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32 FORD 16 Hot Rockin Tracks (Stock Car Records) Pilt Down Five - 32 Ford/ Sparkless - The UT/ Johnny Huskey & The King Bee's - Red Dress/ The Atlantics - Monkey Tree/ Tony Douglas - Shrimpin'/ The Cannonballs - Johnny B. Good/ Bubba Littrell .- Ain´t That Cool/ Wild Cats - Oh!Yes/ Roy Kildaire - What About You it?/ Johnny & The Uncalled Four - Shortinin' Bread/ Georges Torens And The Maybees - TR-3/ The Trademarks - Baha-Ree-Ba!/ Sonny Starns - Baton Rouge L.A./ Sonny Starns - Tangi - Paho/Franck Aureli - Go Cat Go/ Los Baby Rocks - Me Nena. LP 11.90

50s ROCKERS VOL 1 (Lenox) Damn cool 16 track compilation: BOB ARLIN: East L.A./ Pearl In My Heart/ BIG NICK "TOC": Jibba Jab/ AL CALLOWAY: Uncle John/ CHICK CARLTON: (I Want To Be A) TV Cowboy/ SCOTT ENGEL: Good For Nothin'/ The Livin' End/ BEN HARPER: Sittin' Here Worried/ SONNY KNIGHT: Teenage Party/ LITTLE ANGEL: Help Me Baby/ MARCUS BROTHERS: Little Girl In Pigtails/ HANK MOORE: Knock Kneed Rooster/ STAN ROSS: Please Don't Tease/ CARL SIMPSON: Baby Blues Rock/ DELBERT TROLINDER: So We Walked/ LARRY WHEELER: Be My Baby, Baby/ RUSTY YORK: Frosty. CD 13.80
50s ROCKER VOL 2 (Lenox) 16 more tracks of 50 to early 60s rockers:LARRY WHEELER: Be My Baby, Baby/ You Can't Lose Me/ LARRY WHEELER: Cry Woman Cry/ AL REED: I Love Her So/ LES PAXTON: Tall Texas Woman/ RONNIE HAIG: Money Is Such A Thing Of The Past/ JOE HUGHES: Make Me Dance Little Ant/ TROYCE KEY: Watch Your Mouth/ BARRY BOYD: Going Home to Memphis/ DAVE BURGESS: Alley Cat/ THE HI-LITERS: Dance Me To Death/ NIGHT OWLS: Stompin'/ JAVALANS: Come Dance With Me/ FREDDIE CADDELL: Gotta Big Fat Mama/ At The Rockhouse/ GENE PRINCETON: Big Fat Saturday Night CD 13.80

ACTION PACKED ROCKIN RARITIES VOL. 2 (RR 2005 - 2) Kenneth Castleman: Matchbox/ Bobby Poe: I'm Havin A Ball/ Dean Carter: Boppin he Bug/ J And The Sabers: Twistin Mary Sue/ The Dropouts: I'm Leaving/ Sam Mateparae: Rockin Rockers/ Steve King: No Two Ways/ B.Brock & Vibrators: Hang Five/ Dean and Jean: Oh Yeah/ Scott Wood: Chicken Rock/ Lincoln Rand: Long Tall Sally/ Johnny Watson: Crazy Weekend/ The Broughams: Baby You Just Wait/ Tony March: Show Down/ Bobby Gray: There's Gonna Be A Party/ The Flamethrowers: Intensity Bel.LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED ROCKIN RARITIES VOL. 3 (RR 2005 - 3) Derrell Felts: Shake It Up And Move/ The Decades: It'll Be Me/ Victor: Stop A Knockin/ Hank Moore: Knock Kneed Rooster/ Bob Edwards: Blue Blue Baby/ The Delatones: Little Jeanie/ Wayne Busby: I Carry A Torch/ The Run-a-bouts: Wild-Fire/ The Royal Drifters: Da Kind/ Rick Emerson: Dance With Me/ Johnny Fallin: Long Haired Johnny/ Teen Beats: Live Like A King/ Danny Carl: Long Tall Sally/ Walter Perkins: You Hook Me Baby/ Red McCoy: Rock & Roll Atom/ Ward Darby: Safari LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED ROCKIN RARITIES VOL. 4 (RR 2005 - 4) Charles K.: Right Bird Baby/ Dub Dickerson: Boppin In The Dark/ Uncle Hix: Big Man Blues/ Leroy & Continentals: Continental Bop/ The Rockatunes: Rock & Roll Hepcat/ Buck Owens: Sweet Thing/ The Raiders: Stick Shift/ Brian Holland: Shock/ Art Foster: Houston, Texas/ Johnny Dollar: Slim Jim Baby/ Rob & Rhythm Aces: You've Gone Too Far/ Wayne Busby: Live Your Life With Care/ Lee Pollock: Hit & Run Lover/ The Rhythm Addicts: Hey! Watcha Say Babe!/ The Polaras: Breaker/ Tom Wayne: Ruth Ann LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED! Volume 7: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Tracks (Rockin Rarities) Marlins - Saw Mill Run/ Roosevelt Grier - Why Don't You Do Right/ Terry and The Pirates - What Did He Say/ The Impacs - Your Mama Put The Hurt On Me/ Pirky and Jim Jenkins With The Cliches - Got Something for you Baby/ Thunderbolts - Rambling On/ Outer Limits - Big Louise/ Singing Sammy Ward - That Child Is Really Wild/ Jester - Sidetrack/ Spades - When I Get To goin'/ Louisiana Lannis - Tongue Twister Boogie/ Jim Phillips and The Rhythm Drifters - Tiger Tail/ Rockin' Rebels - Study Hall Blues/ Larry & The Headliners - Plastic Saddle/ Carl Martin Trio - Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Baby Down/ Tru-Tones - Voc: Joe Haven - Rumba Boogie. LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED! Volume 8: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Tracks (Rockin Rarities) Rhythmics - Comin' Throught/ Johnny Acton - Snuffy Smith/ Billy Free - I'll Tear Your Playhouse Down/ Louisiana Lannis - Walking Out/ Deacon and The Rock & Rollers - Rockin' On The Moon/ Argons - Do The Dog/ Little Boyd And The Blues Bees - Don't Leave Me Baby/ Rhythmics - Besame Mucho/ Jaguars - Railroad Drag/ Del-Tones - Green Front Boogie/ Hi-Boys Combo - Some Man/ Passions - Mercy, Little Baby/ Rockin' Continental - Cobra/ Jerry Woodard and The Cabaleers - Downbeat/ Paul Campbell - I Love You Baby/ Tempests - Count Down. LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED Volume 10 (Rockin rarities) Chubby Martin- Soul Salesman/ Nighthawks- Boogie Chillun/ Jac & Jay- Monkey's Uncle/ Mixture- Rainbow Stomp/ Gestics- Invasion/ Floyd Brown- Thunderbird Beach/ Rich Miller & the K9's- Wat-Cha Gonna Say/ Adrian & The Sunsets - Breakthough/ Maynie & Howie- Do The Ba Ba Ba Ba Bop/ Rythm Rockers- Givin Everything Away/ EP Williams- Truck Drivers Baby/ Bill Chambers- Shes Treating Me Bad/ Roy Hollaway- I Received Your Letter/ Jimmy Bankstone- I Come From Louisiana/ Smilin' Jack Belveal- I aint Nothing But A Houndog/ Terry & the Renegades- Line Drive. LP 11.90
ACTION PACKED Volume 11 (Rockin rarities) Frank Monday- Stepping/ Nocturnals- Stag Line/ Freddy Cole - Swirl/ Bobby & the Demons- The Woo/ Revells- Boogie 65/ Rock'n Rebs- Grandpa Rock/ Robert Gill - Baby Thats Alright/ Jim Kelly- Walkin In The Garden/ Spellbinders- Casting My Spell/ Don Phillips- Milk Shake Mademoiselle/ Monzels- Sharkskin/ Tommy Martin & the XL's- Hootchie Cootchie/ Saharas- They Play It Wild/ Floyd Brown- What I Want/ John Snell - Sweet Passion/ Mustangs- Jack The Ripper. LP 11.90

ART ADAMS Rock Crazy Baby (Norton) topnotch 50s rockabilly, all 4 cuts are HOT! Rock Crazy Baby/ Indian Joe/ Dancing Doll/ She Don't Live Here No More) (Norton) 7" 6.00

HASIL ADKINS OUT TO HUNCH (Norton) Essential set of his nutso 50s & 60s rockers LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
HASIL ADKINS CHICKEN WALK (Dee Jay) TONSA cuts not on the 2 Norton LPs. LP 12.90
HASIL ADKINS CHICKEN WALK (Dee Jay) 30 song comp including only 7 from the 2 Norton lp's above plus: "Shake That Thing/Ugly Woman/Let's Slop Tonight/She's Mine/Tell Me Baby/Big Fat Mama/Get Out Of My Car/Donnio Boogie/Walk & Talk With Me/I Need Your Head/Roll Roll Train/Rock The Blues/I Want Some Lovin/R&R Tonite/Miami Kiss" etc. CD 13.50
HASIL ADKINS ROCK 'N' ROLL TONIGHT (Dee Jay) TONSA cuts not on the 2 Norton LPs above. LP 12.90
HASIL ADKINS "Chicken Shake / She's Mine" (Norton) Great 7" w/ primal R&R slop from 1968!! "Chicken Shake" RULES! 7" 6.00
HASIL ADKINS "MOON OVER MADISON" (Norton) This LP is for ye lovebirds & losers: Hasil's LOVE songs & WEEPY BALLADS: Lonely Wind / Help Me / By the Lonesome River / When I Saw You Last Night / Blue Velvet Band / Goin’ Home Tomorrow / I Had A Dream About You / Have I Told You Lately That I Love You / Moon Over Madison / I’m Alone / Lonely Is My Name / Lonely Love / This A.D.C. / Love Taker / My Hometown CD adds So Tell Me Darlin’ / Somebody Help Me / Lonely Graveyard / Tomorrow You’re Gone. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
HASIL ADKINS "PEANUT BUTTER ROCK & ROLL" (Norton) Essential set of his nutso 50s & 60s rockers: Blue Suede Shoes / I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Lips / If You Wanna Be My Baby / Vivian Anne / Peanut Butter Rock & Roll / Banana Boat Song / Gimme Back My Ring / Come On Along / The Slop / Walk & Talk With Me Baby / Chicken Twist / Let It Rock / Stopwatch Baby / C’mon Little Jen-ny / Took My Baby Out / Has Anybody Walked Beside Me CD adds Roll Roll Train / Woke Up This Morning / Come On And Do The Shake With Me / You’re Gonna Break My Heart. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
HASIL ADKINS Night Life (Hog Maw) His last studio recordings: C'Mon Back Baby/ Hunchin The Town/ Alien Talk/ Go Go Go/ Night Life Hunch/ Walkin In The Garden With Amy/ Raw Meat/ Hills Of West Virginia/ Come To Me/ KFC/ So Blue/ Night Life. LP 11.50
HASIL ADKINS White Light White / Meat (Norton) Celebrate Hasil’s 25 years as a Norton Records artist with fourteen 1958-65 hunchers and weepers recorded in Hasil’s Boone County, West Virginia shack! Insane hard board jacket. Roll Roll Train/Woke Up This Morning/So Tell Me Darlin’/Hot Dog Baby/Come On And Do The Shake With Me/Teenie Weenie Waddy Kiss/Turn My Coat Tails Loose/Donnio Boogie/Tomorrow You’re Gone/Somebody Help Me/You’re Gonna Break My Heart/Lonely Graveyard/You Don’t Love Me/Donnio Shuffle. LP 13.90
HASIL ADKINS AND HIS HAPPY GUITAR Get Out Of My Car / Shake That Thing (Norton) Hunch that thing with the worlds greatest one man band! Two monstrous chicken walkin hits on one platter! 7" 6.00

BILL ALLEN Please Give Me Something / Since I Have You (IMPERIAL 5500 ) repro 7" 6.50

BLOODSHOT VOLUME 1 (Norton) 50s rockabilly & early 60s r&r and instros from the Gaiety label of Minnesota. 20 cuts including the killer "Marlene" and "Min 1 Blast Off" by the SONICS, and 2 DEADLY cuts by the STRING KINGS "The Bash" and "Bloodshot", plus BLUE KATS, FLAMES, ORBITS, DEL RICOS, etc. LP 14.00
BLOODSHOT VOLUME 2 (Norton) 20 more cuts including great stuff like the JADES "Blue Black Hair/Surfin Crow/Shake Baby Shake". Plus: GLENRAYS, BIG M's, CROWN TEENS, etc. LP 14.00

BOPPIN BOBBIE JEAN 16 Hot Rockin Tracks (Stock Car Records) King Victor - Boppin' Bobbie Jean/ Little Mojo - Mojo Theme/ The Nobelman - Dragon Walk/ Trini Lopez - The Right To Rock/ Roger Rudy And The Pyramid - Oh Boy/ Carl Bonafade And The Creations - Baby Sittin' Blues/ Vince Edwards - Squeelin Parrot/ Jackie And His Rocking Boys - Rhythm Rock/ Eddy Raven - Ladies Man/ Simon Scott - Move It Baby/ The Virtues - Guitar Boogie Twist/ Ron Volz - Please don't Tlak About Me/ The Four J's - Kissin' At The Drive-In/ The Nobelman - Thunder Wagon/ Ken West - You Give Me The Willies/ Johnny Tedesco - El Rock Del Tom Tom. LP 11.90

BOPPIN BUICK 16 Rockabilly cuts about BUICKS! LP 12.90
20 (mostly) great Rockabilly cuts about CADILLACS! LP 12.90

BOPPIN' TONIGHT GOLDBAND ROCKABILLY (Ace) 22-song comp of decent but a bit wearing rockabilly from Luisiana's GOLDBAND label: 5 songs by AL FERRIER, 5 songs by LITTLE BILLY EARL, 5 songs by LARRY HART, 2 songs by BILLY AND CARROL, RAY VICT, 3 songs by JOHNNY JANO, JAY CHEVALIER. CD 16.00

BORN BAD VOLUME 7 (aka ‘Songs The Cramps Taught Us”) Originals & inspirational cuts from the 50s & 60s. Each LP has 14 cuts and is packaged in gatefold jackets. LP 14.90
BORN BAD VOLUME 8 (aka ‘Songs The Cramps Taught Us”) Originals & inspirational cuts from the 50s & 60s. Each LP has 14 cuts and is packaged in gatefold jackets. LP 14.90

DARYL BRITT & THE BLUE JEANS LOVER LOVER/COOL MARTINI (Norton) Northwest 1959 rockabilly vocal b/w booze-themed jungle instro! Blue vinyl, cool picture sleeve!7" 6.00

BUFFALO BOP: you find more than 100 different CDs (13.50 each) and and a whole bunch of LP's in the Buffalo Bop section (see menue).

SONNY BURGESS CLASSIC RECORDINGS (Bear Family) 57-cut double-cd of SOLID 56-59 SUN rockabilly wildness. Nice booklet, but the AVI cd "HITTIN THAT JUG" is a better deal.... 2xCD 29.00
SONNY BURGESS HITTIN' THAT JUG! (AVI) 25 cuts of Sun Rockabilly franticity! Wailin' guitar solos, poundin' drums, honkin' trumpets (huh?! yep!)! CD 14.50
SONNY BURGESS "We Wanna Boogie / Thunderbird" (Norton SUN #852) That TRAMBONE. That WAIL! 7" 6.00

JOHNNY BURNETTE & THE ROCK 'N' ROLL TRIO ROCKABILLY BOOGIE Totally essential!! 20 cuts of prime 50s rockabilly hoot! LP 12.90
JOHNNY BURNETTE & THE ROCK 'N' ROLL TRIO"Tear It Up / Oh Baby Babe" (Norton) Raw-ass live recordings from New York in 1956 on the Alan Freed Show! 7" 6.00
JOHNNY BURNETTE CRAZY DATE: ROCK AND ROLL DEMOS Volume 1 (Norton) Unissued 1957-1960 guitar/vocal demos (some with full band). "Come On Baby /Believe What You Say*/Rockin' The Town/Baby Doll Blue Eyes/Daydreaming In School/Hey Stranger/Honey Honey */Crazy Date /You Gotta Get Ready /I Wanna Love My Baby/Warm Love **/Daddy-O */Keep Me In Mind /Boppin' Rock /Candle Of Love/Rock Away Baby/Finders Keepers/How Do You Rock" * (* Vocal by Dorsey Burnette ** Vocals by Johnny and Dorsey Burnette) LP 14.00
JOHNNY BURNETTE WAMPUS CAT: ROCK AND ROLL DEMOS Volume 2 (Norton) Unissued 1957-1960 guitar/vocal demos (some with full band). "Crazy Legs/Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya */That's The Way I Feel/Be Mine/We're Gonna Rock It /I'm Happy **/It'll Be All Right/It's Late */One-Sided Love/Affair/Just Keep On Goin'/Address Unknown/Yes I Do */Lizzie Dee/My Little Baby Came Rockin'/Baby Doll */Just One More Time /It's You For Me */Wampus Cat" (* Vocal by Dorsey Burnette ** Vocals by Johnny and Dorsey Burnette) LP 14.00
JOHNNY BURNETTE AND THE ROCK 'N ROLL TRIO S/T (Norton/Coral 57080) Limited 180gram reisssue of Memphis' rockabilly classic! Honey Hush/Lonesome Train/Sweet Love On My Mind/Rock Billy Boogie/Lonesome Tears In My Eyes/All By Myself/The Train Kept A-Rollin'/I Just Found Out/Your Baby Blue Eyes/Chains Of Love/I Love You So/Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Drinking Wine. 180gram LP 18.50
JOHNNY BURNETTE Johnny Rocks (Bear Family) 36 cuts of the Rock'n'Roll Trio & the rockin'est solo recordings from 1957 - 1960: The Train Kept A Rollin'/ Tear It Up/ Oh Baby Babe/ All By Myself/ Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Honey Hush/ Lonesome Tears In My Eyes/ Please Don't Leave Me/ Rock Therapy/ Rock Billy Boogie/ Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)/ Sweet Love On My Mind/ Your Baby Blue Eyes/ If You Want It Enough/ Butterfingers/ Eager Beaver Baby/ Warm Love/ Come On Baby/ Boppin' Rosalie/ My Little Baby Came Rockin’/ Do Baby Do/ Lizzy Dee/ My Honey/ Rock Away Baby/ Sweet Baby Doll/ Boppin’ Rock/ Kiss Me/ We’re Gonna Rock It/ Me And The Bear/ Little Girl (aka Kiss Me Sweet)/ Crazy Legs/ Mule Boy/ Bertha Lou/ You Gotta Get Ready/ Wampus Cat/ Cincinnati Fireball. CD 16.90

JOHNNY CARROLL ROCK BABY ROCK IT (Bear Family) His great 50s Rockabilly for Decca - and more. (a bit TOO much, as the slicker pop crap from the later years is a drag…) CD 16.00

THE CATALINAS The Catalina Push/ Baby Come Home (Catalina C-115-1) Monsterous Rockabilly belter that has been a Jiving smash at Clubs since the dawn of time. repro 7" 6.50

CHICKEN SESSION EARLY NORTHWEST ROCKERS & INTRUMENTSALS VOLUME 2 (Norton) 50s Rockabilly & r&r instros from the Pac Northwest. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

CHRISTMAS PARTY (Norton) Four 50s rockabilly Xmas tunes: LITTLE JOEY FARR Rock & Roll Santa/BRENDON HANLON & THE BEAT MEN Christmas Party /TORNADOS Santa Claus/DONNY BURNS Cool Yule 7" 6.00

JOHNNY CLARK AND THE FOUR PLAYBOYS "Jungle Stomp / I Need A Woman" (Norton) Wild Northwest rock n’ roll! This twin spin follows up our previous set of Spokane senders, Daryl Britt’s Lover Lover with an insane 1963 ape call instrumental and an unissued 1957 slap bass rocker with a strong Buddy Holly Decca-era feel! 7" 6.00

JOE CLAY Duck Tail (Bear Family) In a brief recording career spanning just one solitary month in the Spring of 1956, Joe Clay cut this collection of savage, wild, primeval rockabilly music for Vik Records, a subsidiary of RCA Victor. He seemed destined to be no more than a footnote in rock 'n' roll history but the quality of his work would not allow him to be completely forgotten. 11 songs of FRANTIC, RIPPIN' ROCKABILLY HOOT! Tracks: Duck Tail/ Goodbye Goodbye/ Get On The Right Track/ Doggone It/ Cracker Jack/ You Look That Good To Me (alternate take)/ Sixteen Chicks/ Slipping Out And Sneaking In/ Get On The Right Track (alternate take)/ Did You Mean Jelly Bean (What You Said... )/ You Look That Good To Me. 180-gram LP 19.50

EDDIE COCHRAN Singin' To My Baby (Rumble) His first LP, originally released in 1958, just two years before he was tragically killed in a car accident: SIDE A: 1. Sittin' In The Balcony 2. Completely Sweet 3. Undying Love 4. I'm Alone Because I Love You 5. Lovin' Time 6. Proud Of You 7. Am I Blue. SIDE B: 1. Twenty Flight Rock 2. Drive In Show 3. Mean When I'm Mad 4. Stockin's "N" Shoes 5. Tell Me Why 6. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 7. Cradle Baby 8. One Kiss. LP 13.50

