 90s..) with lots of hard to find single tracks and three videos as a bonus. Double CD € 17.90
CHROME CRANKS The Murder Of Time (Bang) Double LP is out of print, the CD still available. Driving Bad/ Lost Time Blues/ Draghouse/ Dead Cool/ Nightmare in Pink/ Hit the Sand (*Live on VPRO)/ Desperate Friend/ Hot Blonde Cocktail/ Darkroom (*7” version)/ Lost Woman (*Live on WMBR)/ Eight-Track Mind/ Dirty Son/ Some Kinda Crime (*live at CBGB)/ Shine It On/ Doll in a Dress/ No. 1 Girl/ We’re Going Down/ Burn Baby Burn (*Live in Exile version)/ Heaven (Take Me Now). CD 18.50
CHROME CRANKS Ain't No Lies In Blood (Bang) New album after 15 years, but it sounds like it was yesterday. 8 angry and brutal swamp-noise blues cuts: I'm Trash/ Rubber Rat/ Living - Dead/ Star to Star/ Broken-Hearted King/ Black garage Door/ Let It Ring/ '50s French Movie/ Lover Of The Bayou. LP 18.30
CHROME CRANKS Moon In The Mountain (Bang) New recordings by NYC's swamp-noise-blues demons. Side 1: Moon In The Mountain/ Side 2: Wrong Number/ 2:35/ Backdoor Maniac/ We´re Going Down/ Down So Low. LP 18.30
CHROME CRANKS Dirty Airplay (Bang) 10 tracks recorded live at WMBR in Boston in 1994: Stuck In A Cave/ Driving Bad/ Draghouse/ Backdoor maniac/ Eight-Track-Mind/ Nightmare In Pink/ Way-Out Lover/ Doll In A Dress/ Darkroom/ Lost Woman. LP 18.90

CONSUMERS All My Friends are Dead (In The Red) 11 cuts of pretty great 1977 westcoast punkrock wail, originally planned to be released on Dangerhouse Records, first issued by In The Red in 1994 in a limited edition of 500 copies and long-out-of-print on vinyl since then. Comes In gatefold sleeve & printed inner sleeve featuring flyers, articles and linernotes. Gatefold LP 17.50
ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD (ITR) 11 cuts of pretty great all-unissued 1977 westcoast punkrock wail. CD15.00

COSMIC PSYCHOS Go The Hack (AARGHT 28) Their top-notch & BEST third album, consisting of nothing but UTTER punkrock SCORCH! "Lost Cause/Rip'n' Dig/She's Crackin' Up/Out Of The Band/Alright Tonite/Pub/Back In Town/Elle/Go The Hack". Originally released in 1989. LP 20.90
COSMIC PSYCHOS Cosmic Psychos (AARGHT 27) A most rippin' set of their 80% great self-titled 2nd lp: "Decadence/Going Down/Lead Me Astray/No Complications/Rain On You/Quarter To Three/Tell Me That You Love Me/Jellyfish/Rambo/Can't Come In/74 Seconds/David Lee Roth" . Originally released in 1989. LP 20.90
COSMIC PSYCHOS Down On The Farm (AARGHT 26) Their 1985 mini-LP: Custom Credit/ Down On The Farm/ She's A Cat/ Crazy Woman/ Gangrene Dream. LP 18.90
COSMIC PSYCHOS Down On The Farm/ Cosmic Psychos (AARGHT 27) CD 14.90

COUNTRY TEASERS S/T (Crypt) 10 sharp tunes recorded at Toe Rag in London in Sept 94 and then completely re-mixed when the drummer got thrown out. A cool mix of SLOW, MOURNFUL ballads, some uptempo "rockers", sleazoid LOUNGE-CROONER-GONE-BERSERK, resonating early-Fall thud .... a fine chunk of GRITTY C&W-flavored garage muck. The CD version contains the 2 tracks from their out of print debut 45) 10" 9.50 / CD 8.00
COUNTRY TEASERS SATAN IS REAL AGAIN (Crypt) Yasss!! 13-cut 2nd alb from this twisted crew. Expect to be fucked with, as this is NOT yer "typical Crypt loud-raw" thunk. COUNTRY TEASERS are a bent outfit mixing up a wide variety of influences and creating THEIR OWN brand of muck. For those that rely on name-dropping, here's a wee bit: EARLY Fall, a WEE BIT of C&W flecked garage, some early-80s nu wave... The utterly BLACK humor of Ben R Wallers will certainly have the P.C. whiners up in arms . CD 9.50