COLLINS KIDS HOP, SKIP & JUMP (Bear Family) 2-cd box set with 59 songs by this bro/sis rockabilly combo. Decent & all that but way too much "cutesy" stuff spread over the 2 CDs. LP-size box w/info/foto book. 2xCD 45.00

THE COMPLETE METEOR ROCKABILLY & HILLBILLY RECORINGS (Ace) CDCH2 885. Every Rockabilly/Hillbilly recording from the Meteor label of Memphis, TN. Includes Charlie Feathers, Junior Thompson, Bill Bowen, Wane McGinnis, Jimmy Lamberth, Steve Carl, Bud Deckelman, Jess Hooper and many more. 42 cuts on two Cds plus a nice fat 40-page booklet. Double-CD 24.00

CORN FED Volume 1 (DAGLP 001) With a tip of the hat to the Country Hicks, Grandaddy’s Rockin & Raw Meat Compilations comes Corn Fed. 16 Rural Rockers & Hick Boppers, all of which make their vinyl compilation debut with more than half the tracks being reissued for the first time on any format. Clear Yellow Wax – Full Colour Cover with Label shots & info on every track. Jon Rollins – I’ve Got Wheels/ Randy Walker – If I Held You In My Arms/ Jimmy & Russ Williams – High On A Hog/ Curley Ray Benson – The Prison Blues/ Pete Peters – I’ve Got That Blue & Rainy Day Feelin’/ The Country Buddies vcl Noal Dales – One Way Street To Heartbreak/ Big Brad – Memphis Town/ Pratt Bros &The Rockin’ Five – The Wind Told Me So/ Jack Grisham - Big Heart/ The Three B’s - Twisting On The Moon/ Ronnie Cazad with the Echo Valley Boys - Tear Drops Of Memories/ Ken Adams - Tow The Mark/ Harry Snyder & the Buttermilk Drinkers - Worry,Worry,Worry/ Ken Clevenger - Love Me All The Time/ Ray Bell & the Dixie Rhythm Ramblers - Yodelin’ Catfish Blues/ Ernest Martin with the Norvel Bros - I Want To Live Humble. LP 14.50
CORN FED Volume 2 (Dagnabbit) Corn Fed is back with another 16 Dumb, Dusty, Musty & Crusty Rural Rockers & Country Boppers. All but one of the selections make their vinyl compilation debut and most of the tracks are re-issued for the first time ever on any format!. Obscure backwoods Rockabilly & Primitive Hick Stompers, all tracks re-mastered for the best possible sound quality. Clear Red Wax in a limited pressing of 500 copies. Full colour sleeve with label shots & info on all the selections. Tracks: Bob Leers – Everything Hinges On My Baby/ Esco Hankins & Jackie – Lies And Alibis/ The Guitar Twins – Come Walk With Me/ Frank Reynolds & The Lamplighters – Bluest Man In Town / Carl Bailey With Little Jimmy Dempsey & His Cherokee Country Boys – I'm Not Blue Anymore/ Billy Wade & The Country Boys – Conscious, Let Me Go / Little Joe Anthony – You Got It Good/ Jim Pipkins & The Tall Timber Boys – First Hundred Years/ Sharlet Sexton & The Tennessee Valley Boys – Since Baby Put Me Down/ Lacy Kirk – This Is Saturday Night/ The Wray Brothers – You're Sweeter Than Sugar/ Johnny Mac – There Goes Another Rocket/ Frank Hammac – World Of Pleasure/ Kearney Williams – Travelin' Man/ Shelby Cooper With Trio & The Dixie Mountaineers – Cuttin' Up/ Johnny White & His Country Rythm Boys – Rose In The Garden. LP 14.50

COUNTRY HICKS VOLUME 1 (Barklog) Yeehaw! 25 rarities from the 1950' and early 1960's, including a bunch of tracks comped for the first time. All in GREAT sound & coming with a 6 page booklet packed with Label shots and pic's. Guaranteed Rural Hick Hayseed Shit Kickin’ Rockabilly and Hillbilly Bop. Excellent! CD 14.00
COUNTRY HICKS VOLUME 7 (Bark Log)16 Killer Primitive Hick Rockabilly & Country Rockers: Glenn & Vivian Watson - Just Keep On Going/ Ray Baker - Gotta Have Your Lovin'/ Tommy Castle - I've Done More Accidentally/ Bill Chambers - She's Treatin' Me Bad/ Black Jack Wayne - Shallow Water Blues/ Bro Charlie Hendrickson- The Old Gospel Ship/ Whitey Gallagher- Searchin'/ Bobby Boyle - Ricky The Record Hound/ Unknown Artist- Honky Tonk Blues/ Lucky Hill - I'm Checkin' Out/ The Carolina Drifters - Don't Monkey Round My Widder/ Dale Davis - Crazy Little Guitar Man/ Whitey Gallagher- Gotta Roam/ Dreamy Joe- Sweetheart Boogie/ Mack & Gwen - Baby I Want Another Date/ Ralph Hart - There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down. LP 11.90

CRAZY TEENS "Crazy Date" b/w THE VOLK BROS. "The Walk" (Norton) Nutty post-rockabilly Alabama laid-back "rap" by the Crazy Teens b/w bonked Northwest nuttiness by the Volk Bros. 7" 6.00

WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS BRIGHT LIGHTS (Norton) Pretty damn solid 37 track CD collection of rockabilly & instro r&r from Buffalo NY manager/r&r fiend Wade & the various combos he produced/ managed. 10 really hot cuts!! The other cuts are decent, the RADIO ADVERTS are cool, the BOOKLET is fucking packed with pics & info!!! CD 13.00
WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS Brang / Maxine / Radio ad (Norton) A-side is ace instro thumper. B: FANTASTIC rockabilly tearjerk ballad. 7" 6.00
WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Puddy Cat / Brang" (Norton) If you dig "Surfin' Bird", you GOTTA hear THIS! Totally wacko 1968 trash-rocker by nutty Wade Curtis. B-side is a killer instro. 7" 6.00
WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Electric's Theme / Surfin Bird" (Norton) Twisted instro plus a version of the Trashmen classic. 7" 6.00
WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Voodoo Mama / Rompin'" (Norton) A-side is ace jungle rockabilly thumper. B: raw instro rocker. 7" 6.00
WADE CURTISS & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS "Bright Lights / Hurricane" (Norton) A is mega-cool frantic rockabilly pounder! B is a cool unissued instro rocker. 7" 6.00

CUSTER BOTTOMS Stood Up Blues / Someone To Love Me (BAKERSFIELD 108) Rockabilly Bopper with hick hayseed vocals. repro 7" 6.50

"D" label SINGLES COLLECTION VOLUME 1 (Bear Family) 127-song set of Houston label D Records' C&W/rockabilly/some pop, 1958 to 1959. BIG lp-size 56-page book. Tons of great C&W by the legendary EDDIE NOACK, plus: BIP BOPPER, JIMMIE & JOHNNY, AL TRAVIS, WORTHAM WATTS, COUNTRY JOHNNY MATHIS, HARRY CHOATES, SONNY HALL, BYRON JOHNSON, etc. 4xCD 90.00

FLOYD DAKIL COMBO Dance Franny Dance/ Look What You've Gone And Done (Jetsta) Reissue of 60s rocker. repro 7" 6.50

RONNIE DAWSON Rockin' Bones (Rumble Records) 19 cuts of cool 1950s teen rockabilly king, including his killer "Rockin Bones" & "Action Packed" and cool ballads like "I Make The Love", "Congratulations To Me" and much more, but missing some highlights like "Jump & Run" and Do Do Do". This collection features 19 cuts from his 45s and and rare tracks, spanning from 1957 to 1960. LP 13.50

SONNY DAY & THE TONY RAY COMBO Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt / Creature From Outer Space (Star) A-side is a popcorn dance gem, b-side a UFO rockabilly killer. repro 7" 7.90

DEL-AIRES Zombie Stomp (Norton) Collection of rare, unknown and unissued demos and live recordings from Norton/Kicks teen kings the DEL-AIRES! The first ever collection of 1959-1963 East Coast twist/grease/instro/rockabilly/rock n' roll from the Vitalis vindicators of the stage, the screen and shellac! Massive gatefold package with extensive bio notes: So Far-So Long / Someplace Else / Wigglin And Wobblin / Drag / Sing Sing Sing / Arlene / Treble Rock / The Crawl / Zombie Stomp / Back Beat No. 1 / Ive Got My Eyes On You / Stubborn Kind Of Fellow / Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Do You Love Me / Black And Blue / Wigglin And Wobblin / Berserk / Horror Of Party Beach Trailer. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00

DESPERATE ROCK’N’ROLL Volume 4 (Flame) More wildness! Rare tracks from original 45s, many uncomped yet! The Vice Roys – Don’t Let Go/ Big Dave & the House-Rockers – Goin’ On Baby/ Little Ellis & his L7’s – Barb Wire/ Bobby Bare – Vampira/ Bashful Vic Thomas – Rock And Roll Tonight/ Little Jacky Wayne – White Felt Hat/ Eddie Con Los Shades – Dime Sime Vas A Ver/ Shy Guy Douglas – Monkey Doin’ Woman/ The Rockin’ Continentals – Cobra 289/ The 4 El Moroccos – To-Bango/ Montclairs – Baby Doll/ Glen Goza – Goshamody Whatabody/ Sandy Lee – Ballin’ Keen/ Jim Jackson – I Want Your Love/ Jay Hodge Ork – Goatsville/ Bob Grady – Granny Tops ‘em At The Hop/ Johnny Scroggins – Talk To Me Baby/ Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats- Beat Out My Love/ Roosevelt Johnson – Hey Little Girl/ The Black Albinos – Shish Kebab/ Bobby Fry – Highway Robbery/ Artie Dillon – In My Teens/ The Chessmen – Bop-A-Lena/ Screamin’ Joe Neal – Rock And Roll Deacon/ Johnny McCullough – 55 Chevy/ Bobby Gregory – Chinese Rock’N’Roll. CD14.00
DESPERATE R&R VOLUME 6 (Flame) ESSENTIAL rockabilly/r&b lunacy! LP 11.50
DESPERATE R&R VOLUME 7 (Flame) ESSENTIAL rockabilly/r&b lunacy! GREATVvolume! LP 11.50
DESPERATE ROCK'N'ROLL Volume 21 (Flame) Five Sparks - Little Bo Peep/ Stone-Agers - Jenny, Jenny/ Vic Gallon - I'm Gone (Alt Version)/ Three Tuffs - What A Dream/ Nick & the Jaguars - Ichi Bon # One/ Jimmy Luke & The C-Riffs - Hong Kong Twitch/ Los Sonambulos - La Fiesta Esta De Abiente/ Terry Teen - The Hearse/ Herman Willis - Come On/ Little Ellis & the L7's - Barb Wire/ The Fabulos Silver Tones - Dimples/ Los Silver Rockets - Senorita Dizzy Lizzy/ Glenn Mooney - Dianne (Unissued Acetate)/ Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers - Movin' & Groovin'/ Bob Callaway - Tick Tock (Early Version)/ Page Boys - Sundown Special (Unissued Acetate). LP 11.50

LARRY DONN Arkansas Stomp (Hog Maw) Seven raw live recordings by Larry Donn backed by Sonny Burgess (Pacers on Sun Records) recorded at 67 Club in Arkansas in the early 60s by Larry himself. Issued by exclusive agreement with Larry who died just before the record was pressed. Limited pressing of live rockabilly recordings on clear orange wax: Tracks: That's What I Call A Ball/ Down The Line/ Mona Lisa/ Swinging/ The Twist/ Honey Bun/ Girl Next Door/ Good Golly Miss Molly/ Shake Rattle And Roll. 10" 12.50
LARRY DONN & BAND Trouble Bound/ Rockin' Love (Hog Maw) Limeted pressing on orange vinyl. "Trouble Bound" is a 50s demo with a crude cover of the Billy Lee Riley and his Little Green Men's classic on Sun. "Rockin' Love" is some kinda live recording from the same period. Remastered from Larry Donn's original tapes. 7" 5.50

LEE DRESSER & THE KRAZY CATS Beat Out My Love / Thinkin' About Your Love (Damon) Great Missouri Rocker. 7" 6.50

HERBIE DUNCAN Hot Lips Baby/Litle Angel (Norton) ESSENTIAL slathering two-sided MONSTER 1958 rockabilly madness! Comes in super deluxe sleeve with wild photos and the full lowdown from HD Fan Club prez Deke Dickerson! Red wax! 7" 6.00

EARLY NORTHWEST ROCKERS & INTRUMENTALS VOL. 1 - EVERYBODY'S BOPPIN' (Norton) Another super-researched Norton series - This time it's Northwest 50s to early 60s rockabilly and a few instros! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
EARLY NORTHWEST ROCKERS & INTRUMENTSALS VOL. 2 - CHICKEN SESSION (Norton) 50s Rockabilly & r&r instros from the Pac Northwest.LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
EARLY NORTHWEST ROCKERS & INSTRUMENTALS VOL. 3 - SHAKE UM UP ROCK (Norton) Norton's Northwest series ventures into the 50s and EARLY 60s. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

EL PASO ROCK Volume 4: Thunder (Norton) El Paso sits on the state line between Texas and New Mexico, home of the hallowed Yucca Records, which is now a star in the Norton constellation of able labels. Yucca's output in the 1950s and 1960s was equaled by the number of recordings that sat in the can for fifty years. Available now for the first time ever, from the master tapes, comes the motherlode, selectively scattered throughout the Norton Southwest series called 'EL PASO ROCK'. Tracks: AL SIMS AND THE ALPINE TWO - Party / MAX ALEXANDER AND THE HI-FI COMBO - Little Rome / DON GUESS - Finders Keepers / BOB TAYLOR AND THE COUNTS - Taylors Rock / BOB TAYLOR AND THE COUNTS - Dont Be Unfair / BOB TAYLOR AND THE COUNTS - Child Of Fortune / BOB TAYLOR AND THE COUNTS - Thunder / BOB TAYLOR AND THE COUNTS - Jill / JOHNNY GARMON AND THE SHADOWS - Youre Wrong / JOHNNY GARMON AND THE SHADOWS - The Shadows Dance / JOHNNY GARMON AND THE SHADOWS - Since I Found You / DON ORR AND THE ORIGINAL ROCKETS - Sarah Jane / AL SIMS - Green Gater Ater / ROCK KINGS - Runaway /JERRY BRIGHT AND THE EMBERS - Be Mine / JERRY BRIGHT AND THE EMBERS Jims Jive. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00
EL PASO ROCK Volume 5: The Troubled Streets (Norton) Featured in this fifth volume of Southwest recordings are the moody, broody sounds of Frank Thayer, whose heart-searing sounds mimic the loneliness and danger of desert nights. Southwest sounds deliver a taste of the exotic, a dollop of attitude and a night train loaded with mayhem. Tracks: DON ORR AND THE ORIGINAL ROCKETS - Sarah Jane / NIGHT PEOPLE - The Troubled Streets / FRANK THAYER AND THE LYONALS - Long Grey Highway / FRANK THAYER - The Glory Of Her Love / FORTUNES - Lonely Teardrops / FRANK THAYER AND THE LYONALS - Evening Shadows / FRANK THAYER - Yes Ill Be Blue * / JERRY BELL AND THE ORIGINAL ROCKETS - Bacardi / SONNY WALLACE - Black Cadillac / JOE RICHIE - Across The Bay / NIGHT PEOPLE - Lonely Before Dawn / RAVONS - I Love You Baby / RHYTHM HEIRS - Cradle Rock / DON ORR AND THE ORIGINAL ROCKETS - Sarah Jane / BILL TAYLOR AND THE SHERWOODS - You Hold My Letters (Not Me)* / JERRY BELL AND THE ORIGINAL ROCKETS - Jungle Bunny. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00
EL PASO ROCK Volume 6: Black Out (Norton) This set serves up the earliest recordings of the legendary BOBBY FULLER, from the vaults of Yucca, plus his home studio recordings of local kings including the Chancellers, the Sherwoods, and the Pawns. Local cats round out this volumes - tracks: BOBBY FULLER - Say Honey / BOBBY FULLER - You're In Love / BOBBY FULLER - Eastwood High Dance Radio Spot / BOBBY FULLER - Guess We'll Fall In Love / CHANCELLERS - Judy / BILL TAYLOR AND THE SHERWOODS - You Hold My Letters (Not Me) / SHERWOODS - Tickler / SHERWOODS - Black Out / D.Y. AND THE MOTIVATERS - Hold It / PAWNS - The Pawn / PAWNS - South Bay / DAVID HAYES AND THE PAWNS - Lonely / D.Y. AND MOTIVATERS - Hot Rod Ford / SHERWOODS - Podunk / SHERWOODS - Tickler / FRANK GONZALES AND THE PALISADES - Sweet Surfin Little Girl / FRANK GONZALES AND THE PALISADES - Dance To The Palisades. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00
EL PASO ROCK Volume 7: Terry Manning and The Wild Ones (Norton) Legendary producer Terry Manning grew up in El Paso, with his eyes and ears glued on his hero Bobby Fuller. Steeped and stewed in local rock n roll sounds, Terry, and his teenage garage combo The Wild Ones, recorded their version of the burgeoning early '60s Southwest ruckus. Terry came across this lost tape box recently and brought it home to Norton to hitch another piece onto the expanding El Paso rock n roll puzzle. Tracks: Nervous Breakdown / Memphis / Just This Once / Youre In Love / Hey Baby / Sweet Little Sixteen / Boney Maronie / Mathilda /Across The Bay /Forever Christine / Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) / Patty Baby / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / The Dog. All titles previously unissued. LP 14.00
EL PASO ROCK Volume 8: El Vampiro (Norton) This special volume features seventeen 1963-64 surf instrumentals - eight of them previously unissued! Tracks: MONARCS Sour Grapes* / TORQUETTS (Whos Got The) Tortillas / TORQUETTS Side-Swiped / TORQUETTS Bacardi / LOS VAMPIRANOS El Vampiro / CHUCK SLEDGE White Heat* / CHUCK SLEDGE La Bamba* / CHUCK SLEDGE Caterpillar Crawl* / FORTUNES Chi-Wa-Wa / MONARCS Talisman* / MONARCS Forever Lost / KEY MEN Sun-Burstin / KEY MEN Up To News / COUNTS Surfers Paradise / COUNTS Chug-A-Lug / EMBERS Canutillo Stomp* / MONARCS Sour Grapes (alternate take)* / MONARCS Talisman (alternate take)*- (* = previously unissued). LP 14.00

EL PRIMITIVO - AMERICAN R'N'R/ROCKABILLY (Ace) CDCHD 473. SAVE IT Mel Robbins/ OH YEAH Wally Jeffrey/ I WANNA DANCE ALL NIGHT Chuck Wiley/ IT'S LOVE Chuck Wiley/ BANDSTAND Cliffie Nash & the Rockaways/ TIMES IS TOUGH Chuck Wiley/ ARE YOU WITH ME Mel Robbins/ I WANNA SHAKE IT Curtis Hobock/ THE THUMP! The Embers/ I LOVE YOU DEARLY Jimmy Hurt And The Del Rio's/ BABY MOON Herbie Smith/ BEST DRESSED BEGGAR IN TOWN Buck Turner & the Dixielanders/ DOOR TO DOOR Chuck Wiley/ UH OH The Imps/ I WALKED ALL NIGHT The Embers/ EXPLOSION Cliffie Nash/ OUT OF GAS Chuck Howard/ TELL ME BABY Cliffie Nash/ WHY WORRY ABOUT ME Chuck Wiley/ BANDSTAND Cliffie Nash/ THAT'LL GET IT The Imps/ NO TIME FOR SISTER Cliffie Nash/ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Chuck Wiley/ JENNY LOU Cliffie Nash. CD 16.90

EVENT RECORDS: Top Rockabilly Cats (Event Records) Sixteen bop tunes from Event Records: The Dreamers - Rock 'n' Roll Baby/ Ricky Coyne - Rollin' Pim Mim/ Jimmy Copeland - Jealous Hearted Me/ Ricky Coyne - Kaw Liga/ The Javalans - Come Dance With Me/ The Four Dappers - Baby You Done Me Wrong/ Curtis Johnson - Baby Baby/ Pete Peterson - Woncha/ Scotty McKay - Rollin' Dynamite/ The Dreamers - Ding Dong/ The Javalans - Hold On Tight/ The Western Starlighters - Rockin' Too Much/ The Javalans - Your Love Will Come My Way/ The Four Dappers - Say I Do/ Ricky Coyne - Short Fat Annie/ Curtis Johnson - Headin' For The High School Hop. LP 12.90

CHARLIE FEATHERS JUNGLE FEVER (Kay) Essential 20-song compilation of Charlie's genius 50s rockers plus some cool stuff from late-60s/mid-70s. LP 12.90
CHARLIE FEATHERS WILD WILD PARTY As with the "JUNGLE FEVER" lp but with 31 cuts of his Sun & King & Kay & later stuff CD 14.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS "ONE GOOD GAL/COCKROACH" (Norton) Five star unissued gem from Charlie on the topside b/w whacked out head spinnin’ flip! 7" 6.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS "Bottle To The Baby / So Ashamed" (Norton) Sun demos. 7" 6.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS "Frankie And Johnny / Honky Tonk Kind" (Norton) Sun demos. 7" 6.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS "Corrine, Corrina / Runnin' Around" (Norton) Sun demos. 7" 6.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS UH HUH HONEY (Norton) Pretty cool LP of alla his mid-60s to early 70s country/R&R stuff. LP 14.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS TIP TOP DADDY (Norton) Unreleased and primitive demos. The material IS crude and drummerless, so it's not so rocking. Spans the years 1958 up through the early '70s. LP 14.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS We're Getting Closer To Being Apart/If You Were Mine To Lose (Norton) Two more powerful rockabilly offerings from the master! To be followed up by THREE big albums of rare and unreleased Charlie Feathers demos. 7" 6.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS WILD SIDE OF LIFE: Rare & Unissued Recordings Vol. 1 (Norton) Wild Side Of Life* / One More Time* / We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart* / Am I That Easy To Forget* / Pardon Me Mister* / Cockroach / I Want To Love You* / Wedding Gown Of White / Dig Myself A Hole* / ’Cause I Love You* / Frankie And Johnny* / Mound Of Clay / Why Pretend I Can Win* / I Forgot To Remember To Forget / A Man In Love / Folsom Prison Blues. CD adds Release Me (with Junior Kimbrough) / Charlie Feathers Interview Part One. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS HONKY TONK KIND: Rare & Unissued Recordings Vol. 2 (Norton) One Good Gal / Give Back All The Love You Gave* / Honky Tonk Kind* / I Can’t Seem To Remember To Forget* / If You Were Mine To Lose / I Lose My Mind* / Folsom Prison Blues* / We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart* / You Believe Everyone But Me / I Want To Love You* / Send Me The Pillow You Dream On / Cold Cold Heart* / Dinky John / Two To Choose / Dig Myself A Hole CD adds Feel Good Again (with Junior Kimbrough) / Charlie Feathers Interview Part Two. *=previously unissued.LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS LONG TIME AGO: Rare & Unissued Recordings Vol. 3 (Norton) Jungle Fever / Frankie And Johnny* / She’s Gone* / That’s All Right / It’s Just That Song / Why Don’t You / Knoxville Girl / I Lose My Mind* / Jungle Fever / Long Time Ago* / I Want To Love You* / Will You Be Satisfied That Way* / Folsom Prison Blues / We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart* / South Of Chicago / Mound Of Clay CD adds Lonesome Whistle / Charlie Feathers Interview Part Three. *=previously unissued. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
CHARLIE FEATHERS Liaison Field (Doxy Records) Recordings from 1955 - 1957: Peepin' Eyes/ I've Been Deceived/ Defrost Your Heart/ A Wedding Gown Of White/ Tongue-Tied Jill/ Get With It/ Everybody's Lovin' My Baby/ Can't Hardly Stand It/ One Hand Loose/ Bottle To The Baby/ When You Decide/ Nobody's Woman/ Too Much Alike/ When You Come Around/ Why Don't You/ Jungle Fever/ Runnin' Around/ We're Getting Closer To Being Apart/ Corrina Corrina/ The Man In Love/ This Lonesome Feeling/ Johnny Come Listen. LP 15.90
CHARLIE FEATHERS One Hand Loose / Bottle To My Baby (KING 4997) repro 7" 6.50

THE FRANTICS FOUR TV Mama / Down By The Old Mill Stream (Gulfstream) repro of 1960 Miami rockabilly 45 7" 6.00

VIC GALLON Im Gone b/w I'm Gone (Alt Take) (Gondola 45 RE) Monsterous 1957 Michigan Rockabilly Masterpiece by the mysterious Vic Gallon. This is truly one of the Rarest Rockabilly records with less than 5 known copies, not only is it rare but it's a Killer Too. Featuring the legendary Motown session man Dennis Coffey on Lead Guitar, this 45 is right up there with the best of 'em. As an added bonus the flip is an alternate version of "I'm Gone" presumably from a slightly later session. Unfortunatlely the sound isn't great on this Alt version but it's from (probably) only Acetate in extistance so wadja gonna do? 7" 6.50

GHOULS NIGHT OUT Volume 1 (Simpletone) GARY SPIDER WEBB The Cave Pt. 1/ SCOTTY MACGREGOR & HIS SPOOKS I'm A Monster/ DICK ST. JOHN Boogie Man/ MANN DRAKE Vampire's Ball/ THUNDERBIRDS Summertime/ GARY SPIDER WEBB The Cave Pt. 2/ BOBBY PLEASE & PLEASERS The Monster/ PLAYBOYS Whatizit?/ CARL BONAFEDE/ Werewolf/ CURTIS & CREEPERS The Thing Pt. 1/ BENT BOLT & NUTS Mechanical Man/ EXECUTIONERS The Guilotine. LP 13.50
GHOULS NIGHT OUT Volume 2 (Simpletone) AL CAIOLA Experiment in Terror/ EASTSIDERS The Mummy's Monkey/ BILY SNEL Queen Of Halloween/ BILLY DEMARCO Drac's Back/ JIMMY DEE Monster Hop/ BILLY RILEY Nightmare Mash/ DARINGERS The Morgus Creep/ LORD DENT Wolf Call/ SONNY DAYE Creature From Outer Space/ AL ELIAS King Kong/ HOLLYWOOD FLAMES Frankenstein's Den/ SAVOYS Mortal Monster Man/ JOE JOHNSON Gila Monster/ PHANTOM FIVE Graveyard. LP 13.50

GIANT GILA MONSTER VOL. 1 (Norton) Rare 1959 West Coast rock n’ roll from the vaults of Cascade Records: Joe Johnson – Gila Monster / Bob Norris – Party Time/Joe Johnson – Cool Love. 7" 6.00
GIANT GILA MONSTER VOL. 2 (166) More wild sounds from Cascade Records! Tommy Knackin –Worry Worry Worry/Joe Johnson – Gila Monster (alternate take)/Three Dimensions -Alone. 7" 6.00

ROBERT GORDON WITH LINK WRAY S/T (Bear Family) Reissue of 1977 rockabilly revival album. 180-gram LP, gatefold sleeve and 1 bonus cut: Red Hot/ I Sure Miss You/ Summertime Blues/ Boppin' The Blues/ Sweet Surrender/ Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll/ The Fool/ It's In The Bottle/ Woman (You're My Woman)/ Is This The Way/ BONUS: Endless Sleep. 180-gram LP 19.50
Fresh Fish Special (Bear Family) Reissue of 1978 rockabilly revival album. 180-gram LP, gatefold sleeve and 2bonus cuts: The Way I Walk/ Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache/ If This Is Wrong/ Five Days, Five Days/ Fire/ BONUS: Sea Cruise (Single Version)/ I Want To Be Free/ Twenty Flight Rock/ Sea Cruise/ Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)/ Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)/BONUS: Fire (Single Version). 180-gram LP 19.50


BUCK GRIFFIN LET'S ELOPE BABY (Bear Family) 28 cuts of 1956-62 hillbilly, C&W and some rockabilly, including "Stutterin Papa" and "Jessie Lee" etc. MGM & LIN recordings. CD 16.00

ARCH HALL AND THE ARCHERS Wild Guitar! (Norton) Crazed set of the collected works 1959-1964 of ARCH HALL, JR.-- star of stage, screen and records! This first time ever soundtrack collection is culled largely from newly found master tapes and features Arch's earliest solo recordings plus the Archers live in '62 at a Pensacola drive-in theatre and in '64 at a Pasadena night club! Massive illustrated bio-booklet includes interviews with Arch Jr.and the Amazing Archers, filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler, movie star Liz Renay, plus various cast and crew from Fairway International Pictures. The Sadist / Dune Buggy / Buzzola / Konga Joe / Theme From Wild Guitar / Termites / Steak's Theme / Monkey In My Hatband / Back In Business* / Run Vickie Run / Mike Calls The Shots* / Guitar Twist / A Date With Eegah / Theme From Eegah / I'm Growin' Taller / Wild Guitar Trailer / Stairfall / Twist Fever / Publicity / Money And Records / Steak / Eegah Crashes The Party / Brownsville Road / Vickie / Girl Bait / Daisy Dance / The Kidnappers / Judy Poody / Organ Twist / Bud Smells A Rat / Bud And Steak Square Off / Pep Talk / Archers Theme* / If A Man Answers* / Further On Up The Road* / Stop Sneakin' Around* / Nancy Czar Interview* / Teenage Idol* / Good Golly Miss Molly* / Wild Guitar* / Hello Mary Lou* / Susie Q* / Yes I Will* / Archers Theme Outro* / You Little Punk / Watch Your Step** / Big Boy Pete** / The Choppers (*Live 1962 Pensacola Florida / **Live 1964 Pasadena, California) CD 13.00

RAY HARRIS "Come On Little Mama" (alt take) b/w JACK EARLS "Take Me To That Place" (Sun/Norton #847) Ray's "Come On" is one of THE most frantic SUN rockabillies EVER! 7" 6.00
RAY HARRIS "Lonely Wolf" b/w JIMMY PRITCHETT "That's How I Feel" (Sun/Norton #853) Another torrid Ray Harris monster! 7" 6.00

HARVEY AND DOC Oh Baby!!/Uncle Kev (ANNETTE 1002) - Berserk screaming 1961 R&B rocker by Phil Spector & a Righteous Brother, and brother, is it righteous! 7" 6.,50

DALE HAWKINS OH! SUZY-Q! (Argo) An utter CLASSIC swampabilly rocker/ r&b blaster! This is 12 tracks of 80% BOLDNESS! LP 12.90
DALE HAWKINS ROCK 'N' ROLL TORNADO (Ace) 30 song comp of Dale's swampabillyr&b for Chess with 8 never released cuts. Can't get behind this 100% & say "Buy or Die" cauz of the fucking BACK-UP VOCAL "pop" crap that the label forced onto RUINS even some potentially great rockers. CD 16.00
DALE HAWKINS Dale Rocks (Bear Family) Digipac CD with 64-page booklet: Susie Q/ See You Soon Babbon/ Four Letter World (Rock)/ Don't Treat Me This Way/ Number Nine Train/ Baby, Baby/ Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter/ Juanita/ Teenage Dolly/ Boogie Woogie Teenage Girl/ Tornado/ Sweetie Pie/ Little Pig/ La-Do-Dada/ Who Can Say/ My Babe/ Someday, One Day/ Take My Heart/ Liza Jane/ Wild Wild World/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ Gooblie Booblie/ Lifeguard Man/ Lulu/ Back To School Blues/ Caldonia/ Every Little Girl/ Linda/ Who/ Lovin' Bug/ One Dozen Roses/ I Want You To Love/ Liza Lane (alt)/ My Babe/ The Wind (Bonus Track)- CD 17.90

RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS 99 CHICKS (Norton) A whole dang longplay CD of legendary sub-B movie actor, smut-book author, and R&Roller Ron's 50s rockabilly AND his goofy early 60s rockers, including the theme to the cult trash film "RAT PFINK A BOO BOO"!! 29 songs. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

ROY HEAD AND THE TRAITS Live It Up (Norton) Sixteen of the earliest recordings: These 1958-1962 sides include all the group’s TNT and Renner singles: One More Time/Don’t Be Blue/Live It Up/Yes I Do/ My Baby’s Blue/Here I Am In Love Again/Summertime Love/Your Turn To Cry/Walking All Day/Night Time Blues/One More Time/Don’t Be Blue/Little Mama/Linda Lou/Woe Woe/Got My Mojo Working LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

GLENN HONEYCUTT "Rock All Night" b/w JIMMY WAGES "Miss Pearl" (Norton/Sun#851) BURNING Wages cut should have YOU burnin' YOUR wages to own this! 7" 6.00

JOHNNY HORTON Take Me Like I Am - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (Bear Family) 33 tracks of early hillbilly bop and proto-rockabilly, plus 36-page booklet: Take Me Like I Am/ Tennessee Jive/ Candy Jones (acetate version)/ Smokey Joe's Barbecue/ Two Red Lips And Warm Red Wine/ The Devil Made A Masterpiece/ S.S. Lureline/ Shadows On The Old Bayou/ Broken Hearted Gypsy/ Bawlin' Baby/ Shotgun Boogie/ No True Love/ Ha Ha And Moonface/ She Knows Why/ You, You, You/ The Train With The Rhumba Beat/ You Don't Move Me Baby Anymore/ Hey, Sweet Thing/ Move Down The Line/ On The Banks Of The Beautiful Nile/ Mister Moonlight/ Out In New Mexico/ It's A Long Rocky Road/ Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, The Hound Dog/ In My Home In Shelby County/ First Train Headin' South/ Ridin' The Sunshine Special/ I'll Do It Everytime/ Seven Come Eleven/ You're My Baby/ Goodbye Lonesome, Hello Baby Doll/ Rhythm In My Baby's Walk/ Big Wheels Rollin'. CD 15.00
JOHNNY HORTON The Fantastic Johnny Horton (Bear Family) 16 cuts from his Columbia years (the original 'Fantastic Johnny Horton' LP, released in 1959, didn't contain any of these recordings..):Sal's Got A Sugarlip/ Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor/ Honky Tonk Man/ I'm Coming Home/ Honky Tonk Mind/ Tell My Baby I Love Her/ The First Train Headin' South/ Lover's Rock/ The Electrified Donkey/ All Grown Up/ Sugar Coated Baby/ Let's Take The Long Way Home/ Ole Slew Foot/ Sleepy Eyed John/ The Wild One/ I'm Ready If You're Willing. 180-gram LP 19.50

HOUSE RENT PARTY Volume 1 (Rent House Rec.) Mix of R&B, Rock'N'Roll, Instros, Rockabilly etc: Deane Hawley - Bossman/ Ebe Sneezer & The Epidemics - That's All I've Got/ The Megatons - Shimmy, Shimmy Walk Part.1/ The Scouts - Custer's Stomp/ Muddy Waters - Trouble No More/ Bruce Chanel - Come On Baby/ T-Model Ford - Chicken Head Man/ Cleveland Crochet - Sugar Bee/ The Jim Dandee's - Loco-Motion/ Ted Harris - Just Thought I'd Set Your Straight/ The Carnations - Scorpion/ Dale Wright - That's Show Biz/ Cleo Page - Goodie Train/ John Lee Hooker - I Need Some Money/ Webb Pierce - Love Love Love/ Dave "Baby" Cortez - Gettin' To The Point. LP 12.50
HOUSE RENT PARTY Volume 2 (Rent House Rec.) Mix of R&B, Rock'N'Roll, Instros, Rockabilly etc:Lightinin Hopkins & Ruth Ames - Finally Met My Baby/ Phil Flowers - No Kissin At The Hop/ The Roulettes Orchestra - Venus Rock/ Bob Taylor - Taylors Rock/ Lou Berry and the Bel Raves - Hot Rod/ Chet Atkins - Boo Boo Stick Beat/ Ray Smith - Makes Me Feel Good/ Anna Belle Caesar & Lionel Hampton - Little Annie/ John Lee Hooker - Late Last Night/ Larry Okeefe - Rolling Stone/ Fay Simmons - Dont Slam The Door On My Heart/ Evelyn Freeman - Didn't It Rain/ Sugar Pie de Santo - Slip-in Mules/ Joe Mayfield - I'm On The Move/ The Renegades - High Tension/ The Galaxies - Watch Your Step. LP 12.50

I'M GONNA ROCK (Lenox) Cool country flavored rockabilly and rockin' country: BILLY ADAMS: You Heard Me Knocking/ DELBERT BARKER: Blue Suede Shoes/ No, I Don't Believe I Will/ LITTLE DICKIE CHAFFIN: Princess Whitefoot/ BOB CRIBBIE: Rockabilly Yodel/ LEROY DALLAS: I'm Going Away/ DANNY KEEBLER: Matchbox/ THE KELLEY'S: The Great Foggy Mountain/ FUZZY LOFTON: Bounce Baby, Bounce/ RICK RICKELS: I'm Gone/ You Gonna Go Away/ RABON SANDERS: You Tore Your Playhouse Down/ ORDEN SEXTON: Rock-A-Way/ STARVIN MARVIN: Gamblin' Man/ LARRY THORNTON: Honky Tonk Ties/ RALPH WILLIS: I'm Gonna Rock CD 13.80

WANDA JACKSON ROCKIN' PARTY 20 cuts of this rockabilly gal's oft-ace 50s rockers. LP 12.90
WANDA JACKSON Live at Town Hall Party 1958 (Sundazed) Town Hall Party Intro/ Mean, Mean Man/ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/ Rock Your Baby/ Town Hall Party Intro/ Alone with You/ Queen for a Day/ Hard Headed Woman. 10" 11.50
WANDA JACKSON There’s a Party Goin’ (Rumble Records) There's A Party Goin' On/ Lonely Weekends/ Kansas City/ Bye Bye Baby/ Fallin'/ Hard Headed Women/ Tongue Tied/ It Doesn't Matter Anymore/ Tweedle Dee/ Sparkling Brown Eyes/ Lost Week End. LP 13.50
WANDA JACKSON Rockin’ With Wanda (Rumble Records) Rock Your Baby/ Fujiyama Mama/ You're The One For Me/ Did You Miss Me?/ Cool Love/ Hot Dog/ That Made Him Mad/ Baby Loves Him/ Mean Mean Man/ You've Turned To A Stranger/ Don 'A Wan'A/ I Gotta Know. LP 13.50
WANDA JACKSON S/T (Doxy) Reissue of her first Capitol LP from 1958, plus 6 bonus cuts: Day Dreaming/ I Wanna Waltz/ Heartbreak Ahead/ Making Believe/ Here We Are Again/ Long Tall Sally/ Just Call Me Lonesome/ Let Me Go Lover/ Money, Honey/ I Can't Make My Dreams Understand/ Happy, Happy Birthday/ Let's Have A Party/ Half As Good As A Girl/ Silver Threads And Golden Needles/ Cryin' Thru The Night/ Let Me Explain/ No Wedding Bells For Joe/ Just A Queen For A Day. LP 16.90
WANDA JACKSON Funnel of Love / Whirlpool (Fryers FRY020) Here we have our two favourite sides from “Queen of Rockabilly” Wanda Lavonne Jackson. “Funnel of Love" her ever-popular 1961 rock n’ roll standard. Recorded back in 1961 and covered by every half-decent rockabilly-influenced band ever since. On the Flip we up the game again with “Whirlpool”. Getting spins more recently on the European R&B and soul scene and certainly one of our fave Jackson 45s – one for the connoisseur! “Whirlpool” was also spun slowed down slightly (as is usual) on the Belgian Popcorn scene in the ‘70s. 7" 7.50

HAROLD JENKINS "Rockhouse / Crazy Dreams" (Norton/Sun#845) Conway Twitty under his real name delivers the original demo of Orbison classic! 7" 6.00

GEORGE JONES Rock It! (Encore) 30 cuts, including: Rock It/ How Come It/ Maybe Little Baby/ White Lightnin/ Who Shot Sam/ Heartbrack Hotel/ Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy/ Root Beer/ Running Bear/ Reveneooer Man/ Slave Lover/ Gonna Come Get To You/ Eskimo Pie/ No Money In This Deal/ Done Gone/ Better Stop Look & Listen/ Sparkling Brown Eyes/ You Better Treat Your Man Right/ Why Baby Why/ Nothing Can Stop/ Long Time To Forget/ etc. CD 14.00

JIMMY & JOHNNY IF YOU DON’T, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL (Bear Family) 33 cuts of cool hillbilly & C&W PLUS their deadly rockabilly blaster, “Love Me”! CD 16.00