CRAMPS File Under Sacred Music 1978-81(Munster) 10x7" box! Compilation of the The Cramps early singles plus some tracks from the same period that were never issued on that format. The vinyl box-set contains six replica sleeves and four new sleeves especially designed for this edition. Tracklisting: 01. Surfin' Bird 02. The Way I Walk 03. Human Fly 04. Domino 05. Lonesome Town 06. Mystery Plane (Original Mix) 07. Fever 08. Garbageman 09. TV Set 10. The Mad Daddy (Original Mix) 11. Drug Train 12. Love Me 13. I Can't Hardly Stand It 14. Twist & Shout 15. Uranium Rock 16. Goo Goo Muck 17. She Said 18. The Crusher 19. Save It 20. New Kind Of Kick 21. Rockin' Bones 22. Voodoo Idol. 10x7" box 61,90 CD 15.90
Songs The Lord Taught Us (Illegal Records) European reissue of their classic first lp of utter godhead! Side One: 1. Tv Set 2. Rock On The Moon 3. Garbage Man 4. I Was A Teenage Werewolf 5. Sunglasses After Dark 6. Mad Daddy. Side Two: Mystery Plane 2. Zombie Dance 3. Whats Behind The Mask 4. Strychnine 5. Im Cramped 6. Tear It Up 7. Fever. LP 13.50
Songs the lord taught us (Vinilissimo) Reissue of their classic first lp of utter godhead! Side One: 1. TV SET 2. ROCK ON THE MOON 3. GARBAGE MAN 4. I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF 5. SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK 6. MAD DADDY. Side Two: MYSTERY PLANE 2. ZOMBIE DANCE 3. WHATS BEHIND THE MASK 4. STRYCHNINE 5. IM CRAMPED 6. TEAR IT UP 7. FEVER. LP 18.90
SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US (IRS or EMI/Zonophone) Re-mixed & re-mastered classic first lp of utter godhead! PLUS some UNISSUED STUFF like "Twist & Shout"!!! 18 cuts. CD 11.90
CRAMPS Psychedelic Jungle - fanclub reissue: Green Fuz/ Goo Goo Muck/ Rockin Bones/ Voodoo Idol/ Primitive/ Caveman/ The Crusher/ Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk/ Can't Find My Mind/ Jungle Hop/ Natives Are Restless/ Underneath The Wires/ Beautiful Gardens/ Green Door. LP 13.50
PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE (EMI/Zonophone) Just the 14 cuts of Psychedelic Jungle CD 11.90
GRAVEST HITS/PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE (IRS) The 5-song 12" comp of their first 2 singles, plus the 14 cuts from their 2nd LP. CD 14.00
CRAMPS OFF THE BONE (EMI/Zonophone) Collection of early 45s and and other faves, including "Human Fly", one of the best songs ever made, and other highlights like "New Kind Of Kick, Garbage Man, Goo Goo Muck, She Said, The Crusher, The way I Walk" etc. Total of 17 tracks. CD 11.90
CRAMPS HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (VENGEANCE) 2 CD's and a monstrous booklet for all ya Cramps fiends out there. Disc One offers demos and outtakes of stuff like "Quick Joey Small/ Lux's Blues/ love Me/ Domino/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Subwire Desire/ TV Set/ I Was A Teenage Werewolf/ Can't Hardly Stand It/ Sweet Woman Blues/ Rumble Blues/ Lonesome Town/ 5 Years Ahead Of My Time/ Call Of The Wighat/ Hanky Panky/ Journey To The Center Of A Girl/ Jackyard Backoff/ Everything Goes/ All Women Are Bad. Disc 2 has their third ever live gig at Max's Kansas City (Jan. 77) and them live at CBGB in Jan. 78, which is simply some of the best r&r ever!! dbl-CD 18.90
CRAMPS: Songs The Lord Might Have Taught Us (Alien Records) Great sounding reissue of the almost legendary white label album - cool stuff and a must have for every Cramps fan - well actually for everybody who doesn't own their old stuff on vinyl... The difference between this here LP and the actual released "Songs The Cramps traught Us" LP: The tracks: Drug Train/ Garbage Man/ Rock On The Moon/ Teenage Werewolf/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Strychnine/ Mad Daddy/ Mystery Plane/ Zombie Dance/ I'm Cramped/ What's Behind The Mask/ Tear It Up/ Fever. The white label pressing of "Songs The Lord taught Us" had "Drug Train" in place of "TV Set" and most of the other tracks were totally different mixes from the actual release. "Drug Train" was left off the album because Alex Chilton thought it didn't fit in. The eventual single mix was different. An intial batch of the U.S. release was shipped in a sleeve with the white label track listing although the actual record inside was the U.K. release. The logo and title on that sleeve was printed in white and the rear of the sleeve had a purple tint as opposed to the pinkish U.K. LP 13.50
CRAMPS De Lux Album A must for anyone who doesn't have these tracks on vinyl! Sleeve is taken from the mini-LP boxset (that came with the book and shirt) and the LP i s pretty much the same as the "Off The Bone" compilation. Same songs, some in different order. "Human Fly/ The Way I Walk/ Domino/ Surfin Bird/ Lonesome Town/ Fever/ arbage Man/ Goo Goo Muck/ She Said/ Drug train/ Love Me/ I Can't Hardly Stand It/ The Crusher/ Save It/ New Kind Of Kick" LP 13.50
CRAMPS SMELL OF FEMALE (Big Beat) Reissue of their 1983 Mini-LP: Live in NYC 1983 - GREAT!! "Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love/You Got Good Taste/Call Of The Wighat/Faster Pussycat/I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound/Psychotic Reaction". LP 18.90 / CD (Big Beat) 12.00
CRAMPS A DATE WITH ELVIS (Big Beat) Reissue of their 1986 LP - GREAT! How Far Can Too Far Go/ The Hot Pearl Snatch/ People Ain't No Good/ What's Inside A Girl/ Can Your Pussy Do The Dog/ Kizmiaz/ Cornfed Dames/ Chicken/ Hot Pool Of Womanneed/ Aloha From Hell/ It's Just That Song. Coloured vinyl, UK pressing. LP € 22.90 / CD 16.00
CRAMPS A DATE WITH ELVIS - Reissue of their 1986 LP - GREAT. LP 13.50
CRAMPS Look Mom No Head - Reissue of their 1991 LP with slightly different sleeve. LP 13.50
CRAMPS Psychedelic Safari - re-release of 1984 boot of the Cramps live In Seattle in 1982: Domino/ Human Fly/ Sometimes, Good Guys.../ 5 Years Ahead Of My Time/ Primitive/ Goo Goo Muck/ Beautiful Gardens/ TV Set/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Garbageman/ Psychotic Reaction. LP  13.50
CRAMPS Live At Club 57 in 1979 (Moonlight) Double-lp set of 21 songs, including an incredible 13-song live set recorded in 1979 with professional mixes for WPIX-FM NYC with full sonic assault! Probably the best Cramps live performance and recording ever, with Bryan & Ivy's guitars complimenting each other most brilliantly, Nick Knox's drumming is superb, and Lux providing great vocals and between-song banter. The version of "Human Fly" is like an a-bomb exploding in your living room! The top-quality sound on the 8 demos that complete this swank double LP have previously appeared on 1 or 2 reissues with inferior sound quality so get ready to hear them properly. Very de-LUX foldout gatefold sleeve filled with over 20 unknown photos from 1977-1979 plus 2 great interviews from early & obscure magazines. Club 57, NYC - 1979 - LIVE: 1. MYSTERY PLANE 2. DOMINO 3. TWIST AND SHOUT 4. WEEKEND ON MARS 5. VOODOO IDOL 6. ZOMBIE DANCE 7. ROCKIN’ BONES 8. HUMAN FLY 9. GARBAGEMAN 10. I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF 11. SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK 12. T.V. SET 13. THE WAY I WALK. Studio demos - JUNE 1977: 14. LOVE ME 15. I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF 16. SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK 17. T.V. SET 18. WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK. Studio demos - FEBRUARY 1979: 19. TWIST and SHOUT 20. ROCKIN’ BONES 21. MAD DADDY. Double LP 23.50
CRAMPS Live At Club 57 in 1979 (Moonlight) CD-version of above, with 16-page booklet. CD 13.50
CRAMPS Ohio Demos - reissued again- famous 1979 demos: Teenage Werewolf/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Jungle Hop/ Mad Daddy/ Rockin' Bones/ What's Behind The Mask/ Uranium Rock/ Under The Wires/ Twist & Shout/ All Tore Up/ Mystery Plane/ T.V. Set. LP 13.50
CRAMPS ROCKN-NREELININ-AUKLAND-NEWZEALAND (Vengeance) Reissue of their 1987 LP: Live in New Zealand 1986 - good album: "The Hot Pearl Snatch/People Ain't No Good/ What's Inside A Girl/Cornfed Dames/Sunglasses After Dark/Heartbreak Hotel/Chicken/Do The Clam/Aloha From Hell/Can Your Pussy Do The Dog/Birdfeed". LP 14.90
CRAMPS Stay Sick (Big Beat) Reissue of their 1989 LP: "Bop Pills/God Damn Rock 'n' Roll/Bikini Girls With Machine Guns/All Women Are Bad/The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon/Shortnin' Bread/Daisys Up Your Butterfly/Everything Goes/Journey To The Center Of A Girl/Mama OO Pow Pow/Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz/Muleskinner Blues" plus bonus cuts "Her Love Rubbed Off/ Her Love Rubbed Off Live/ Bikin Girls Live) LP 18.90
BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE (Big Beat) Reissue of their 1997 LP: "Cramp Stomp/God Monster/It Thing Hard-On/Like A Bad Girl Should/Sheena's In A Goth Gang/Queen Of Pain/Monkey With Your Tail/Devil Behind That Bush/Super Goo/Hypno Sex Ray/Burn She-Devil Burn/Wet Nightmare/Badass Bug/Haulass Hyena". Coloured vinyl, UK pressing. LP 22.90
CRAMPS FIENDS OF DOPE ISLAND (Vengeance) The latest Cramps alb. "Big Black Witchcraft Rock/ Papa Satan Sang Louie/ Hang Up/ Fissure Of Rolando/ Dr Fucker M.D./ Dopefiend Boogie/ Taboo/ Elvis Fucking Christ/ She Got Balls/ Oowee Baby/ Mojo Man From Mars/ Color Me Black/ Wrong Way Ticket." Comes on blood red vinyl. CD 14.00
CRAMPS A-Sides 1978-2003 Fanclub edition with two LP's & a one-sided 10" with a large fold-out poster as sleeve. Surfin' Bird/ Human Fly/ Lonesome Town/ Garbageman/ Fever/ TV Set/ Drug Train/ Goo Goo Muck/ The Crusher/ Rockin' Bones/You Got Good Taste/ I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound/ Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?/ What's Inside A Girl?/ Kizmiaz/ Get Off The Road/ Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (Live)/ All Women Are Bad/ The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon/ Eyeball In My Martini/ Miniskirt Blues/ Hard Workin' Man/ Twist And Shout/ Let's Get Fucked Up/ Ultra Twist/ Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs/ Like A Bad Girl Should/ Big Black Witchcraft Rock. Double LP + 10" 34.00
CRAMPS Mad Daddy/ Rockin Bones (Vengence) The black vinyl is gone, but we got some even more limited coloured vinyl in. Their proposed but never released at the time 3rd single. Different cuts from the "Songs The Lord Taught Us" LP, with picture sleeve. 7" 12.90
CRAMPS Blues Fix (Big Beat) For the first time on vinyl, originally released as a Single CD in 1992. Tracks (all cover versions): Hard Workin' Man/ It's Mighty Crazy/ Jelly Roll Rock/ Shombalor. 10" 14.70
CRAMPS You'll Never Change Me / Bacon Fat (PMS) Recorded on MArch 19, 1984 at the Peppermint Lounge, NY. 7" 10.90
CRAMPS Trash Is Neat Volume 6: All Bass Players Are Bad - Second super limited Cramps LP in the Trash Is Neat series, again with rare and unreleased tracks and available in black or pink vinyl: Nobody but Me/ Surfin Dead/ Woodpecker Rock/ Booze Party/ Jailhouse Rock/ It’s Mighty Crazy/ Jellyroll Rock/ Walked All Night/ Dinner with Drac/ Five Years Ahead of My Time/ You’re Gonna Miss Me/ Everybody’s Movin’/ Elvis Fuckin’ Christ/ Hanky Panky/ My Flash on You. LP 29.90
CRAMPS Let's get Ugly (CLGU001) Live At The Broadway Club, USA. Nov 6 1981. Tracks: Hungry/ Domino/ What's Behind The Mask/ Zombie Dance/ Save It/ Primitive/ Green Door/ New Kind Of Kick/ Strychnine/ The Crusher/ Beautiful Garden/ Hanky Panky/ Drug Train/ Fever. LP13.50
CRAMPS Real Mens Guts Vs The Smell Of Female (Connoiseur ) The complete set of their first night’s gig at the New York Peppermint Lounge, Feb 25, 1983. Tracks: Mad Daddy/ I Ain't Nuthin' But A Gorehound/ New Kind Of Kick/ Drug Train/ Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!/ Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/ You Got Good Taste/ Call Of The Wighat/ Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love/ Weekend On Mars/ Garbageman/ TV Set/ Beautiful Gardens/ Psychotic Reaction. Limited Edition of 250 copies. LP 29.90