BENNY JOY Button Nose/ If I Had You (Norton) Prev. unissued 1957 demos: A Ultracrude fast demo version of Button Nose and a unissued ballad on the flip. 7" 6.00
Crash The Party - The Benny Joy Story Vol. 1 (Norton) Benny has long been acknowledged as one of the unsung kings of rockabilly through five star killer singles like Crash The Party, Little Red Book, Spin The Bottle and Steady With Betty. Now, the Benny-obsessed Norton label rounds up all of Benny's 1957-61 wild, wild masters, scores of unissued demos and home recordings. Crash The Party/Little Girl Little Girl/ Wild Wild Lover/Stompin'/Bundle Of Love/ Steady With Betty/In Study Hall/Miss Bobby Sox/ Button Nose/Ittie Bittie Everything/Memory Of Memories/ I Remember Darling/ We'll Meet Again/ Don't Forget About Me/ Spin The Bottle. LP 14.00
BENNY JOY Rollin' To The Jukebox - The Benny Joy Story Vol. 2 (Norton) More of Benny's 1957-61 wild, wild masters, scores of unissued demos and home recordings. Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock / Hey High School Baby / Let's Be Friends/ If I Had You/ Money Money/ Night Owl/ Talkin' About It / If You Were Mine/ Ittie Bittie Everything/ Little Red Book/ Crash The Party/ Forever Now Or Never/ Gossip Gossip Gossip / I'm Doubtful Of Your Love/ Hold My Hand/ She Cried For Me.. LP 14.00
BENNY JOY I'm Gonna Move- The Benny Joy Story Vol. 3 (Norton) Part three of Benny's 1957-61 wild, wild masters, scores of unissued demos and home recordings. I'm Gonna Move/ Wild Wild Lover/ Nowhere/ Crash The Party / Hey High School Baby/ I Really Really Care/ Miss Bobby Sox / Kiss Me/ Spin The Bottle/ Steady With Betty/ Don't Make A Fool Of Me Baby/ Don't Boo Hoo Mary Lou/ If You Were Mine/ Lucky Little Old Me/ The Only One. LP 14.00
BENNY JOY Wild Wild Lover - The Benny Joy Story Vol. 4 (Norton) Part 4 of Benny's 1957-61 wild, wild masters, scores of unissued demos and home recordings. Wild Wild Lover Come Back / I'll Never Have The One I Love / Hey High School Baby/ Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock/ A Dream, A Hope, A Love/Button Nose/ Cutie Pie / I'm Doubtful Of Your Love / Dearest Darling/ Bundle Of Love/Kiss Me / Gypsy Woman/ I'm Gonna Move/ Rebel Rock. LP 14.00
BENNY JOY Love Zone - The Benny Joy Story Vol. 5 (Norton) The last Volume is Benny's POP stuff from early
60s: Love Zone/ Instead Of Me/ I'll Never Have The One I Love/ Only Time Will Tell/ (What'll I Do) Call The Zoo/ Follow Your Heart/ I Never Want To See You Again/ Eyes of Tears/ Bring Me Back My Love/ Only Time Will Tell / Forever Now Or Never/ How Could Something So Good Turn Out So Bad/ Give Me back My Heart/ Queen Of My Heart / Touchdown. LP 14.00
Crash The Rockabilly Party (Ace) CD CHD 703. Benny Joy's BOLD 50s rockabilly! Includes the unbelievable "Button Nose"! CD 16.00

JUICY DELIGHTS (Be! Sharp)Two platters of 'JUICY DELIGHTS' from the vaults of Georgia's PEACH RECORDS, featuring '50s and '60s rockabilly, boppers andinstrumentals! 31 tracks taken from original Peach Records singles plus an unissued track. The records, featuring remastered sound, are presented in a heavy quality 6-sided sleeve with liner notes, rare pictures and label scans. Limited Edition of 500 copies. Tracks: Leon Homes & His Georgia Ramblers - She's My Baby/ Ramblin' Red Bailey - You've Always Got A Frown/ Lewis Pruitt And The True Lads - Pretty Baby/ Lewis Pruitt And The True Lads - I'm In A Daze/ Dappa Smith - China Doll/ Lewis Pruitt And The True Lads - This Little Girl (Has A Magic Touch)/ John Worthan - Evalina Maloney/ John Worthan - Too, Too Many/ Ted And Johnny - Teenage Party/ The Gates feat. Bobby Ferguson - Wrapped In Green, Made For A Teen/ Dorie Sudduth - You're No Good For Me/ The Del-Tones - Green Front Boogie/ Hubert Brown - Got A Crush/ Hubert Brown - Unfaithful/ The Nitebeats - Nitebeats Are Rocking/ Hoot Gibson - Waiting At The Station/ Olen Little - The World Belongs To Me/ John Worthan - The Cats Were Jumpin'/ Ramblin' Red Bailey - Take Off Like A Bird/ The Dandies - Red Light/ Johnny Worthan - Strange Woman's Love/ Arnold Bennett - Wahoo/ Jay Brown And The Jets - Rockin' The Guitar/ Jay Brown and the Jets - Hanky-Panky/ Pat Cain - Memories/ Colman O'Neal - Town With Neon Signs/ Ott Stevens - Oh Broken Hearted Me/ Vernon Stewart - Mean Mean Baby/ Ray Godfrey - Let's Move To The City/ The Melo-Tones - Twistin Guitar/ The Melo-Tones - Walking Charlie/ John Worthan - Crazy Blue Jeans. Double LP 29.50

KICKSVILLE VOLUME 1 (Norton) 16 cuts from the Buffalo Bop "Rockabilly Acetates" CD. 10 BURNERS plus 6 weaker cuts. LP 14.00
KICKSVILLE VOLUME 2 (Norton) UNISSUED 50s rockabilly from acetates. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
KICKSVILLE VOLUME 3 (Norton) Here’s the third set in Norton’s popular KICKSVILLE series of raw unissued rockabilly acetates! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
KICKSVILLE VOL. 4 (Norton) : This SPECIAL DALLAS EDITION showcases the strong influence that Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps held over the wild bands on the Big D teen scene. In fact. Vincent's original demo of Say Mama (with Ronnie Dawson on guitar!) is on tap here! GENE RAMBO & THE FLAMES My Little Mama, Hot Lips & Swivel Hips, Dance To The Bop, Shake Rattle & Roll, Sweet Dolly, Pink Pedal Pushers & Bright Red Hair, Don't Be Cruel, Reel & Rock With My Baby; SCOTTY MCKAY Bad Times; Don't Wait; CASPER & THE GHOSTS Rockin' Round The Tombstone; VINCE MURPHY & THE CATALINAS Evil Eye; Smooth Move BOBBY RAMBO Your True Love; C'mon Everybody; Bony Moronie Twist*; STAR COMBO Honey Bunny Baby; GENE VINCENT AND RONNIE DAWSON Hey Mama (Say Mama); CARL CANIDA & THE FLAMES That's All Right; I Forgot To Remember To Forget*; KENNETH OSMIT My Babe*(*CD bonus tracks) LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES (Rumble Records) This LP collects the early singles between 1959-1961: Please Don't Touch/ Growl/ Steady Date/ Feelin' / If You Were The Only Girl and I Were The Only Boy/ You Got What It Takes/ Yes Sir That's My Baby/ Shakin' All Over/ Restless/ Magic Of Love/ Linda Lu / Let's Talk About Us/ Big Blon' Baby/ Weep No More My Baby/ More Of The Same. LP 13.50
Lost BBC Sessions And More Rare Trax (Black Flag Records) My Babe / Magic Of Love/ Growl/ f You Were The Only Girl In The World/ That's All You Gotta Do / Weep No More,My Baby/ Never Mind/ A Fool Such As I / Setarip/ Dream Lover/ I Go Ape/ Teenager In Love/ Please Don't Touch/ Restless/ Shakin' All Over / So What/ Feelin' / Please Don't Toucn (Version One)/ Shakin' All Over/ I'll Never Get Over You/ Longin' Lips/ Yes Sir,That's My Baby/ More Of The Same/ Restless/ Some Other Guy/ Please Don't Bring Me Down (Version Two)/ Growl/ Big Blon' Baby/ Let's Talk About Us/ Oh Boy/ Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo/ Ecstacy/ I Want That/ Please Don't Touch/ Hungry For Love. CD 14.00

KUSTOM ROCKERS Volume 1 (Flaming Piston) Mark Robinson - Pretty Jane/ Ronnie Gill - Geraldine/ The Deuce Coupes - Smooth Stick/ Johnny Fay - Cindy/ Arthur Thomas - Bee Sticks To Honey/ Jerry Moore - My Baby/ The Defenders - Dragbeat/ Russ Veers - Warm As Toast/ The Panics - Bony Maronie/ The Busters - All American Surfer/ Tommy Knackin - Worry Worry Worry/ Floyd Lee - Go Boy/ Kenny Hinkles' Friends - The Bee/ Trade Martin - Liverpool Baby/ Buddy Heard - Let's Rock With Me/ The Swingtones - You Know Baby/ The Deucce Coupes - Gear Masher/ The Chancellors - I'm A Man/ The Tikis - Rock-N-Robin/ The All-Niters - Summertime Blues/ The Vibrasonics - Drag Race/ Jerry Langford - Tell Me/ Los Doltons - Rey Tablista/ King Victor - Ecstacy/ Ken West - You Give Me The Willies. CD 13.80
KUSTOM ROCKERS Volume 2 (Flaming Piston) J Messina & The Jesters - Suspense Run/ Ray Sharpe - Monkey's Uncle/ Denni Alan - Sixth Solid Baby/ Marauders - I Can Tell/ Charles Jones And The Stardusters - Natalie/ John Madden And The Hidden Persuaders - Heat And Hot Water Supplied/ The Expressions - Daydream/ Randy Profitt And The Beachcombers - Check The Baby Out One Time/ Larry Tyler - Forgetful/ The Roadrunners - Roadrunner Baby/ The Saints - Wipe Out/ The Newbeats - Hey-O-Daddy-O/ Dale And The Country Squires - White Lightning/ Butch Lester - Rosie/ The Kingfolk's - Mustang/ Vickie Diaz - Your Mama Said No/ Eddie Chase - Ginger/ Bruce Marvello And The Red Coats - You've Got To Love Me Too/ Ronny And The Daytonas - Back In The USA/ Johnny Centry - Memphis, Rave On, Tennessee/ Dennie Mosley - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me/ The Frogmen - Underwater/ Marcel Martel - Mon Amour Du Rock ‘n' Roll/ Whigo - Coccinella/ Franky Preston And The Beachcomers - Republic Rock. CD 13.80
KUSTOM ROCKERS Volume 3 (Flaming Piston) The Strangers - Rockin' Rebel/ Hardrock Gunter & The Rhythm Rockers - Whoo I Mean Whee/ Ronny & The Daytonas - Hot Rod Baby/ Rod Bernard - Record In England/ John Fred - Lenne/ The Nightcaps - Marianne/ Junior Shank & The Jesters - Be Bop A Lula/ Johnny Faire - Bertha Lou/ Chuck Slaughter & The Shamrocks - Lucky 11 Rock/ Tom Carter & The Ramrods - Flyin' Saucer Twist/ Johnny Skiles - Rockin' And Rollin'/ Hal Fritz & The Playboys - Three Bad Habits/ Matt Lucas - I'm Movin' On/ Jessee Lee Turner - Shake Baby Shake/ Louie And The Ambassadors - Talk That Talk/ The Celts - Astro Surf/ Danny & The Nitro-Notes - International Whirl/ Buddy Bow - Twisting In The Jungle/ Bob Watts - Carolina Rock/ The Sirs - Wow/ The Eliminators - She's Alright/ Bill Dean - Luscious/ Renegade - C C Rider/ Cesar et les Romains - Quand J'avais 16 Ans/ Lalo - Guerrero - El Twist De Luis. CD 13.80

SLEEPY LABEEF TURN BACK THE YEARS 29-song comp of this rockabilly cat's GREAT 50s rockabilly/killer 50s/60s C&W and a few weak 70s cuts. CD 14.50

MYRON LEE AND THE CADDIES Homicide / Aw C’mon Baby (Norton) Atomic 1958 Midwest rockers! Only 400 pressed in 1958! 7" € 6.00

LET'S PAINT THE TOWN RED Vol. 2 (Floridita) Dave Clark Five - Chaquita/ Hugh Barret - Choo-Choo Twist/ Leon Smith - Flip Flop and Fly/ Gary Criss Good Golly Miss Molly/ Kenny Owens Hey Porter/ Bruno Lomas Con Los Rockeros - Carol/ Ralph Lane And The Whyte Four - You Gotta Show Me/ Eddie Noack - A Thinking Man's Woman (A Loving Man's Girl)/ Otis Redding - Shout Bamalama/ Fats Domino - If You Don't Know What Love Is/ Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line/ Velvetones - Space Men/ Ambertones - Charlena/ Bell Notes - Shortin' Bread/ Spinners - Had No Loving/ Barry Darvell - Run Little Billy. LP 12.50

JERRY LEE LEWIS Live At The Star Club (Bear Family) FINALLY OUT on VINYL again!! The best live alb ever - AND it's THE best Jerry Lee alb ever - 14-cuts of Jerry Lee ripping the living hell outta Hamburg in April 1964, backed most ably by The Nashville Teens! BURNS LIKE A MOTHERFUCK! Mean Woman Blues/ High School Confidential/ Money/ Matchbox/ What'd I Say – Part 1/ What'd I Say – Part 2/ Great Balls Of Fire/ Good Golly, Miss Molly/ Lewis' Boogie/ Your Cheating Heart/ Hound Dog/ Long, Tall Sally/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Down The Line. Gatefold sleeve, 180-gram LP 19.50
JERRY LEE LEWIS LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB (Bear Family) Fucking ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE best live alb ever - AND it's THE best Jerry Lee alb ever - 14-cuts of Jerry Lee ripping the living hell outta Hamburg in April 1964, backed most ably by The Nashville Teens! BURNS LIKE A MOTHERFUCK! CD 16.00
JERRY LEE LEWIS "Wild One / High School Confidential" (Norton/ #45-099) Pounding Sun outtakes from the Killer in crazed pic sleeve! A-side does not even appear on Bear Family box set! 7" 6.00
JERRY LEE LEWIS CLASSIC JERRY LEE (Bear Family) Insane 246-song monster box of the Killer's 1956-63 Sun sessions!! FUCKING crazy! Swank photo-packed 36-page book, LP-sized monster box! Includes great studio dialogue! 8xCD 115.00
JERRY LEE LEWIS THE LOCUST YEARS (Bear Family) 167 cuts from post-Sun 1958 up to 1968 – Country, r&r greatness! 8xCD 128.00
JERRY LEE LEWIS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (Back Biter) Cool bargain-priced 20-song CD of his Sun aceness. CD 8.00
JERRY LEE LEWIS S/T (Rumble Records) 1958 was a tumultuous year for blonde-tresses rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis. Recording for Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Records in Memphis, the pumping piano man was riding high off two monster hits and began the year with another one. And he recorded this debut LP for Sun: Side A: 1.Don't Be Cruel 2. Goodnight Irene 3. Put Me Down 4. It All Depends (Who Will Buy The Wine) 5. Ubangi Stomp 6.Crazy Arms Side B: 1 .Jambalaya 2. Fools Like Me 3. High School Confidential 4. When The Saints Go Marchin' In 5. Matchbox 6. Itll Be Me. LP 13.50

THE LONDON AMERICAN LABEL YEAR BY YEAR 1960 (ACE CDCHD 1237) LET IT ROCK - Chuck Berry/ THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN - Eddie Cochran/ WISHFUL THINKING - Wynn Stewart/ KOMMOTION - Duane Eddy/ BLUE ANGEL - Roy Orbison/ MYSTERY TRAIN - Vernon Taylor/ TINY TIM - LaVern Baker/ POETRY IN MOTION - Johnny Tillotson/ I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE - Marv Johnson/ ROAD RUNNER - Bo Diddley/ BEATNIK FLY - Johnny & The Hurricanes/ ALL I COULD DO WAS CRY - Etta James/ TOO YOUNG TO DATE - Delicates/ DON'T BE CRUEL - Bill Black's Combo/ WAKE ME, SHAKE ME - Coasters/ JUDY - Teddy Redell/ SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME - Drifters/ HEY LITTLE ONE - Dorsey Burnette/ LOVEY - Clovers/ SOMEBODY TO LOVE - Bobby Darin/ I'VE BEEN LOVED BEFORE - Shirley & Lee/ DOLL HOUSE - Donnie Brooks/ PERFIDIA - Ventures/ LIKE STRANGERS - Everly Brothers/ MY GIRL JOSEPHINE - Fats Domino/ THE GIRL ON DEATH ROW - Lee Hazlewood with Duane Eddy & His Orchestra/ SADIE'S BACK IN TOWN - Sonny Burgess/ YOU'RE SIXTEEN - Johnny Burnette. CD 16.90

LONE STAR CATS Volume 1 (Boparama Records) 4 Unissued 50's Demo's of raw Texas Rockabilly from the legendary Jack Rhodes Motel Sessions. JOHNNY DOLLAR - My Gal Friday/ JOHNNY FALLIN - Time For Love/ JIMMY JOHNSON - Rock & Roll War Dance/ UNKNOWN ARTIST - She's My Baby Doll. Nice Vintage Looking Picture Sleeve and limited to 300 copies. 7" 11.50
LONE STAR KATS Volume 2 (Boparama Records) More raw and unknown Texas Rockabilly: JOHNNY DOLLAR That's What A Little Girl Done To Me/ UNKNOWN Dig Baby Dig/ JOHNNY FALLIN Wild Dog/ UNKNOWN - Steady As A Clock. Nice Vintage Looking Picture Sleeve and limited to 300 copies. 7" 11.50

LONG GONE CATS: 16 Raw Primitive Stompers Compiled From Original 45s (Sheik Records) Jimmy Witter & The Shadows - If you love my woman/ Wayne Red Cobb - Shopping around/ Billy Jack Hale - Danger moved west/ Artie & The Mustangs - Skip hop and wobble/ Rufus Shoffner - Orbit twist/ Tommie Tolleson - Carla blues/ Lee Red Melson - Carmen Sue rock/ Jimmy Murphy - My feet on solid ground/ Corky Jones - Hot dog/ Jim Oertling - Louisiana gambler / Morey Dubouis - If you can spare the time/ Ted Embry - New shoes/ Danny Zella - Sapphire/ Bud Titus - Hocus pocus/ Harry Peppel - Thermostat baby/ Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet singing daddy. LP 14.90
LONG GONE CATS Volume 2 (Sheik) Chuck Atha: Ooh-Eee (What You Do To Me)/ The Bridge Brothers: Sticka-By-You/ Jimmie Skinner: Just Ramblin' On/ Johnny Ray Harris: Cajun Weekend/ Ferrell Brothers (With Terry & Ann): Oh! Moon/ Bobby Grove: Whistle Of The Gravy Train/ Bobby Bobo: Doggone, Longgone Blues/ Billy Tidwell & The Chivells: Folsom Prison Blues/ Al Burnette: Humpty Dumpty/ Denver Duke & Jeffery Null: Rock And Roll Blues/ Emery Blades: I Feel Like A Million/ Dave Dudley: It's Gotta Be That Way/ Bobby Roberts: Cravin'/ Charlie & Bill: Country Twist/ Jimmy Work: Rock Island Line/ Mike Clay: It's Money LP 14.90

THE LONESOME DRIFTER Eager Boy (Norton) Seventeen song roundup on Thomas Johnson, the mysterious Lonesome Drifter culled from the vaults of Shreveport’s Ram Records. His 1958 single Eager Boy stands as one of the most sought after records of all time. The Drifter’s haunting vocals and stark instrumentation make him a truly unique figure in rockabilly and hillbilly music. Eager Boy/Tear Drop Valley/Honey Do You Think Of Me/No Lovin’ No Rockin’ Blues/Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues/I Want You Back/Eager Boy (alt. take)/I’ll Be Lonesome When You’re Gone/Tear Drop Valley (alt. take)/I’ll Take A Chance/This Old World Don’t Seem The Same/I’m Gonna Quit My Crying/Blues From A Broken Heart/I Wished It Wasn’t So/Your New Love/Tear Drop Valley (alt. take)/Eager Boy (alt. take) LP14.00
THE LONESOME DRIFTER Eager Boy / Tear Drop Valley (Norton) Alternate takes - fired up versions of both sides of the Lonesome Drifter’s 1958 K label rockabilly masterpiece! 7" 6.00

BOB LUMAN Boston Rocker / Guitar Picker (Sleazy Records) Picture sleeve with linernotes on the back. 7" 6.50

3 sets of CRAZED 50s & 60s SLOP - Instros, r&b, doo-wop, wee bit of rockabilly, ETC - All the CRAZY oddball 45s made immortal by genius Pittsburgh r&r DJ MAD MIKE METROVICH! The LINERS will have you tied up for a week alone! BEAUTIFUL packaging, chock fulla label scans, photos, etc! A MUST!!!
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1 (NORTON 338) Johnny Otis Spot #1 / SONICS Psycho / SILVERTONES Get It / SCOTT WOOD Chicken Rock / RONNIE COOK & THE GAYLADS The Goo Goo Muck / BELLTONES Swingin' Little Chicky / LITTLE IKE She Can Rock / AQUA-NITES Carioca / KING ROCK AND THE KNIGHTS Send-Di / SAUCERS Cha Wailey Routa / EDDIE JONES Certainly All / CALVIN COOL El Tecolote / PATRICE HOLLOWAY Do The Del Viking / INSTRUMENTALS Chop Suey Rock / FOUR SOUNDS Mama Ubangi Bangi / JIMMY HEAP Gismo / VELS Mysterious Teenage / WZUM Radio Spot. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 2 (NORTON 339) WZUM Radio Spot / SAXONS Camel Walk / DEL-MARS Snacky Poo / CORVETTES Pick Up / HARVEY Anyway You Wanta / JAMES "RED" HOLLOWAY A La Carte / CAPS The Red Headed Flea / JIMMY KELLY Little Chickie / RHYTHYM ADDICTS Oomp Boomp / SHANE KAI RAY Jungle Talk (I Want Some Of That) / COUNT FERRELL Wizard Of Ah's / RENEGADES Geronimo / NEONS Tucson / BIG DANNY OLIVER Sapphire / SAVOYS Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil / GRAND PREES Jungle Fever / MARQUIS CHIMPS Red Rose Tea / WZUM Radio Spot.LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 3 (NORTON 340) Johnny Otis Spot #2 / BLONDE BOMBER Strollie Bun / PREMIERS Firewater / BAN-LONS I Like It / HONG KONGS Surfin' In The China Sea / DELCOS Arabia / WILD CHILD GIPSON Uncle John / AVALONS Malanese / MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch / BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS Monkey Man / MOTIVATIONS The Birds / DUVALS Cotton / J.J. JACKSON & THE JACKALS Oo-Ma-Liddi / MARINO CHOICE Cherry Juice / ERVIN RUCKER Done Done The Slop / YOUNGSTERS Zebra / BIG SYL BARNES Come On Back. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MADE IN SHADE - The Squale Presents 16 Ferocious Tracks. A solid mix of instros, early 60's rockers & primitive rockabilly. Tracks: Nomads- Icky Poo/ Aggregation - Cadlestickstomp/ Francis Lee Harris- My Babys Acting Kinda Strange/ Bleach Boys- Wine Wine Wine/ Tino - Rave On/ Pattens- Shame Shame Shame/ Los Apson - Susie Q/ Talismans- L'Interplanetaire/ Cubs- Ram ChargerNothing And The No Names- Cute Little Sweeti/ Nothing And The No Names- Bearsville Rock/ Jesters- The Big T/ Franky Preston & the Beachcombers- He She Twist/ Leon Grissom & the Roulettes- Goodbye Sweet Love/ Jim Stevens & Sue Patrick - I'm Gonna Rock Away My Worries/ Impacts - Theme From Impact. LP 11.90