CRAWDADDYS "Crawdaddy Express" (Voxx) This retro UK 60s R&B-obsessed outfit did the job right – 15-cut LP. LP 12.50 / 22-cut CD 14.00

CRIME SAN FRANCISCO'S STILL DOOMED (SWAMI) ESSENTIAL reissue of the way outta-print Overground comp! Raw'n'loose 1978 punk rock screech! 22 tracks, adding on two cuts NOT on the Overground version: previously unreleased alt versions of "Hot Wire My Heart" & "Baby You're so Repulsive")!!! Buy or DIE!!! "Rockabilly Drugstore" is A-One primo to the MAX!!CD 14.50
CRIME 7"-Box plus CD (Munster) The complete recorded legacy of San Francisco's legendary outfit CRIME, collected on seven 7-inches and presented in a box. The set includes three facsimile reproductions of Crime's original singles and four more 7-inches featuring ten tracks recorded in 1977- 1979 and unreleased at the time, among them a 'Be Bop A Lula/Peggy Sue' medley unavailable elsewhere until now. Included as a 20-page booklet with an extensive band interview by Michael Lucas, photos and memorabilia, plus a special text written by film director and Crime fan Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil And Daniel Johnston). A free CD with all 16 tracks is also part of this set. 16 tracks: Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You're So Repulsive/ Terminal Boredom/ Dillinger's Brain/ Frustration/ Murder By Guitar/ Crime Wave/ Piss On Your Dog/ Tv Blue/ If Looks Could Kill/ Lost Soul/ Rockin' Weird/ Gangster Funk/ Maserati/ San Francisco's Doomed / Be Bop A Lula/peggy Sue. 7x7"+1CD Box 59.90
CRIME Murder By Guitar (Superior Viaduc) San Francisco's first and only rock n' roll band, CRIME loomed over the entire Mabuhay Gardens scene with their blistering 1976 single 'Hot Wire My Heart.' CRIME's loose, damaged rock n' roll was as immediate as it was controversial. They were punk by any definition, yet shunned the label with a guttersnipe sneer. Their meticulously cultivated aesthetic of S&M graphics and police uniforms produced some of the era's most indelible imagery. One of their finest moves was playing in the San Quentin prison yard. Formed by guitarists/vocalists Johnny Strike and Frankie Fix, CRIME enlisted bassist Ron The Ripper and drummers Ricky "Tractor" Williams (later of The Sleepers), Brittley Black, and Hank Rank. Joey D'Kaye later joined on keyboards and bass duties. For the first time, this LP release collects the sick energy of CRIME's three singles along with nine previously unreleased studio recordings from 1976 to 1980. Includes download. LP 24.90

CUSTOMS Long Gone (Get Hip) Essential! The Customs were DMZ guit-king Peter Greenberg's Cincinnatti outfit ca 1979-1980. Punkabilly 60s garage with loud-ass buzzsaw guit all over the place!! KILLER cuts: "Long Gone/ She'll Always Be Mine/ Bring My Cadillac Back/ Let's Get It On/ Is She Sore/ Strychnine/ Ship Sailed At Six". And the 'ok' tunes: "Have Love Will Travel/ Keep My Big Mouth Shut/ 99th Floor/ Bertha Lou/ I Couldn't Get High". Plus the prev. unreleased "Right Behind You Baby/ I Dig Your Mind". LP 13.90

DAMNED New Rose - Repro of rare german release! "New Rose/ Stab Your Back/ Singalonga Scabies" 7" € 8.90
DAMNED The Best Of The Damned (Big Beat) CDDAM 1. Contains the first 2 Stiffs 45s, a bunch of the Chiswick stufft and the Captain's first solo single: New Rose/ Neat Neat Neat/ Don't Cry Wolf/ Love Song/ Generals/ Thanks For The Night/ Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2/ I Just Can't Be Happy Today/ White Rabbit/ The History Of The World (Part 1)/ Wait For The Blackout/ Lively Arts/ Looking At You (Live) / There Ain't No Sanity Clause/ Disco Man/ Billy Bad Breaks/ Dozen Girls/ Stranger On The Town CD 16.50
DAMNED The Best Of The Damned LPDAM1 LP 15.50
THE DAMNED Damned Damned Damned - reissue of the german pressing of this classic. LP 12.90

DANGERHOUSE: Complete Singles Collected 1977 - 1979 (Munster) Dangerhouse was one of the first independent labels to document the burgeoning West Coast punk rock scene of the late 70s. Although short-lived, its work provided a vital outlet for the bands and other participants and set a template for many to follow. This collection compiles the 14 7"s released on Dangerhouse between 1977 and 1979, including classic tracks by Weirdos, Avengers, Alley Cats, X, Black Randy, Dils, Bags. Includes an extensive booklet featuring an interview with Dangerhouse founder David Brown, many unseen photos of all the bands and memorabilia. The box set is a limited one time pressing of only 1000 copies. The size is approx. 19x19x6cm, weight 1.100 gr. Includes 36 pages full colour booklet. All 14 7"s have picture sleeves, reproductions of the original sleeves. Tracklisting: 01. Randoms - ABCD/ 02. Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of New York/ 03. Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup/ 04. Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Loner With A Boner/ 05. Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Sperm Bank Baby/ 06. Avengers - We Are The One/ 07. Avengers - I Believe In Me/ 08. Avengers - Car Crash/ 09. The Dils - Class War/ 10. The Dils - Mr Big/ 11. Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb/ 12. Weirdos - Solitary Confinement/ 13. Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore/ 14. Alley Cats - Give Me A Little Pain/ 15. X - Adult Books/ 16. X - We're Desperate/ 17. Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad - Idi Amin/ 18. Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad - I'm Black And I'm Proud Part 3/ 19. Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad - I'm Black And I'm Proud Part 14/ 20. Black Randy & His Elite Metrosquad - I Wanna Be A Nark/ 21. Howard Werth - Obsolete/ 22. Howard Werth - Mango Man/ 23. The Deadbeats - Kill The Hippies/ 24. The Deadbeats - Brainless/ 25. The Deadbeats - Final Ride/ 26. The Deadbeats - Deadbeat/ 27. Bags - Survive/ 28. Bags - Babylonian Gorgon/ 29. Eyes - TAQN/ 30. Eyes - Topological Lies/ 31: Rhino 39 - Xerox/No Compromise/ 32. Rhino 39 - Prolixin Stomp/ 33: Black Randy & The Metrosquad - I Slept In An Arcade/ 34. Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose. 14-Singles boxset 136.00 / Double CD 22.90

DEAD BOYS YOUNGER, LOUDER & SNOTTIER (Bomp) The ROUGH & much better mixes of their pretty decent first alb. LOUD-ASS GUITARS!!! 11 cuts. LP 12.50 / CD 14.40

DEADLY SNAKES LOVE UNDONE (SFTRI) Surprisingly great rocque moderne in dese bleak times! Great Stonesy bar rocker Canadian crew. Only 4 weaker cuts outta 12, so ya gets 8 hotties. CD 13.80

DEMONS CLAWS "Satans Little Pet Pig" (In The Red) GODDAMN WHAT A GREAT RECORD!!"Hunting On The 49" alone is worth the purchase, but you get 12 cuts, all killers & no fillers: Shadow Of A Castle/ Satan's Little Peg Pig/ 1000 Rounds/ That Old Outlaw/ Wrong Side Of Town/ Gun To My Head/ Get Together/ Unemployment/ Cecile Lemay/ Tomcat/ Hunting On The 49/ Behind The Barn.LP 16.50 / CD 14.00
DEMON'S CLAWS Fucked On Ketamine/ Always Be My Friend (Rob's House) Two sided winner! If you dig "That Old Outlaw" or "Hunting On The 49" from their "Satans Little Pet Pig" LP - this is a MUST! 7" 5.00
DEMON'S CLAWS "S/T" (P.Trash) Repress of their debut. Great stipped down garage/punk/blooze/RnR! Here's how their label describes it and theres not much more to say: Part Gibson Bros., part Back From The Grave, part lo-fi distorted crunch, part young Mick Jagger with a mouth full of pills. They play with an "aw, fuggit" swagger that finds them falling on all sides of the beat but pulling it all together before anyone gets hurt. Like flooring a V8 down a gravel road, but somewhow always managing to avoid the ditch. Inside this shiny gem you'll find bits of deserts and rattlesnakes, love and jerkin’ off, blood and guts, and an honest-to-god theme song. LP 12.50
DEMONS'S CLAWS Weird Ways / 9000 Feets (Robs House) 7 " 5.25
DEMONS CLAWS Defrosting Of (In The Red) Fed From Her Hand/ Last Time At The Pool/ Mona's Lunch/ Laser Beams/ At The Disco/ Catch Her By The Tail/ All Three Eyes/ Trip To The Clinic/ Anny Lou/ Fucked On Ketamine/ Weird Ways/ You'll Always Be My Friend LP 14.50 / CD 14.50
DEMON'S CLAWS Laserbeams/ Trip To The Clinic (Savage) 7" 4.90
DEMONS CLAWS Lost In The Desert Part Deux (Telephone Explosion Rec.) The latest, and perhaps final installment in the “Lost in the Desert” series. 14 rare tracks, from album demos, Atlanta sessions, live recordings and more. Limited to 500 copies. Tracks: You Owe Me/ Mona's Lunch/ Desert Flowers/ Lost In The Desert/ Dirtiest Girl/ Gypsie Wind/ North Of Carolina/ The Black Gate Opens/ Unemployment/ The Last Ship/ The Ballad Of St. Laurent/ Hypnotized/ Pretty Polly/ It Hurts Me. LP 14.90

DETROIT COBRAS MINK RAT OR RABBIT (SFTRI) The good debut LP with their AMAZING version of "I'll Keep On Holding On" and lotsa goodies like "Cha Cha Twist/Putty/You Knows What To Do/Out Of This World". Only a few lame ones like "Easier To Cry", "Can't Do Without You" "Breakaway", but who cares! LP € 16.50
DETROIT COBRAS Original Recordings (Munster) YIKES!! Their first two 45s that blow away everything they did are on here, plus the 3rd Single and 9 unreleased tracks from the same period by the original line-up!! If you don't own the first two Singles, this is ESSENTIAL! If you do, you should get it anyways.... Tracks are: Village Of Love; Maria Christina; Over To My House; Sad Affair; Down In Louisiana; Aint It A Shame; Slum Lord; Its Raining; Cha Cha Twist; Funnel Of Love; Ive Got A Feeling; Brainwashed; Time Changes Things; Curly Haired Baby; With Body and Soul. LIMITED 6x7" boxset 7"  36,90