GENE MALTAIS The Raging Sea/ Gangwar (Norton) Now on 45 by popular demand - Mad Man Maltais stroming 1959 Lilac Records double headed blaster! 7" 6.00

HURRICANE MARTY The Rock'n'Roll Rabbi (Norton) Super crude unissued 1958 rockabilly acetate with three guitar breaks! And yes, Marty did become a Rabbi - honest! Tracks: HURRICANE ROCK/CALYPSO BABY ROCK. 7" 6.00

MAYNIE & HOWIE Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bop / Library Rock (Rays) Unissued take of Maynard Horlick's demented Rockabilly Classic "Do The Bop,Bop,Bop". This acetate only version features Maynie's buddy Howie Sandler. repro 7" 6.50

MIAMI ROCKABILLY (Ace) 32 track CD wirh PLENTY of great primitive rockabilly from Florida. Only about 10 dull "rockabillyrock-abillyrock-orockorolla" style dull cuts. WESLEY HARDIN with ROXSTERS/BUCK TRAIL/ROXSTERS/KENT WESTBERRY & CHAPERONES/TOMMY SPURLIN/RHYTHM ROCKETS/ART LAW/ROSS MINIMI/ BOBBY GAY & SPARKLETONES/JIM VOYTEK/ CURLY JIM & THE BILLEY ROCKS etc. CD 16.00

MICHIGAN ROCKERS VOLUME 1 (Rock Therapy) 20 tracks. CD 14.00
MICHIGAN ROCKERS VOLUME 2 (Rock Therapy) 20 tracks CD 14.00

TURNER MOORE I'll Be Leaving You /JACK & THE KNIGHTS Rock The Blues Away (Norton) Two mega rare rockers on one platter! 7" 6.00

MUSICAL LINN TWINS INDIAN ROCK/ROCKIN OUT THE BLUES (Norton) INCREDIBLY wacked 50s mumble-billy weirdness!! 7" 6.00

NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 1 (B Sharp) 14 cuts of SOLID 50s rockers – packaged in a FILTHY porno sleeve! LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 2: 14 unbelievable wild Rockers From The 50's (B Sharp) Good 2nd Volume of rare Rockabilly. Most of the stuff is unissued on vinyl or not available on vinyl since a while. Again with filthy 50s porno artwork! TEX NEIGHBOURS: Rockin' Beat/ KENNY SMITH: I'm So Lonesome Baby/ BOBBY SMITH: She's Gone From Me/ HAROLD & OFFBEATS: Three Years/ DENNIS VOLK: You're The One/ AL FERRIER: No No Baby/ JIMMY WRAY: Take My Love/ MAYLON HUMPHRIES: Worried 'Bout You Baby/ JIMMY KIRKLAND: Come On baby/ ECHOMORES: Cute Chick/ EDDIE CLEARY: Meet Miss Susie/ DANNY DARREN: Fool About You/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: A Burning Coal/ TEX NEIGHBOURS: Ain't Going That Route. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 4: 14 Breathtaking Flipsters From The 50's (B Sharp) LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 5: 14 Unearthed Blasters from the 50's (B Sharp)  LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 6 (B Sharp) LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 7 (B Sharp) LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 8 (B Sharp) There seems to be a endless source of 50s porno pics..: FD Johnson - Be My Baby ; Al Davis - Go Baby Go ; Tommy Moreland - Bang Band ; Ralph - Ive Got It ; Hank Davis & Electras - Women Train ; Farris Wilder - Its All Your Fault ; Clay Eager - Helen Jo; Perry La Pointe - Bo Rock ; Jimmy Keller - Brush Pile Burn ; Harold White - You're Not Mine ; The Relyeahs - Country Boy ; The Kingbeats - I've Been A Bad Bad Boy ; Betty Smith - Yeah Baby ; Rick Bounty - It Will Be Me LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 9 (B-Sharp) I had to laugh out loud unpacking the box with this Volume - hilarious pics!! And you get once more 14 solid 50s rockers! LEE MITCHELL: Who's That Big Man; JOHNNY GARMON: You're Wrong; BOBBY EVERHART: Little Girl; LEROY DOBSON: I Wanta Make Love; SONNY RUSSELL: 50 Megatons; DANNY & GALAXIES: If You Wanna Be My Baby; TOMMY CASSELL: Run Along Little Girl; BUDDY WATSON: If I Had Me A Woman; KENT WESTBERRY: My Baby Don't Rock Me; PAUL BALLENGER: I Hear Thunder; KENNY BAKER: Goodbye Little Star; THE NIGHTHAWKS: When Sin Stops; RANDY LUCK: I Was A Teenage Caveman; CHARLES WALTON: Four Four Time. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 10 (B-Sharp) 14 more solid 50s rockers. HANK LE GAULT: I Knew; ROY JAMES: Rock And Roll Mama; CHUCK WILEY: I Wanna Dance All Night; LINK WRAY: Ain't That Loving You Baby; STORMY & HIS STALLIONS: Hot Rockin Baby/ BOBBY WALL: Baby It's Too Much; DICK SEATON: Jukebox Rock; CARLOS DIAZ: Sugaree; CURLY SANDERS: Brand New Rock And Roll; LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER: Flagpole Rock/ LONNIE MILEY: Satellite Fever And Asiatic Flu; TOMMY CASSELL: I Ain't What You Got; JACK KITCHEN: Hot Rod Boogie; NELSON RAY: Walkin' Shoes LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 11: 14 Storming Whirlwinds From The 50s (B SHARP) Two new Volumes - same concept. PHIL GREY Bluest Boy In Town/ DARRELL RHODES Runnin' & Chasin'/ ALLEN PAGE Sugar Tree/ BENNY ENGLAND Eloping/ BILL BELL Little Bitty Girl/ JOHNNY CARLTON She's A Moonlighter/ THREE RAMBLERS R'nR Tonight/ BOB CALLAWAY Tick Tock/ RODGER & TEMPESTS Bad Bad Way/ BOBBY VERNE Red Hot Car/ PAT CUPP I Guess It's Meant That Way/ PAUL WHEATLEY I'm Not Moving/ GEORGE WESTON I Need You Baby/ TEDDY & ROUGHRIDERS Thunder Head. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 12: 14 Terrific Hot Shots From The 50s (B SHARP) Two new Volumes -same concept. THE TEMPESTS Rockin' Rochester/ BOP CATS Baby Baby/ JIMMY KIRKLAND I Wonder If You Wonder/ PETER LEWIS Four City Rock/ LYNN PRATT They're Learning/ THREE RAMBLERS Tom Cat Daddy's Blues/ MYSTERY TRIO Willie Joe/ THE DARTS Square Town/ HANK LeGAULT Shame/ JIMMY LEE You Aon't No Good To Me/ PAT CUPP That Girl Of mine (demo version)/ BOBBY WAYNE I Love My Baby/ ROD WILLIS Will Travel/ TEDDY & ROUGHRIDERS Tomahawk. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 13: 14 Mindblowing Delights From The 50s (B-SHARP) Royce Porter/ Rockin Continentals/ Del Mingos/ Tony Casanove/ Lenny & Star Chiefs/ Beecher Hickman/ Sonny Wallace/ Twiliters/ Chavis Brithers/ Jack Huddle/ Benny Joy/ The Crew/ Bobby Lawson/ Glenn Mooney. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 14: 14 Rumbling Bashers From The 50s (B-SHARP) Billy Adams/ Dixie Dee/ Steve Alaimo/ The Escorts/ Tony Casanove/ Bozo Ratcliff/ Thunderbirds/ Starfires/ Winnie Star/ Lucky Plank/ Bob James/ Jack Starr/ Billie Perkins/ Gene Terry. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 15: 14 Magnificent Shockers From The 50's (B-SHARP) LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 16: 14 Electrifying Blasts From The The 50's (B-SHARP) LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 17: 14 Godlike Excecutioners From The 50's (B-Sharp) Beware (once again..) of 50s porn pics on sleeve...: RHYTHM ROCKETS The Slide/ HENRY HENRY Baggie Maggie/ DAVE TRAVIS I Don't Like It/ RICKY & THE STOMPERS Wild One/ TORNADOES Tornado Twist/ JOE RICHIE Across The Bay/ MIKE WAGGONER & BOPS Guitar Man/ LINK WRAY Mary Ann/ ROCK-A-TEENS Doggone It Baby/ NITEBEATS Nitebeats Are Rocking/ ROXSTERS So Long/ MAYNARD HORLICK Do The Bop Bop Bop/TEX NEIGHBRS Rock And Roll Dot. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 18: 14 Lightning Rockers From The 50's (B-Sharp) Beware (once again..) of 50s porn pics on sleeve...: MARVIN JACKSON Gee Whiz Miss Liz/ MIKE Mc ALISTER I Don't Dig It/ BOB GRADY Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop/ JIVE KINGS Preacher Man/ FRANCIS ZAMBON Our Love Will Last/ JOHN WORTHAN Too Too Many/ JOHNNY FULLER All Night Long/ LWW MITCHELL Rootie Tootie Baby/ DANNY WHEELER Teenie Weenie Man/ STORMY & STALLIONS Mind Your Own Business/ SPIRALS Baby You Just Wait/ EDDIE REYNOLDS Teen Lover/ GUITAR JEFF Jump And Shout/ JAN DAVIS Destination Love. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 19 (B-Sharp) DONNIE DEAN: Frankie And Johnny/ CLEAR WATERS: Hillbilly Blues/ LEE DRESSER: Thinkin' 'Bout Your Love/ BILLY SMITH: Johnny Machine/ GARY WARREN: Werewolf/ T.K. HULIN: Little Bitty Boy/ AVON & THE RAVE-ONS: Honey Honey Honey/ THE PHANTOM: Love Me (Alternate Verion)/ JAMES GALLAGHER: Ford And Shaker/ CLYDE STACEY: I Sure Do Love You Baby/ DONNIE DEAN: Ruby Lee/ BUDDY SHARPE: Jump Into The River/ THE RIMFIRES: Un-Gowa/ BILL CARROLL: Feel So Good. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY Volume 20 (B-Sharp) JIM HOWARD: Jimbo Twist/ TOMMY HARBIN: Lovers Lane Blues/ THE MONARCHS: She's Mine/ CHUCK TYLER: She's My Baby/ JOHNNY WALEEN: Mystery Train/ LEE DRESSER: Beat Out My Love (Alter.)/ THE REEKERS: Don't Call Me Flyface/ THE SONICS: Marlene/ CRAZY TEENS: Crazy Date/ MACKEY BEERS: That Jim/ BILLY BARTON: Crazy Lover/ SKIP STANLEY: Satellite Baby/ STEVE ALAIMO: Should I Care/ GIN GILLETTE: Train To Satanville. LP 12.90
NASTY ROCKABILLY The Box: 10-CD Boxset (B-Sharp) The 20 LP album series released as a deluxe oversized 10-CD BOX edition, including 310 cuts and a 10x10" full colour booklet with 28 pages of all label shots of the original 45s, the LP sleeves featuring filthy porn pics, and more. 10-CD Boxset 65.00
NASTY ROCKABILLY Twenty LP Box Set (B-SHARP) All twenty LP's in one deluxe box edition, limited to 200 copies. All 310 cuts with original x-rated sleeves and label shots. 20 LP- Box 255.00

RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS SCREAM (Crypt-045) Plus “LITTLE DEMON” and an unissued 1959 demo, “NEVER, NOT AGAIN”. MONSTROUS 1962 SCREAM-A-BILLY franticity to the Nth Degree! LUSCIOUS GATEFOLD SLEEVE crammed with PICS & INFO galore! SHEET MUSIC so you can SCREAM/SING ALONG! All recorded in BEST POSSIBLE SOUND!! Gatefold sleeve 7" 6.50

NOTHING AND THE NO NAMES Bearsville Rock/ Cute Little Sweetie (Norton) Two crude and crazy unknown rockers! Less than ten original copies on the Brenda-label are known to exist! 7" 6.00

OBSCURITIES Volume One: 12 Hot Rockers From The 50s and 60s (Rockers Trip) Limited 12 tracks compliation: Phantom Freighter – The Citations – (T. & J. Flynn)/ Double Whammy – Jack Bedient & The Chessmen – (Bedient) / Chicken Back Part I – The Curios – (Bobby Brown) 2’04/ One Potato, Two Potato – The Crossfires – (H. Kaplan – Al Nichol – J. Tucker)/ They Just Rocking & Rolling – (Sanders – B.B.)/ Justine – Meep Meep and The Roadrunners – (Terry, Harris)/ Cry Girl – The Kan Dells – (Best – Burch – Vanderschagen)/ Diggin’ Out – Tommy and The Hustlers – (Lawrence – Narducci)/ Cindy Lou – Keith O’ Conner – (Aguilar – Murphy)/ Kee-Mo-Sabee – Sonny Oliver and The Statics – (F. Bidasha – S. Oliver)/ High Heel Sneakers – The Mards – (Robert Higgenbotham)/ Hey Hey – The Intruders – (Hecker – Ernest – Buell). 10" 12.90
OBSCURITIES Volume 2: 12 Hot Rockers From The 50's And The 60's (Rockers Trip) Jezebel - The Teddy Boys/ Let's Have A Party - The Dynamic Drifters/ It's Over Now - Tom & The Tempest's/ She's A Queen - The Reactors/ Now I've Got A Woman - Freddy King/ Lucillia - The Country Boys/ Secret Agent Man -Johnny Rivers/ Hide And Seek - The Sheep/ Charmaine - Freddie Milander & The Colors/ Skinny Minnie - Jd & The Expressions/ I'm Gonna Surprice You - The Sting Rays/ Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers. 10" 12.90

ROY ORBISON "Domino" b/w GENE ROSS "Everybody's Tryin' To Kiss My Baby" (Sun/Norton #846) ROY's best plus the utterly PUNKROCK ROSS cut! 7" 6.00

KENNY PARCHMAN Get it Off Your Mind/ Love Crazy Baby (Sun SP-107) First timer ever on 45s for these 2 legendary unissued Sun boppers! In stylin' hardcover sleeve! 7" 11.50

PARTY DATE! (Norton) This wild, wild party roars with four frantic 1958 Dallas rockers - two not originally issued! GENE RAMBO AND THE FLAMES – My Little Mama / CARL CANIDA AND THE FLAMES – Party Date / VINCE MURPHY AND THE CATALINAS - Speechless / SCOTTY McKAY – Bad Times 7" 6.00

EVERETT PAULEY & THE SWINGING DRIFTERS Little Girl/ The Gypsy Wild guitar rockabilly from 1963 7" 6.90

DICK PENNER "Move Baby Move" b/w RAY GARDEN "This Chick" (Sun/Norton #842) Two sided Sun rockabilly beastie - Pluck that chickie! 7" 6.00

CARL PERKINS UP THROUGH THE YEARS 1954-57 (Bear Family) 25 Sun cuts of Carl's guit-driven rockabilly greatness. CD 16.00
CARL PERKINS King Of Rockabilly (Essential Gold) 22 cut compilation. CD 11.00
CARL PERKINS "Her Love Rubbed Off" b/w KEN COOK "Problem Child" (Sun/Norton #841) Perkins at his rawest on FILTHY sex-soaked masterpiece b/w Cook rocker! 7" 6.00
CARL PERKINS "Put Your Cat Clothes On" b/w WARREN SMITH "Stop The World" (Sun/Norton #854) The SMITH tune is anthem aplenty for year 2004, baby! 7" 6.00
CARL PERKINS THE CLASSIC (Bear Family) 134 cut box set with 76 Sun songs, AND the GODLIKE C&W weepers "Drink Up & Go Home" and "The Way You're Living Is Breaking My Heart". 3 takes each of "Blue Suede Shoes/Honey Don't/All Mama's Children" The remaining 58 cuts are from his dull later Columbia /Decca sessions. 5xCD 72.00
CARL PERKINS Whole Lotta Shakin' (Rumble Records) Rockabilly legend Carl Perkins was born into humble beginnings and spent his early years picking cotton and playing electric guitar in a band with his brothers. Signed to Sun Records by Sam Phillips in 1954, he didn't get the big one till he recorded "Blue Suede Shoes" in 1956. After a fairly slow start, the song with the tremendous beat and novel words about the blue suede shoes started moving and became a million seller. When Johnny Cash left Sun to go to Columbia in 1958, Carl followed him over and recorded Whole Lotta Shakin in June of that year, reinterpreting most of the Sun Records singles hits that made him the Rock And Roll of Fame elected star he later became. Tracks - Side A: 1.Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On 2. Tutti Frutti 3. Shake Rattle And Roll 4. Sittin' On Top Of The World 5. Ready Teddy 6. Long Tall Sally Side B: 1. That's All Right 2. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows 3. Good Rockin' Tonight 4. I Got A Woman 5. Hey Good Lookin 6. Jenny Jenny. LP 13.50
CARL PERKINS Put You Cat Clothes On (Norton) Sun session warm up takes, half of them with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano! Tracks: 'Put Your Cat Clothes On', 'Sweethearts Or Strangers', 'Everybodys Trying To Be My Baby', 'Honky Tonk Babe', 'Her Love Rubbed Off', 'Lend Me Your Comb', Be Honest With Me', 'Caldonia', 'Sure To Fall', 'Pink Pedal Pushers', 'I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry', 'Dixie Fried', 'Put Your Cat Clothes On'. LP 14.00

THE PIRATES Live In America (Goofin Records) The PIRATES live at the Cellar Door, Washington DC, in 1978. limited pressing of 500 copies. Cuts: Please Don't Touch/ I Can Tell/ Linda Lu/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Don't München It/ Gibson Martin Fender/ Tear It Up/ Voodoo/ That's The way You Are/ Honey Hush/ Johnny B Goode's Good/ You Don't Own Me/ Shakin All Over/ Lonesome Train/ All In It Together/ Johnny B Goode. LP 11.50

JOHNNY POWERS & THE A-BONES "Mama Rock / New Spark" (Norton) Modern recordings and damn great! "New Spark" is a fuckin' incredible song! 7" 6.00
JOHNNY POWERS LONG BLONDE HAIR (Norton) Some pretty goddamn hot 50s rockabilly from this Detroit based yelper! 20 cuts, mostly cool. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

PRIMITIVE! ROCK-A-BILLY Volume 1(B-Sharp 6/25) The label that brought you the Nasty Rockabilly series with a new compilation of primitive rockabilly from 1956-1963: Doug Dickens - Raw Deal/ Rabon Sanders - You Tore You're Playhouse Down/ JR & Golden Nuggets - Lazy River Blues/ Cliff Davis - Hard Hearted Girl/ Ronny Hines - Ive Got A Woman/ Linden Day - Sugar Rock/ Tennessee Drifters - Chinese Maid/ RA Faulk - My Babys Gone/ Rex Hale - Down At Big Mamas House/ Night Hawks - You're My Baby/ Trail Blazers - Grandpa's Rock/ Roy Wayne - Honey Won't You Listen/ Art Ontario - Wiggle Walkin Boogie/ Bobby Dean - The Amazon Dance/ Billy Adkinson - Rock A Mo/ Tom Crook - Weekend Boogie. LP 12.90

THE RAGING TEENS VOLUME 2 (Norton) 1950s/early 60s R&R/rockabilly from the New England area. 18 cuts by Ricky Coyne & His Guitar Rockers/Gene Malatais/ Curtis Johnson/Joe Therrien, Jr./Dwaeless Fearsley/The Spirals/Ricky & The Uniques/The Javalins/The Del Mingos/etc. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00
THE RAGING TEENS VOLUME 4 (Norton) Fourth volume at last of Norton's New England 50s/early 60s rockabilly/instro series - and the BONUS is none other than a COMPLETE SET of punkabilly god BOB VIDONE hisself! Yeah, tha's right: THE cat behind the put-out-or-die-off classic "Going My Way"! LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