DEVIL DOGS S/T (Crypt CR-019) Their 18-song debut alb of summer 1989! Tracks: Action/ Ball Me Out/ 354/ Stay With Me/ Be True To Your School/ Suck The Dog/ They're Not Around/ Hosebag/ C'mon Little Baby/ Chinatown/ Annalisa/ Gimme That Girl/ Best Part Of Breaking Up/ Baby Sitter/ Pussywhipped/ Brand New Chevy. LP 11.90
S/T (Crypt) Their 18-song debut alb of summer 1989! 180-gram fat vinyl!! LP 12.00 (180-gram)
DEVIL DOGS BIG-GER BEEF BONANZA! (Crypt) A re-packaged of their TWO out-of-print MINI-LPs, ("BIG BEEF BONANZA" & "WE THREE KINGS") onto ONE 18-song LP with mucho improved fidelity PLUS a bonus track of "Twist And Burn" from the DOG MEAT 7”. 180-gram fat vinyl!! LP 12.00
DEVIL DOGS 30 SIZZLING SLABS! (Crypt) 32 CUTS PLUS 16-PAGE FOTO/ FACT-FILLED BOOKLET! This convenient package gathers together 32 (95% ) of the cuts from the above 2 LPs, "THE DEVIL DOGS" and "BIGGER BEEF BONANZA!". CD 12.30
DEVIL DOGS SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (Crypt) YOW! This album is where the Dogs' REALLY captured their balls-out LIVE SOUND on record! Recorded at Egg Studios in the middle of their 2nd USA tour of March 1993 with the supporting "party-ambience" babble. LP 11.90 / CD 12.30

DIRTBOMBS ULTRAGLIDE IN BLACK (ITR) Essential. The Dirtbombs picked out a bunch of 60s and 70s Soul songs (& an original..) and came out with what you could describe as a milestone of modern Soul/R&B. This is the shit - get it if you don't own it yet!!!! LP 14.90 / CD 14.00
DIRTBOMBS DANGEROUS MAGICAL NOISE (ITR) The follow up to the genius Ultraglide in Black album. LP. 14.90 / CD 14.00
DIRTBOMBS / KING KHAN "Billards At Nine Thirty" (Sounds Of Subterrania) Dirbombs side ain't my cup of tea - too psychedelic = boring, BUT KING KHAN is the shit. He saves this record with his raw & funky Soul tunes - finally they managed to press their high energy live sound on vinyl! And who knows, maybe the Dirtbombs will grow on me...:  DIRTBOMBS: Phantoms In A Lesser Crystalline Sphere/ Born In A Haunted Barn/ The House As A Giant Bong/ The Size Of Ottawa/ Another Message From The Dog Tree/ I Had To Chew My Own Leg Off..  KING KHAN & THE SHRINES: Sweet Tooth/ Annabelle/ Burnin Inside/ Killer Diller/ Birds/ Take A Trip. CD 13.50
DIRTBOMBS "If You Dont Already Have A Look" (In The Red) 52 track monster collecting the Dirtbombs 45s and compilation tracks- including eight brand new songs and several previously unreleased older recordings, all re-mastered. Disc One features the originals, Disc Two the covers. Lots of stuff is great and essential (i.e. the extremely rare Solid Sexie Lovie Doll 45, or the "Theme From The Dirtbombs" and many more) and some stuff isn’t. All in all it is a must have if you weren’t that crazy to collect everything they released. Just be prepared to skip some songs.. Comes with a 24 page booklet. double CD 18,50

DIRTYS YOU SHOULD BE SINNIN'!!! (Crypt) Baby, believe me, THIS fuckin' alb is gonna rock & roll yer asses into a goddamned FRENZY! I shit ye not: the BEST fuggin' punkrock record EVER! 15 cuts - not a single dull moment! LP 11.90 CD 12.30

DM BOB & THE DEFICITS BAD W/WIMEN (Crypt) The 16-cut debut of this Hamburg twin-guit/ drum trio, an' it be mucho fine AMURIKIN roots raunch! LP 11.90 / CD 5.50
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS Mexico Americano / Bandido Mexicano (Crypt) "Mexicano Americano" PLUS the non-LP B-side "Bandido Mexicano", an "epic" Western-style desert wind breather, appearing in Sergio Leone's new porn Spaghetti western. 7" 3.50
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS NO SOY FACILE (NEST OF VIPERS) Starts with "No Soy Facile" which is written & sung by Susie. B-Side is a great live version of "High School Confidental", plus an EXCELLENT cover of Hop Wilsons' "Chicken Stuff". 7" 4.95
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS BUSH HOG'N MAN (Crypt) Their 12-cut 2nd album, chockfulla prime originals plus 3 covers. LP 11.90 / CD 5.50
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS BAND'S RUIN (Fanboy) This one was supposed to be released on Mans Ruin, but as Kozik was too busy putting out boring Stoner Rock, Fanboy took their place. Their 3rd, and mighty fine release, including the county gem "She Was Beautiful In Louisiana" - a personal fave! CD 8.90
DM BOB AND THE DEFICITS “Cajun Creole Hot Nuts” (Voodoo Rhythm) CD 15.00
DM BOB & THE DEFICITS They Called Us Country (Off Label Records) A collection of recordings from 1999 - 2002, mostly with the original Deficits (Suzie & Tank-Top) plus a few cuts by Bob alone. A bunch of these titles they played live back then, but none of them made it onto an album until now. Tracks are: They Call Me Country/ FBI Top 10/ We're Coming Arkansas/ The Horse/ I'd Rather Be In Texas/ Satellite Of Love/ Dark In My Heart/ Hooker Bones 2/ Step Right This Way/ Yearn 'n 'Burn 'n' Heart/ Big Corral/ Don't Give Me Nothing/ I'm Not Drinking More. 180gram LP 13.00 / CD 13.00
DM BOB AND COUNTRY JEM Bum Steer (Hazlewood) Excellent new record by Bob and his new band mate Jem Finer. With songs like “Lou Short For Loser” they (once more) set a standard of how modern country should sound like. You get a great mix of country, R’n’R and Swamp Pop: Bar-B-Q-Bob/ Girlfriend Stole My Alien/ Lou Short For Loser/ Groovy Situation/ Rokit Scyntist/ Who Put The Cunt In Cuntrey/ How Can Evil Look So Good/ I've Been Your Good Thing/ Like It That Way/ Pachinko/ Rocket Ship/ Home On The Moon CD Bonus: Too Late For Tequila (GREAT!!)/ Space Hog/ Astro Pad/ Dixie Cannonball AND the cool Video of “Lou Short For Loser”. CD 15,50
DM BOB & COUNTRY JEM Pirana (Hazelwood) Your Heat'n Chart/ Mini Bar/ 64 Squares/ Drivin School/ Pisco/ Her Dog Barfed Up A Mojo/ She's So Strange/ Gossip/ Lightnin Rod/ Little Red Saucer/ Airstream Shack/ Florecent Light On My Taco/ Something's Wrong With This Picture. CD BONUS Honky Tonk Song/ Going Down To TX/ Only Sad Songs/. LP 12.50 / CD 14.90

DMZ WHEN I GET OFF (Voxx) 18 cut CD consisting of their debut 4-song 7" plus the 5 unissued cuts that made up the 9-song "Relics" LP PLUS 9 unis-sued cuts from 1976 and 1977 studio rehearsals, live shows. CD 14.80
DMZ Relics (Voxx) "Busy Man/ Can't Stand The Pain/ You're Gonna Miss Me/ When I Get Off" originally released as BOMP EP plus unreleased 4-track demos: Do Not Enter/ Guilty Child/ Shirt Loop/ Lift Up Your Hood/ Barracuda. LP 12.50
DMZ S/T (Sepia-Tone) ESSENTIAL and much-better digital voision of the 1978 Sire rekkid - REMASTERED and HOT as a mofo! CD 13.00
DMZ LIVE AT THE RAT: 1976 & 1993 (Bomp) 5 deadly cuts from 1976 plus 13 from their 1993 reunion. LP 11.25 CD 14.00
DMZ LIVE AT THE RAT 1976 (Chunk) Cool reish on with 1 cut from the "LIVE AT THE RAT" lp, the blistering "Boy From Nowhere" plus 2 unissued live cuts: "Go To School" & "First Time Is The Best Time". 7" 5.20
DMZ Radio Demos (Munster) Collection of tapes recently discovered in Peter Greenberg's garage, featuring live radio recordings from 1976. These early recordings are a great example of Boston rock & roll that sees the light of day after 35 years. Limited to 500 copies. Tracklisting: 01. Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight 02. Til the end of the day 03. Lift up your hood 04. Glad all over 05. Ball me out 06. Heart of stone 07. First time 08. Teenage head 09. Go to school 10. Are you gonna be there? 11. Boy from nowhere 12. Search and destroy. LP 16.90
DMZ / LYRES Radio Demos / Live At Cantones 82 (Munster) Both Munster LPs on one Cd. CD 15.90

ELECTRIC EELS EYEBALL OF HELL (Scat) 180-gram DOUBLE CD of this legendary and oft great Ohio scrog-punk outfit's mid-70s spew. CD 15.00
ELECTRIC EELS Die Electric Eels (Superior Viaduc) Cleveland's Electric Eels is America's quintessential proto-punk band. Formed in 1972 by singer Dave E. McManus and guitarists John Morton and Brian McMahon, the group enlisted drummer Nick Knox (later of The Cramps) and producer Paul Marotta to record a flurry of catchy and genuinely fucked-up tunes. After only five legendary live performances -complete with Dave E. in black leather jacket covered in rat-traps and playing a gas-powered lawnmower on stage- the Eels broke up in 1976 and posthumously released their classic single' Agitated' on Rough Trade in 1978, blazing a trail for high-art, low-concept rock. As Jon Savage writes in the liner notes, "There is something heroic about the Eels' isolation and uncompromising attitude: a fierceness that you can hear in these songs that still resonates in a different time and world." Retrospective LP of seminal Cleveland band, circa 1975. From the loud and snotty 'Agitated' and its B-side 'Cyclotron' (which Johan Kugelberg listed as #1 in his top 100 punk singles) to the anarchic anthem 'Jaguar Ride' and the loose, bluesy sludge of 'Anxiety,' the album exorcises the demonic power of the Stooges and Velvets and captures the mystique of these outsider artists inventing a new language. As the Eels demand 'Attendance Required' on their flyer for the infamous 'Special Extermination Music Night', listening is absolutely mandatory for this seminal band. Recommended for fans of Dead Boys, Simply Saucer and Pagans. LP 24.90
ELECTRIC EELS Accident/ Wreck & Roll (Hozac) Another devastating chunk of festering midwest proto-punk from these scurrilous sub-creatures of Ohio's rich musical history. Two more cauterizing cuts of whiplash thug rock your thin plane of existence just might not survive without. 7" 10.90

THE FATALS "S/T" (P.Trash) Singles compilation of their great and already rare as heck Nasty Products 7", plus a unreleased bonus from their 1st 7" session, their 2nd 7" on P.Trash & 3rd 7" on Yakisakana Rec. 13 tracks. CD 12,50
FATALS (Yakisakana). 8 wild new tracks by these french madmen. 10” 9,90
FATALS "Live at WFMU" (Profet Rec.)5 tracks taken from the Cherry Blossom Clinic Radio show- limited to 500 copies.7" 5.50

JIMMY LEE FAUTHEREE "I Want The Cake (And Not The Crumbs) / You're Not Play Love" (Norton) Final recordings by the late Texas honky tonk legend, backed by Deke Dickerson’s Ecco-Fonics -sounds like a Warren Smith Sun label 45! Comes in trend setting brown die cut sleeve! A winner! 7" 6.00

FIREWORKS SET THE WORLD ON FIRE (Crypt) 18-song debut LP/16-song CD from this Dallas, Texas punkabilly triple-guitar/no bass/simple drum combo! Lo-fi noisy roots rock mess! 9 originals and a hip batch of covers of Link Wray, Bob Luman, Sonny Russell, Mac Curtis, Mike Fern, etc. "S' Link/A-Bomb/What'cha Want/Gimme Another Shot/One Way Ticket/Keep-A-Shakin/Deep Dark Jung-le/Thunder Road/ Weird /Fire Engine Lady/50 Megatons/Hey Fucker/ Come On/When My Baby Passes By" etc! CD 5.50
FIREWORKS OFF THE AIR (AuGoGo) Cool Fireworks live-on-the-radio set of 14 cuts, repeating a LOT of the "Set The World" album: "Fire Engine Lady/ S'link/Keep-A-Shakin/A-Bomb/What'cha Want/Stalk/Gimme Another Shot/When She Passes By/50 Megatons/She's A Tornado/Murdered Model/Moon Shot/I Need Your Luvin". CD 14.60
FIREWORKS Lit Up (Bang) For the first time on vinyl, the second Fireworks LP, originally released as a CD only in 1997: 50 Ton Highballin' Ghost/ Observer/ Gotta Go/ One More Day - One More Night/ Don't Let It Go/ My Love Is Petrified/ Raw Deal/ Stalk/ I'm Goin' Down/ She Ranks Me/ Wicked Woman/ Baby Go/ Bebop Kid. LP 13.90

FLAMIN' GROOVIES SLOW DEATH (Norton) Post-TEENAGE HEAD 1971-1973 demos & 45 cuts in BLAZING fidelity - Yeah, it's a bit short, but baby is it sweet! 10 cuts. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
FLAMIN' GROOVIES TEENAGE HEAD (Buddha) 14 cuts. CD 14.00
FLAMIN' GROOVIES Teenage Head (Kama Sutra/Norton) Ok, these guys had some lame cuts here & there but their GOOD stuff was FUCKING GREAT and when you consider the YEARS 1970-72 & the SHIT that was popular, it makes their great stuff even hotter! This here is the their 1971 LP in original packaging: High Flyin' Baby/City Lights/Have You Seen My Baby?/Yesterday's Numbers/Teenage Head/32-20/Evil Hearted Ada/Doctor Boogie/Whiskey Woman. LP 14.50
FLAMIN' GROOVIES Flamingo (Kama Sutra/Norton) Reissue of their 1970 LP with the original gatefold: Gonna Rock Tonite/Comin' After Me/Headin' For The Texas Border/Sweet Roll Me On Down/Keep A Knockin'/Second Cousin/Childhood's End/Jailbait/She's Falling Apart/Road House. LP 14.50
FLAMIN GROOVIES Baby Scratch My Back/Carol (Norton) Two rockers from the 1971 TEENAGE HEAD sessions for the frst time on wax. 7" 6.00