RAMPAGE! (Atomic Passion) 17 full throttled rockers! Carl Newman Rockin’ And A Boppin’ / Steve Alaimo Home By Eleven / Guitar Jeff Jump And Shout / Terry Daly You Don’t Bug Me / Cruisers Betty Ann / Jack and the Knights Rock The Blues Away / Bob Taylor Don’t Be Unfair / Jive Kings Preacher Man / Richie Richardson The Jump / Bucky & the Premieres Crui-sin’ / Willie Ward I’m A Madman / Bobby Wayne Swing Train Twist / Junior Dean Chick Chick / Jerry Parsons Don’t Need No Job / Danny & the Galaxies If You Want To Be My Baby / Gems Shutdown / Linc Jeffries On The Rampage   LP 14.00

RAREST ROCKABILLY & HILLBILLY BOOGIE THE BEST OF ACE ROCKABILLY (ACE) CD CHD 311. OK - They SHOULDA started this CD off with tracks #15-28 from the "Best Of Ace Rockabilly" lp, cos tracks 1-14 are rather snoozeville, with the exception of 5 solid cuts. So... jump forward to tracks 15-28 & let ‘er RIP! CD 16.00

RAW MEAT Volume 1: Infectious Rock Billy (Hog Maw) Rare Hick Primitive Rockabilly. Limited pressing on red wax. Tracks; Glen Cooper & his Jets "Just Rockin'"/ Harold Zahner with Johnny Smith & Missouri Two "Shake Baby Shake"/ Bill Willis & Family " Right Kind Of Woman"/ Bill Willis & Family "Bad Land Shimmey" (instrumental) /Tex Holland "Why Don't You Change Your Ways"/ Lloyd Harp & his Hoosier Rhythm Boys "I Slow Boogie Rock"/ Jimmy Walls "Look At Me Eyes"/ Roy E. Moore & Tennessee Drifters "Black-Out" (instrumental)/ Roy E. Moore & Tennessee Drifters "Let Me Be Your Man"/ Robert Keel & Drifting Rangers "Take A Chance With Me". 10" € 12.50
RAW MEAT Volume 2: Stoney Mountain Bop (Hog Maw) Rare Southern Primitive Rockabilly Bop. Limited pressing on clear wax. Tracks: Avery & Country Boys "Grandpa's Twist"/ Leon & Carlos "Rock Everybody"/ Leon & Carlos "Rock Run Blues"/ Warren Robbe "My Chicken Pen"/ Chandos McRill & Excellons "Poor Me"/ Hodges Brothers "I'm Gonna Rock Some Too"/ Bob Varney & Stoney Mt. Playboys "Stoney Mt. Boogie"/ Bill Willis & Goldie Norris "Goin' Down To Sal's House"/ Arvel Lewis "Pine Mountain Boogie"/ Wayne Satkamp & Five Aces "Barber Hair Blues". 10" 12.50

KAI RAY I Want Some Of That/Trashman's Blues (Norton) Wacked Minneapolis trashrocker with jungle noises b/w the tune from which the 'Surfin Bird' crew copped their name! 7" 6.00

JODY REYNOLDS “Endless Sleep” (Buffalo Bop) Includes the great death ballads - and m'fave "Devil Girl"! CD 13.50

BILLY LEE RILEY "She's My Baby" b/w GENE SIMMONS "Peroxide Blonde & A Hopped-Up Model Ford" (Sun/Norton #850) Gads: Izzat Riley cut only 1:25? Yass - And FAST! 7" 6.00

ROCK & ROLL COUNTRY STYLE Volume 2 (American Music Records) 20 tracks. CD 14.00

ROCK OUT OF THIS WORLD Volume 2 (Boparama Records) 3 new beauties with 50s and 60s Rockabilly, manic guitar rockers and tuff surf instros: FUGITIVES On Trial/ HEYBURNERS Speedway/ TEDDY & ROUGH RIDERS Money & Gold/ FADING TRIBESMEN More Feathers/ DOUG WEISS Do You Love Another/ JIM OERTLING Back Forty/ CURIOSITIES Money/ JIMMY SIMMS THUNDERBIRDS Twistin On The Beach/ BRADLEY BOYS Lovin Class/ BOBBY SIMMS & SIMMERS Big Mama/ EARL MACK Oh, I Love You So/ BOBBY CROWN & KAPERS One Way Ticket/ DAVE JOHNSON International Runaway/ INFERNOS (A Little More) Tequila/ VANGUARDS Roll Over Beethoven/ REBEL ROUSERS Matchbox. Ltd. to 500 copies LP 12.90
ROCK OUT OF THIS WORLD Volume 3 (Boparama Records) 3 new beauties with 50s and 60s Rockabilly, manic guitar rockers and tuff surf instros: MARVELUSS MICKEY & ROCK-A-SONICS Do The Robot/ JACKIE DALLAS & TIARAS Bullmoose/ ALEXANDER & THE GREATS Hot Dang Mustang/ TOMMY BLAKE $-F--Folding Money/ BILLY JACK HALE I Take My Hat Off To The Blues/ JOHNNY BELL The Third Degree/ CHAMPS Drag Strip/ BENNY JOY Wild Wild Lover (alt. take)/ CORVETS Wailin Wailin Party/ R.DEAN TAYLOR & SHADOWS Long Way To St. Louis/ ARBIS HANYEL Roadhouse Rock/ ROD LITTLE TRIO Sweet Lookin Mama/ DANNY JOHNSON & RHYTHM MAKERS Tired Of Working For The Other Man/ RHYTHM SURFERS '502'/ CARL MAN & THE KOOL KATS Satelite No 2/ BOSSMEN I'm Ready. Ltd. to 500 copies LP 12.90

ROCK ROCK ROCK: FRENCH ROCK'N'ROLL 1956-1959 (Born Bad) 16 french r'n' cuts. LP comes with a nice printed inner sleeve and french liner notes: LP 13.00

THE ROCK-A-ROUND (Norton) Norton review: Hair raisin’, brain blazin’ sounds from NRC, the pompadour palace where overdrive is the only option! Dig the killer kreme of their crazy crop, ripe with early whomps from big time chartbusters and stormy stompers from hopped up rockabilly git-n-splitters - all cut for Bill Lowery’s mega-legendary short-lived Atlanta-based waxery. All tracks 1958-1960! Detailed notes, posh package, superb sound! Wig hat not included! ! LP 12.00

ROCK'N'ROLL FROM OUTER SPACE Volume 1 (Outer Space Rec) Hmm, not really a outer space theme record: Moon Twist - Chuck Dallis/ Such a Mess - Lloyd Price/ The Livin' End - Scott Engel/ Cry Little Girlie - Benny Banta/ I'll Come Running - Harold Dorman/ Tight Capris - Jody Reynolds/ Boom Stix - Curley And The Jades/ Rain, Rain - Dick Fagan/ Bad News - Al Turnage And The Turnpikes/ Mona Lisa - Conway Twitty/ Daisy Belle - Andy Dio/ Baby Shame - Clyde Stacy/ Lend Me Your Comb - Bernie Nee/ Talk That Talk - Loui And The Ambasadors/ Betty Jean - Skip And Flip/ Goin' Back To School - Bob Skelton LP 11.90

ROCK'N'ROLL IN MY BED 16 Canadian Rockin Tracks (Canadian Collector) Marcel St Jean And The Jitters - The Big Black Jacket/ Gordie Sullivan - Rocking Chair Mama/ Hughie Scott And The Meteors - Be Bop A Lula/ Les Jaguars - Attaque/ The Novatones - May Lee/ Ron Mc Leod And The Lincoln Country Boys . Don't Come Crying/ The Melody Makers - Leo's Twist/ Marcel Martel - Mon Amour Du Rock & Roll/ Leo Benoit - R&R Dans Mon Lit (R&R In my Bed)/ Big John And The Hot Toddys - Shakin And Stompin'/ Les Travellers - Hound Dog/ George Sullivan - 40 days/ Leo Benoit - Le R&R C'est Bon (R&R Is Good)/ Al Oster - 918 Miles/ Rock a Tunes - Tomorrow/ Les Megatones - Diane. LP 11.90

ROCK'N'ROLL ORGY VOLUME 6 Walter Brown/The Trailblazers/Lynn Pratt/Gray Montgomery/Curley Jim/Loyd Howell/Artie Morris/Deacon And The Rock & Rollers/Jerry Durham/Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt/Jimmy Smith/Hardrock And The Rhythm Rockers/Leon Bowman/Tony & Jackie Lamie/Al Reed/Frank Evans/Arnold Van Winkle/Tommy Moreland/Jimmy Kirkland/Dick Tacker/Gene Stacks/Vern Pullens/Bud Landon/Joe Lombardie/Tommy "Jim" BeamCD 14.00
VOLUME 7Marlon 'Madman' Mitchell /Johnny Taylor/Darrel Rhodes/Danny Dell/Speck And Doyle/The Vibes/Larry O'Keefe/Rodger & The Tempests/Roy Gentry/Danny Darren/Tiny Tim/Little Mac/Three Aces & A Joker/Uncle Buck Lite/Bobby Sisco/Harvey Hurt/Herbie Duncan/Jules Blattner/Tony & Jackie Lamie/Buddy Howard/Bobby Wayne/Jim Francis/Herbie Duncan/Walter Brown/Dickie Damron.CD 14.00
ROCK'N'ROLL ORGY Volume 8 (FD6908) Killer New Volume in the Orgy series. 10 page booklet fulla Full Colour Label Shots and Info, including a picture of Sleepy La Beef beating a man to death with his own torn off arm !!!!! now that's Rock 'N' Roll. 1. Harold McKinnon - Little Jump Joint, 2. Arlie Miller - Lou Ann, 3. Ray Campbell - A Ball Tonight, 4. Bobby Roberts - Big Sandy, 5. Al Sweatt - I Hate Myself, 6. Robert A Irvine - Fastest Short In Town, 7. Jimmy Grubbs - Let's Rock Tonight, 8. Jimmie Piper - Bonfire, 9. The Sabres - Puppet, 10. Wally Willette - Pink Elephants, 11. Turner Moore - I'll Be Leaving You, 12. Bob Vidone - Untrue, 13. Buddy Phillips - Coffee Baby, 14. Rex Hale - Down At Big Mamas House, 15. Gene Davis - I've Had It I'm Through, 16. Bill Davenport - Rock'N'Roll with Mom & Dad, 17. Ron Berry - I'll Give You All My Love, 18. Jackie Benson - Gotta Get You,You,You off My Mind, 19. Rex Hale - Darn Dem Bones, 20. Wally Willette - Eenie Meanie, 21. The Sabres - My Hot Mama, 22. Bobby Roberts - She's My Woman, 23. Al Sweatt - Let's Paint The Town Red, 24. Tommy La Beef - Tore Up, 25. Harold McKinnon - You Don't Love Me Baby, 26. Unknown Artist - Blonde Head Woman CD 14.00
ROCK'N'ROLL ORGY Volume 9 [FD6909 CD] 27 Rockabilly & Rock’n’Roll tracks from original 45s, re-mastered for super fidelity. 10 page booklet full of label shots, sleeve notes & rare pic’s included:  Bob Callaway -Tick Tock (unknown earlier version) / The Braves Vocal Nat Couty - Woodpecker Rock/  Billy Adams - Rock Pretty Mama/ LaVerne Stovall - Left Behind/ Sonny Russell - 50 Megatons/ Morris Brothers - Rockin Country Fever/ Bobby Rutledge - Go Slow Fatso/ Vic Gallon - I’m Gone (previously unissued acetate version)/ Johnny Dove - Looking For Money/ Bennie Hess - Wild Hog Hop/ Hank LeGault - I Knew/ Curly Sanders - Brand New Rock And Roll/ Buck Trail - Knocked  Out Joint On Mars/ The Rebelaires featuring Sammy Smith -  Satellite Rock/ Dottie Jones - Honey Honey/ Stan Gunn and the Country Hepcats - Baby Sitter Boogie/ Wallace Waters - Holiday Hill/ Bill Watkins - Missed The Workhouse/ Rebel Rousers - Red Headed Woman/ Bobby Carter - If You’re Gonna Shake It/ Jack Lane - King Fool/ Ric Cartey - Scratching On My Screen/ Robbie Robbins - Hurry/ Darrell Rhodes - Runnin’ And Chasin’/ Dubb Pritchett - Five O’Clock Hop/ Mike McAlister - I Don’t Dig It/ Mike And Nancy - Twenty One.  CD  14.00

ROCKABILLY VOL. 2 (Peerless) 12 cuts in crystal crisp roar! LP LP 11.90
ROCKABILLY VOL. 3 (Peerless) 14 more Rockabilly classics in fantastic sound quality: ART ADAMS - Dancing Doll/ DON WADE - Gone Gone Gone/ CHUCK ATHA - Ooh -Eee (What You To To Me)/ JIMMY PATTON - Yah! I'm Movin'/ CURTIS POTTER - I'm A Real Glad Daddy/ ORBITS - My Rosa Lee/ JIM McDONALD - Let’s Have A Ball/ DAVID RAY - Lonesome Baby Blues/ RALPH HODGES - Honey Talk/ BILLY PRAGER - Do It Bop/ JIMMY PRITCHETT - Thats The Way I Feel/ DON WADE - Oh Love/ MEL McGONNIGLE - Rattle Shakin Mama/ RICK RICKLES - I’m Gone LP 11.90

ROCKABILLY RACE Vol 1 (RAB01) Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Hollis Champion & The Secrets/ Let's Rock Tonight - Jimmy Grubbs & His Music Makers/ Zzztt, Zzztt, Zzztt - Wink Lewis With Buz Busky & His Band/ Won't Tell You Her Name - Al Urban/ How About Me - Jimmy Johnson, Al Casey & The Arizona Hayriders/ Teenage Ball - Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits/ Gonna Be Better Times - Al Urban/ Slipping Out & Sneaking In - Joe Clay/ Snatch It & Grab It - Freddy Hart/ Mistery Train - Johnny Waleen/ Bloosshot - The String Kings/ Steady With Betty - Benny Joy/ You Ought To See Grandma Rock - Skeets Mc Donald/ Little Red Book - Benny Joy/ Scratching On My Screen - Ric Carty & The Jivatones/ I Need It - Ray McCoy/ In The Deep Dark Jungle - Bob Luman/ Looking For A Woman - Hershal Almond/ I'm Gone Mama - Jim Murphy & The Accents/ Love Come Back To Me - Jimmy Patton/ Hep Cat - Larry Terry/ Ice Cold Baby - Marlon "Madman" Mitchell & The Rocketeers/ 16 Cats - Joey Michaels/ Sitting On Top Of The World - Pat Cupp & His Flying Saucers/ Baby Come Back - Pat Cupp & His Flying Saucers. CD 13.50
ROCKABILLY RACE Vol 3 (RAB03)Leroy - The Rebel Rousers/ Breaking My Heart - Al Epp & The Pharoahs/ So Tired - Chavis Brothers/ Draggin - Curtis Gordon/ My Cars Faster Than Your Car - Don Agee/ Ducktail Cat - Dan Virva/ Blues Stop Knocking - Al Ferrier & His Bopping Billies/ Rock'n Roll Saddles - Johnny Edwards & The Whitecaps/ Swing It Little Katy - Clide Owens/ Honey Talk - Ralph Hodges & The Hodges Brothers/ That Big Ole Moon - Buddy Burke & The Canadian Meteors/ Rock On The Moon - Jimmy Stewart & The Nighthawks/ Do You Dig Me Little Mama - Tommy Scott & His Ramblers/ Wore To A Frazzel - The Lamie Brothers & The Swing Kings/ Love Me - The Phantom (Jerry Lott)/ Bop Hop Jamboree - Rex Ellis/ Something Special - Don Duncan/ Missed The Workhouse - Bill Watkins/ Everybodys Tryin - Jerry Ross/ Sinful Woman - The Echo Valley Boys With Bill Browning/ Track Down Baby - Tom James/ Honky Tonkin Rhythm - Bobby Sisco/ Rubber Legs - Gene Smith/ Oh Love - Don Wade/ Love Me Baby - The Five Chavis Brothers. CD 13.50
ROCKABILLY RACE Vol 4- 25 trcks of 50s Rockabilly: Rudy Preston & The Tommy Scott Band - Four Tyred Car/ Doyle Madden & the Oklahoma Nightriders - Gonna Learne To Rock/ The Roxters - So Long/ jimmy Lloyd - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ Frans & the Never Mind Band - I´m In Love/ Pete Nanz - Juke Box Pearl/ Ersel Hickey - Goin´Down That Rod/ Riley Crabtree - She Loves Be Better/ Roy Wayne - Honey Won´t You Listen/ Bob Hicks & the Fenders - Rock Baby Rock/ Wayne “Red” Cobb - Shopping Around/ Ralph Collier - You´ll Come Runnin´Home To Me/ Bill Lawrence With The Coins - Hey Baby/ Jimmie Piper - Don´t Play Around (With My Heart)/ Harold Shutters & His Rockats - Blues Of A Broken Heart/ Billy Flagg - Go Cat Go/ Billy Smith - Tell Me Baby/ Doug Bragg - Pretty Little Thing/ Chuck Brooks & The Sharpies - Spinning My Wheels/ Harley Gabbard & Andrey Holt - Hey Baby/ Jerry Arnold & The Rhythm Captains - Race For Time/ Orville Fox & the Harmony Masters - Honey You Talk Too Much/ Dale Vaughn & the Starnotes - How Can You Be Mean To Me/ Ray Pate & the Rhythm Rockers - Lucky Day/ The Carlises - No Helt Wanted. CD 13.50
ROCKABILLY RACE Volume 5 - 25 tracks of 50s rockabilly: Cecil McNabb Jr: Clock Tickin' Rhythm/ Lee McBride: Confusin' !!/ Hugh Barrett & The Victors: Got The Bull By the Horns/ Everett Carpenter: Run Run Mabel/ Ray Vict & His Bop Rockers: We Gonna Bop Stop Rock/ Tiny Tim & His Tornadoes: I've Gotta Find Someone/ Little Jimmy Dickens: I Got A Hole In My Pocket/ Curtis Johnson & The Windjammers: Heading For The High School Hop/ Ray Scott & The Demens: You Drive Me Crazy/ Bobby Sisco: Tall Dark And Handsome Man/ Bill Browning with The Echo Valley Boys: Don't Push Don't Shove/ Dale Thomas & The Bandera Boys: Crocodile Hop/ Farris Wilder: It's All Your Fault/ Herbie Duncan: Hot Lips Baby/ The Morris Brothers: Rockin' Country Fever/ Ray Vernon: I'm Counting On you/ Pete Peters & The Rhythm Makers: Rockin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms/ Mason Dixon: I Want My Baby Back/ Hardrock Gunter & The Rhythm Rockers: Whoo! Mean Whee/ Darrel Felts & The Confederates: Playmates/ Joe Montgomery: Cool Cat/ Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights: Rock Crazy Baby/ Dale Hawkins: Worried About You Baby/ Bob Center: To Wet To Plow/ Jimmy Boyd: Crazy Mixed Up Blues CD 13.50

ROCKABILLY SHAKEOUT (Ace) CDCH 191. SOLID 25-song comp of rare & UNISSUED rockabilly including the BERSERK unissued "Atom Bomb" by GLENN BARBER!!!! CD 16.00

ROCKERS! Volume 1(B-Sharp 6/24) The label that brought you the Nasty Rockabilly series with a new compilation of early 1960s guitar rockers: Thunder Rocks - Oh My Linda/ Johnny Ion - Haunted Heart/ Jim Francis - Travelin'/ Curtis Wilson - Wanted Dead Or Alive/ Rimfires - Bandstand Step/ Buddy Sharpe - Bald Headed Baby/ Bucky & Premiers - Cruisin'/ Robert Smith - Traveling Sam/ The Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella/ The Dropouts - Im Leaving/ Lawrence Flippo - Lets Do It/ Jerry Bryan - Walkin Out/ Johnny Strickland - The Shape You left me In/ Vice-Roys - Dont Let Go/ Donald Hanchey - Restricted/ Rhythm Rockers - Bad News. LP 12.90

Hal Harris/ BOP-A-LENA Ronnie Self/ ROCKIN' IN THE GRAVEYARD Jackie Morningstar/ WASH MACHINE BOOGIE The Echo Valley Boys with Bill Browning/ PINK AND BLACK Sonny Fisher/ GET WITH IT Charlie Feathers with Jody & Jerry/ COME ON LITTLE MAMA Ray Harris/ THE SLIDE The Rhythm Rockets/ BIG GREEN CAR Jimmy Carroll aka Billy Carroll/ JELLO SAL Benny Ingram/ MAMA'S LITTLE BABY Junior Thompson with the Meteors/ SAVE IT Mel Robbins/ I CAN'T FIND THE DOORKNOB Jimmy & Johnny/ EVERYBODY'S TRYING TO BE MY BABY Freddie Franks/ SCRATCHING ON MY SCREEN Ric Cartey/ ROCK TO THE BOOGIE Roy Burk & The Bell Bottoms/ BOPPIN' HIGH SCHOOL BABY Don Willis/ SNAKE EYED MAMA Don Cole/ I GOT A ROCKET IN MY POCKET Jimmy Lloyd. CD 16.90