FLESHTONES BLAST OFF! (Get Hip) WAILING unished Red Star recordings from 1977-78! 180 gram LP & 7" 13.90

GAUNT Jim Motherfucker/ Spine (Get Hip) Reissue of the long out-of-print punk rock classic by Columbus, OH’s Gaunt originally released by Anyway in differnt sleeve. “Jim Motherfucker” barrels along with overly-distorted guitars in your face and simply is a KILLER punk rock anthem. 7" 5.00

GORIES HOUSEROCKING (Crypt) Their raw as hell 1989 debut roar-fest! 12 great cuts - a classic!! LP 11.90
GORIES I KNOW YOU FINE BUT HOW YOU DOIN' (Crypt) Their 2nd and godlike 1990 LP! 15 great cuts. LP 11.90
GORIES I KNOW YOU BE HOUSEROCKIN' (Crypt) Contains 25 of the 27 songs from the debut and the seond LP! CD 12.30
GORIES OUTTA HERE (Crypt) Their 3rd LP, released in 1992. 14 cool, lofi slabs of primal garage. LP 11.90 / CD 12.30
GORIES BUG HOUSE (Get Hip) Here's a cool 3-song 7" with 1 unissued outtake from the "OUTTA HERE" sessions: "Casting My Spell", "You Little Nothing" PLUS an alternate version of "Charm Bag". 7" 5.00
GORIES SHAW TAPES: LIVE IN DETROIT 5/27/88 (Third Man Records) Recorded at a party in a Detroit storefront in 1988! Tracks: Nautiloid Reef/ Leavin' Here/ I Think I've Had It/ To Find Out/ Boogie Chillen/ Real Cool Time/ Charm Bag/ Sovereignty Flight/ Again and Again/ Thunderbird Esq/ Train Kept a Rolling/ I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Give Me Love. LP 20.90
GORIES Be Nice / On The Run (Third Man) Great new 45 with a a NOMADS cover (you might know the original from Back From The Grave Vol. 4) and a new Gories track with "On The Run". 7" 10.50

THE GRAVEDIGGERS “MOVE IT!” LP (CRYPT-016) Exotic deluxe GATEFOLD repress of this LONG outta-print California punked-up raunchobilly crew’s sole LP from 1989! 15 tracks produced by Billy Childish in November 1988 in NYC. Liner notes aplenty by Mark Lee Goodale of Bobbette Records and Chris Morris. Pics galore and inner gatefold art by guitarist Mike McCarthy. Buy this instead of laying out $150+ on an original on Ebay! Tracks: Rumblin’ Ubangi Stomp/ The Witch/ The Wild Kind/ Black Cadillac/ Love Me (redux)/ Thunder & Lightning/ Hey Girl, Come See Me/ (I’ve Changed My) Wild Mind/ Move It/ Slip, Slip, Slippin’ In/ Insane/ Say Goodbye Libby/ Love’s In Season/ Get Off My Back/ Cool Ghoul. Gatefold LP 12.90

GUILTY HEARTS “S/T” (Voodoo Rhythm) GREAT primitive garage punk! Get it!! Tracks: Too Far Down/Big Mouth Mickey/ She’s Trouble/ Turn It Off/ Satisfied/ Him Or Me/ It’s My Time/ Ghost In My room/ Pine box Ritual/ Move/ Over You/ Gimme Some Wather/ Jack On Fire. LP 12.90 / CD 15.00
GUILTY HEARTS Pearls Before Swine (Voodoo Rhythm) Devil's Tail/ 3000 Miles/ Ain't That Good Of A Man/ Forbidden Wayout/ My Left Hand/ Seven Days/ Glassellpark/ Shake/ Don't Wanna Know/ Of Faith/ Drowning Song/ Suffer So Easy. LP 12,90 / CD 15.00

GUITAR WOLF MISSILE ME (Matador) Their late 1996 monster 2nd alb! 12 cuts. CD 15.00

GUN CLUB FIRE OF LOVE (Munster) Fat 220-gram vinyl repress of this GENIUS debut alb! LP 15.90
GUN CLUB MIAMI (SFTRI) The GREAT follow up to the "Fire Of Love" LP - all good, just one turd (Watermelon Man).Tracks: Carry Home, Calling Up Thunder, Brother and Sister, Run Through the Jungle, Devil in the Woods, Texas Serenade, Watermelon Man, Bad Indian, John Hardy, Fire of Love, Sleeping in Blood City, Mother of Earth. CD 14.00
GUN CLUB MIAMI (Music On Vinyl)180 gram audiophile pressing, coming with an insert. The GREAT follow up to the "Fire Of Love" LP - all good, just one turd (Watermelon Man).Tracks: Carry Home, Calling Up Thunder, Brother and Sister, Run Through the Jungle, Devil in the Woods, Texas Serenade, Watermelon Man, Bad Indian, John Hardy, Fire of Love, Sleeping in Blood City, Mother of Earth. LP 21.90
GUN CLUB Ahmeds Wild Dream (Bang) Recorded live at the Tivoli, Utrecht, May 1992, plus 2 demos. Double Lp, heavy vinyl, gatefold sleeve and limited edition. Tracks: Masterplan/ Walking With The Beast/ I Hear Your Heart Singin/ Another Country's Song/ Sexbeat/ Lupita Screams/ Go Tell The Mountain/ Preachin' The Blues/ Stranger In Town/ Goodbye Johnny/ Port Of Souls/ Black Hole/ Little Wing/ Yellow Eyes/ Humanesque(Demo)/ Pastoral Hide And Seek(Demo). LP 26.90
GUN CLUB Divinity (Bang) Extended & remastered version of the original double EP released in 1991. Includes lyrics in a deluxe gatefold jacket with inner sleeve. LP € 19.50
GUN CLUB Lucky Jim (Bang) Reissue of the very last album Jeffrey Lee Pierce recorded (originally released in 1993), limited and in gatefold sleeve. LP 18.50
GUN CLUB Pastoral Hide & Seek (Bang) Reissue of the 1990 LP, in gatefold sleeve. LP 18.50

HAUNTED GEORGE Bone Hauler (Dead Beat) 15 track compilation from November 2006: This Is A Test/ Graves In The Desert/ Devil's Canyon/ The Embalmer/ The Ghosts Of The Old San Juan/ Road Ghoul/ Bone Hauler/ She Told Me Her Name Was Lisa/ Depraved/ Shotgun In My Mouth/ Howlin/ Ghoul From The Mine/ What Kinda Tracks Are Those/ Voices From Beyond/ The Night Of The Vampire. CD 12.50
HAUNTED GEORGE The Buzzards Ate His Flesh / The Tomb (Savage) Haunted George's first release with Jimmy Hole on 2nd guitar. 7" 4.75
HAUNTED GEORGE American Crow (In The Red) His third LP - but the first as a two man band, as he added Jimmy Hole, another NECESSARY EVIL! More great & twisted tunes out of the desert: Theme From Dark Shadows/ Shed Of Doom/ Weeks In A Casket/ American Crow/ Big Chief Thunder Cloud/ Hit You With My Hammer/ Buzzards Ate His Flesh/ Black Rooster Squalls/ Aliases Of Haunted George/ Mad Witch/ Spanish Donkey/ Witch Girl From The North/ The tomb/ Then You Die/ Ghoul Doll. LP14.90

HEADCOATS BEACH BUMS MUST DIE (Crypt) Their 5th LP. 16 cuts, including 2 from the rare UK 3rd lp "Headcoats Down" LP and 2 from the equally rare "Kids Are All Square" UK LP. "Youngblood/You Broke My Very Mind/Strangler Of Boston Town/Beach Bums Must Die/A Town Named Squaresville/Slide/That Special Kind Of Clay/Headcoats On Backwards/Murder On The Moors/All My Feelings Denied/Pow Wow/Ain't Never Found/No Such Animal/In Your Hand/Case Of The Thundering Dunder-head/Gimme That Apple Eve". LP 11.90
HEADCOATS THE EARLS OF SUAVEDOM (Crypt) Their 2nd LP - 14 ace cuts: Their 2nd LP - 14 ace cuts: "I' m A Headcoat Baby Alone/Everyday/She's Got A Strange Attractor/Round Every Corner/Poka Hontas/My 7th Girl Eve/Killing Hold/We Can Only Lose/The Going Outside My Head" PLUS covers of "Our little Rendevouz/Jaguar & Thunderbird" (C. Berry), "Branded" (L. Wray), "No Escape" (The Seeds). LP 11.90
HEADCOATS BEACHED EARLS (Crypt) B oth CRYPT HEADCOATS Lp's on one CD containing "EARLS OF SUAVEDOM" & "BEACH BUMS MUST DIE". 30 songs, 69 minutes. CD 12.30
HEADCOATS W.O.A.H.- BO IN THE GARAGE (Get Hip) Real cool "LIVE-IN-THE-KITCHEN" rawness of ALL BO DIDDLEY covers! 13 songs. LP 11.50 / CD 13.50
HEADCOATS CONUNDRUM (Damaged Goods) GREAT LP from 1993! 14 cuts. CD 15.00
HEADCOATS Headcoats Down (Damaged Goods) Reissue of their first LP! LP 13.90 / CD 15.00
HEADCOATS IN TWEED WE TRUST (Damaged Goods) Possibly their RAWEST? CD 15.00
HEADCOATS Headcoatitude (Get Hip) LP 11.50 / CD 13.50
THEE HEADCOATS KNIGHTS OF THE BASKERVILLES (Birdman)"She's In Disguise/You Can Choose/Meet Me/I'm Unkind/ Knights Of The Baskervilles/By The Hairs Of My Chinny Chin Chin/What You See Is What You Are/She's Fine, She's Mine/What's Wrong With Me/This Wonderous Day" CD 14.00
HEADCOATS Knights Of The Baskervilles (Damaged Goods) Re-issue of this 1996 Birdman Records release. The cover has been totally reworked by Billy Childish. Tracks: She's In Disguise / You Can Choose/ Meet Me/ I'm Unkind/ Knights Of The Baskervilles/ By The Hairs On My Chinny Chin Chin/ What You See Is What You Are/ She's Fine, She's Mine/ What's Wrong With Me/ This Wondrous Day/ Like A Flag/ It Ain't Mine. LP 12.90
HEADCOATS Brother Is Dead But Fly Is Gone (Vinyl Japan) CD 16.50
HEADCOATS "Thoughts Of A Hangman / +3” (Royal) Really GREAT and RARE 4-cut 7"! Original 45 from 1993! 7" 9.50
HEADCOATS We Hate The Fuckin NME/Help (Damaged Goods) original 45 from 1993. 7" 9.50
HEADCOATS Elementary Headcoats (Damaged Goods) Repress! A retrospective compilation of singles released on a multitude of different labels throughout the '90s. 50 tracks in total. Triple LP 24.50
HEADCOATS Elementary Headcoats (Damaged Goods) A retrospective compilation of singles released on a multitude of different labels throughout the '90s. 50 tracks in total. Double CD 18.50

HEARTBREAKERS L.A.M.F (Jungle) Buy it or fucking be lame forever!!! 14 cuts. CD 16.00
HEARTBREAKERS LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY '79 (ROIR) Available again AND with FOUR unissued cuts! This godlike gem will KILL ya! CD 16.50
JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS L.A.M.F. Demos & outtakes (Vinyl Lovers) Rising from the ashes of the New York Dolls, in 1975, JOHNNY THUNDERS and JERRY NOLAN formed THE HEARTBREAKERS. In 1976 THE HEARTBREAKERS were invited to the UK by Malcolm McLaren to takepart in the SEX PISTOLS' Anarchy tour. During the band's stay in London, they recorded and released (for Track records) their one and only studio album, an instant punk classic although fraught with audio problems. This album is a collection of alternate mixes from 1977 recorded at various studios, as well as two 1977 demo sessions recorded for EMI. It also features rare instrumental backing tracks of several songs, complete with studio banter which giving rare insight into one of the greatest punk albums of all time. LP 18.90

HOT POCKETS I Live On Rocket Street (Kogar) I Live On Rocket Street; Everytime We Get Married 7" 4.90
HOT POCKETS Kiss'n Run (Alien Snatch) LP 11.00

HUNCHES YES. NO. SHUT IT (In The Red) Ok, put the Volume all the way up and let the Hunches blow your mind!! A wild and primitive modern Rock'n'Roll, Garage Punk and R&B Explosion – excellent update of the Oblivians, tho with a lot more anger and less soul. CD14.00

HYPSTRZ "Hypstrization!" (Bomp) The Midwest DMZ? A total fave ripper from 1980 (recorded live in 1979), reished at last – LP is 19 cuts and on 180-gram vinyl Mpls combo blastin’ out 100-mph tear-through covers of 60s punk nuggets and soul shouters (and, hoots mon, their 2 killer origs “This Has Gotta Be A Joke” & “I Don’t”)! “In the Midnight Hour / All or Nothing/ I'll Go Crazy / I Don't / Talk Talk/ Tried to Hide / Slow Death / Riot on Sunset Strip / Shake / This Has Gotta Be a Joke / Little Girl / Louie Go Home / Don't Look Back / Let's Talk About Girls / 96 Tears“– this shit STILL beats 90% of any current “garage punk” attempters!   LP 12.50
HYPSTRZ "Live At The Longhorn " (Bomp) CD version of above LP. Has 37 cuts, including the 4 from their rare 7” EP! Extra tracks are: CD extras: “Hold on I'm Coming / Can't Stand the Pain / Action Woman / Hey Joe / Jenny Take a Ride / C'mon Everybody/ 66-5-4-3-2-1 / Come See Me / Ballad of the Green Berets / I'm Gonna Make You Mine / I'm Not Talking / Only a Matter of Time / Papa's Got a Brand New Bag / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White / Remember (Walking in the Sand) / Midnight to Six Man/ Silverspoonpunkthunk / You're Gonna Miss Me / Surfin' Bird/Olds Mo Williams / 7&7 Is / Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl / The Witch” – this shit STILL beats 90% of any current “garage punk” attempters! CD 13.80