ROCKIN' NIGHTMARES Cool "monster r'n'r" compilation. 20 tracks and ca half of them are also on the Monster Bop CD. LP 12.90

ROCKIN ON THE RACE TRACK 16 Hot Rockin Tracks (Stock Car Records) Billy With The Fabulous Echoes - Road Runner/ Ethan Giant - Where's My Baby/ Jerry Dallman - The Bug/ The Pyramids - Midnight Run/ Tommy Hawke - Good Gravy/ Larry O'keefe - Ain't-A That Somethin'/ The Wynnewoods - Is That Wrong/ The Teddy Boys - Rock A Beating Boogie/ Glenn Reffuse - Love's No Game/ Glen Pace - My Night Off/ Jimmy Collins - Just One More Time/ Ritchie Diato - Splish Splash/ Danny - International Whirl/ White White - Maggie/ Johnny Ryan - Hot Rod Lincoln/ The Blue Caps - Vuelve Primavera. LP 11.90

RUMBLE ROCK Volume 1: Ultra Low-Fi Rockers (Los Diablos Del Rock 001) Terry Miller & The Rockin Robbins - Teen Twist/ Ronnie Ellis & The Originals - Honey Blonde/ Tornadoes - Hippy Hippy Shake/ Los Locos Del Ritmo - Pedro Pistolas/ Marvellous Mickey & The Rock-a-Sonics - Do The Robot/ Roy McCasling & The Caravans - Money/ Steve king & The King Row - Listen Buddy/ Chuck Slaughter - Lucky 11 Rock/ Will Cheky & his Arrows - Let's Go Arrows/ Rattles - bye Bye Johnny/ Slim Harris & His Stereophonix - Frankie & Johnny/ Jimmy Barbee & The Hardtimes - Sweet Woman's Love/ Doug Perez & The Shuffling Orbits - Umble Rumble/ Bob Cain - Gonna Take A little Time/ Pastel Six - My Babe/ Kenny Tomerlin - Crazy Little Teen. LP 11.90
RUMBLE ROCK Volume 2 (Los Diabolos Del Rock) More wild'n obscure rockers from the 50s and early 60s: Ron Winters - Back In The USA/ The Epics - Wild One/ Terry Dee - Some Other Guy/ Joey Sanchez Penna - Soda Pop Rock/ Don Thomas - Hey Little Dancing Girl/ Barry Raye - Twilight Zone/ Dick Biondi - Knock Knock/ Jack Eden - Betty Lou/ The Sultans - She's Got It/ James Arp - Let It Rock/ Cash T Woodson - Shirley/ The Black Dynamites - Brush Those Tears/ Ron Berry - Back Door Man/ The Mus-Twangs - Frankie And Johnny/ Howie Landy - The Happiest Man In The World/ Terry Gale - Betty Jean. LP 11.90
RUMBLE ROCK Volume 3 (Los Diabolos Del Rock) Third Volume of hot'n obscure rockers: Tim Reynolds - Maybelline/ Cotton Harp - Nobody Knows Where You Go/ Bobby Sikes - Rolling Stone/ The Fabulous Counts - Money/ Allen Mann - First Love/ The Actions - Jerm City/ The Royal Rebels - Drive In/ Keith Dennis - Almost Grown/ Jack Southern - Darlene/ Steve Purdy - I Cried/ The Unknowns - Crazy Daisy/ Johnny Sharp - Bombie/ Porter And The Bellhops - Go Little Go Go Girl/ DY And The Motivators - Hold It/ Skip Paulson - A Prezel Aint Nothin But A Twist/ Frankie Gem - My Love. LP 11.90

SABRES THE RED HOT SOUND OF THE SABRES (Norton) Wild 1957-62 North Carolina rockabilly! "My Hot Mama/Puppet/Take Up The Slack Daddy-O/Spider Walk". Cool pic sleeve! 7" 6.00

CLEM SACCO TWISTED!!! (Hate Records) italian 50s madman - here's the label info: CLEM SACCO was a man ahead of his time. Too much for late 50s Italy, for the conservative journalists and small-town unenlightened record producers of the time. But now, time is making justice. At last!!! In 1957 Clem is literally knocked out by the just born rocknroll music, listening to Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and especially Gene Vincent and the animal englishman Wee Willie Harris! Clem Sacco style is so unique and different from the other italian rocknroll singers like Celentano, Little Tony, Ghigo, Guidone..Hes so wild and savage, his performance is primitive, hilarious and ironic, and his lyrics are so weird and sharp! He writes his own lyrics and sings about (kissing!)varicose veins, boiled eggs, and various silly and weird behaviours... Gatefold LP, limited pressing of 500 copies. LP 16.90

DOUG SAHM "Slow Down / Crazy Daisy" (Norton) The absolutely GREAT & bad-ass Larry Williams cover is ESSENTIAL. Imagine The Sonics doing Benny Joy's "Button Nose"!!! 7" 6.00
DOUG SAHM SAN ANTONIO ROCK (Norton) This Texas rocker's early r&r and swamp-pop crooners from the HARLEM label. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

TYRONE SCHMIDLING "You're Gone I'm Left / Honey Don't" (Norton) Reissue of KILLER '58 rockabilly INSANITY! "You're Gone" is one of the WILDEST, most OUTTA-CONTROL r&r records ever, plus a cool version of the Carl Perkins song! Great pic-sleeve, photos and liner notes 7" 6.00

MACK SELF "I Vibrate" b/w MACY SKIPPER "Bop Pills" (Norton SUN #845) 2 GREAT Sun rockabillies! Mebbe BOTH're on the subject of dem pep pills - why else'd Mack be vibratin'? 7" 6.00

RONNIE SLEF S/T (Colde) Pretty Bad Blues/Three Hearts Later/ Big Fool/ Flame Of Love/ Black Night Blues/ Ain't I'm A Dog/ Too Many Lovers/ Rocky Road Blues/ I Ain't Goin Nowhere/ Bop-A-Lena/ Date Bait/ Big Blon' Baby/ Your're So Right For Me/ Petrified/ This Must Be The Place/ Big Town/ Houdini/ Bless My Broken Heart. LP 12.90
RONNIE SELF Bop-A-Lena / Date Bait (Columbia) Great rockabilly screamer. repro 7" 6.50

SHAKE IT UP AND MOVE Primitive Texas Rockabilly 1956-1957 (Norton) Primitive 1956-57 Texas rockabilly cut under the guiding hand of songwriter Jack Rhodes at his east Texas motel, the Trail “80” Courts. Gene Vincent’s Woman Love was written there and many of these demos by Derrell Felts, Johnny Dollar, the atomic Johnny Fallin and others were taped at the motel with Vincent in mind. (Gene would go on to recut three songs from this album). Cap things off with Elroy Dietzel’s Rock-N-Bones platter and you can’t help but shake it up and move! LPELROY DIETZEL Rock-N-Bones / Shanghai Rock (alt. version) / DERRELL FELTS Too Much Lovin’ (Goin’ On) / JERRY HANSON I’m Doing All Right (alt. version) / Shake It Up And Move / JIMMY JOHNSON Preview Of The Blues / Too Many Honky Tonks / DERRELL FELTS Rock Saturday Night / JIMMY JOHNSON Five Days, Five Days / JOHNNY DOLLAR Lovin’ Up A Storm / Action Packed (demo version) / Heart Appeal / FREDDIE FRANKS Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail / JOHNNY DOLLAR Slim Jim Baby (demo version) / BOB KELLY AND THE PIKES Git It / JOHNNY FALLIN Party Kiss (demo version) / Cradle Rock / BOB CENTER Lost In The Jungle / JOHNNY FALLIN Long Haired Johnny / UNKNOWN A Great Big Day. LP 14.00

SHAKE UM UP ROCK EARLY NORTHWEST ROCKERS & INSTRUMENTALS VOLUME 3 (Norton) Norton's Northwest series ventures into the 50s and EARLY 60s. LP 14.00 / CD 13.00

MORTY SHANN & THE MORTICIANS (Norton) Super INEPT retardo rockabilly. A nutso cover of Sonny Burgess' "Red Headed Woman" plus an equally weird b-side "Movin In". 7" 6.00

SIN ALLEY VOLUME 1 (BD-5501) ESSENTIAL 1950s Rockabilly / R&B BLASTERS in stylin new artwork! Tracks: BOBBY ROBERTS Big Sandy/MYRON LEE & THE CADDIES Homicide/TERRY CLEMENT & THE TUNE TONES She's My Baby Doll/ROY GAINES Skippy Is A Sissy/DAVE TRAVIS & THE PREMIERS I Don't Like Him/TONY CASANOVA Showdown/RIO ROCKERS Mexicali Baby/MEL McGONNIGLE Rattle Shakin' Mama/GRADIE O'NEAL The Turtleneck Stretch/JOHNNY THOMPSON The 309/DANNY DELL & THE TRENDS Froggy/PICO PETE Chicken Little/RUDY GREEN Juicy Fruit/BOB VIDONE & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS Madness/FRANTICS FOUR T.V. Mama/DAVE "DIDDLE" DAY Blue Moon Baby/CRAZY TEENS Crazy Date. LP 11.90
SIN ALLEY VOLUME 2 (RAR-155) ESSENTIAL 1950s Rockabilly BLASTERS in stylin new artwork!Tracks: JOHNNY KNIGHT Rock And Roll Guitar/ EDDIE SMALLING & HIS ROLLING ACES Jeannie/ JEFFERSON COUNTY City Billy/ CORKY JONES Rhythm & Booze/ JOE HALL & THE CORVETTES/ Bongo Beatin' Beatnik/ DANNY WHEELER Teenie Weenie Man/ BENNIE HESS Wild Hog Hop/ PHIL GRAY & THE GO BOYS Pepper Hot Baby/ GRADIE O'NEAL Baby Oh Baby/ BILLY SMITH Tell Me Baby/ THREE ACES & A JOKER Booze Party/ DARRYL VINCENT Wild Wild Party/ TELLI MILLS Ain't Goin' Home/ JOHNNY BUCKETT Let Me Play With Your Poodle/ NONA RAE Real Kool Kitty/ FREDDIE & THE HITCH-HIKERS Sinners/ THE FRANTICS FOUR Down By The Old Mill Stream/ PHIL GRAY & THE GO BOYS Bluest Boy In Town/ LOU MILLET Slip, Slip, Slippin' In. LP 11.90
SIN ALLEY VOLUME 3 (CB-1958) RETARDED 50s R&R / R&B rockers and just plain STUPID novelties! Tracks: JOHNNY O'KEEFE Shake Baby Shake/ELROY PEACE & BOW RIBBON Quick Like/WAILIN'BILL DELL You Gotta Be Loose/MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS The Hunch/WILDTONES The Martian Band/ MUSICAL LINN TWINS Indian Rock/DEL-ROYS Bermuda Shorts/ROSE MARIE MC COY Dippin' In My Business/JOHNNY KNIGHT Snake Shake/LITTLE CAMERON She's Leaving/VOLCANOS Oh Oh Mojo/PORTUGESE JOE Teenage Riot/PINESTOPPERS Shout Bamalama/ORBITS Knock Her Down/GALAXIES This Rock 'N' Roll/EMANONS Emanons Blues/BILL JOHNSON You Better Dig It/BILLY LAMONT Hear Me Now/BOB VIDONE Untrue/EMMETT LORD Women/KATIE SWEET I Love To Rock. LP 11.90
SIN ALLEY VOLUME 4 (SL-5562) More RETARDED 50s R&R / R&B rockers and just plain STUPID novelties!Tracks: ROYAL JOKERS You Tickle Me Baby/JERRY HARRIS Swing Daddy Swing/Mc KINLEY MITCHELL Rock Everybody Rock/SOUTHLANDERS The Wiggle/BARN N' JESS Banjo Stomp/BRYAN LEGS WALKER I Stubbed My Toe/PHIL CAMPOS Street Fight/TONY CHICK A Car/JAY BLUE Get Off My Back/JOEY WARREN Goatee/SCOTTY STUART Nightmare/CARLOS CASUAL Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein/JACKIE MORNINGSTAR Rockin'In The Graveyard/GARY WARREN Werewolf/CARL BONAFEDE Werewolf/POETS-Dead/JAY BLUE The Coolest/DON COLE Lie Detector Machine/MAD MAN JONES Snake Charmer/ etc. LP 11.90


SINNERS BURN IN HELL! Volume 1 (Sheik) 16 cuts from the 50s and early 60s, compiled from original 45s. Limited 180 gram vinyl. Tracks: The Renegades - Istambu (Instr.)/ The Catalinas - Cha Cha Joe/ Jerry Naylor - I'm Tired/ Al Henderson - She Says "Crazy"/ Wee Willie & The Pals - We're Gonna Dance/ Bobby & The Temps - Mary Lou/ Jimmy Isle - Billy Boy/ Stan Vincent - Runnin' Scared/ Johnny Duffett - Just Give Me Your Heart / The Night Hawks - Jitterbug Joe/ The Devils - The Devil Dance/ The Hustlers - Kopout (Instr.)/ Maria Dallas - Ambush/ Chris Cerf - Fallout Filly/ Max Falcon - Money Back Guarantee/ Dick Campbell - She's My Girl/ LP 14.90

WARREN SMITH "I Like Your Kind Of Love" b/w MACK VICKERY "Fool Proof" (Norton SUN #844) Torrid Warren Smith smoker tears it up alongside Vickery bop gem deluxe! 7" 6.00
WARREN SMITH URANIUM ROCK (AVI) 24 cuts of Smith's cool C&W and wailin' rockabilly! CD 14.50

SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOLUME 1 Yikes! Mucho suave 32 cut comp of original 50s rockabilly, 60s punk, and r&r instrumentals that were either covered or mutated into Cramps songs. 24-page full-color booklets of pics & liners. CD 13.50
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOLUME 2 Alright! 31 more cuts of original 50s rockabilly, 60s punk, and r&r instrumentals that were either covered or mutated into Cramps songs. 24-page full-color booklets of pics & liners. CD 13.50
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOLUME 3 Yep! Number three in this great mini-series! 31 tracks of original 50s rockabilly, 60s punk, and r&r instrumentals that were either covered or mutated into Cramps songs. 24-page full-color booklets of pics & liners. CD 13.50

SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOL. 1 (CATOLP 1) A kind of a best of Born Bad 1-6. The CD series is the much better deal though: The Way I Walk ( Jack Scott ) / Domino ( Roy Orbison ) / Surfing Bird ( Trashmen ) / Lonesome Town ( Rick Nelson ) / Rock On The Moon ( Jimmy Stewart ) / Strychnine ( Sonics ) / Tear It Up ( Johnny Burnette Trio ) / Fever ( Huntsmen ) / Love Me ( The Phantom ) / I Can t Hardly Stand It ( Charlie Feathers ) / Green Fuzz ( Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz ) / Goo Goo Muck ( Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads ) / Rocking Bones ( Elroy Dietzel ) / Primitive ( The Groupies ) / The Crusher ( The Novas ) / Jungle Hop ( Kip Tyler & The Flips ). LP 12.90
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOL. 2 (CATOLP 2) The CD series is the much better deal though:A kind of a best of Born Bad 1-6: Green Door ( Jim Lowe ) / She Said ( Hasil Adkins ) / Save It ( Mel Robbins ) / Uranium Rock ( Warren Smith ) / Chicken ( The Spark Plugs ) / It s Just That Song ( Charlie Feathers ) / Blue Moon Baby ( Dave Diddle Day ) / Georgia Lee Brown ( Jackie Lee Cochran ) / Get Off The Road ( R. Lewis Band ) / Give Me A Woman ( Andy Starr ) / Bop Pills ( Macy Skip Skippers ) / Shortnin Bread ( Readymen ) Muleskinner Blues ( Fendermen ) / Her Love Rubbed Of ( Carl Perkins ). LP 12.90
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US VOL. 3 (CATOLP) Dean Carter - Jailhouse Rock/ Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats - Beat Out My Love/ Lightnin' Slim - It's Mighty Crazy/ Walter Brown & His Band - Jelly Roll Rock/ Sheriff & The Ravels - Shombolar/ The Embers - I Walked All Night/n The Flower Children - Miniskirt/ The Sparkles - Hipsville 29 BC/ The Runabouts - The Strangeness In Me/ Junior Thompson - How Come You Do Me/ Keith Courvale - Trapped Love/ Slim Harpo - Strange Love/ Hayden Thompson - Blues Blues Blues/ Freddy & The Hitchikers - Sinners. LP 12.90
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US Volume 4 (Cato) DWIGHT PULLEN Sunglasses After Dark/ BO DIDDLEY Dancing Girl/ THIRD BARDO I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time/ JETT POWERS Go Girl Go/ DALE HAWKINS Tornado/ ANDRE WILLIAMS Bacon Fat/ FLAMES The Bird/ BUDDY LOVE Heartbreak Hotel/ GLEN GLENN Everybody's Movin/ BILL ALLEN Please Give Me Something/ 3 ACES & A JOKER Booze Party/ SONNY BURGESS Red Headed Woman/ COUNT FIVE Psychotic Reaction/ NAT COUTY Woodpecker Rock. LP 12.90
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US Volume 5 (Cato) JIMMY LLOYD Rocket In My Pocket/ CHARLIE FEATHERS One Hand Lose/ LARRY PHILLIPSON Bitter Feelings/ RIPTIDES Machine Gun/ KAI RAY I Want Some Of That/ KIT & OUTLAWS Don't Tread On Me/ LONNIE ALLEN You'll Never Change Me/ STANDELLS Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/ RONNIE DAWSON Rockin Bones/ FANATICS I Will Not Be Lonely/ DEL RANEY'S UMBRELLAS Can Your Hossie Do The Dog/ BLUES ROCKERS Calling All Cows/ KASENATZ-KATZ SUPER CIRCUS Quick Joey Small/ BOSTWEEDS Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. LP 12.90

SPARK PLUGS "Chicken" b/w THE CONDAS "The Bird" (Norton) Crazed Spark Plugs cut is the raving rockabilly that the Cramps covered on "Date With Elvis", and The Condas is equally frantic and wacko! 7" 6.00

THE SPELLBINDERS Casting My Spell / To Take A Heart (Miramar) Fabulous early 60's Guitar Rocker version of "Casting..." on the California based Miramar label. Possibly featuring James Burton on Guitar. repro 7" 6.50

STORMY GALE Flipsville / I'll Wait Around (Staff) Killer repro of rare as heck femme stroller rocker, from Birmingham, Alabama. repro 7" 6.50

SUN RECORDS STORY - 6 LP BOX SET (Charly) Gadzocks!! 94 Songs on three double LP's!!!! Deluxe cardboard box with three double albums 'Roots', 'Good Rockin' Daddies' and 'Hits And Then Some' on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold covers and extensive liner notes. Analoguely remastered - Tracks are: "Roots" double-vinyl LP #1: 01. Lost John Hunter - Cool down mama 02. Joe Hill Louis - Boogie in the park 03. Harmonica Frank Floyd - Howling Tom Cat 04. Howlin' Wolf - Highway man 05. Billy Love - Juiced 06. Roscoe Gordon - T. Model boogie 07. Rufus Thomas - Tiger man 08. Little Junior Parker - Love my baby 09. Doctor Ross - Come back baby 10. Jimmy Deberry - Time has made a change 11. James Cotton - Cotton crop blues 12. Pat Hare - I'm gonn murder my baby 13. Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - Red hot 14. The Jones Brothers - Look to Jesus 15. Billy Lee Riley - Dark muddy bottom. LP #2: 01. Jerry Lee Lewis - Hello, hello baby 02. Smokey Joe Baugh - Listen to me, baby 03. Earl Peterson - Boogie blues 04. Howard Serratt - Troublesome waters 05. Hardrock Gunter - Gonna dance all night 06. Slim Rhodes - Don't believe 07. Charlie Feathers - Defrost your heart 08. Carl Perkins - Sure to fall 09. Mack Vickery - Fool proof 10. Doug Pointdexter - Now she cares no more for me 11. Onie Wheeler - Jump right out of the jukebox 12. Jerry Lee Lewis - You're the only star in my blue heaven 13. Jack Earls - A fool for lovin' you 14. Warren Smith - I'd rather be safe than sorry 15. Johnny Cash - Come in stranger. "Good Rockin' Daddies" double-vinyl LP #3: 01. Eddie Bond - Rockin' daddy 02. Jerry Lee Lewis - Crazy arms 03. Roy Orbison - Mean little mama 04. Warren Smith - Got love if you want it 05. Jerry Lee Lewis - Crawdad song 06. Carl Perkins - Her love rubbed off 07. Jimmy Wages - Mad man 08. Hayden Thompson - Love my baby 09. Warren Smith - Miss Froggie 10. Billy Lee Riley - Pearly Lee 11. Jerry Lee Lewis - Deep elm blues 12. Carl Perkins - That don't move me 13. Glenn Honeycutt - All night rock 14. Ray Harris - Come on little mama 15. Billy Lee Riley - Rock with me baby 16. Dick Penner - Fine little baby 17. Malcolm Yelvington - Rock with my baby. LP #4: 01. Edwin Bruce - Baby that's good 02. Carl Perkins - That's right 03. Luke McDaniel - My baby don't rock 04. Jimmy Wages - Miss Pearl 05. Sonny Burgess - So glad you're mine 06. Ray Smith - Willing and ready 07. Tommy Blake - Shake around 08. Gene Simmons - Crazy woman 09. Rudy Grayzell - Judy 10. Jerry Lee Lewis - Good rockin' tonight 11. Carl McVoy - A woman's love (Thrill of your love) 12. Andy Anderson - Tough, tough, tough 13. Jimmy Wages - (Take me from this) Garden of evil 14. Alton & Jimmy - Faith in my love 15. Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis Presley - Walk that lonesome valley 16. Glenn Honeycutt - Search for me. "Hits And Then Some" double-vinyl LP #5: 01. Jackie Brentson - Rocket 88 02. Rufus Thomas - Bear cat 03. The Prisonaires - Just walkin' in the rain 04. Carl Perkins - Blue suede shoes 05. Billy 'The Kid' Emerson - When it rains it pours 06. Little Junior Parker - Mystery train 07. Carl Perkins - Boppin' the blues 08. Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole lotta shakin' goin' on 09. Billy Lee Riley - Flyin' saucer rock roll 10. Jonny Cash - I walk the line 11. Roy orbison - Ooby dooby 12. Sonny Burgess - We wanna boogie 13. Carl Perkins - Dixie fried 14. Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire 15. Billy Lee Riley - Red hot. LP #6: 01. Johnny Cash - Big river 02. Warren Smith - Rock'n'roll Ruby 03. Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless 04. Carl Perkins - Honey don't 05. Sonny Burgess - Red headed woman 06. Johnny Cash - Ballad of a teenage queen 07. Jerry Lee Lewis - High school confidential 08. Carl Perkins - Matchbox 09. Charlie Rich - Lonely weekends 10. Carl Mann - I'm coming home 11. Charlie Rich - Who will the next fool be? 12. Jerry Lee Lewis - What'd I say 13. Johnny Cash - Guess things happen that way 14. Bill Justis - Raunchy 15. Carl Mann - Mona Lisa 16. Charlie Rich - Whirlwind. 6 LP Box Set 52,00


SUN SINGLES VOLUME 1 (Bear Family) 4-cd box set with FAT book. Contains the first batch of SUN 7"s by a load of blues/R&B and a few rockabilly/C&W groups. Too many titles/artists to list. Amongst others: JOE LOUIS, WILLIE NIX, RUFUS THOMAS, JR PARKER, DR ROSS, LITTLE MILTON, JAMES COTTON, HOT SHOT LOVE, ROSCO GORDON, SMOKEY JOE, BILLY EMERSON. 4xCD (plus book) 72.00
SUN SINGLES VOLUME 2 (Bear Family) 4-cd box sets with 72-page Lp-size books. Contains 100 cuts of a little R&B/blues/C&W but mostly rockabilly cut at SUN Studios. Songs By JERRY LEE LEWIS, JOHNNY CASH, ROY ORBISON, CHARLIE FEATHERS, WARREN SMITH, CARL PERKINS, SONNY BURGESS, BILLY RILEY, TOMMY BLAKE, RAY SMITH, EDWIN BRUCE, JACK CLEMENT, ETC. 4xCD (plus book) 72.00
SUN SINGLES VOLUME 3 (Bear Family) 4xCD (plus book) 72.00
SUN SINGLES VOLUME 4 (Bear Family) 4xCD (plus book) 72.00

TEEN-AGE RIOT! Very cool comp all about Teenage CRIME, Juvenile Delinquents and FIGHTIN'! 16 cuts LP 14.00

TEXAS BOP VOLUME 2: Rare and Unissued 1950's Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bop and Killer Rockers from the Lone Star State (Sheik Records) Al Runyon - Baby please come home / The Benders - Sharpest little girl/ Mickey Gilley - Ooh wee baby/ Coye Wilcox - You gotta quit cheatin'/ Eddie Dugosh - Strange kinda feeling/ Unknown Artist - Packing to move/ Ken Hammock - Blue guitar jump/ King Sterling - Too many taverns/ Bobby Louis - Square dance/ Wink Lewis - Zzzt zzzt zzzt/ Perry La Pointe - B.O. rock. 10" 13.50
TEXAS BOP Volume 3 (Sheik Records) More rare and unissued 1950's Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bop & Rockers: Beamon Forse - You Better Go Now/ Bill Morgan - Red Hot Rhythm Combo/ Euel Hall - Stand In Line/ Unknown Artist - April's Foolin' Me (Unissued)/ Dottie Jones - I'll Be Yours/ Tommy Castle - Wanderlust/ Sleepy Labeef - You're So Easy To Love/ Bobby Louis - High Voltage (Unissued)/ Mickey Gilley - Tell Me Why/ Roy Fisher - Troubles/ Bennie Hess - I'm A One Woman Man. 10" 13.50

THE TEXAS BOX 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels From The Lone Star State - 10CD+BOOK (Be! Sharp)' A 10 disc box set including a 200-page book. More than 15 hours of TX rockabilly, wild instrumental, rockers, etc. The book offers all available information about the artists and labels, tons of unseen pictures, a collector's guide for every track, and special essays about Texas recording studios and pressing plants. Artists include Orville Couch, Link Davis, Billy Boud, Jackie Dallas, Daniel James, Johnny Watson, Red Mansel, Rocky Williams, Tommy Trent, Hank Walker and many many more. For a complete tracklist, e-mail us. Attention: The weight of this little beast is 3,5 kg! 10-CD box plus book 179,00

TEXAS ROCKABILLY (Dry Country DC CD101) JOHNNY FALLIN: Wild Dog/ If I Could Write A Love Song (alt. vers) / Time To Love/ Wild Streak (alt. vers.)/ Red River Shores/ Party Line/ Wild Strea/ If I Could Write A Love Song/ The Joker/ Fallin' Apart/ JOHNNY DOLLAR: Goofin Around/ Hungry For Your Lovin' [vers. 1]/ Car Coat Baby (vers. 1) R&R War Dance/ Rockin' Bones([vers. 1)/ Don't Blame It On Me/ Dragging In The Driving/ That's What A Little Girl Done To Me Not/ Out Of This World/ Something Nice/ Hungry For Your Lovin' (vers. 2)/ Teenage Tears/ How'd You Have Now Window/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Slumber Party/ The Boat. CD  13.80

THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 1 - RCA LABEL (Bear Family) 31 cuts of RCA rockers CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 2 - DECCA LABEL (Bear Family) Mucho SOLID 30-cut CD of damn great 50's rockabilly from the DECCA/ BRUNSWICK/CORAL labels. CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 3 - CAPITAL LABEL (Bear Family) 30 cuts – rather slick… CD €16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 5 - DOT LABEL (Bear Family) 31 cuts – including the PHANTOM’s “Love Me”! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 6 - ROCKABILLY FROM DECCA (Bear Family) 30 cuts of 50% great rockers. CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 7 - ROCKABILLY FROM MGM (Bear Family) 30 cuts of 40% great 50s rockabilly from MGM. Too many cute attempts at "pop rock" shit mixed in.... CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 8 - FABOR/ABOTT/RADIO LABELS (Bear Family) 32 cuts – a bit lackluster… CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 9 - DECCA LABEL (Bear Family) 30 cuts – and pretty weak… CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 10 - CHESS LABEL (Bear Family) 31 cuts – pretty damn solid! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 11 - MERCURY RECORDS (Bear Family) Yeah, yeah... So this series DOES tend to get a bit dull (just as ANY multi-vol series of ANY GENRE can - But BABY, DOES THIS MUTHA RIP!!!! Heck, outta 30 cuts, 20 just plain BURN! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 12 - IMPERIAL LABEL (Bear Family) 30 cuts – so-so… CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 14 - SUN LABEL (Bear Family) 31 cuts of SUN aceness! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 15 - LINK & KLIFF LABEL (Bear Family) 26 cuts. CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 16 - SUN LABEL (Bear Family) 31 cuts of SUN aceness! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 17 - SUN LABEL (Bear Family) 34 cuts of SUN aceness! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 18 - SARG LABEL (Bear Family) 30 cuts from this Texas label. CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT VOLUME 19 - D & DART LABELS (Bear Family) 30 cuts from this Texas label, including Johnny Winters’ great “School Day Blues”! CD 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 20 (Bear Family) 37 tracks from the Event Records masters - 52 page booklet CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 22 (Bear Family) 30 tracks from Columbia Records. CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 23 (Bear Family) 30 more tracks from Columbia Records. CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 24 (Bear Family) 36 tracks from Roulette Records. CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 25 (Bear Family) 30 cuts from Columbia Records again CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 26 (Bear Family) Rockabilly From The Vault Of 4Star Records. CD with 56-page booklet CD € 16.00
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT Volume 27: Rockabilly & Rock'n'Roll From The Vault Of Sage & Sand Records (Bear Family) Yah! I'm Movin' - Patton, Jimmy/ Tuscaloosa Lucy - Pullen, Whitey/ Got The Best Of Me - Bowser, Donnie/ Walk My Way Back Home - Pullen, Whitey/ Watcha Do To Me - Clark, Patsy/ Four Wheel Bugalow - Morris, Jack/ Let Me Slide - Patton, Jimmy/ O. K. Doll, It's A Deal - King, Joannie/ Teenage Queen - Barron, Lonnie/ Let's All Go Wild Tonight - Pullen, Whitey/ Honky Tonk Queen - Thornton, Larry/ I Wanta Be Free - Harlene, Evelyn with Casey Cla/ Lost John - Clark, Casey & The Lazy Ranch/ Drinkin' Wine - Pullen, Whitey/ Climbing This Mountain - Fields, Goldie/ Sadie Mae - York, Rusty/ Hey Baby - Gabbard, Harley & Aubrey Holt/ Love, Come Back To Me - Patton, Jimmy/ Chatterbox - Fields, Goldie/ Knockin' My Head (Against A Cold Stone Wall) - Lile, Bobby/ Moonshine Liquor - Pullen, Whitey/ Cotton Pickin' Ball - Williams, Charlie/ Crazy, Crazy Baby - Howard, Chuck/ Old Jealous Moon - Fields, Goldie/ Never No More - Wally & Don/ History - King, Joannie/ So Wild Over You - Smith, Herbie/ Everybody's Rockin' - Pullen, Whitey/ Tennessee Hound Dog - Atchison, Tex/ White Line - Morris, Jack & His Night Owls/ Open Up The Door - Dean, Eddie & Joannie Hall/ So What - Deal, Don/ Please Don't - Wally & Don/ Playing Guitar And Missing You - Williams, Charlie. CD 16.00

THESE GHOULISH THINGS: HORROR HITS FOR HALLOWE'EN (Ace) CDCHD 1070. RADIO PLUG FOR MONSTER MASH ON STATION KFWB - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ SCREAMIN' BALL (AT DRACULA HALL) - The Duponts/ DRAC'S BACK - Billy De Marco & Count Dracula/ MIDNIGHT STROLL - The Revels/ GHOST TRAIN - Virgil Holmes/ THE MUMMY'S BALL - The Verdicts/ FRANKENSTEIN'S DEN - The Hollywood Flames/ I'M THE WOLFMAN - Round Robin/ SPOOKSVILLE - The Nu-Trends/ THE MUNSTERS THEME - Milton DeLugg & Orchestra/ COOLEST LITTLE MONSTER - John Zacherle/ MONSTER PARTY - Bill Doggett/ THE CREATURE (FROM OUTER SPACE) - The Jayhawks/ MR WERE-WOLF - The Kac-Ties/ RADIO STATION PROMO FOR BILL GAVIN - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ MY SON, THE VAMPIRE - Allan Sherman/ THE MONSTER - Bobby Please & The Pleasers/ THEME FROM THE ADDAMS FAMILY - The Fiends/ NIGHTMARE MASH - Billy Lee Riley/ THE VOODOO WALK - Sonny Richard's Panics with Cindy and Misty/ I FEAST OF THE MAU MAU - Screamin' Jay Hawkins/ FRANKENSTEIN'S PARTY - The Swingin' Phillies/ LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW - The Monotones/ BO MEETS THE MONSTER - Bo Diddley/ ROCKIN' IN THE GRAVEYARD - Jackie Morningstar/ RADIO PLUG FOR MONSTER MASH ON STATION WCOP - Bobby "Boris" Pickett/ MONSTER MASH - Bobby "Boris" Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers/ THE VAMPIRE - Orvin Yoes. CD 16.00

THIS STUFF WILL KILL YA! (Hog Maw) 10" compilation of 50s and 60s drunken rockabilly, plus a Bloodshot Bill track. Comes on clear vinyl - tracks are: Lum Hatcher - White Lightning 'N Excess (Indianhead)/ Ted Newton & Tennessee Rhythm Boys - Save Me The Label (Bellwood)/ Ray Hudson & Western Rhythmaires - Here I Am - Drunk Again (Dixie)/ Montie Jones & Revin' Robbins - Moonshine (Jemm)/ Gene Smith - Rubber Legs (Rem)/ Jack Holt - Moonshine Still (Chuck Garner)/ Jasper Byrd & Rythm Rebels - Drink Tinky Drink (acetate)/ Dicky Dixon & Dixie Wranglers - Sunshine Moonshine (Master "W")/ Bloodshot Bill - Save Me The Label (unissued)/ Jimmy Hydrick - Bartender Bring On The Booze (Gold Standard) 10" 11.50

HAYDEN THOMPSON "Fairlane Rock" b/w ERNIE BARTON "She's Gone Away" (Norton/ Sun #849 ) 2 more solid Sun rockabilly blasts! 7" 6.00
HAYDEN THOMPSON Rock-A-Billy Gal - The Sun Years, Plus (Bear Family) This collection covers Hayden Thompson's first decade of recording: both sides of all five singles issued between 1954 and 1962, plus unissued cut out of that time & eight previously unissued versions classic rockabilly sides Hayden cut at Sun in 1956 and '57. Tracks are: Love My Baby/ Rock-A-Billy Gal/ Fairlane Rock/ One Broken Heart/Blues Blues Blues/ Oh Mama (Mama Mama Mama)/ You Are My Sunshine/ Don't You Worry/ Congratulations To You, Joe/ Call Me Shorty/ I'll Hold You In My Heart/ Goin' Steady/ Kansas City/ Frankie And Johnny/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ The Key To My Kingdom/ Your True Love/ Kansas City/ I Guess I'd Better Be Moving Along/ This Old Windy City/ Lonely For My Baby/ I Wanna Get Home/ Train From Chicago/ Act Like You Love Me/ I Feel The Blues Coming On/ Love My Baby/ One Broken Heart/ Dream Love/ Tom Thumb/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ Summers Almost Over/ Queen Bee/ Pardon Me/ Love My Baby/ Rock-A-Billy Gal. CD 15.00

THUMPER JONES Rock It / How Come It (Starday 240) Country legend in-the-making George Jones was so ashamed of this fantastic rockabilly twin spin featuring Hal Harris on guitar that he hid under a pseudonym Both sides are now deservedly rockabilly anthems. 7" 6.90

TOM AND THE TORNADOES THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. TWO (Norton) Tommy James’ first record "Long Pony Tail/Judy" – 1962! Fireballs vocal cover rocker b/w ballad. Includes amazing pics of the Tornadoes and the band history as told by Tommy James. 7" 6.00

BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL ARKANSAS TWIST (Dee Jay) Complete set of this Arkansas nut rocker's oft-ace 50s & 60s slop. CD 13.50

KIP TYLER She’s My Witch / Rumble Rock (Ebb 154) Sought after by rockabilly nuts, goths, S&M afficianados, porno film-makers and witchypoos alike, this absolute killer from 1958 by master-of-the-mean-and-moody cult rocker Kip Tyler screams menace. Tyler used to make his stage entrance on a motorcycle in black leathers and, allegedly, used to sing this one as ’She’s my bitch’ though Ebb weren’t about to release it as such. The gang warfare themed flip is no slouch either. 7" 6.90

UNISSUED ROCKABILLY ACETATES (Be! Sharp) 16 unissued tracks with remastered sound. Limited to 500 copies! Scotty McKay & The Tom Toms - Somebodys Been Loving My Baby/ Milt Forester - Crawdad Song/ Don Bernard - Rockbilly Rock/ Unknown Artist - I Love You Baby/ Jimmy Evans - The Jimmy Evans Twist/ James Mara - Reach The Moon/ Sonny & The Country Ramblers - Rockin Robin/ Scotty McKay & The Tom Toms - Honey Don't/ The Jokers - Red Headed Woman/ Buck Fowler & His Boys - She's Just That Kind (alternate)/ Unknown Artist - Whatcha Going To Do About Me/ Buck Fowler & His Boys - Don't Be Cruel/ The Phoenix Boys - Mixed Up Mama/ The Rocktones - Rumblin/ Unknown Artist - The Rock-A-Way Inn/ Ronnie Dove - Lover Boy (alternate). LP 15.90

UNIVERSE ROCKETIN Pretty cool 50s Rockabilly comp made up entirely of songs about mart-ians, flying saucers, rocket trips to space. 22 cuts, most of em pretty great. LP 12.90

GENE VINCENT ROCKIN' AND BOPPIN' (Back Biter) Cheapo 18-cut comp of his best 50s rockabilly stuff: "Be-Bop A Lola/Race With The Devil/Blue Jean Bop/Who Slapped John/Dance To The Bop/Bi-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go/Lotta Lovin'/Baby Blue/Rocky Road Blues/Be Bop Boogie Boy/Say Mama/Woman Love/I Got It/Wild Cat/Little Lover/Pistol Packing Mama/Red Blue Jeans/She She Little Sheila". CD 7.70
GENE VINCENT AND THE BLUE CAPS BLUEJEAN BOP! (Norton/Capitol T - 764) August 1956 debut lp – ESSENTIAL! LP 12.30
GENE VINCENT AND THE BLUE CAPS S/T (Norton/ Capitol T - 811) March 1957 2nd alb – still pretty hot. LP 12.30
GENE VINCENT AND THE BLUE CAPS Hound Dog/Be-Bop-A-Lula (Norton) Gene Vincent rocks and the Blue Caps roll on this frantic 1956 whallop recorded live on the Alan Freed Show! 7" 6.00
GENE VINCENT ROCKS AND THE BLUE CAPS ROLL (Norton/ Capitol T – 970) March 1958 3rd lp: Capitol's breathin' down Gene's neck to slick up and make HITS but there's still some goodies here. LP 12.30
GENE VINCENT A GENE VINCENT RECORD DATE (Norton/Capitol T – 1059) September 1958 4th alb – some great cuts on here, some weak ‘uns. LP 12.30

JIMMY WAGES "Take Me From This Garden Of Evil" b/w TOMMY BLAKE "You Better Believe It" (Norton/Sun#843) Wages' "Garden Of Evil" is 50s punk PERSONIFIED! It DOESN'T get any better than this! 7" 6.00

TRAVIS WAMMACK That Scratchy Guitar From Memphis (Bear Family) Lottsa CRAZY instrumentals! Night Train/ Fire Fly/ It's Karate Time/ Scratchy/ Flip, Flop Bop/ Your Love/ Louie Louie/ Tech-Nically Speaking/ Hallelujah, I Love Her So/ Thunder Road/ I Ain't Lyin'/ Upset/ Super Soul Beat/ Distortion, Part 2/ There's A Ufo Up There/ Umm, How Sweet It Is/ Hideaway/ Find Another Man/ Fannie Mae/ You Are My Sunshine/ Memphis, Tennessee. CD 16.00

WILDCAT JAMBOREE! Rockabilly Radio Broadcasts From The Dixieland Jamboree: Corinth, Mississippi 1958-59 (Norton): This exciting package collects rockabilly radio broadcasts from the Dixieland Jamboree in Corinth Mississippi. This local stage show was originally patterned after the Grand Ol’ Opry, but by the mid-fifties the Jamboree was jumping to a brand new beat, featuring rockabilly performers like Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette and Charlie Feathers at the earliest stages of their careers. The 1958-59 recordings presented on WILDCAT JAMBOREE feature live workouts from Lloyd Arnold, Curtis Hobock, Billy Wayne and others, complete with plugs for used cars, used records and girls high school basketball score updates! The jumbo CD booklet includes many rare photos (Johnny Burnette live on the Jamboree stage!) plus an interview with the show’s kingpin Charles Bolton and liner notes by Jamboree regulars Hayden Thompson and Eddie Bond! Over 78 minutes! CD 13.00

WOLFE CITY MADNESS: Twisted Primitive Hillbilly Bop From Wolf-Tex Records (Norton 360 LP) First ever roundup on the legendary Texas label that produced the immortal 1960 rocker How Much Do You Miss Me by Harold Montgomery, presented here from the original master tape in super Nortonic fidelity! Wolf-Tex served up hillbilly, country bop and rockers in pressings that never exceeded 300 copies! LP 14.00

DANNY ZELLA VOL. 1 (Norton) Reissue of KILLER '58 greasey Detroit rockers "Wicked Ruby", cheesey instro "Black Saxes", redhot screamer "Sapphire" and ballad "You Made Me Blue". 7" 6.00
DANNY ZELLA VOL. 2 (Norton) Reissus the SICK instro honker "Zebra" (on LAS VEGAS GRIND #1), the dopey "Youngster Meets Monster" plus a live version of "Louie Go Home" 7" 6.00